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Torchwood Quotes & Sayings

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Top Torchwood Quotes

Torchwood Quotes By Gareth David-Lloyd

Mobiles, land lines, tin cans with tiny bits of string, everything absolutely everything no phones phones all broken. Hello any one there NO cuz the phone aren't working — Gareth David-Lloyd

Torchwood Quotes By Burn Gorman

I think it makes a difference when the actors are enjoying it more than anything because we have a real blast on 'Torchwood.' — Burn Gorman

Torchwood Quotes By Gwen Cooper

Have you ever eaten alien meat? — Gwen Cooper

Torchwood Quotes By Burn Gorman

I had a great time doing 'Torchwood,' I really did. — Burn Gorman

Torchwood Quotes By John Barrowman

You know, every year 'Torchwood' has become something a little different than it was before. It's still sci-fi, but it doesn't just deal with spaceships and aliens all the time, because we've done that. Our science fiction is more psychological. — John Barrowman

Torchwood Quotes By Peter Anghelides

Lieutenant-Colonel Yorke told me you Torchwood people always take the extreme view. We have a saying in basic training: "If you hear hoof-beats, you look for horses, and not zebras".'

'You don't know the half of it,' Gwen said. 'In my job, if I hear hoof-beats, I expect to see unicorns. — Peter Anghelides

Torchwood Quotes By John Barrowman

The one thing that makes 'Torchwood' work so brilliantly and makes it a little bit above the rest of all other sci-fi dramas out there is that we have a sense of humour. — John Barrowman

Torchwood Quotes By Catherine Tregenna

Have you never seen something so mad, so extraordinary, that just for one second you think that there might be more out there? — Catherine Tregenna

Torchwood Quotes By Bill Pullman

There's definitely a pattern of great British shows that get reinvented in America and do really well here, but I think 'Torchwood' is a bit different. It's more of a hybrid that doesn't exist as a reinvention. — Bill Pullman

Torchwood Quotes By Burn Gorman

I know in Britain with 'Doctor Who' all the classic actors, and the people who you'd really want to, work on the show. I like that the fact that 'Torchwood' has actors that want to be involved from the stage. It has raised our game, and I'm just happy for good actors who want to be in sci-fi shows who love the genre. — Burn Gorman

Torchwood Quotes By Darynda Jones

Why can't we have one of those quick pregnancies like Bella and Edward? Gwen from Torchwood. Scully. Deanna Troi. Or even Cordelia when that demon impregnated her. Twenty-four hours later bam! Demon child. — Darynda Jones

Torchwood Quotes By Nicole Peeler

Sorry, no. I'm Magog, and I'm a raven. Not a selkie. she said, in a singsong accent I recognized as Welsh from watching Torchwood. — Nicole Peeler

Torchwood Quotes By Phil Ford

The philosopher Sir James Mackintosh had said that the powers of a man's mind were proportionate to the quantity of coffee he drank, and Voltaire had knocked back fifty cups of it a day, so Ianto reckoned there had to be something in it. And saving Cardiff from the kinds of things that came through the Rift called for quick, inspired thinking, so Ianto took it upon himself to make sure the coffee was good. Ianto Jones, saving the world with a dark roast. — Phil Ford

Torchwood Quotes By Eve Myles

A 'Torchwood' movie would be incredible. It would be sensational to have a beginning, a middle and an end in ninety minutes. A big walloping 'Torchwood' crunched into ninety minutes would be breathtaking. — Eve Myles

Torchwood Quotes By Burn Gorman

I'm afraid the 'Doctor Who' door is probably closed because of me being in 'Torchwood.' — Burn Gorman