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Tree Blossoms Quotes By Ikkyu

Break open
A cherry tree
And there are no flowers;
But the spring breeze
Brings forth myriad blossoms. — Ikkyu

Tree Blossoms Quotes By A.K. White

Oh, sweet cherry tree-
how lovely your blossoms are.
Spring brings joy to life. — A.K. White

Tree Blossoms Quotes By Lucy Larcom

Many kinds of fruit grow upon the tree of life, but none so sweet as friendship; as with the orange tree its blossoms and fruit appear at the same time, full of refreshment for sense and for soul. — Lucy Larcom

Tree Blossoms Quotes By Olive Schreiner

I think,' said Lyndall, 'that he is like a thorn-tree, which grows up very quietly, without any one's caring for it, and one day suddenly breaks out into yellow blossoms. — Olive Schreiner

Tree Blossoms Quotes By Thich Nhat Hanh

When St Francis looked deeply at an all day treatment in winter and asked it to speak to him about God, the tree was instantly covered in blossoms. — Thich Nhat Hanh

Tree Blossoms Quotes By Nick Offerman

With all of the visual distraction constantly inundating us in the form of our devices and screens, I really derive a great deal of pleasure from watching the sun rise and set, admiring clouds as they change shape across the sky, watching tree leaves and blossoms undulate in the breeze ... these treats foment an ocular-cleansing refreshment to my way of thinking. — Nick Offerman

Tree Blossoms Quotes By Orrin Woodward

A limited state with free economic systems is the soil where the liberty tree blossoms. — Orrin Woodward

Tree Blossoms Quotes By Alessandro Baricco

He fell to the ground like an olive tree, young, beautiful, strong, covered with white blossoms, suddenly shattered by a bolt of lightning in a storm. — Alessandro Baricco

Tree Blossoms Quotes By Nikos Kazantzakis

When an almond tree became covered with blossoms in the heart of winter, all the trees around it began to jeer. 'What vanity,' they screamed, 'what insolence! Just think, it believes it can bring spring in this way!' The flowers of the almond tree blushed for shame. 'Forgive me, my sisters,' said the tree. 'I swear I did not want to blossom, but suddenly I felt a warm springtime breeze in my heart. — Nikos Kazantzakis

Tree Blossoms Quotes By Matsuo Basho

The oak tree:
not interested
in cherry blossoms. — Matsuo Basho

Tree Blossoms Quotes By James Douglas

I like to think of thoughts as living blossoms borne by the human tree. — James Douglas

Tree Blossoms Quotes By Wang Wei

Walking on willow tree roads by a river dappled with peach blossoms, I look for spring light, but am everywhere lost. Birds fly up and scatter floating catkins. A ponderous wave of flowers sags the branches. — Wang Wei

Tree Blossoms Quotes By John Selden

First, in your sermons, use your logic, and then your rhetoric; Rhetoric without logic, is like a tree with leaves and blossoms, but no root; yet more are taken with rhetoric than logic, because they are caught with fine expressions when they understand not reason. — John Selden

Tree Blossoms Quotes By John Selden

Nothing is text but what is spoken of in the Bible and meant there for person and place; the rest is application; which a discreet man may do well; but it is his scripture, not the Holy Ghost's. First, in your sermons use your logic, and then your rhetoric; rhetoric without logic is like a tree with leaves and blossoms, but no root. — John Selden

Tree Blossoms Quotes By Diego Rivera

I know now that he who hopes to be universal in his art must plant in his own soil. Great art is like a tree, which grows in a particular place and has a trunk, leaves, blossoms, boughs, fruit, and roots of its own. The more native art is, the more it belongs to the entire world, because taste is rooted in nature. When art is true, it is one with nature. This is the secret of primitive art and also of the art of the mastersMichelangelo, Czanne, Seurat, and Renoir. The secret of my best work is that it is Mexican. — Diego Rivera

Tree Blossoms Quotes By Thomas Malory

It was the month of May, the month when the foliage of herbs and trees is most freshly green, when buds ripened and blossoms appear in their fragrance and loveliness. And the month when lovers, subject to the same force which reawakens the plants, feel their hearts open again, recall past trysts and past vows, and moments of tenderness, and yearn for a renewal of the magical awareness which is love. — Thomas Malory

Tree Blossoms Quotes By Andrew Wyatt

When I was a kid growing up, we had a cherry tree in the backyard, 100 years old. I climbed it, and it gave shade in the summertime and excellent cherries in the late summer. Having cherry blossoms around gives the best springtime vibe ever. — Andrew Wyatt

Tree Blossoms Quotes By Matsuo Basho

From all these trees, in the salads, the soup, everywhere, cherry blossoms fall. — Matsuo Basho

