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Top True Love Sacrifices Quotes

True Love Sacrifices Quotes By Joshua Harris

First we must understand that all of the world's deceptions flow from the belief that love is primarily for the fulfillment and comfort of the self. The world poisons love by focusing first and foremost on meeting one's own needs.
Christ taught that love is not for the fulfillment of the self but for the Glory of God and the food of others. True love is selfless. It gives; it sacrifices; it dies to its own needs. — Joshua Harris

True Love Sacrifices Quotes By Marissa Meyer

It always came back to love. More than freedom, more than acceptance - love. True love, like they sang about in the second era. The kind that filled up a person's soul. The kind that lent itself to dramatic gestures and sacrifices. The kind that was irresistible and all-encompassing. — Marissa Meyer

True Love Sacrifices Quotes By Shannon L. Alder

A competitive and insecure woman will tell you that "true love" is never giving up on someone you're in love with. A confident and spiritual woman knows that "moving on" doesn't mean you never loved someone. She realizes that letting go is what God needs her to do because both your happiness and hers requires taking different journeys for spiritual growth. Letting go is sometimes the hardest thing, but it is the most "real love" you will ever experience. — Shannon L. Alder

True Love Sacrifices Quotes By Francois Fenelon

It is only by fidelity in little things that the grace of true love to God can be sustained, and distinguished from a passing fervor of spirit ... No one can well believe that our piety is sincere, when our behavior is lax and irregular in its little details. What probability is there that we should not hesitate to make the greatest sacrifices, when we shrink from the smallest? — Francois Fenelon

True Love Sacrifices Quotes By Karen White

Love is all about sacrifices - big and small ones. It's only when you know how much you could give up for somebody that you know what true love really is." The whirring fan spun above them, — Karen White

True Love Sacrifices Quotes By Paul Mason

Bargaining This stage is characterized by the non-BP making concessions in order to bring back the "normal" behavior of the person they love. The thinking goes, "If I do what this person wants, I will get what I need in this relationship." We all make compromises in relationships. But the sacrifices that people make to satisfy the borderlines they care about can be very costly. And the concessions may never be enough. Before long, more proof of love is needed and another bargain must be struck. depression Depression sets in when non-BPs realize the true cost of the bargains they've made: loss of friends, family, self-respect, and hobbies. The person with BPD hasn't changed. But the non-BP has. — Paul Mason

True Love Sacrifices Quotes By E. Llewellyn

Eros, Lord Phanes, Protogonus, god of love, of Chaos, Gaea, and Tartarus, be merciful: bless these remains of a bear which Hadrian slew on His steed and sacrifices for You; and in consideration of His noble worth true Thy shaft through the smooth purpled loins of that One divine Youth whom He shall love and worship in Truth - forever! ~ Hadrian, ca. 125 CE — E. Llewellyn

True Love Sacrifices Quotes By David O. McKay

A girl who sacrifices self-respect for social popularity debases true womanhood. A spotless character, founded upon the ability to say "no" in the presence of those who mock and jeer, wins the respect and love of men and women whose opinion is most worthwhile.. — David O. McKay

True Love Sacrifices Quotes By Kate Danley

Within her eyes was the gratitude of the thousands of souls that knew him. He saw them. He saw the faces of the fae, the faces of the Wood. He heard their voices as they whispered in his ear of their thanks for what he had endured, for the sacrifices he had made. He felt in his being their emotions, those feelings that words could not describe. They were here because he loved without thinking. They were here because he was loved. Truly loved. True love. — Kate Danley

True Love Sacrifices Quotes By Nicole Peeler

The thing is, Iris, I've never liked the idea of compromise. In films and in stories people who love each other - really love each other - make horrendous sacrifices. They give kidneys they move across the world they die. Or become the undead because you know I like that sort of book. Basically the heroine's lover calls and she answers. Which is stupid. You know why "
Iris shook her head.
"Because he's always fucking calling. — Nicole Peeler

True Love Sacrifices Quotes By Jude Deveraux

On his face was an expression of absolute love. Melting, soul-touching, raw, unbridled love, the kind of person dies for, sacrifices and suffers for. It was the kind of love that a person would wait two hundred years to see fulfilled. It was True Love in its purest form. — Jude Deveraux

True Love Sacrifices Quotes By Alessandra Torre

True love makes a person reckless, makes them take risks and make sacrifices. True love tests the boundaries of our person, makes us yearn to be better and fight for the ground we stand on. I will fight for this love. Lie for it. Steal for it. It's worthy of that. — Alessandra Torre

True Love Sacrifices Quotes By Annette Janic

WAR CHILD is the true story of Magdalena (Leni) Janic whose name appears on The Welcome Wall at Sydney's Darling Harbour. The story spans 100 years starting in pre WWII Nazi Germany and ends in the suburbs of Adelaide. It's a window into what life was like for a young illegitimate German girl growing up in poverty, coping with ostracism, bullying, abuse and dispossession as society was falling down around her and she becomes a refugee. But it's also a story of a woman's unconditional love for her family, the sacrifices she made and secrets she kept to protect them. Her ultimate secret was only revealed in a bizarre twist after her death and much to her daughter's (and author) surprise involved her. A memorable tear-jerker! A sad cruel story told with so much love. — Annette Janic

True Love Sacrifices Quotes By Anne Elisabeth Stengl

I'll never tell you to stop loving. You see, I believe in hopeless love. Oh yes. I believe in it with all my heart, though you may discount the heart of an old nanny like me. For real love brings pain. Real love means sacrifices and hurts and all the thousand shocks of life. But it also means beauty, true beauty. — Anne Elisabeth Stengl

True Love Sacrifices Quotes By Eric Liu

Love of country cannot be a supersized version of individual narcissism. True love of country-of this country-is love of our children, of a creed that promises them a better life before it promises us anything, and embraces the sacrifices needed to make that better life. True love of country is giving ourselves to a cause and a purpose larger than ourselves. And that cause is to make liberty worth having, to make the pursuit of happiness deeper than the quest for personal pleasure, and to leave a legacy of progress and possibility. — Eric Liu

True Love Sacrifices Quotes By Ama H. Vanniarachchy

Have we ever wondered a mothers silent cries? Her struggles, her fears and her worries? Do we ever have time for this in our busy lives? Have we ever thought of the sacrifices she has done in order to make our lives happier, and her dreams cut short to make our dreams come true? — Ama H. Vanniarachchy

True Love Sacrifices Quotes By Joanne Crisner

Long before we even lose our lives, we lose our souls. Tragic but true. Some carry on - willing to make the sacrifices, putting what is perceived as important before anything else. Some tread into the dark - wasting moments of grace, letting themselves suffer from their own decisions or the other's domination. Some continue to love, give too much, and not leave even a little love for themselves. — Joanne Crisner

True Love Sacrifices Quotes By Janvier Chouteu-Chando

With true love, you can move mountains, make unusual sacrifices, live a life of deprivations and still be happy. — Janvier Chouteu-Chando