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Touchy Quotes By Marcel Proust

It was their haughtiness that preserved them intact from all human sympathy, from arousing the least interest in the strangers seated round about them, among whom M. de Stermaria kept up the glacial, preoccupied, distant, stiff, touchy and ill-intentioned air that we assume in a railway refreshment-room in the midst of fellow-passengers whom we have never seen before and will never see again, and with whom we can conceive of no other relations than to defend from their onslaught our cold chicken and our corner seat in the train. — Marcel Proust

Touchy Quotes By Woody Allen

Child molestation is a touchy subject ... Read the papers! Half the country's doing it! — Woody Allen

Touchy Quotes By Jennifer Lynn Barnes

I'd take a physical fight over Touchy-Feely Share Time, hands down — Jennifer Lynn Barnes

Touchy Quotes By Horace

I have to submit to much in order to pacify the touchy tribe of poets. — Horace

Touchy Quotes By E.B. White

The Supreme Court said nothing about silliness, but I suspect it may play more of a role than one might suppose. People are, if anything, more touchy about being thought silly than they are about being thought unjust ... Probably the first slave ship, with Negroes lying in chains on its decks, seemed commonsensical to the owners who operated it and to the planters who patronized it. But such a vessel would not be in the realm of common sense today. The only sense that is common, in the long run, is the sense of change. — E.B. White

Touchy Quotes By Lisa Kleypas

You let him touch you," Todd observed idly. My eyes widened. "I do not." "Yes you do. Just little touches here and there. He puts his hand on your arm or back, he stands close to you, getting you used to him . . . it's a mating ritual. Like March of the Penguins." "It has nothing to do with mating rituals. It's a Texas thing. People are touchy-feely here. — Lisa Kleypas

Touchy Quotes By Angie Martinez

I had a lot of respect for Biggie, and it was just a weird, kinda difficult thing. When I'm doing touchy interviews like that, I just try to be fair to both parties. — Angie Martinez

Touchy Quotes By Nancy Lublin

Do-gooders are easily overlooked. We're supposed to be soft, touchy-feely types, who wear Birkenstocks, compost everything, and write poetry by candlelight. — Nancy Lublin

Touchy Quotes By Caitlin Kittredge

You're a monster that mothers threaten children with and you're still touchy as an ugly girl in a pretty dress. — Caitlin Kittredge

Touchy Quotes By Brene Brown

As a matter of fact, we are wired for connection. It's in our biology. From the time we are born, we need connection to thrive emotionally, physically, spiritually, and intellectually. A decade ago, the idea that we're "wired for connection" might have been perceived as touchy-feely or New Age. Today, we know that the need for connection is more than a feeling or a hunch. It's hard science. Neuroscience, to be exact. — Brene Brown

Touchy Quotes By Boi-1da

Everybody wants to manage me; management is a touchy situation. — Boi-1da

Touchy Quotes By Scott Westerfeld

Alek was right behind her now, his body pressing close as he adjusted her sword arm. She hadn't realized this fencing business would be so touchy.
He grasped her waist, sending a crackle across her skin.
If Alek moved his hands any higher, he might notice what was hidden beneath her careful tailoring.
"Always keep sideways to your opponent," he said, gently turning her. "That way, your chest presents the smallest possible target."
"Aye, the smallest possible target," Deryn sighed. Her secret was safe, it seemed. — Scott Westerfeld

Touchy Quotes By Deeanne Gist

Texas Rangers are men who cannot be stampeded. We walk into any situation and handle it without instruction from our commander. Sometimes we work as a unit, sometimes we work alone." He turned his attention to the jurors. "We preserve the law. We track down train and bank robbers. We subdue riots. We guard our borders. We'll follow an outlaw clear across the country if we need to. In my four years of service, I've traveled eighty-six thousand miles on horse, nineteen hundred on train, gone on two hundred thirty scouts, made two hundred seventeen arrests, returned five hundred six head of stolen cattle, assisted forty-three local sheriffs, guarded a half dozen jails, and spent more time on the trail than I have in my own bed. We've been around since before the Alamo, and" - he turned to Hood, impaling him with his stare - "we're touchy as a teased snake when riled, so I wouldn't recommend it. — Deeanne Gist

