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Top Tired Of Drama Quotes

Tired Of Drama Quotes By Johnny Weir

The booing and the drama help make the Olympics interesting, but at what cost? When will people finally get tired of it and start watching the X-Games or competitive tire rolling instead? — Johnny Weir

Tired Of Drama Quotes By Hugh Laurie

As a real person, he wouldn't last a minute, would he? But drama is about imperfection. And we've moved away from the aspirational hero. We got tired of it, it was dull. If I was House's friend, I would hate it. How he so resolutely refuses to be happy or take the kind-hearted road. But we don't always like morally good people, do we? — Hugh Laurie

Tired Of Drama Quotes By Gene Brewer

Prot: I'm not tired.
Brewer: I am.
Prot: Perhaps you're getting too much sleep. All your beings seem to sleep a lot. Is that because it's so awful to be awake? — Gene Brewer

Tired Of Drama Quotes By Mesha Mesh

Blessing still wanted to fight, but Lyric stood in between them with her gun pointed at Ty. She was tired of all the drama and just wanted him to leave her the hell alone. Ty — Mesha Mesh

Tired Of Drama Quotes By Karen Gibbs

It's not that we have more patience as we grow older, it's just that we're too tired to care about all the pointless drama — Karen Gibbs

Tired Of Drama Quotes By Lauren Conrad

A true friend is someone who never gets tired listening to your pointless drama over and over again. — Lauren Conrad

Tired Of Drama Quotes By Yoon Joon-soo

We still have to wait. The situation will repeat, we will get tired, but as long as we don't let go of each other's hand, then one day they will recognize that we are one. — Yoon Joon-soo

Tired Of Drama Quotes By Daphne Simeon

While he can interact with others who have no idea that anything is wrong, Ron lives without spontaneity, going through the motions, doing what he thinks people expect him to do, glad that he is able to at least appear normal throughout the day and maintain a job. He studied drama briefly while in college, and remains enamored of Shakespeare and literature, but an emerging self-consciousness eventually robbed him of his ability to act. Now he feels as if all of his life is an act - just an attempt to maintain the status quo.

Recalling literature he once loved, he sometimes pictures himself as Camus's Meursault, in The Stranger: an emotionless character who plods through life in a meaningless universe with apathy and indifference. He's tired of living
this way but terrified of death. — Daphne Simeon

Tired Of Drama Quotes By Siobhan Davis

We don't have time for all this personal drama." My eyes flit between Logan, Haydn, and Ax. "And it's not fair on the others. The atmosphere is horrendous because of what's going on between us. And I'm so tired of it. All of it." I take a step back. "I'm not discussing this anymore, with any of you." I glare at the three boys. "So sort your shit out, and get your act together. Until then," I say, turning around. "Leave me the hell alone. — Siobhan Davis

Tired Of Drama Quotes By Carol Higgins Clark

I think people are tired of the CSI/SVU style of lurid and gory crime dramas. I believe there's a craving for lighter shows featuring detective characters who are fun to watch. I think people would welcome that kind of show. — Carol Higgins Clark

Tired Of Drama Quotes By John Green

I was so tired of her getting upset for no reason. The way she would get sulky and make references to the freaking oppressive nature of tragedy or whatever but then never said what was wrong, never have any goddamned reason to be sad. And I just think you ought to have a reason. My girlfriend dumped me, so I'm sad. I got caught smoking, so I'm pissed off. My head hurts, so I'm cranky. She never had a reason, Pudge. I was just so tired of putting up with her drama. And I just let her go. Christ. — John Green