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Training Of Trainers Quotes By Karen Pryor

In due course I would learn how to cover up for this event, but on that awful day I knew of nothing to say but: 'Well, I guess they aren't going to do that either, heh, heh. FINALLY Hoku and Kiko stopped staring suspiciously through the glass long enough to go over the six bars, gracefully arcing in and out of the water against the glass, making the beautiful picture they were supposed to. I waved frantically at Chris to stop right there, to quit while we were ahead. I thanked the politely clapping audience and suggested they come back in a month and see what Hoku and Kiko could really do (I didn't have the courage to order them to KEEP clapping, and louder, please, so that Hoku and Kiko would do the applause jump). Then I yanked out the mike plug, raced down the ladder into the trainers' little sitting room underneath the stage, and took up smoking again. — Karen Pryor

Training Of Trainers Quotes By Brett Hoebel

My approach to training changed dramatically throughout my experience as one of the trainers on 'The Biggest Loser.' Getting to know each person was an important reminder that to get the body physically fit, you must first get mentally and emotionally 'fit.' — Brett Hoebel

Training Of Trainers Quotes By Ibrahim Hooper

There is a cottage industry of these Muslim bashers who are training law enforcement personnel, military personnel ... and you are breeding a generation of leaders in our society who have this suspicion of Islam and hostility towards American Muslims and Muslims in general. The intention of these trainers is to demonise Islam and to marginalise American Muslims. — Ibrahim Hooper

Training Of Trainers Quotes By Bogdan Vaida

Optimists see the glass as half full.
Pessimists see the glass as half empty.

Experiential trainers see the whole glass and its context. — Bogdan Vaida

Training Of Trainers Quotes By Pallam Raju

Public-Private Partnership in financing, service delivery and provision of workspaces and training of trainers must be promoted to meet the demand and supply gap in the field of skill development. — Pallam Raju

Training Of Trainers Quotes By Irvin D. Yalom

Thought training and behavior shaping! These methods are not for the human realm! Ach, we're not animal trainers!" "Yes, — Irvin D. Yalom