Touchy Quotes By Patrick Lencioni

high school kids at In-N-Out Burger and Chick-fil-A are doing largely the same job that kids at any other fast-food restaurant are doing, and yet there are a lot fewer miserable jobs at In-N-Out and Chick-fil-A. The difference is not the job itself. It is the management. And one of the most important things that managers must do is help employees see why their work matters to someone. Even if this sounds touchy-feely to some, it is a fundamental part of human nature. — Patrick Lencioni

Touchy Quotes By Leisa Rayven

I take the lighter and resist the urge to hug him. Tristan says I can be a little too touchy-feely. Actually, his term is touchy-fucky but I modify it to make myself feel better. — Leisa Rayven

Touchy Quotes By Joyce Meyer

June 25 Be Kind and Encouraging It [Love] is not conceited (arrogant and inflated with pride); it is not rude (unmannerly) and does not act unbecomingly. Love (God's love in us) does not insist on its own rights or its own way, for it is not self-seeking; it is not touchy or fretful or resentful; it takes no account of the evil done to it [it pays no attention to a suffered wrong]. 1 CORINTHIANS 13:5 — Joyce Meyer

Touchy Quotes By Paul Rankin

The thing that gave me most pride about it was to see the smiles and the pride on my staff's faces, because a restaurant is a team thing, and for the whole team it's very much that touchy-feely thing that I could have helped them achieve such an award. — Paul Rankin

Touchy Quotes By J.D. Salinger

They're quite touchy about anything like that, especially my father. They're nice and all-I'm not saying that-but they're also touchy as hell. — J.D. Salinger

Touchy Quotes By Eugene Jarecki

If you watch the evening news, Dr. Kissinger is very often brought on to sort of be the statesman of his age and to reflect dispassionately on world events. And so a film challenging his legacy, a film that assesses charges that are quite grave against him, is something that is touchy for the media to show. — Eugene Jarecki

Touchy Quotes By Derek Rydall

There's a reason why one master teacher said, "Love your enemies." He wasn't preaching some touchy-feely mumbo jumbo. He was talking about a cosmic law. He knew there was only One of us here. That means that anything you withhold from another you're withholding from yourself. But it also means that anything you give to another, you're giving to yourself. — Derek Rydall

Touchy Quotes By Alex Bledsoe

Yeah, well, I don't do touchy-feely. I do punchy-bleedy. — Alex Bledsoe

Touchy Quotes By Jarod Kintz

I can read people like an open book, especially if their named Braille, and I'm in a touchy-feely mood. — Jarod Kintz

Touchy Quotes By Natasha Lyonne

That's usually how I get to know strangers - get inappropriately touchy. Once they've experienced the awkwardness of you being way too close for comfort, after that, it all gets easy. — Natasha Lyonne

Touchy Quotes By Kara Swisher

I don't mean to sound like a touchy-feely California type here, but I knew that I could finally get over the death of my father only by having kids of my own. — Kara Swisher

Touchy Quotes By J.R. Ward

Don't be so touchy. I have my faith, and my faith has me." Odd — J.R. Ward

Touchy Quotes By Marcel Proust

He [Bloch] was one of those touchy, highly-strung people who cannot bear to have made a blunder, will not admit it to themselves, and whose whole day is ruined by it. — Marcel Proust

Touchy Quotes By David Edward Goldberg

The emotional transformation of engineering education isn't magical thinking. Nor is it a vague abstraction or a series of touchy-feely practices. It is based on a philosophy of education that is grounded in the real world and in the lives of the students we serve. It's available to everyone. It isn't expensive. It can't be accomplished in the old paradigm under the old assumptions about how education change happens, but in the right atmosphere, the change flows organically from the students themselves. That atmosphere requires systematic language change, culture change, and personal change by students, faculty, and all the stakeholders in education. — David Edward Goldberg

Touchy Quotes By Diana Rowland

But then again, I was about as far from touchy-feely as you could get. Unless you're fucking me, don't put your hands on me. — Diana Rowland

Touchy Quotes By Walter Kirn

Cross the wrong state border with your gun, or wake up one morning to new legislation or a new presidential executive order, and suddenly you're the bad guy, not the good guy. No wonder some gun owners seem so touchy; they feel, at some level, like criminals in waiting. — Walter Kirn

