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Top Tim Keesee Quotes

Tim Keesee Quotes By David Lynch

The side effect of expanding consciousness is that negativity starts to evaporate; it goes away like darkness when you turn on a light. Many students have so much torment, stress, depression, sorrow and hate in them these days, but then they get this technique and the negativity starts to go away. They start to feel good because the torment is leaving. Their health gets better and they get happier, their comprehension and their ability to focus grow, their grades go up and a joy for life grows; all of which comes from within. — David Lynch

Tim Keesee Quotes By Jon Corzine

It is my absolute intent to hold the line on taxes. — Jon Corzine

Tim Keesee Quotes By Neal Schon

Beyond the Thunder is the closest I've recorded to an acoustic thing. — Neal Schon

Tim Keesee Quotes By Matshona Dhliwayo

Kings struggle to rule over nations,
men struggle to rule over themselves;
God effortlessly rules the universe. — Matshona Dhliwayo

Tim Keesee Quotes By Vandana Shiva

If you read Wall Street's reports, they don't talk of soya bean as originating in China. They don't talk of soya bean as soya bean. They talk of Monsanto soya. Monsanto soya is protected by a patent. It has a patent number. It is therefore treated as a creation of Monsanto, a product of Monsanto's intelligence and innovation. — Vandana Shiva

Tim Keesee Quotes By Alice Morse Earle

The first meeting-houses were often built in the valleys, in the meadow lands; for the dwelling-houses must be clustered around them, since the colonists were ordered by law to build their new homes within half a mile of the meeting-house. — Alice Morse Earle

Tim Keesee Quotes By Molly Crabapple

Why did we sleep together, dubiously queer girls that we were? Desire is fluid, but I think Jen and I fucked each other because we wanted to stand by ourselves. Were we not sweet enough for men? Were they put off by our ambition, how fast we talked, how needy we grew? We wouldn't contort ourselves for their desires. Our faces were the same size as we kissed. We were equals. We needed no masculine protection. We would protect each other. We could protect ourselves. — Molly Crabapple

Tim Keesee Quotes By B.C. Forbes

How many men I know who are earning dollars aplenty, but who are really earning little of what counts. They are so overwhelmingly engrossed in business that they get nothing from their dollars. The Juggernaut of dollar-making has crushed out of them every capacity for genuine enjoyment, every grace, every unselfish sentiment and instinct. — B.C. Forbes

Tim Keesee Quotes By Pierre Bonnard

It's not a matter of painting life, it's a matter of giving life to painting. — Pierre Bonnard