Tree Blossoms Quotes By William McDonough

We celebrate the cherry tree not for its efficiency but for its effectiveness - and for its beauty. Its materials are in constant flow, and all those thousands of useless cherry blossoms look gorgeous. Then they fall to the ground and become soil again, so there's no problem — William McDonough

Tree Blossoms Quotes By Elizabeth Lowell

The sacred rowan is a woman born long, long ago, a woman whose refusal to see love cost first her lover's life, then the lives of her family, her clan, her people.
But not her own life. Not quite.
In pity and punishment she was turned into an undying tree, a rowan that weeps only in the presence of transcendent love; and the tears of the rowan are blossoms that confer extraordinary grace upon those who can see them.
When enough tears are wept, the rowan will be free. She waits inside a sacred ring that can be neither weighed or measured nor touched. She waits for love that is worth her tears.
The rowan is waiting still. — Elizabeth Lowell

Tree Blossoms Quotes By Linda Lael Miller

Her fatigue was gone; she felt vital and strong, like a tree coming back to life in the springtime, vibrant with sap, ready to put out buds and then blossoms. — Linda Lael Miller

Tree Blossoms Quotes By Sarah Addison Allen

On the day the tree bloomed in the fall, when its white apple blossoms fell and covered the ground like snow, it was tradition for the Waverleys to gather in the garden like survivors of some great catastrophe, hugging one another, laughing as they touched faces and arms, making sure they were all okay, grateful to have gotten through it. — Sarah Addison Allen

Tree Blossoms Quotes By Graeme Murphy

I always figure I have this tree and there's always some green fruit that's not ready to pick or blossoms that are ready to flower; there are always some ready to drop off too. — Graeme Murphy

Tree Blossoms Quotes By Li Bai

From the east a spring breeze is touching us,
passing by,
And so in the goblet in the green wine
tiny ripples are formed.
The blossoms stolen by the whirl
are falling to the earth.
My fair girl will be drunken soon
with her blushed cheeks.
Beside the blue pavilion the peach tree -
Do you know, how long it will bloom?
It's a trembling shine, a dream:
it cheats us and steals away.
Rise and dance!
The sun is fading!
Who never was full of demanding live
and crazy in his young days
will vainly - when the hair
is white - sigh and wail. — Li Bai

Tree Blossoms Quotes By Sadiqua Hamdan

No one looks at an olive tree and asks why it hides it fruits. It blossoms when its ready and under the right conditions. — Sadiqua Hamdan

Tree Blossoms Quotes By Sophie Scholl

Just as I can't see a clear brook without at least stopping to dangle my feet in it, I can't see a meadow in May and simply pass by. There is nothing more seductive then such fragrant earth, the blossoms of clover swaying above it like a light foam, and the petal-bedecked branches of the fruit trees reaching upward, as if they wanted to rescue themselves from this tranquil sea. No, I have to turn from my path and immerse myself in this richness ...
When I turn my head, my cheek grazes the rough trunk of the apple tree next to me. How protectively it spreads its good branches over me. Without ceasing the sap rises from its roots, nuturing even the smallest of leaves. Do I hear, perhaps, a secret heartbeat? I press my face against its dark, warm bark and think to myself: homeland, and am so indescribably happy in this instant. — Sophie Scholl

Tree Blossoms Quotes By Lisel Mueller

How I would paint happiness
Something hidden, a windfall,
A meteor shower. No-
A flowering tree releasing
all its blossoms at once,
and the one standing beneath it
unexpectedly robed in bloom ... — Lisel Mueller

Tree Blossoms Quotes By Daisy Meadows

we try looking there?" "Good idea," Rachel said, walking toward it. "Oh, aren't the trees beautiful with all their blossoms?" The others agreed. Delicate sprays of pinky-white flowers lined the branches of the apple trees. "And that one is even prettier than the others," Kirsty said, pointing out a tree a short distance away. It was covered in blossoms. "I wonder why it's flowering so well?" A thought struck her and she stopped. Kirsty looked excitedly at Tia. "You don't think it has anything to do with your petal's magic powers, do you?" Tia's eyes lit up. — Daisy Meadows

Tree Blossoms Quotes By Chanakya

As a whole forest becomes fragrant by the existence of a single tree with sweet-smelling blossoms in it, so a family becomes famous by the birth of a virtuous son. — Chanakya

Tree Blossoms Quotes By Debasish Mridha

I want to be born and reborn as a cherry tree so that I may beautify this world with my blossoms, feed everyone with my nectar of love fruits, and purify the air with my calmly dancing leaves. — Debasish Mridha

Tree Blossoms Quotes By Munia Khan

Street children are lovely blossoms just dropped from the tree after a heavy storm. Now they need to be put together with a needle and threads of security and shelter to live into a beautiful circle of life's garland — Munia Khan

