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Top Tourniquet Quotes

Tourniquet Quotes By Elizabeth Holmes

The art of phlebotomy originated with bloodletting in 1400 B.C., and the modern clinical lab emerged in the 1960s - and it has not fundamentally evolved since then. You go in, sit down, they put a tourniquet on your arm, stick you with a needle, take these tubes and tubes of blood. — Elizabeth Holmes

Tourniquet Quotes By Cammie McGovern

What's a strapless bra?" he finally asked.
"Can you breathe if you're wearing it?"
"BARELY — Cammie McGovern

Tourniquet Quotes By Cormac McCarthy

All the time you spend tryin to get back what's been took from you there's more goin out the door. After a while you just try and get a tourniquet on it. — Cormac McCarthy

Tourniquet Quotes By Rainbow Rowell

She wanted to lose herself in him. To tie his arms around her like a tourniquet.
If she showed him how much she needed him, he'd run away. — Rainbow Rowell

Tourniquet Quotes By Solange Nicole

His smoke eyes lighten as she closes the gap between them, and he slowly seals it wrapping his arms about her. — Solange Nicole

Tourniquet Quotes By Solange Nicole

She deftly snatches her mace and holds it in her purse for cover. She's totally not about to be taken in by some pale silver eyed maniac. — Solange Nicole

Tourniquet Quotes By Thomas Wolfe

Somewhere in the crowd a woman sobbed and collapsed in a faint. She was immediately carried out by two Boy Scouts who happened to be present, and who administered first aid to her in the rest-room, one of them hastily kindling a crackling fire of pine boughs by striking two flints together, while the other made a tourniquet, and tied several knots in his handkerchief. — Thomas Wolfe

Tourniquet Quotes By Solange Nicole

That's the hottest guy she's seen in weeks, and now there was no chance of ever getting to know those smoky gray eyes,or his pouty lips. — Solange Nicole

Tourniquet Quotes By Solange Nicole

Helen makes a mental note to pick up a self help book the next time she was out. This was getting ridiculous. — Solange Nicole

Tourniquet Quotes By Aron Ralston

I was able to first snap the radius and then within another few minutes snap the ulna at the wrist and from there, I had the knife out and applied the tourniquet and went to task. It was a process that took about an hour. — Aron Ralston

Tourniquet Quotes By Solange Nicole

In one swift motion she's out of his arms twirling about. Startled and then ecstatic, she feels lighter than air, laughing in spite of herself. Light hearted, she keeps spinning feeling the stress and pain strip away from her. She was surprised by how confident she felt. How alive. — Solange Nicole

Tourniquet Quotes By Solange Nicole

Watching the couple, she silently wishes she had just cleaned out her damn coffee pot. — Solange Nicole

Tourniquet Quotes By Ellen Hopkins

My body
Healed quickly. But the wound
to my psyche was deep.
Wide. First aid, too little, too late,
left me hemorrhaging inside,
the blood unstaunched by psychological
bandage or love's healing magic.
Eventually it scabbed over,
a thick, ugly welt of memory.
I work to conceal it, but no matter
how hard I try, once in a while
something makes me pick at it
until the scarring bleeds.
In my arms, Ashante cries,
innocence ripped apart
by circumstance. Bloodied by
inhuman will. Time will prove
a tourniquet. But she will always
be at risk of infection. (124) — Ellen Hopkins

Tourniquet Quotes By Solange Nicole

Carmen saves the young child and is rewarded with a look of gratitude. His smile turns into a puzzle as he no longer hold the little girl, but his dark haired goddess — Solange Nicole

Tourniquet Quotes By Solange Nicole

Even as she walks through the door she can feel the eyes of the dark figure in the corner. — Solange Nicole

Tourniquet Quotes By Solange Nicole

It felt as real as the dusty air she sucked in before and rushed out after. — Solange Nicole

Tourniquet Quotes By Will Self

Drug use and procrastination often go hand in tourniquet. — Will Self

Tourniquet Quotes By Tom Robbins

Every fifteen minutes or so the harvest moon would bleed through the tourniquet of cloud cover that conspired to squeeze every droplet of pictorial sentiment out of the Skagit landscape in order that a more refined Chinese moon might brush the countryside. In the aloof washes of moonlight no form seemed to stir. — Tom Robbins

Tourniquet Quotes By W.R. Spicer

He tried to remove it as gently as he could, but it wouldn't budge so he gave it a pretty good jerk and it ripped the skin on my lip. He got the butt all right, only now I could feel and taste the blood that was starting to drip down from my lip onto my survival vest. "Christ, you're bleeding, am I gonna have to Medivac you as well? Hey Doc, Captain Spicer is bleeding heavily from his lip, what should I do?" "Well Captain, you could put a tourniquet around his neck." "Naw, he looks gray in the face already. — W.R. Spicer

Tourniquet Quotes By Solange Nicole

The ruby droplets absorbed by the pitiful tourniquet. — Solange Nicole