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Top Togetherness Community Quotes

Togetherness Community Quotes By Cory Bernardi

Community is like a garden, it is an organic living thing; if it is neglected, it can overgrow with weeds and suffer decline. Communities must be actively maintained ... all this activity is the lifeblood of culture, and this is where the essence of patriotic spirit and a sense of togetherness is born. — Cory Bernardi

Togetherness Community Quotes By Del Suggs

The sense of community is that feeling of togetherness that brings us comfort. We are all alone in the world, so we strive to form bonds with others to eliminate that sense of feeling alone. — Del Suggs

Togetherness Community Quotes By Desmond Tutu

A person with ubuntu is open and available to others, affirming of others, does not feel threatened that others are able and good, for he or she has a proper self-assurance that comes from knowing that he or she belongs in a greater whole and is diminished when others are humiliated or diminished, when others are tortured or oppressed. — Desmond Tutu

Togetherness Community Quotes By Jared Brock

Work is easy when it's full of meaning and shared with others. — Jared Brock

Togetherness Community Quotes By Larry Crabb

The root of all our personal and emotional difficulties is a lack of togetherness ... I therefore believe that the surest route to overcoming problems and becoming the people we were meant to be is reconnecting with God and with our community. — Larry Crabb

Togetherness Community Quotes By Nancy E. Turner

I never miss Meeting now," I said. "Do not look surprised. I have sent many a prayer heavenward on your behalf. And your father is not home yet. Your uncle sails under more danger of his own making. There is more to living in a town than I knew when you were young. Things have happened. It is important to go and to give to the poor and to keep in good graces with all who know us."
"But you always said to trust your own heart."
"That is true, son. I do not do this for trickery but to make myself known. If people have your acquaintance and friendship, they are not so quick to believe falsity. — Nancy E. Turner

Togetherness Community Quotes By Meik Wiking

If a city is designed in a way that makes a long drive to work necessary, we harm the social health of that city. If a lot of people cycle, it's probably an indication that you live in a healthy neighborhood. This is something that should be seriously considered in urban planning, if you want to ensure a neighborhood togetherness and trust among locals. — Meik Wiking

Togetherness Community Quotes By Gabriel Vahanian

Togetherness is a substitute sense of community, a counterfeit communion. — Gabriel Vahanian

Togetherness Community Quotes By Alicia Sixtos

Being Latina means I have culture I guess. We party together, cry together, and cook together. Or at least my family does as much as we can. We know where we're from and we have a certain kind of rhythm and understanding. Togetherness. As I get older it becomes more apparent that there is a community in this industry that is working together to rise up and fight against the misinterpretation of Hispanic and what it means to be a Latino-American nowadays. — Alicia Sixtos