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Top Tsundere Quotes

Tsundere Quotes By Wataru Watari

She's not tsundere. She's just an unpleasant woman. — Wataru Watari

Tsundere Quotes By Ao Jyumonji

Ranta: Let's just pray that she actually is a tsundere... Though, if she were a tsundere, obviously, the one she'd go dere for is me, you know? That's kind of... not so bad, I guess?

Moguzo: O-Obviously, she wouldn't go dere for Ranta, I think...

Ranta: Oh, shut up, Moguzo! — Ao Jyumonji

Tsundere Quotes By Andrew James Pritchard

So I pulled the ridiculously small, unwrapped, box from the sleeve of my yukata (as they don't have pockets) and rather overly self-consciously handed it to her. She took the pitiful little box, held it up to her ear and gave it a cautious little rattling shake. -You didn't just put a couple of dried old beans in here, as a joke, did you? She suddenly glared at me suspiciously.
I heard a stifled bark from Yumi at that, and a deep gasp from Uncle Suzuki and Aunt Anda, followed by a moment of silence. -Of course not, you silly old goose, I snapped back, -just open it and you'll see what's inside! — Andrew James Pritchard

Tsundere Quotes By Ryohgo Narita

Reality is such pain. And for those of us who get fed up with that kind of reality, we simply choose to make a new one. We create little walls, and separate the trash from the stuff we like, and when that's all done we keep the things we care about and kick the rest to the curb. You'd be amazed how well it works! A whole world made out of just moe, tsundere, and BL it's the best discovery ever! If you ask me that really it the best way to separate reality, from fiction. — Ryohgo Narita

Tsundere Quotes By Sakazaki Freddie

She acts all scary, but she's been unusually nice to us, so... I know! She's the Tsundere-type zombie, amiright?! — Sakazaki Freddie