Touchy Quotes By Meg Cabot

Okay, okay, already," I said, holding up both hands in an I-surrender sort of gesture. "I'll try it your way from now on. I'll do the touchy-feely stuff. Jeez. You West Coasters. It's all backrubs and avocado sandwiches with you guys, isn't it? — Meg Cabot

Touchy Quotes By E. M. Forster

My dear,' said the old men gently, 'I think that you are repeating what you have heard older people say. You are pretending to be touchy; but you are not really. Stop being so tiresome, and tell me instead what part of the church you want to see. To take you to it will be a real pleasure. — E. M. Forster

Touchy Quotes By Magan Vernon

His hand slid from under his desk and slowly moved up my leg until his fingers grazed my inner thigh. He couldn't just pull something sexy and think that I'd forgive him that easily.I grabbed his hand and squeezed it tightly, turning my head ever so slightly toward his. "Stop it.We're not doing this here."
He pulled his hand out of my grip. "Geez, Red. No need to be so touchy.""You were the one being touchy," I whispered. "And now I
need to pay attention to our lecture.""Come on, Red. I thought we were good."One of the girls in front of us turned her head sharply. "Will you two either quit talking or take it
outside? Some of us are trying to listen," she hissed.
"Mind your own damn business," I pushed back.
She huffed and then turned around to face the front again.
"Ouch! Feisty and I like it," John said through a laugh. — Magan Vernon

Touchy Quotes By Nigel Cumberland

Diversity is a very popular business topic today while the negative side of diversity, discrimination, remains a touchy and sensitive topic. Even in organisations which follow the letter of the law in terms of not discriminating against any individuals, it is common for people to show prejudice and bias...Have the courage to stand out from your colleagues by being very open to and comfortable with all kinds of diversity amongst your colleagues and stakeholders. When you sense someone is being ignored or marginalized spend time with them and bring them into discussions encouraging them to speak up as needed. — Nigel Cumberland

Touchy Quotes By Gretchen Rubin

I realized that for my own part, I was much more likely to take risks, reach out to others, and expose myself to rejection and failure when I felt happy. When I felt unhappy, I felt defensive, touchy, and self-conscious. — Gretchen Rubin

Touchy Quotes By Kim Harrison

Face it, you stupid little cookie maker," Jenks said, almost sounding fond, "in the last couple of days you've seen what it's like to be in a family, with all the touchy tempers and irritation that goes on. Now you get to see the other side, where we do stupid stuff for each other just because we like you. Rache is the little sister. Ivy's the big sister. I'm the uncle from out of state, and you're the rich nephew no one likes but we put up with you anyway because we feel sorry for you. Just let me help, huh? It won't kill you. — Kim Harrison

Touchy Quotes By Joel Stein

I'm not that clued into what people are that touchy about and how many of them there are and how niche these niches are. — Joel Stein

Touchy Quotes By Margaret Peterson Haddix

Jonah wondered what JB could possibly find to say without bringing up some touchy topic: Hey, sorry about kidnapping your niece and taking her four hundred years back in time. Sorry she got stuck there for five years. Sorry we had to count on a thirteen-year-old to rescue her. Oh, wait - you don't know about any of that, do you? — Margaret Peterson Haddix

Touchy Quotes By E. M. Forster

What the world most needs today are negative virtues - not minding people, not being huffy, touchy, irritable or revengeful. — E. M. Forster

Touchy Quotes By Robert A. Heinlein

Cats have no sense of humor, they have terribly inflated egos, and they are very touchy. — Robert A. Heinlein

Touchy Quotes By Bohumil Hrabal

... whichever of my friends was and is sensitive, touchy even, had to choose... emigration... and I emigrated inwardly, here to the pub for example... — Bohumil Hrabal

Touchy Quotes By Ralph Keyes

One thing I like about writing is that it provides such a wonderful opportunity for confidential chats with readers. In the privacy of writing, and reading, we can discuss topics that are a little touchy, a bit embarrassing, and feel less alone in the process. Feeling consumed by memories from high school. Feeling wimpy. Feeling time-obsessed. Yearning for our fathers. Wishing we were taller, or shorter, or less average. To name just a few. — Ralph Keyes

