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Twisting The Story Quotes By Anam Iqbal

He darted for her; his blade wielded smooth and steady in front of him. She didn't hold back either; when they joined, their weapons clanked and sparked with an icy rage. They danced around one another; their feet light yet balanced, their arms twisting and turning with every thundering blow they made. — Anam Iqbal

Twisting The Story Quotes By Elizabeth Goudge

Yet surely that story she had imagined was a real thing? If you created a story with your mind surely it was just as much there as a piece of needlework that you created with your fingers? You could not see it with your bodily eyes, that was all ... the invisible world must be saturated with the stories that men tell both in their minds and by their lives. They must be everywhere, these stories, twisting together, penetrating existence like air breathed into the lungs, and how terrible, how awful, thought Henrietta, if the air breathed should be foul. How dare men live, how dare they think or imagine, when every action and every thought is a tiny thread to ar or enrich that tremendous tapestried story that man weaves on the loom that God has set up, a loom that stretches from heaven above to hell below, and from side to side of the universe ... — Elizabeth Goudge

Twisting The Story Quotes By Kate Klise

As writers, we must keep throwing problems at our characters. Conflict is the heart of good storytelling. Hiking in nature along a twisting trail can remind us what a good story feels like. It's the opposite of a treadmill - or an interstate highway. — Kate Klise

Twisting The Story Quotes By Stephen L. Carter

But that is the way of the place: down our many twisting corridors, one encounters story after story, some heroic, some villainous, some true, some false, some funny, some tragic, and all of them combining to form the mystical, undefinable entity we call the school . Not exactly the building, not exactly the faculty or the students or the alumni more than all those things but also less, a paradox, an order, a mystery, a monster, an utter joy. — Stephen L. Carter

Twisting The Story Quotes By Don DeLillo

I've heard about a man and woman who are walking the length of the Great Wall of China, approaching each other from opposite directions. Every time I think of them, I see them from above., with the Wall twisting and winding through the landscape and two tiny human figures moving toward each other from remote provinces, step by step. I think this is a story of reverence for the planet, of trying to understand how we belong to the planet in a new way. And it's strange how I construct an aerial view so naturally. — Don DeLillo

Twisting The Story Quotes By Steve Boone

gone to jail, leaving Zally twisting in the wind and deciding whether to be deported, but I never would have done that. We were in this together. Zally and I got pretty drunk and tried to find some light at the end of the tunnel, but there wasn't any. John and Joe were eventually told, but they still didn't know the whole story. They thought we'd — Steve Boone

Twisting The Story Quotes By Cole McCade

He needed a story to go with her wildness, her coldness, her hollowness. The real story was that she'd had everything and hadn't deserved it, when she'd still wanted something else to sate a broken twisting emptiness that couldn't be filled. — Cole McCade