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Top Toughest Girl Quotes

Toughest Girl Quotes By Anthony Kiedis

She was probably the girl I loved the most of all my girlfriends, but also the toughest one to make things work out with. If I had put that much effort into any of my other relationships, I'd be married with five kids now. — Anthony Kiedis

Toughest Girl Quotes By Babe Didrikson Zaharias

They say golf came easy to me because I was a good athlete, but there's not any girl on the LPGA Tour who worked near as hard as I did in golf. It's the toughest game I ever tackled. — Babe Didrikson Zaharias

Toughest Girl Quotes By Travis Fimmel

I'm not drawn to actresses, but I have no rules about that. I just want to be around positive people. The toughest thing will be to find a girl who will be prepared to live in the middle of nowhere in the middle of the country. I don't think L.A.'s the place to find one. — Travis Fimmel

Toughest Girl Quotes By Gabrielle Zevin

I know you did, lass. You're the toughest girl I know." "'Lass'? Where did that come from?" "I don't know. I just felt the urge to call you that. — Gabrielle Zevin

Toughest Girl Quotes By James Roday

For anyone in our industry, one of the toughest things about having a relationship is how much time you get to see each other. The fact that we see each other every day, no matter what, has really worked out nicely for us. She's such a great girl. She makes what I do so much easier and so much more enjoyable. — James Roday

Toughest Girl Quotes By Beccy Cole

It was such a thrill. I found the roughest, toughest girls who love to party. They study and work all day in the Agricultural world and college and then they party. I met one girl at 3 am and she was so drunk and said 'l have to get up and cut a sheep's throat at 9 am.' I met another who was a wool classer. She said 'I can drink to 4 in the morning and class wool from 6 am. So I wrote Girls Out There about them. — Beccy Cole

Toughest Girl Quotes By Mosab Hassan Yousef

I asked myself what Palestinians would do if Israel disappeared-if everything not only went back to the way it was before 1948 but if all the Jewish people abandoned the Holy Land and were scattered again. And for the first time, I knew the answer. We would still fight. Over nothing. Over a girl without a head scarf. Over who was toughest and most important. Over who would make the rules and who would get the best seat. — Mosab Hassan Yousef

Toughest Girl Quotes By Harvey Penick

A pretty girl will always have the toughest time learning to play golf, because every man wants to give her lessons. — Harvey Penick