Tree Blossoms Quotes By Neale Donald Walsch

Always remember, you are not the flower, nor are you even the fruit. You are the tree. And your roots are deep, embedded in Me. I am the soil from which you have sprung, and both your blossoms and your fruit will return to Me, creating more rich soil. Thus, life begets life, and cannot know death, ever. — Neale Donald Walsch

Tree Blossoms Quotes By Eleanor Of Aquitaine

Trees are not known by their leaves, nor even by their blossoms, but by their fruits. — Eleanor Of Aquitaine

Tree Blossoms Quotes By Jean Hersey

August is ripening grain in the fields blowing hot and sunny, the scent of tree-ripened peaches, of hot buttered sweet corn on the cob. Vivid dahlias fling huge tousled blossoms through gardens and joe-pye-weed dusts the meadow purple. — Jean Hersey

Tree Blossoms Quotes By Heinrich Heine

The Blossoms and leaves in plenty From the apple tree fall each day; The merry breezes approach them, And with them merrily play. — Heinrich Heine

Tree Blossoms Quotes By Ikkyu

Break open the cherry tree: where are the blossoms? Just wait for spring time to see how they bloom. — Ikkyu

Tree Blossoms Quotes By Rumi

In the garden
I see only your face
From trees and blossoms
I inhale only your fragrance. — Rumi

Tree Blossoms Quotes By Criss Jami

If you use a philosophy education well, you can get your foot in the door of any industry you please. Industries are like the blossoms on a tree while philosophy is the trunk - it holds the tree together, but it often goes unnoticed. — Criss Jami

Tree Blossoms Quotes By Katlyn Charlesworth

I was in an empty field when I came across a tree. This tree was full of white blossoms and succulent cherries. The sun was shining and the breeze was blowing - everything was lovely. I looked back at the tree and its pure white blossoms were stained with blood. I gazed down in front of me, in horror, as a wooden cross marked the place of a small dirty mound. — Katlyn Charlesworth

Tree Blossoms Quotes By Baha'u'llah

When a drop draws help from the ocean, it is an ocean in itself, and a little seed, through the outpouring of rain, the favour of the sun and soul-refreshing breeze, will become a tree with the utmost freshness, full of leaves, blossoms and fruits. Therefore do not consider thy capacity and merit, but rely upon the infinite Bounty and trust to His Highness the Almighty. — Baha'u'llah

Tree Blossoms Quotes By Matsuo Basho

Make the universe your companion, always bearing in mind the true nature of things-mountains and rivers, trees and grasses, and humanity-and enjoy the falling blossoms and the scattering leaves. — Matsuo Basho

Tree Blossoms Quotes By Mark Twain

Lord save us all from old age and broken health and a hope tree that has lost the faculty of putting out blossoms. — Mark Twain

Tree Blossoms Quotes By C. G. Jung

The living spirit grows and even outgrows its earlier forms of expression; it freely chooses the human beings who proclaim it and in which it lives. This living spirit is eternally renewed and pursues its goal in manifold and inconceivable ways throughout the history of humankind. Measured against it, the names and forms which men have given it mean very little: They are only the changing leaves and blossoms on the stem of the eternal tree. — C. G. Jung

Tree Blossoms Quotes By Eileen Granfors

Today I will find something beautiful.
Delicate pink blossoms on a cherry tree.
The dove resting near the lemon buds.
Sunbeams smiling from sky to earth.
Smiling on me.
"Creating" in BREATHE IN — Eileen Granfors

Tree Blossoms Quotes By Henry Ward Beecher

The superfluous blossoms on a fruit tree are meant to symbolize the large way God loves to do pleasant things. — Henry Ward Beecher

Tree Blossoms Quotes By Abbas Kiarostami

I feel like a tree. A tree doesn't feel a duty to start doing something about the earth from which it comes. A tree just has to bear fruit, and leaves and blossoms. It doesn't feel grateful to the earth. — Abbas Kiarostami

Tree Blossoms Quotes By Toni Morrison

So he raced from dogwood to blossoming peach. When they thinned out he headed for the cherry blossoms, then magnolia, chinaberry, pecan, walnut and prickly pear. At last he reached a field of apple trees whose flowers were just becoming tiny knots of fruit. Spring sauntered north, but he had to run like hell to keep it as his traveling companion. From February to July he was on the lookout for blossoms. When he lost them, and found himself without so much as a petal to guide him, he paused, climbed a tree on a hillock and scanned the horizon for a flash of pink or white in the leaf world that surrounded him. He did not touch them or stop to smell. He merely followed in their wake, a dark ragged figure guided by the blossoming plums. — Toni Morrison

Tree Blossoms Quotes By Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

That tree is very old, but I never saw prettier blossoms on it than it now bears. That tree grows new wood each year. Like that apple tree, I try to grow a new little wood each year. — Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Tree Blossoms Quotes By Walter Scott