Touchy Quotes By Rick Riordan

He carried so much sadness and loneliness, so much heartache. Yet he put his mission first. He persevered. Reyna respected that. She understood that. She'd never been a touchy-feely person, but she had the strangest desire to drape her cloak over Nico's shoulders and tuck him in. She mentally chided herself. He was a comrade, not her little brother. He wouldn't appreciate the gesture. — Rick Riordan

Touchy Quotes By Jennifer Harrison

Twitter has the sustained ability to not get all touchy when I forget to "favorite" and thus had me at the first entirely inappropriate tweet flung my way. — Jennifer Harrison

Touchy Quotes By Duke Of Wellington

As a member of the Protestant British squirearchy ruling Ireland, he was touchy about his Irish origins. When in later life an enthusiastic Gael commended him as a famous Irishman, he replied A man can be born in a stable, and yet not be an animal. — Duke Of Wellington

Touchy Quotes By Charlie Benante

Everybody is afraid to touch the topic of religion, especially with the extreme muslims. It's such a touchy subject. You can attack any other religion and nothing bad will come about, but I think those that are extremists, the way they are taught or the way, as I'd like to say, "brain-washed." they're not of sound mind, They're of a different mind. — Charlie Benante

Touchy Quotes By Julie Burchill

I don't really care what people tell children - when you believe in Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy, one more fib won't hurt. But I am infuriated by the growing notion, posited in some touchy-feely quarters, that all women are, or can be, beautiful. — Julie Burchill

Touchy Quotes By Ayn Rand

Those touchy mediocrities who sit trembling lest someone's work prove greater than their own - they have no inkling of the loneliness that comes when you reach the top. The loneliness for an equal - for a mind to respect and an achievement to admire. — Ayn Rand

Touchy Quotes By Franny Billingsley

The boy shall have a proper beating,' said Cecil.
'But I beat him already,' I said, 'and don't tell me I didn't do it properly. I'm touchy about these things. — Franny Billingsley

Touchy Quotes By Graham Greene

These are touchy times. National sensitivities are on permanent alert and it's getting harder by the moment to say boo to a goose, lest the goose in question belong to the paranoid majority (goosism under threat), the thin-skinned minority (victims of goosophobia), the militant fringe (Goose Sena), the separatists (Goosistan Liberation Front), the increasingly well organised cohorts of society's historical outcasts (the ungoosables, or Scheduled Geese), or the the devout followers of of that ultimate guru duck, the sainted Mother Goose. Why, after all, would any sensible person wish to say boo in the first place? By constantly throwing dirt, such boxers disqualify themselves from serious consideration (they cook their own goose). — Graham Greene

Touchy Quotes By Craig Ferguson

A lot of the U.S. used to be part of Mexico, including Arizona. But they're a bit touchy about that right now. — Craig Ferguson

Touchy Quotes By Tom Rachman

As touchy as cabaret performers and as stubborn as factory machinists ... — Tom Rachman

Touchy Quotes By Ron De Christoforo

Sandy: "Are you making fun of me, Riz? "
Rizzo: "Some people are so touchy. — Ron De Christoforo

Touchy Quotes By Rick Riordan

Who's the other kid in the photo?' he asked. 'The sandy-haired guy.'
Annabeth's expression tightened. Touchy subject.
'That's Luke,' she said. 'He's dead now. — Rick Riordan

Touchy Quotes By Jennifer Ashley

You are in no position to make threats to me."
"I don't have to be. Even if you shoot me, you can be sure you'll never get away from Hart. He's a fucking obsessed bastard, and he's touchy about people harming his sisters-in-law. You will be praying to have me alive once Hart is on your trail. — Jennifer Ashley

Touchy Quotes By Plutarch

I, for my own part, had much rather people should say of me that there neither is nor ever was such a man as Plutarch, than that they should say, Plutarch is an unsteady, fickle, froward, vindictive, and touchy fellow. — Plutarch

Touchy Quotes By Eugenia Price

Laughter at oneself is always proof that god has healed us in the touchy places! — Eugenia Price

Touchy Quotes By Tom Rachman

Milton stood among his staff, shaking hands, memorising names. He already knew them in a way - he understood this breed backward and had foreseeen how his speech would be received. Journalists were as touchy as Cabernet performers and as stubborn as factory machinists. He couldn't help smiling. — Tom Rachman

