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Ugly Duckling Swan Quotes & Sayings

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Ugly Duckling Swan Quotes By Matshona Dhliwayo

The world may see you as an ugly duckling, but God sees you as a magnificent swan. — Matshona Dhliwayo

Ugly Duckling Swan Quotes By Mike Wells

Elaine slowly transformed from the proverbial ugly duckling into a swan. — Mike Wells

Ugly Duckling Swan Quotes By Barry Ritholtz

This ugly duckling investment will likely need time - quarters, or even years - to blossom into a beautiful swan. — Barry Ritholtz

Ugly Duckling Swan Quotes By Sarah-Kate Lynch

In Santa Fe her whole yard had been crowded with different-sized terra-cotta pots, out of which she grew everything from rosemary and lavender to ornamental pear and plum trees and even peppers, although they were not particularly popular with the bees.
In Colorado she'd created a fertile oasis out of old gas cans and cut-off oil drums. Her neighbors had been skeptical to begin with but once her creepers grew up and her flowers draped down and her shrubs fluffed out, the junkyard ugly duckling was transformed into the proverbial backyard swan. — Sarah-Kate Lynch

Ugly Duckling Swan Quotes By Eloisa James

My duchess," James stated, his eyes sweeping the crowd with the air of a man who has ruled the waves. "She is not a swan, because that would imply she had once been an ugly duckling. — Eloisa James

Ugly Duckling Swan Quotes By Maeve Binchy

In my books, there is no 'ugly duckling turning into a beautiful swan' syndrome because if you look at the Hansel and Gretel syndrome, it was a mistake. It wasn't a duckling, it was a cygnet, and that's why it turned into a swan. The duckling should with any luck turn into a nice clucking duck and get on with its life. Cluck! Cluck! Cluck! — Maeve Binchy

Ugly Duckling Swan Quotes By Holly Smale

Nobody really metamorphoses. Cinderella is always Cinderella, just in a nicer dress. The Ugly Duckling was always a swan, just a smaller version. And I bet the tadpole and the caterpillar still feel the same, even when they're jumping and flying, swimming and floating.
Just like I am now. — Holly Smale

Ugly Duckling Swan Quotes By Leila Sales

It would just be like a movie makeover montage, pop music scoring the ugly girl's transformation from bespectacled duckling to cheerleader swan. — Leila Sales

Ugly Duckling Swan Quotes By Haruki Murakami

I have no idea! I have been writing for 35 years and from the beginning up to now the situation's almost the same. I'm kind of an ugly duckling. Always the duckling, never the swan. — Haruki Murakami

Ugly Duckling Swan Quotes By Criss Jami

There's no need to curse God if you're an ugly duckling. He chooses those strong enough to endure it so that they can guide others who've felt the same. — Criss Jami

Ugly Duckling Swan Quotes By Russell Brand

And while we're on the subject of ducks, which we plainly are, the story, 'The Ugly Duckling' ought be banned as the central character wasn't a duckling or he wouldn't have grown up into a swan. He was a cygnet. — Russell Brand

Ugly Duckling Swan Quotes By Maeve Binchy

There are no makeovers in my books. The ugly duckling does not become a beautiful swan. She becomes a confident duck able to take charge of her own life and problems. — Maeve Binchy

Ugly Duckling Swan Quotes By Benjamin Hoff

In the story of Ugly Duckling, when did the Ugly Duckling stop feeling Ugly? When he realized that he was a Swan. Each of us has something Special, a swan of some sort, hidden inside somewhere. But until we recognize that it's there, what can we do but splash around, treading water? The Wise are Who They Are. They work with what they've got and do what they can do. — Benjamin Hoff