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Too Many Rules Quotes By Bryan Lee O'Malley

Adult life is terrible, Hazel. Never grow up.
Everything's complicated, and there are too many rules ... — Bryan Lee O'Malley

Too Many Rules Quotes By Sergey Brin

The kind of environment that we developed Google in, the reason that we were able to develop a search engine, is the web was so open. Once you get too many rules, that will stifle innovation. — Sergey Brin

Too Many Rules Quotes By Martin Van Creveld

It is of course true that many modern combat sports are extremely demanding in terms of physical force, skill, and endurance. Indeed many athletes are much fitter and better trained than the vast majority of soldiers. However, all those various kinds of sport are based on artificial rules as to what is and is not permitted. Furthermore, and with the exception of fencing, a highly ritualized form of combat to which we shall return, even the most violent ones do not permit the players to use weapons. In their absence, most of those skills are too specialized to be of much military relevance. — Martin Van Creveld

Too Many Rules Quotes By Geoff Dyer

In the cramped confines of the toilet I had trouble getting out of my wet trousers, which clung to my legs like a drowning man. The new ones were quite complicated too in that they had more legs than a spider; either that or they didn't have enough legs to get mine into. The numbers failed to add up. Always there was one trouser leg too many or one of my legs was left over. From the outside it may have looked like a simple toilet, but once you were locked in here the most basic rules of arithmetic no longer held true. — Geoff Dyer

Too Many Rules Quotes By Subhajit Ganguly

Considering the fact that the Harappan script may have been proto-Brahmi, the underlying language to be expected should be Sanskrit, or proto-Sanskrit, or derivatives of Sanskrit. Many of the rules of evolution that apply to scripts are equivalently true for languages too. Like scripts, languages too render themselves to similar evolutionary inspections, as they too carry imprints of their journey down the ages. — Subhajit Ganguly

Too Many Rules Quotes By Liane Moriarty

when she was in the bath (not too hot - so many rules). — Liane Moriarty

Too Many Rules Quotes By Clay Clarkson

Rather than trusting God, many will doggedly hold onto the belief that there is a divinely-designed formula or biblical methodology that can ensure their child's salvation, and then guarantee the child's sanctification. That debatable belief often leads to finding special methods in Scripture that come with a promise of success. Soon, though, the parents are no longer trusting God, because they no longer need to - they are trusting the methods instead. Those methods, then, can too easily become rules, and then legalism, and then a reliance on works that replaces a life of faith. — Clay Clarkson

Too Many Rules Quotes By Glenda Millard

I know that sentence is long and has too many joining words in it but sometimes, when I'm angry, words burst out of me like a shout, or, if I'm sad, they spill out of me like tears, and if I'm happy my words are like a song. If that happens it's one of my rules not to change them because they're coming out of my heart and not my head, and that's the way they're meant to be. — Glenda Millard

Too Many Rules Quotes By Eric Alterman

Journalists usually treat anything as true if someone in a position of ostensible authority is willing to say it, even anonymously (and if no one is going to sue over it). The accuracy of anyone's statement, particularly if that person is a public official, is often deemed irrelevant. If no evidence is available for an argument a journalist wishes to include in a story, then up pop weasel words such as "it seems" or "some claim" to enable inclusion of the argument, no matter how shaky its foundation in reality. What's more, too many journalists believe that their job description does not require them to adjudicate between competing claims of truth. Sure, there are "two sides" - and only two sides - to every story, according to the rules of objectivity. But if both sides wish to deploy lies and other forms of deliberate deception for their own purposes, well, that's somebody else's problem. — Eric Alterman

Too Many Rules Quotes By Seth Klarman

To achieve long-term success over many financial market and economic cycles, observing a few rules is not enough. Too many things change too quickly in the investment world for that approach to succeed. It is necessary instead to understand the rationale behind the rules in order to appreciate why they work when they do and don't when they don't. — Seth Klarman

Too Many Rules Quotes By Theresa Wayman

I can say is our point of reference - and I think that does make us different from some bands and similar to other bands too. But it's just that spirit - it's sort of like a punk spirit - but it's not punk meaning or as in like "I'm here and I'm going to get thrashy and bloody on-stage" - but, we're not going to listen to the rules and the roles already set in place. We just want to make music that is heartfelt and feels good and sounds good to our ears, and hopefully to many other's ears as well. — Theresa Wayman

Too Many Rules Quotes By Tullian Tchividjian

It amazes me that you will hear great concern from inside the church about too much grace, but rarely will you ever hear great concern from inside the church about too many rules. Indeed, the absurdity of God's indiscriminate compassion always gets "religious" people up in arms. Why? Because we are, by nature, glory-hoarding, self-centered control freaks - God wannabes. That's why. — Tullian Tchividjian

Too Many Rules Quotes By Howard Behar

Unfortunately, in many cases, the rule book goes way too far - it tries to tell people how to be instead of explaining what we're trying to do.. We need recipes, not rules. — Howard Behar

Too Many Rules Quotes By Courtney Milan

One of these days, you're going to realize that your sister doesn't need a man who follows the rules. There are too many rules and only one of her. Keep your brotherhood of left-handed do-gooders, Marshall. Your sister needs a man who is actually sinister. — Courtney Milan

