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Top Trust And Broken Hearts Quotes

Trust And Broken Hearts Quotes By Jennifer Estep

All kidding aside, just be careful around this guy, okay, Gin? A slick smile can hide a lot of sins." He paused. "Trust me. I know all about that." "Of course you do. You've broken far more hearts than I've ever cut into. — Jennifer Estep

Trust And Broken Hearts Quotes By John Eldredge

Somehow we have overlooked the fact this treasured called the heart can also be broken, has been broken, and now lies in pieces down under the surface. When it comes to habits we cannot quit or patterns we cannot stop, anger that flies out of nowhere, fears we cannot overcome, or weaknesses we hate to admit
much of what troubles us comes out of the broken places in our hearts crying out for relief.
Jesus speaks as if we are all brokenhearted. We would do well to trust His perspective on this. — John Eldredge

Trust And Broken Hearts Quotes By Penelope J. Stokes

Because our hearts are unprepared for truth, we cling to the deception as a shipwreck victim on a storm-tossed sea will grab at anything that floats. But the splintered rubble of our broken trust - those temporary buoys of our shattered dreams - betray us, gouging rough gashes into our souls, drawing our blood and leaving us to sink. — Penelope J. Stokes

Trust And Broken Hearts Quotes By David Wilkerson

It follows that a tender heart that reaches for love and understanding is often the easiest to break. Hearts that are open and trusting are usually the ones that are wounded the most. This world is filed with men and woman who have rejected the love offered to them from a heart that is gentle and tender. Those strong, hard-shelled hearts that trust no one, hearts that give so little, hearts that demand love be constantly proved, hearts that are always calculating hearts that are always manipulating and self-serving, hearts that are afraid to risk are the ones that seldom get broken. They don't get wounded, because there is nothing to wound. They are too proud and self-centered to allow anyone else to make them suffer in any way. They go about breaking other hearts and trampling on the fragile souls who touch their lives, simply because they are so thick and dull at heart themselves, and they think everyone should be just as they are. — David Wilkerson

Trust And Broken Hearts Quotes By John Hagee

Jesus knows the burdens we carry and the tears we shed, but He is the healer of broken hearts, broken dreams, and broken lives. Trust him. He never fails. — John Hagee

Trust And Broken Hearts Quotes By Shannon L. Alder

Love is so many things, but it is not safe. — Shannon L. Alder

Trust And Broken Hearts Quotes By Nomthandazo Tsembeni

At times,
trust is bound to be broken,
promises are bound not to be kept,
hearts are bound to be hurt,
mistakes are bound to be make.
You are also bound to meet a person at their worst in order for you to confirm that you want to be part of their lives. — Nomthandazo Tsembeni

Trust And Broken Hearts Quotes By Kanye West

As we live, our hearts turn colder. Cause pain is what we go through, as we become older. We get insulted by others, lose trust for those others. We get back stabbed by friends. It becomes harder for us to give others a hand. We get our heart broken by people we love, even that we give them all we have. Then we lose family over time. What else could rust the heart more over time? Blackgold. — Kanye West

Trust And Broken Hearts Quotes By Adrienne Wilder

Love is easy." He traced my eyebrow with his thumb.
"Trust is what's hard. Broken hearts can be fixed. Broken trust?" His touch followed a tear down my cheek to my lips.
"Trust doesn't heal. Your parents broke your trust when you were really young, it changed you, it took something away. Then the one time you let trust grow, you thought it had been broken again. That's where it can be tricky, because sometimes trust feels broken when it's only a little dented up. — Adrienne Wilder

Trust And Broken Hearts Quotes By Katie J. Davis

Because "Mommy" is forever. It's such a powerful name. Mommy means "I trust you." Mommy means "you will protect me." Mommy is for shouting when you need someone dependable and for laughing with when you are excited. Mommy is for crying on and cuddling with when you are sad, or giggling and hiding behind when you are embarrassed. Mommy is the fixer of boo-boos and the mender of broken hearts. Mommy is a comfort place - a safe place. Mommy means "you are mine and I am yours and we are family. — Katie J. Davis

Trust And Broken Hearts Quotes By Faraaz Kazi

Fate, they say, fate- the clay that molds the events of your life, and it was the same fate that had thrown the stone of her heart on the building of his expectations. But then wasn't it his fault that he had constructed the building of glass? Hadn't he failed to cement the bricks of his love with trust and colour them with security? There was no insurance for broken hearts, no ointment for wounded souls and there would never be one, he knew. — Faraaz Kazi

Trust And Broken Hearts Quotes By Dan Fogelberg

Too many hearts have been broken, failing to trust what they feel. — Dan Fogelberg

Trust And Broken Hearts Quotes By A. Violet End

It was better with the subs than it was with the gold diggers or the hookers. These were real people, with real lives, real jobs, real hearts. It meant something when they submitted to my demands. It meant trust, and trust meant love. I got that
I mean, I understood that. And, oh, Lisa, how I needed that - but I didn't know how to deal. I was too broken. — A. Violet End