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Top Tight Knit Family Quotes

Tight Knit Family Quotes By Fatima Siad

The Broken Bow group is such a great family and seem like a group of tight-knit people. When I looked for a new label, I wanted to feel I could trust everybody. I wanted motivation to be at an all-time high. — Fatima Siad

Tight Knit Family Quotes By Darren Criss

When I was in college, I was in the theater department, which for anyone who has been involved in any kind of theater program, you know that it's really wacky and tight-knit, a real family. Me and my good friends from college would do random shows and plays that were sometimes serious, but most of the time really goofy and funny. — Darren Criss

Tight Knit Family Quotes By Blake Lively

I have a tight-knit Southern family. — Blake Lively

Tight Knit Family Quotes By David Lambert

I'm one of 3; I have a 16-year-old sister and an 11-year-old brother. We're all very close. We're an interesting family, and we moved a lot when I was younger. I feel like we are very tight knit because we had to sort of jump and leave places and start over again and again. — David Lambert

Tight Knit Family Quotes By Victor Ortiz

I do not have a family, per se. When I was younger, I grew up in foster care with my brother and sister. It was really a struggle, and knowing that there were people out there with tight-knit families really made my childhood an unfortunate one. — Victor Ortiz

Tight Knit Family Quotes By Junior Seau

Dad taught us about morals, values and goals. Having a tight-knit family was important to him. — Junior Seau

Tight Knit Family Quotes By Logan Henderson

My whole family is really tight-knit. We're a really good team. — Logan Henderson

Tight Knit Family Quotes By Mark Sichel

Family myths are cherished by the people who
however unwittingly
have brought them into being. In my own situation, what my father was really saying to me during that last unfortunate phone call was that I had shattered our family's myth: the myth of a close and tight-knit family in which everyone was in complete agreement about everything, that is, in complete agreement with my father. I had violated one of the tenets of this myth in a way that was unforgivable to him. For that my punishment was to be expelled from the family. — Mark Sichel

Tight Knit Family Quotes By Lauryn Hill

I'm in a very close-knit, very, very tight family. My grandmother had 13 kids, so we had a lot of family like 50, 60 grandchildren and we all lived in Jersey, relatively in the same area. So every time there was something, my entire family was there. And I just believed everybody's family was like that. — Lauryn Hill