Too Many Rules Quotes By Jeremy Clarkson

There are many rules for the elderly in the Highway Code. I have one too, and here it is: get a bloody move on. — Jeremy Clarkson

Too Many Rules Quotes By Kristan Higgins

Ground rules, Tanner," he growled. Tanner paled. More good. "No alcohol. No smoking. No drugs. No looking at other girls. You can dance with my daughter. Your hands will avoid the danger zones, which are here, here and here." Liam gestured to his chest, groin and ass. "You can kiss her. Once. At 10:59 p.m. tonight, when you'll be standing here once again. I will be on the other side of this door, waiting for her. Am I clear?" "Yes, sir," Tanner whispered. "I was your age once, too," Liam said. "I'm aware of that, sir." "I know what you think about." "I'm sorry." "You can think it. You can't do it." "Okay." "I have many sharp tools in my garage." "Yes, sir." "We're clear, then?" "Very, sir." "Good!" Liam smiled, then grabbed the boy by the shoulder and dragged him in. "Nicole! Your date's here. — Kristan Higgins

Too Many Rules Quotes By Thomas Merton

Christianity is not stoicism. The Cross does not sanctify us by destroying human feeling. Detachment is not insensibility. Too many ascetics fail to become great saints precisely because their rules and ascetic practices have merely deadened their humanity instead of setting it free to develop richly, in all its capacities, under the influence of grace. — Thomas Merton

Too Many Rules Quotes By Sergey Brin

Too many rules with stifle innovation. — Sergey Brin

Too Many Rules Quotes By Amy Andrews

Tanner Stone was way too sure of himself. Too many women had been letting him have it all his own way. — Amy Andrews

Too Many Rules Quotes By Ernest Agyemang Yeboah

No mountain is too high, but so many people can't climb even a hill. There is always a way to the top, but so many people can't even get the mid and many miss the way. Life is real and the journey of life comes with rules. Mind the real and distinctive rules that lead to success and you shall get to the very peak of the mountain of success surmounting all barriers, challenges and puzzles along the journey to success with a great degree of ease! — Ernest Agyemang Yeboah

Too Many Rules Quotes By Jennifer Niven

There are no rules, because life is made up of too many rules as it is. — Jennifer Niven

Too Many Rules Quotes By Gloria Steinem

In retrospect, the second cause for delay makes less feminist sense: the long popularity of assertiveness training. Though most women needed to be more assertive (or even more aggressive, though that word was considered too controversial), many assertiveness courses taught women how to play the existing game, not how to change the rules. — Gloria Steinem

Too Many Rules Quotes By Paulo Coelho

But in the end all religions point to the same light. In between the light and us, sometimes there are too many rules. The light is here and there are no rules to follow this light. — Paulo Coelho

Too Many Rules Quotes By Rudy Simone

Not comprehending things the way other people do is fine in academia because we can usually find our own methods, but in social situations, this same tendency plays out differently - we can't always impose our own rules and priorities on others. We can't research people in everyday conversation the way we research information from books. It is not uncommon for us, when we're young, to ask too many questions of others, which makes them uncomfortable. If we could set the tone, we would probably be more comfortable, but we can't so we shut down. — Rudy Simone

Too Many Rules Quotes By Erik Hassle

I don't always have to be on what is the newest in music is. I'm slowly educating myself in music. For me, I feel more free in not knowing everything in what I'm doing. You can start making up too many rules for yourself. It should just be love and fun and feeling good. — Erik Hassle

Too Many Rules Quotes By Sherwin B. Nuland

Cancer cells are fixed at an age where they are still too young to have learned the rules of the society in which they live. As with so many immature individuals of all living kinds, everything they do is excessive and uncoordinated with the needs or constraints of their neighbors ... they are reproductive but not productive. — Sherwin B. Nuland

Too Many Rules Quotes By Frederick Lenz

It is only in the last 800 years that the rules have come into being and conservative Zen has surfaced. It is not particularly popular in Japan at all. Hardly anybody practices Zen any more because it's just too strict; there are too many rules. — Frederick Lenz

Too Many Rules Quotes By Mark Anthony Peterson

Before you break all the rules, learn the game. Too many startups and entrepreneurs want to sprint before they learn to crawl. — Mark Anthony Peterson

Too Many Rules Quotes By Nalini Singh

Judd's fists were so tight, he was in danger of fracturing his own bones. He understood why Brenna had needed to talk to Dorian. He even understood that the leopard saw Brenna as a young sister, not a potential lover. None of that made any difference. Judd wanted to be the one she turned to when in need.
Ice picks of pain shoved through his skull, dissonance so vicious it nearly shut down his consciousness. The countdown was getting inexorably closer to the end. Uncurling his fingers with sheer force of will, he watched the blood rush back in. Last night had made it clear that he'd already crossed too many lines, broken too many rules. Soon, it would be too late to draw back.
"Thank you, Dorian."
No, he would not pull back. Brenna was his. His to pleasure. And his to comfort ... — Nalini Singh