Touchy Quotes By Jordana Brewster

I like action more than anything touchy-feely. — Jordana Brewster

Touchy Quotes By Marie-Louise Von Franz

Many people discover relatively soon in life that the realm of their inferior function is where they are emotional, touchy and unadapted, and they therefore acquire the habit of covering up this part of their personality with a surrogate pseudo-reaction. For instance, a thinking type often cannot express his feelings normally and in the appropriate manner at the right time. It can happen that when he hears that the husband of a friend has died he cries, but when he meets the widow not a word of pity will come out. They not only look very cold, but they really do not feel anything! They had all the feeling before, when at home, but now in the appropriate situation they cannot pull it out. Thinking types are very often looked on by other people as having no feeling; this is absolutely not true. It is not that they have no feeling, but that they cannot express it at the appropriate moment. They have the feeling somehow and somewhere, but not just when they ought to produce it. — Marie-Louise Von Franz

Touchy Quotes By Kevin Keck

At the time I was first writing the stories/essays that appear in Oedipus Wrecked, I was still under the impression that people would be delighted to see their name in print. I overlooked the fact that I was writing about intimate matters, and people are a bit touchy about airing their private lives in such a public fashion. Especially when it's done without their consent. — Kevin Keck

Touchy Quotes By Kristen Ashley

Mace never struck me as an affectionate type of guy. Like Luke, if you told me Mace would be affectionately demonstrative in a touchy way in public, I would have laughed. But there it was, proof positive. — Kristen Ashley

Touchy Quotes By Joseph Campbell

And if there was no Fall, what then of the need for Redemption? What god was offended and by whom? Some especially touchy cave bear whose skull had been improperly enshrined? — Joseph Campbell

Touchy Quotes By E. Jamie

Come see my mommy, Becky!" Will said and Bree stopped in her tracks. "Oh hell no!" she exclaimed staring at 'Becky'. Rebecca, the bane of Bree's existence. The blonde woman smiled mockingly at Bree. "How ya doing?" "What?" Bree asked but the question was directed at her brother and not the skank in front of her. "So how was Paris?" Rebecca asked moving right past Bree to practically press her body against Alessandro. "Seriously, what?" Bree demanded, glaring at Brian. "Hey, Alessandro. Great to see you again." "Stop talking. Stop talking now before I ram your botoxed head through this table!" Bree hissed lunging at her. Brian grabbed her quickly and held her back. "Sorry. Bree's a little bit touchy about that whole Vegas thing I guess. But hey, looks like it all worked for the best, huh?" Rebecca winked at Alessandro — E. Jamie

Touchy Quotes By Karen Chance

I started to get up, but that hand tightened on my foot. I wanted to pace, needed to let off some of the nervous energy that kept me from eating half the time, kept me from sleeping. And just when I told myself I was being paranoid and everything would be fine, something tried to drown me in the goddamned bathtub.
But I didn't get up. Because then I'd lose that bried, human connection. A connection that shouldn;t have been there, because Priktin wasn't the touchy-feely type. He touched me in training, when he had to, and grabbed me in the middle of crises. But I actually couldn't recall him ever touching me just ... because. — Karen Chance

Touchy Quotes By Jodi Picoult

I told myself that if I didn't care, this wouldn't have hurt so much - surely that proved I was alive and human and all those touchy-feely things, for once and for all. But that wasn't a relief, not when I felt like a skyscraper with dynamite on every floor. — Jodi Picoult

Touchy Quotes By J.P. Delaney

Saul is as different from Simon Wakefield as it's possible to get, I find myself thinking. And Edward Monkford is utterly different from both of them. It seems incredible that Emma could have had relationships with all three men. Where Simon's eager to please, but also touchy and insecure, and Edward's calm and super-confident, Saul is pushy and brash and loud. He also has a habit of saying 'Yeah?' aggressively at the end of his sentences, as if trying to force me to agree with him. — J.P. Delaney

Touchy Quotes By James Dashner

Brenda found his hand, squeezed it. Once again, Thomas felt a ridiculous surge of guilt, like he was cheating on Teresa. He couldn't help that this girl was so touchy-feely. — James Dashner

