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Ugly Truth Best Quotes By Tiger Woods

I was living a life of a lie. And I was doing a lot of things, that hurt a lot of people. And stripping away denial and rationalization you start coming to the truth of who you really are and that can be very ugly. — Tiger Woods

Ugly Truth Best Quotes By Jefferson Bethke

Because the truth is, no matter how ugly or how deep the scars, there is always hope. — Jefferson Bethke

Ugly Truth Best Quotes By Peternelle Van Arsdale

Perhaps this was one of the things that had made her so different all along---that she saw the truth of things. That beauty could sometimes be ugly, and that you didn't always find good and evil where you expected to---or where you'd been told to find them. — Peternelle Van Arsdale

Ugly Truth Best Quotes By Jenny O'Connell

As ugly as the truth is, it's even uglier when someone says out loud what you've been thinking to yourself. — Jenny O'Connell

Ugly Truth Best Quotes By Debi Mazar

I have lots of shoes, but I have to be comfortable. Lately, I've stolen my husband's big, ugly Uggs to wear around the kitchen. I want to have them on, then slide into a fabulous heel later. Truth is, I often forget the heel. — Debi Mazar

Ugly Truth Best Quotes By Aleister Crowley

The greatest, like Rembrandt, paint a gallant, a hag, and a carcass with equal passion and rapture; they love the truth as it is. They do not admit that anything can be ugly or evil; its existence justifies itself. This is because they know themselves to be part of an harmonious unity; to disdain any item of it would be to blaspheme the whole. The Thelemite is able to revel in any experience soever; in each he recognizes the tokens of ultimate Truth. It is surely obvious, even intellectually, that all phenomena are interdependent, and therefore involve each other. — Aleister Crowley

Ugly Truth Best Quotes By Glen Duncan

Telling the truth is a beautiful act even if the truth itself is ugly — Glen Duncan

Ugly Truth Best Quotes By Fulton J. Sheen

In vain will the world seek for equality until it has seen all men through the eyes of faith. Faith teaches that all men, however poor, or ignorant, or crippled, however maimed, ugly, or degraded they may be, all bear within themselves the image of God, and have been bought by the precious blood of Jesus Christ. As this truth is forgotten, men are valued only because of what they can do, not because of what they are. — Fulton J. Sheen

Ugly Truth Best Quotes By Jeff Rice

Sherman Reilly Duffy of the pre-World War I CHICAGO DAILY JOURNAL once told a cub reporter, 'Socially, a journalist fits in somewhere between a whore and a bartender. But spiritually he stands beside Galileo. He knows the world is round.' Well, socially I fit in just fine between the whore and the bartender. Both are close friends. And I knew the world was round. Yet, as time went by I found myself confronted with the ugly suspicion that the world was, after all, flat and that there were things dark and terrible waiting just over the edge to reach out and snatch life from the unlucky, unwary wanderer. — Jeff Rice

Ugly Truth Best Quotes By Jan Thomas

I'd rather hear the ugly truth than a pretty lie. 11-23-2011 — Jan Thomas

Ugly Truth Best Quotes By Kealan Patrick Burke

Horror itself is a bit of a bullied genre, the antagonist being literary snobbery and public misconception. And I think good horror tackles our darkest fears, whatever they may be. It takes us into the minds of the victims, explores the threats, disseminates fear, studies how it changes us. It pulls back the curtain on the ugly underbelly of society, tears away the masks the monsters wear out in the world, shows us the potential truth of the human condition. Horror is truth, unflinching and honest. Not everybody wants to see that, but good horror ensures that it's there to be seen. — Kealan Patrick Burke

Ugly Truth Best Quotes By Christmas Humphreys

We see, at least with intellect, that beyond both true and false is truth; that there is beauty beyond our present views on the beautiful and ugly; that pleasure-pain can now alike be transcended, and that some day we shall truly see that 'form is emptiness and the very emptiness is form'. — Christmas Humphreys

