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Ultimate Guitar Quotes & Sayings

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Top Ultimate Guitar Quotes

Ultimate Guitar Quotes By Ne-Yo

Prince is the ultimate performer. Prince is that dude that's going to get on stage by himself, if he need to, but hold you in the palm of his hand. Like, you can't take your eyes off the man when he's on stage, and he could just be sitting there playing his guitar. — Ne-Yo

Ultimate Guitar Quotes By Glenn Beck

Sure, you can raise your speed limit to 80, but we'll just hold on to that highway grant money next year. The states almost always cave; they can't afford not to. — Glenn Beck

Ultimate Guitar Quotes By Dick Dale

The ultimate guitar players can play every scale in the book. — Dick Dale

Ultimate Guitar Quotes By Eva Mozes Kor

Uniqueness does not come from external things that people do to themselves or other things like what they wear. All the uniqueness that radiates to the world comes from how you deal with the world, your best inner strengths. It never comes from a tattoo or a designer outfit. — Eva Mozes Kor

Ultimate Guitar Quotes By John Kay

Apple raised $17 billion in a bond offering in 2013. Not to invest in new products or business lines, but to pay a dividend to stockholders. The company is awash with cash, but much of that money is overseas, and there would be a tax charge if it were repatriated to the USA. For many other companies, the tax-favoured status of debt relative to equity encourages financial engineering. Most large multinational companies have corporate and financial structures of mind-blowing complexity. The mechanics of these arrangements, which are mainly directed at tax avoidance or regulatory arbitrage, are understood by only a handful of specialists. Much of the securities issuance undertaken by Goldman Sachs was not 'helping companies to grow' but represented financial engineering of the kind undertaken at Apple. What — John Kay

Ultimate Guitar Quotes By Oscar Wilde

Then I am sorry I did not stay away longer I like being missed. — Oscar Wilde

Ultimate Guitar Quotes By Francis Chan

Grandma Clara acted toward God the way we act toward people we're madly in love with.
When you are truly in love, you go to great lengths to be with the one you love. You'll drive for hours to be together, even if it's only a short while. You don't mind staying up late to talk. Walking in the rains is romantic, not annoying. You'll willingly spend a small fortune on the one you're crazy about. When you are apart from each other, it's painful, even miserable. He or she is all you think about; you jump at any chance to be together. — Francis Chan

Ultimate Guitar Quotes By Ilona Andrews

One school of thought says that the best way to handle an issue like this is exposure therapy," Mad Rogan said. "For example, if you're terrified of snakes, repeated handling of them will cure it."
Aha. "I'm not handling your snake. — Ilona Andrews

Ultimate Guitar Quotes By Neil DeGrasse Tyson

Carl Sagan spoke fluently between biology and geology and astrophysics and physics. If you move fluently across those boundaries, you realize that science is everywhere; science is not something you can step around or sweep under the rug. — Neil DeGrasse Tyson

Ultimate Guitar Quotes By Rumi

Hear this if you can:
If you want to reach him
You have to go beyond yourself
And when you finally arrive at the land of absence
Be silent
Don't say a thing
Ecstasy, not words, is the language spoken there — Rumi

Ultimate Guitar Quotes By Marian Seldes

I'm not a good tourist. I don't like walking around and looking at things. I like being in a city and working and finding out how other people live. — Marian Seldes

Ultimate Guitar Quotes By John Updike

In fiction, imaginary people become realer to us than any named celebrity glimpsed in a series of rumored events, whose causes and subtler ramifications must remain in the dark. An invented figure like Anna Karenina or Emma Bovary emerges fully into the light of understanding, which brings with it identification, sympathy and pity. — John Updike

Ultimate Guitar Quotes By Jonathan Swift

There were many times my pants were so thin I could sit on a dime and tell if it was heads or tails. — Jonathan Swift

Ultimate Guitar Quotes By H. Beam Piper

Well, that was one thing you had to give [Makann] credit for. He wanted to run out the Gilgameshers. Everybody was in favor of that.

Now, Trask could remember something he'd gotten from Harkaman. There had been Hitler, back at the end of the First Century Pre-Atomic; hadn't he gotten into power because everybody was in favor of running out the Christians, or the Moslems, or the Albigensians, or somebody? — H. Beam Piper

Ultimate Guitar Quotes By Alan W. Watts

This book explores an unrecognized but mighty taboo - our tacit conspiracy to ignore who, or what, we really are. Briefly, the thesis is that the prevalent sensation of oneself as a separate ego enclosed in a bag of skin is a hallucination which accords neither with Western science nor with the experimental philosophy-religions of the East - in particular the central and germinal Vedanta philosophy of Hinduism. This hallucination underlies the misuse of technology for the violent subjugation of man's natural environment and, consequently, its eventual destruction. — Alan W. Watts

Ultimate Guitar Quotes By Gordon B. Hinckley

When there throbs in the heart of an individual Latter-day Saint a great and vital testimony of the truth of this work, he will be found doing is duty in the Church. — Gordon B. Hinckley