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Track Bible Quotes By Penn Jillette

I believe the fast track to atheism is reading the Bible. I've read it three times all the way through. It's a big part of our culture, a big part of our history. I don't just read things I agree with. — Penn Jillette

Track Bible Quotes By Scot McKnight

The assumption that the gospel can be reduced to a note card is already off on the wrong track. — Scot McKnight

Track Bible Quotes By Ted Haggard

The importance of the Bible to a church is to keep the church on track. The role of the Constitution in government is to keep the government on track. — Ted Haggard

Track Bible Quotes By Margaret Mitchell

Accepting Uncle Tom's Cabin as revelation second only to the Bible, the Yankee women all wanted to know about the bloodhounds which every Southerner kept to track down runaway slaves. And they never believed her when she told them she had only seen one bloodhound in all her life and it was a small mild dog and not a huge ferocious mastiff. They wanted to know about the dreadful branding irons which planters used to mark the faces of their slaves and the cat-o'-nine-tails with which they beat them to death, and they evidenced what Scarlett felt was a very nasty and ill-bred interest in slave concubinage.
Especially did she resent this in view of the enormous increase in mulatto babies in Atlanta since the Yankee soldiers had settled in the town. — Margaret Mitchell

Track Bible Quotes By George Saunders

Oh, mansion shmansion. Did Gandhi's house have the largest outdoor trampoline in the tristate area? Did Jesus have a two-acre remote-controlled car track, with mountains to scale and a little village that lit up at night?
Not in his Bible. — George Saunders

Track Bible Quotes By Elizabeth George

In the Bible we find everything we need to guide and energize our lives, to keep us on track so that we live out God's plan. — Elizabeth George

Track Bible Quotes By Rick Mayhew

The nation has been turned upside down and inside out. The country that was once discovered by people seeking religious freedom is now oppressing religious rights. It has been a slow train rumbling down the track of destruction since the 1960's. It started with the removal of the Bible from our public schools. Next the generation known as the 'love generation' opened the door for the approval of sex outside of marriage. For every ten years since then, it's been a slippery slope of materialism, I got mine, what can you do for me, and money is power.
We as a nation have stopped focusing on God and family and replaced them with money and success. Parents are teaching their children to do whatever it takes to get ahead ... just don't get caught. If you do, find someone to blame it on. — Rick Mayhew

Track Bible Quotes By Penn Jillette

Reading the Bible is the fast track to atheism. Reading the Bible means starting at "In the beginning ... " and throwing it down with disgust at " ... the grace of the lord Jesus be with all. Amen." I'm sure there are lots of religious people who've read the Bible from start to finish and kept their faith, but in my self-selected sample, all the people I know who have done that are atheists. — Penn Jillette

Track Bible Quotes By Charles F. Stanley

Friend, God's will is not something that you can find through trial and error. Rather, you discover it through your intimate relationship with Him - through prayer and Bible study as you strive to know Him better. If you have been on a quest to "find God" or "track down His will," stop searching and simply talk to Him. He knows where you are, and He knows exactly where you need to go. No roadmap could promise more. — Charles F. Stanley