Ugly Truth Best Quotes By Kevin Bales

Ben Skinner's brains and courage take us into the belly of the beast and expose the ugly truth of modern slavery. Instead of sensation, A Crime So Monstrous gives us desperately needed insight and analysis. This is an important book, the first deep look into America's confused relationship with human trafficking and slavery today. Skinner's balanced dissection of our government's haphazard policies will be controversial, but it can also be the foundation for a new anti-slavery agenda, one that ends the political games being played with the lives of slaves. — Kevin Bales

Ugly Truth Best Quotes By Gary L. Thomas

Virtue, though often mocked and ridiculed, is as beautiful as wickedness is ugly. Self-denial curiously spawns joyful happiness, while selfishness and arrogance produce desperation and obsession. Being faithful to duty brings great fulfillment, while following unchecked passions eventually leads us to despise ourselves. And the greatest truth of all: There is no higher end, no more glorious life, no better aim, than to live in the fear and favor of Almighty God. — Gary L. Thomas

Ugly Truth Best Quotes By Jeff Kinney

I can tell you that the book 'The Ugly Truth' is about puberty and all the awfulness that comes with that time in a person's life. It was definitely some different subject matter to be writing about, especially knowing some of my audience are second and third graders. — Jeff Kinney

Ugly Truth Best Quotes By Iman

The truth was I felt ugly growing up. I only really started feeling comfortable in myself when I was 40. — Iman

Ugly Truth Best Quotes By Julia Glass

At its best, fiction cultivates fantasy and compassion; at its worst, memoir provokes schadenfreude and prurience. The ugly truth, I fear, is that many people are drawn to sensational memoirs for the same reason they watch 'The Apprentice': they like to witness actual suffering, before-your-very-eyes humiliation. — Julia Glass

Ugly Truth Best Quotes By Munia Khan

Truth will keep on telling the truth
Lies will lie to be more uncouth
No more rainbow after the storm
Nowhere to escape leaving the norm — Munia Khan

Ugly Truth Best Quotes By Christopher McDougall

Because that's the ugly truth about heroism: the tests don't start when you're ready or stop when you're tired. — Christopher McDougall

Ugly Truth Best Quotes By Brie Larson

I'm very interested in the emotional honesty of things, which at times looks kind of ugly and at times looks scary and not polished, and so there were many times when I would audition for something and I would come from, for me, a very honest place, but it's completely not what they're looking for for that type of material. But I was always very steadfast in what I was interested in, and I felt like, I'm gonna tell the truth as best as I know it. And you eventually start to understand that the projects find you that meet up with that. It takes as long as it takes, and for me it took like 20 years, but I'm really glad. You know, the jobs always ultimately end up going to the person who's supposed to tell that story, and those weren't my stories to tell. — Brie Larson

Ugly Truth Best Quotes By Ana Monnar

I'd rather hear an ugly truth, rather than an obscure lie. — Ana Monnar

Ugly Truth Best Quotes By M.C. Escher

To tell you the truth, I am rather perplexed by the concept of 'art'. What one person considers to be 'art' is often not 'art' to another. 'Beautiful' and 'ugly' are old-fashioned concepts that are seldom applied these days; perhaps justifiably, who knows? Something repulsive, which gives you a moral hangover, and hurts your ears or eyes, may well be art. Only 'kitsch' is not art - we're all agreed about that. Indeed, but what is 'kitsch'? If only I knew! — M.C. Escher

Ugly Truth Best Quotes By Pharoahe Monch

Truth brings light, light refracts off the mirror,
Visions of yourself and error could never be clearer.
The truth is that you ugly ...
Not on the outside, but in the inside;
On the outside, you frontin' you lovely. — Pharoahe Monch

Ugly Truth Best Quotes By Louise Brooks

For two extraordinary years I have been working on it - learning to write - but mostly learning how to tell the truth. At first it is quite impossible. You make yourself better than anybody, then worse than anybody, and when you finally come to see you are "like" everybody - that is the bitterest blow of all to the ego. But in the end it is only the truth, no matter how ugly or shameful, that is right, that fits together, that makes real people, and strangely enough - beauty ... — Louise Brooks