Too Many Rules Quotes By V.S. Naipaul

That life was full of rules. Too many rules; it was a prepacked kind of life. — V.S. Naipaul

Too Many Rules Quotes By Steven Moffat

Madame Kovarian: The anger of a good man is not a problem. Good men have too many rules.
The Doctor: Good men don't need rules. Today is not the day to find out why I have so many. — Steven Moffat

Too Many Rules Quotes By Terry Pratchett

And in a nasty war, where's the best place to be? Apart from on the moon, o' course? No one?"
Slowly, Jade raised a hand.
"Go on, then," said the sergeant.
"In the army, sarge," said the troll. "'cos ... " She began to count on her fingers. "One, you got weapons an' armour an' dat. Two, you are surrounded by other armed men. Er ... Many, youse gettin' paid and gettin' better grub than the people in Civilian Street. Er ... Lots, if'n you gives up, you getting taken pris'ner and dere's rules about that like Not Kicking Pris'ners Inna Head and stuff, 'cos if you kick their pris'ners inna head they'll kick your pris'ners inna head so dat's, like, you're kickin' your own head, but dere's no rule say you can't kick enemy civilians inna head. There's other stuff too, but I ran outa numbers. — Terry Pratchett

Too Many Rules Quotes By Daniel Tosh

Spelling is difficult because there are too many rules. Silent letters only exist to make it harder for illegal immigrants to learn English. — Daniel Tosh

Too Many Rules Quotes By Bernard Pivot

You get the feeling that many of my guests feel that the French language gives them entry into a more cultivated, more intelligent world, more highly civilised too, with rules. — Bernard Pivot

Too Many Rules Quotes By William Penn

Many able Gardeners and Husbandmen are yet Ignorant of the Reason of their Calling; as most Artificers are of the Reason of their own Rules that govern their excellent Workmanship. But a Naturalist and Mechanick of this sort is Master of the Reason of both, and might be of the Practice too, if his Industry kept pace with his Speculation; which were every commendable; and without which he cannot be said to be a complete Naturalist or Mechanick. — William Penn

Too Many Rules Quotes By Claire McCaskill

There's nothing that irritates Americans more than the fact that some members of Congress think they are entitled to their own set of rules. And it's true - too many people in Washington live in an alternate reality. — Claire McCaskill

Too Many Rules Quotes By Rosalind Goforth

Prayer has been hedged about with too many man-made rules. I am convinced that God has intended prayer to be as simple and natural, and as constant a part of our spiritual life, as the intercourse between child and parent in the home. And as a large part of that intercourse between child and parent is simply asking and receiving, just so is it with us and our Heavenly Parent. — Rosalind Goforth

Too Many Rules Quotes By Jerry Bridges

Legalism insists on conformity to manmade religious rules and requirements, which are often unspoken but are nevertheless very real ... There are far too many instances within Christendom where our traditions and rules are, in practice, more important than God's commands. — Jerry Bridges

Too Many Rules Quotes By Diane Chamberlain

There are too many silly rules in our lives," she said, "and our lives are far too short to pay attention to them. — Diane Chamberlain

Too Many Rules Quotes By Frank Gaffney

Too many countries that do not play by the free trade rules of the World Trade Organization - including, notably mercantilist China and monopolist Saudi Arabia - have been allowed in, to the detriment of both the WTO and the liberal trading environment it is supposed to sponsor. — Frank Gaffney

Too Many Rules Quotes By Ernest Hemingway,

This too to remember. If a man writes clearly enough any one can see if he fakes. If he mystifies to avoid a straight statement, which is very different from breaking so-called rules of syntax or grammar to make an efffect which can be obtained in no other way, the writer takes a longer time to be known as a fake and other writers who are afflicted by the same necessity will praise him in their own defense. True mysticism should not be confused with incompetence in writing which seeks to mystify where there is no mystery but is really only the necessity to fake to cover lack of knowledge or the inability to state clearly. Mysticism implies a mystery and there are many mysteries; but incompetence is not one of them; nor is overwritten journalism made literature by the injection of a false epic qulaity. Remember this too: all bad writers are in love with the epic. — Ernest Hemingway,

Too Many Rules Quotes By Lisa Kleypas

There seemed no way to make him understand an upbringing in which certain areas of the body were too shameful to be acknowledged, let alone touched, except for the purposes of washing. One of many rules instilled by a stout nanny who had been fond of smacking naughty children's palms with a ruler until they were red and sore. Such lessons could never be entirely unlearned. — Lisa Kleypas

Too Many Rules Quotes By Kody Keplinger

It's so screwed up, the standards ... You should like it, but you shouldn't like it too much or talk about how much you like it. You should do it, but you shouldn't do it with too many people or talk about how much you're doing it. It's like there are so many rules, but none of them make sense. — Kody Keplinger

Too Many Rules Quotes By Robert Greenwald

The Occupy movement has drawn attention to how too many in the 1 percent get to play by their own rules while exploiting the 99 percent. — Robert Greenwald

Too Many Rules Quotes By Timothy Ferriss

Civilization had too many rules for me, so I did my best to rewrite them. - BILL COSBY — Timothy Ferriss