Touchy Quotes By Robert K. Massie

I have listened with the greatest pleasure to all the inspirations of your brilliant mind. But all your grand principles, which I understand very well, would do splendidly in books and very badly in practice. In your plans for reform, you are forgetting the difference between our two positions: you work only on paper which accepts anything, is smooth and flexible and offers no obstacles either to your imagination or your pen, while I, poor empress, work on human skin, which is far more sensitive and touchy. — Robert K. Massie

Touchy Quotes By Kate Alcott

Someone that immediately touchy was probably a servant. "How did you end up on the Titanic?" Pinky asked. She tried not to make her voice hurried, but she couldn't waste time if she was going to get more interviews before Smith and his crowd caught her. — Kate Alcott

Touchy Quotes By Mercedes Lackey

Townsfolk can get downright touchy over the occasional earth-elemental in the scullery. Can't imagine why ... — Mercedes Lackey

Touchy Quotes By Manfred Gerstenfeld

Another touchy point: the inability of successive Israeli governments to deal with the propaganda war. Israel has a brilliant instrument in the IDF. We have a cyber-war unit which may become the best unit in the world to fight cyber problems. On the propaganda war ... it is a large failure. — Manfred Gerstenfeld

Touchy Quotes By Kristen Stewart

I was so sensitive and touchy in a way that my character would never be. I was so protective and defensive of young girls, and sex in general. — Kristen Stewart

Touchy Quotes By Winifred Gallagher

Among these temperamentally unhappy campers are "reactant" personalities, who focus on what they often wrongly perceive as others' attempts to control them. In one experiment, some of these touchy individuals were asked to think of two people they knew: a bossy sort who advocated hard work and a mellow type who preached la dolce vita. Then, one of the names was flashed before the subjects too briefly to register in their conscious awareness. Next, the subjects were given a task to perform. Those who had been exposed to the hard-driving name performed markedly worse than those exposed to the easygoing name. Even this weak, subliminal attention to an emotional cue that suggested control was enough to get their reactant backs up and cause them to act to their own disadvantage. All relationships involve give-and-take and cooperation, so a person who habitually attends to ordinary requests or suggestions like a bull to a red flag is in for big trouble in both home and workplace. — Winifred Gallagher

Touchy Quotes By Brandon Mull

He's stubborn," Tux warned in a singsong tone.
"Stay out of this," Mark spat.
"And touchy," Tux added. — Brandon Mull

Touchy Quotes By Darynda Jones

And then she glared at me, the same glare my stepmother used to give me when I gave her the Nazi salute. That woman was so touchy about her resemblance to Hitler. — Darynda Jones

Touchy Quotes By Tamara Ecclestone

My mum is Croatian, and obviously she's female and she's very emotional, very hot-blooded, very touchy-feely, whereas I think my dad's quite British. — Tamara Ecclestone

Touchy Quotes By Kobe Bryant

The topic of leadership is a touchy one. A lot of leaders fail because they don't have the bravery to touch that nerve or strike that chord. Throughout my years, I haven't had that fear. — Kobe Bryant

Touchy Quotes By Elizabeth Bowen

Dress has never been at all a straightforward business: so much subterranean interest and complex feeling attaches to it. As a topic ... it has a flowery head but deep roots in the passion. On the subject of dress almost no one, for one or another reason, feels truly indifferent: if their own clothes do not concern them, somebody else's do ... Ten minutes talk about clothes (except between perfect friends) tends to make everyone present either overbearing, guarded or touchy. — Elizabeth Bowen

Touchy Quotes By Michael Leunig

Humans are nervous, touchy creatures and can be easily offended. Many are deeply insecure. They become focused and energized by taking offence; it makes them feel meaningful and alive. — Michael Leunig

Touchy Quotes By Scott Baio

I love driving cars, looking at them, cleaning and washing and shining them. I clean 'em inside and outside. I'm very touchy about cars. I don't want anybody leaning on them or closing the door too hard, know what I mean? — Scott Baio

Touchy Quotes By Jordan Peele

[ When I met Barack Obama] He says, I do a pretty good me myself - he said something like that. But he's - he is a close talker. He's a touchy guy. — Jordan Peele