Ugly Truth Best Quotes By Anna Wintour

Fashion is not beautiful, neither is it ugly. Why should it be either? Fashion is fashion. — Anna Wintour

Ugly Truth Best Quotes By Alex Flinn

When you're a kid, they tell you that it's what's on the inside that counts. Looks don't matter . But that's not true. Guys like Phoebus in The Hunchback, or Dorian, or the old Kyle Kingsbury
they can be scumbags to women and still get away with it because they're good-looking. Being ugly is a kind of prisoner. — Alex Flinn

Ugly Truth Best Quotes By Patrick Rothfuss

I took a deep breath, 'I took the nahlrout because I didn't want to faint. I needed to let them know they couldn't hurt me. I've learned that the best way to stay safe is to make your enemies think you can't be hurt.' It sounded ugly to say it so starkly, but it was the truth. I looked at him defiantly. — Patrick Rothfuss

Ugly Truth Best Quotes By Giacomo Casanova

Beauty without wit offers love nothing but the material enjoyment of its physical charms, whilst witty ugliness captivates by the charms of the mind, and at last fulfills all the desires of the man it has captivated ...
Let anyone ask a beautiful woman without wit whether she would be willing to exchange a small portion of her beauty for a sufficient dose of wit. If she speaks the truth, she will say, "No, I am satisfied to be as I am." But why is she satisfied? Because she is not aware of her own deficiency. Let an ugly but witty woman be asked if she would change her wit against beauty, and she will not hesitate in saying no. Why? Because, knowing the value of her wit, she is well aware that it is sufficient by itself to make her a queen in any society. — Giacomo Casanova

Ugly Truth Best Quotes By Tessa Dare

You think a few features scattered on your face make you plain? I am ugly to the core. All England knows it. And after reading through my papers, you must know it. You sifted through a mountain of my misdeeds. Of course you'd build a wall around your heart. You're a clever girl. How could you love this? How could anyone?"
~Ransom — Tessa Dare

Ugly Truth Best Quotes By Jamais Cascio

But here's the ugly truth: nature doesn't care about democracy, or who's right, or what's fair. And because of the slow-change aspect of climate, we can't wait until the worst effects are upon us to make a decision
by then, it would be far, far too late. The scenario we may be faced with is one where doing something for the wrong reasons, run by the wrong people, may still save more lives than holding out for a more appealing option. — Jamais Cascio

Ugly Truth Best Quotes By Alexandre Dumas

Why, in truth, sir," was Monte Cristo's reply, "man is but an ugly caterpillar for him who studies him through a solar microscope; but you said, I think, that I had nothing else to do. Now, really, let me ask, sir, have you? - do you believe you have anything to do? or to speak in plain terms, do you really think that what you do deserves being called anything? — Alexandre Dumas

Ugly Truth Best Quotes By Stasia Ward Kehoe

Is truth here
In the ugly unseemliness?
The graceless moments
Before and after
Eyes are watching?
In the unballerina
The unperformed? — Stasia Ward Kehoe

Ugly Truth Best Quotes By Cathy O'Neil

I was forced to confront the ugly truth: people had deliberately wielded formulas to impress rather than clarify. — Cathy O'Neil

Ugly Truth Best Quotes By L.J. Shen

We've waited a long time for this. I want the real thing. Not the watered-down version. And the real thing is not only beautiful. It is also ugly. I want your truth. — L.J. Shen

Ugly Truth Best Quotes By Roberto Benigni

My mother brought me magicians and witches, because I was very ugly, really revolting. So she thought somebody had put a spell on me - this is the truth - so she made me drink some horrible terrifying potions, for year. — Roberto Benigni

Ugly Truth Best Quotes By Sara Shepard

I suppose I could let bygones be bygones, forgive and forget, yadda yadda. But where's the fun in that? These pretty little bitches got everything I ever wanted, and now I'm going to make sure they get exactly what they deserve. Does that make me sound awful? Sorry, but as every pretty little liar knows, sometimes the truth's ugly-and it always hurts.
I'll be watching ...
-A — Sara Shepard