Unless a tree has borne blossoms in spring, you will vainly look for fruit on it in autumn. — Walter Scott

Tree Blossoms Quotes By Richard Brinsley Sheridan

Madam, a circulating library in a town is as an evergreen tree of diabolical knowledge; it blossoms through the year. And depend on it that they who are so fond of handling the leaves, will long for the fruit at last. — Richard Brinsley Sheridan

Tree Blossoms Quotes By William Cowper

Spring hangs her infant blossoms on the trees, Rock'd in the cradle of the western breeze. — William Cowper

Tree Blossoms Quotes By Neil Gaiman

Five girls sat beside, and upon the branches of, the oldest apple tree in the orchard, its huge trunk making a fine seat and support; and whenever the May breeze blew, the pink blossoms tumbled down like snow, coming to rest in their hair and on their skirts. The afternoon sunlight dappled green and silver and gold through the leaves in the apple orchard. — Neil Gaiman

Tree Blossoms Quotes By Sarah Addison Allen

They lit candles on the table, all while the apple tree shook and blossoms continued to fall. When the petals hit the flames of the candles, they hissed and popped into ash, leaving behind a scent that was so beautiful and sweet that it smelled like both yesterday and tomorrow. — Sarah Addison Allen

Tree Blossoms Quotes By Jean-Paul Sartre

Criticism often takes from the tree caterpillars and blossoms together. — Jean-Paul Sartre

Tree Blossoms Quotes By Suzanne Palmieri

Spring came slowly to the Bronx with a lot of rain & soft water-color tree blossoms. — Suzanne Palmieri

Tree Blossoms Quotes By John Bunyan

A comely sight indeed it is to see, a world of blossoms on an apple tree. — John Bunyan

Tree Blossoms Quotes By Sanober Khan

someday i will walk
under the soul-blossom tree
with my hand eternally woven in yours. — Sanober Khan

Tree Blossoms Quotes By Sarah Addison Allen

Business was doing well, because all the locals knew that dishes made from the flowers that grew around the apple tree in the Waverley garden could affect the eater in curious ways. The biscuits with lilac jelly, the lavender tea cookies, and the tea cakes made with nasturtium mayonnaise the Ladies Aid ordered for their meetings once a month gave them the ability to keep secrets. The fried dandelion buds over marigold-petal rice, stuffed pumpkin blossoms, and rose-hip soup ensured that your company would notice only the beauty of your home and never the flaws. Anise hyssop honey butter on toast, angelica candy, and cupcakes with crystallized pansies made children thoughtful. Honeysuckle wine served on the Fourth of July gave you the ability to see in the dark. The nutty flavor of the dip made from hyacinth bulbs made you feel moody and think of the past, and the salads made with chicory and mint had you believing that something good was about to happen, whether it was true or not. — Sarah Addison Allen

Tree Blossoms Quotes By Tulsidas

Even your pity is like a blast of wind and the words you speak would strip a tree of its blossoms. — Tulsidas

Tree Blossoms Quotes By William Wordsworth

Beneath these fruit-tree boughs that shed
Their snow-white blossoms on my head,
With brightest sunshine round me spread
Of spring's unclouded weather,
In this sequestered nook how sweet
To sit upon my orchard-seat!
And birds and flowers once more to greet,
My last year's friends together. — William Wordsworth

Tree Blossoms Quotes By Sadiqua Hamdan

The name Aziza is of Arabic origin and means precious. I call her Sitti, the Arabic village word for my grandmother. Although Sitti stands true to her name, someone is always telling her she isn't precious. As she grows into womanhood, Sitti hides from her thoughts, her voice, and her own shadow. She doesn't want to draw attention to herself, not even from the rays of sun that bless the entire land. But no one looks at an olive tree and asks it why it hides its fruit. It blossoms when it's ready and under the right conditions. As Sitti grows up, it did not occur to her that this could be the case for herself. — Sadiqua Hamdan

Tree Blossoms Quotes By Orson Scott Card

Only the mother tree remained in the middle of the clearing, bathed in light, heavy with fruit, festooned with blossoms, a perpetual celebrant of the ancient mystery of life. — Orson Scott Card

Tree Blossoms Quotes By Kahlil Gibran

Life without love is like a tree without blossoms or fruit."
"Love has no other desire but to fulfill itself. To melt and be like a running brook that sings its melody to the night. To wake at dawn with a winged heart and give thanks for another day of loving — Kahlil Gibran

Tree Blossoms Quotes By Kate Douglas Wiggin

Maternal love, like an orange tree, buds and blossoms and bears at once. When a woman puts her finger for the first time into the tiny hand of her baby and feels that helpless clutch which tightens her very heartstrings, she is born again with her newborn child. — Kate Douglas Wiggin