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Top Tracheotomy Quotes

Tracheotomy Quotes By A.E. Samaan

Legalize the right to choose wrong.
Legalize individual liberty. — A.E. Samaan

Tracheotomy Quotes By Denis Leary

I'm gonna get one of those tracheotomies, so I can smoke two cigarettes at the same time! I'm gonna get nine tracheotomies, all around my neck, I'll be Tracheotomy Man! He can smoke a pack
at a time, he's Tracheotomy Man! — Denis Leary

Tracheotomy Quotes By Beth Revis

She stops speaking, but I can hear her silent sobs. They're the loudest thing I've ever heard. — Beth Revis

Tracheotomy Quotes By Harold Ramis

I'm a writer-director-actor, which I've always kind of enjoyed. I compared it to the Olympic biathlon. "Not only can he cross-country ski, but he's a terrific marksman as well." I want people to say, "You mean that writer performed a tracheotomy?" That's right, I do everything. — Harold Ramis

Tracheotomy Quotes By Denis Leary

"Yeah, well, if you eat red meat, it stays in your colon for fifteen years!" Good! I paid for it; I want it in my ass, okay? I want them to find a meat sweater from my esophagus to my asshole when they open me up in the end! "This guy's covered in meat! He's Meat-Man! He's Meat-Tracheotomy-Man!" — Denis Leary

Tracheotomy Quotes By Kerrigan Byrne

Dougan would rather have submitted to his thousand tortures than to have you submit to one. He wouldn't have survived your suffering. He loves you that much. — Kerrigan Byrne

Tracheotomy Quotes By Anne Sexton

Every time I get happy
the Nana-hex comes through.
Birds turn into plumber's tools,
a sonnet turns into a dirty joke,
a wind turns into a tracheotomy,
a boat turns into a corpse ... — Anne Sexton

Tracheotomy Quotes By Burt Reynolds

If I want to be up for an Academy Award, I'm either going to have to play a tour de force of some kind or have a tracheotomy just before the nominations. — Burt Reynolds

Tracheotomy Quotes By Dorothy Day

Thank God that He has permitted us to live among the present problems. It is no longer permitted to anyone to be mediocre. — Dorothy Day

Tracheotomy Quotes By Steven Gould

I couldn't stop then. Between the sobs I kept saying, over and over again, "I'm sorry, I'm sorry." "Shhhh. It's okay to cry. It's okay." And she rocked me and rocked me. But while she was saying it was okay, I could hear my Dad's voice, Crybaby, crybaby. Stop feeling sorry for yourself. I'll give you something to cry about. And I couldn't help saying, "I'm sorry." Still, the tears and sobs went on and on. — Steven Gould

Tracheotomy Quotes By Bruno Dumont

The landscape is a reflection of the inner life. Since I can't shoot the inner life, all I can shoot is the exterior but I know that when I'm filming outside, I'm filming inside. I can only really touch the inside through the mise-en-scene. So through the mise-en-scene of the outside we can explore the inside — Bruno Dumont

Tracheotomy Quotes By Harold Ramis

I'm sure that the liability for doing a tracheotomy would be tremendous. You make one mistake, and it's over. Most doctors won't even do it. — Harold Ramis

Tracheotomy Quotes By Salvador Dali

God invented man, and man invented the metric system. — Salvador Dali