Touchy Quotes By Suzanne M. Trauth

I sighed. "Mercury must be in retrograde. Everybody's touchy and having it out with someone. I'm trying to remain neutral. I feel like Switzerland. — Suzanne M. Trauth

Touchy Quotes By The Prophet Of Life

Now the boy was dead and Sergeant Barris knew he had to call his house to inform his parents. He doubted anyone other than relatives would grieve over a gang banger fresh out of camp but police protocol determined that he call and inform the next of kin, so that's what he did. Sergeant Barris hated the "touchy feely" activities utilized by the department when a homicide occurred but as Sergeant, he was required to perform them." From More than A Gangster — The Prophet Of Life

Touchy Quotes By Alex Rosa

You better get used to touchy-feely around here, sweetie — Alex Rosa

Touchy Quotes By Maureen Johnson

It was probably a good idea to have you possible future stepmother think you were a little nuts. It would keep her on her toes and dissuade her from trying to sit down and have touchy-feely talks. Not that she expected that from Julia. Julia looked like she might head-butt people in meetings. — Maureen Johnson

Touchy Quotes By James Dashner

Thomas still didn't understand why she was being so touchy with him. — James Dashner

Touchy Quotes By Anonymous

In the course of 1883, Beso became "touchy and very careless," getting into drunken fights and earning the nickname "Crazy Beso. — Anonymous

Touchy Quotes By Chris O'Donnell

Some people aren't touchy-feely, but I grew up in a family where you'd walk into the family room and there'd be five people on the couch with an arm here, an arm there, everyone scratching and taking turns. — Chris O'Donnell

Touchy Quotes By Sam Nunn

The war between the Iranians and Iraqis is a touchy issue. To be quite honest, they each other's guts. It was not responsible to let one of our ships be put into a war zone like that. — Sam Nunn

Touchy Quotes By Mohsin Hamid

You're never rude,' she said, smiling, 'and I think it's good to be touchy sometimes. It means you care. — Mohsin Hamid

Touchy Quotes By Julian Lennon

He wasn't a great father. He was a great musician. That's always been a touchy one, and it will be until I can find the answer, but I don't know if there is one. — Julian Lennon

Touchy Quotes By Penny Reid

Sir McCoolpants Von No TouchyPenny Reid

Touchy Quotes By E.B. White

People are, if anything, more touchy about being thought silly than they are about being thought unjust. — E.B. White

Touchy Quotes By Jennifer Crusie

Values aren't buses," she said shortly. "They're not supposed to get you anywhere. They're supposed to define who you are. And I'd rather be touchy-feely than morally bankrupt. — Jennifer Crusie

Touchy Quotes By Ayn Rand

Honest people are never touchy about the matter of being trusted. — Ayn Rand

Touchy Quotes By Bernard Knox

The same touchy sense of personal honor that is at the root of Achilles' wrath still governs relations between man and man in modern Greece; Greek society still fosters in the individual a fierce sense of his privileges, no matter how small, of his rights, no matter how confined, of his personal worth, no matter how low. And to defend it, he will stop, like Achilles, at nothing. — Bernard Knox

Touchy Quotes By Janice Macleod

Paris does something to a person. It unleashes the pent-up romantic. Even if you're not the touchy-feely type, you find yourself begging to hold hands and grope the nearest person as you walk over a bridge just so you can say later that you did it and wasn't that marvelous. What was his name? Does it matter? — Janice Macleod

Touchy Quotes By Russell Crowe

Whenever I hear an American say Aussies drive on the 'wrong side of the road,' I just lose it. You ever think about how those people grew up driving on the 'wrong side of the road,' watched a lot of people get hurt on the 'wrong side of the road,' die on the 'wrong side of the road,' while other people cheered from the 'right side of the road'? Australia has a thing called Highway Fights, so it's touchy. — Russell Crowe

Touchy Quotes By Tommy Bolt

Putting allows the touchy golfer two to four opportunities to blow a gasket in the short space of two to forty feet. — Tommy Bolt

Touchy Quotes By Gordon Bethune

I don't think JetBlue has a better chance of being profitable than 100 other predecessors with new airplanes, new employees, low fares, all touchy-feely ... all of them are losers. Most of these guys are smoking ragweed. — Gordon Bethune