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Top Turmoiled Define Quotes

Turmoiled Define Quotes By Auliq Ice

The less you use your brain, the less it will be there for use when you need it. — Auliq Ice

Turmoiled Define Quotes By Harbhajan Singh Yogi

What you feel, what you desire and what you want is not what you are. You are a consciousness. Speak consciously and speak what your consciousness allows you to speak. — Harbhajan Singh Yogi

Turmoiled Define Quotes By Chesty Puller

My definition, a definition in the drill books from the time that General Von Steuben wrote the regulations for General George Washington, the definition of the object of military training is success in battle ... It wouldn't be any sense to have a military organization on the backs of the American taxpayers with any other definition. — Chesty Puller

Turmoiled Define Quotes By Matthew Sylvester

Shitting fucking bastard! Fuck off you massive cockwank!' - Misty Meanor, during a particularly stressful encounter. — Matthew Sylvester

Turmoiled Define Quotes By Neil Welliver

I paint very directly. I go from top to bottom. When I get to the floor, the painting is finished. — Neil Welliver

Turmoiled Define Quotes By Bernard Cornwell

I gazed at the far woods and knew our enemies were also sharpening their blades. They had to be confident. They knew the dawn would bring them a battle, victory, plunder, and reputation. — Bernard Cornwell

Turmoiled Define Quotes By J.B. Priestley

We are members of one body. We are responsible for each other. — J.B. Priestley

Turmoiled Define Quotes By Keith Miller

Beyond the stars you see are other stars, stars beyond stars,' she told him, 'and all are dreams, like shoals of fish in the oceans of the night. — Keith Miller

Turmoiled Define Quotes By Kinoko Nasu

We don't choose the path we take because of the sins we carry. But we carry our sins on the path we choose. — Kinoko Nasu

Turmoiled Define Quotes By Anthony Braxton

There is more to creative mastership than the surface of satisfaction and political certainty. The music of Joe Fonda is part of a living tradition of belief and dedication. Future historians will be surprised at the breadth of Mr. Fonda's offerings. This is a real virtuoso and composer of the highest order. — Anthony Braxton

Turmoiled Define Quotes By James Agee

Kate, the mother of thirteen, is forty-nine; delicately made; her skin creamlike where the weather has not got at it. She is smaller than several of her children. Her legs and feet, like those of most women in this country, are beautifully shaped by shoelessness on the earth. Her eyes, which are watchful not at all for herself but for her family, are those of a small animal which expects another kick as a matter of course and which is too numbed to dodge it or even much care. She calls her children "my babies." They call her mama, treat her protectively as they might a deformed child, and love her carelessly and gaily. An old photograph shows her fiber and bearing as a young woman, and perhaps it is the relinquishment of that unusual spirit, under the beating and breakage of the past two decades, that has made her now the most abandoned of these people: more than any of them, she is lost in some solitary region of her own. She is only half sane. — James Agee

Turmoiled Define Quotes By Clifton Fadiman

We prefer to think that the absence of inverted commas guarantees the originality of a thought, whereas it may be merely that the utterer has forgotten its source. — Clifton Fadiman