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Tie Me Up Quotes By Max Barry

What we're doing, or, I should say, what you're doing, since no one has taught me any good words, is dropping recipes into people's brains to cause a neurochemical reaction to knock out the filters. Tie them up just long enough to slip an instruction past. And you do that by speaking a string of words crafted for the person's psychographic segment. Probably words that were crafted decades ago and have been strengthened ever since. And it's a string of words because the brain has layers of defenses, and for the instruction to get through, they all have to be disabled at once.'
Jeremy said, 'How do you know this?'
'Do you think I'm smart?'
'I think you're scary,' he said. — Max Barry

Tie Me Up Quotes By Rhys Bowen

At last he said, "I've been fourteen years on the police force. I've learned from seasoned veterans. I've handled all types of criminal cases. But my wife, newly arrived from the backwoods of Ireland, manages to tie up all my unsolved cases for me with apparently no effort at all. I should just quit my job and stay home looking after the babies while you go out to work for us. — Rhys Bowen

Tie Me Up Quotes By John Varvatos

For me, growing up in Detroit, scarves meant cold weather. But I remember working in a store, and we had some silk scarves - like, wide scarves with fringe - and because I had seen the English rockers wearing skinny silk scarves, I took the scarves, cut and sewed them, and made them long - almost like a tie. — John Varvatos

Tie Me Up Quotes By Charles Manson

I didn't tie anybody up. And I was never on a scene where anyone was killed. I think the law says you can only keep me seventeen or eighteen years if I was never on a scene where anyone was killed. I was never on the crime scenes. I didn't kill nobody, I didn't tell nobody to get killed. I didn't get no trial, but we don't wanna hear that- don't wanna mix anything up with the truth. — Charles Manson

Tie Me Up Quotes By Billy Crystal

I found a sense of peace on Beechnut. I could just walk with him and not have to say a word. In between takes, I would sit with the cast and Beechnut would stand behind me, sometimes with his head on my shoulder. I didn't have to tie him, up; he would just stand there. I loved being a cowboy ... again. The only other times
I'd felt this sense of peace had been while fielding ground balls or playing catch on a baseball field or doing stand-up when everything was working. When filming was over, my agent, Andrea Eastman, gave me Beechnut as a surprise gift. at first, I didn't want him. Owning a horse is an enormous responsibility, and
I was concerned hat my relationship with him was just a location romance. But I accepted, and I rode him until 2009, when he passed away at the age of twenty-eight. — Billy Crystal

Tie Me Up Quotes By G.S. Jennsen

Caleb reached up and slid the tie out of her hair to let it fall free. "You were crazy to do it. But I love you because you're wild and fearless, not in spite of it, and I know the price."

He sensed her cringe against him. "Which is?"

"At random and unexpected times, you terrify the life out of me. — G.S. Jennsen

Tie Me Up Quotes By J.M. Darhower

Yeah, you're right, it's not," he agreed. "For the record, though, I only tie girls up when they ask me to." His — J.M. Darhower

Tie Me Up Quotes By Pepper Winters

You'll see that I was right and your heart beats for me. Mine, yours - they chime to the same beat. Wherever we end up in the world, whatever you do or whoever you decide to tie your life to, we'll never be whole unless we're one. — Pepper Winters

Tie Me Up Quotes By Marya Hornbacher

I look back on my life the way one watches a badly scripted action flick, sitting at the edge of the seat, bursting out, "No, no, don't open that door! The bad guy is in there and he'll grab you and put his hand over your mouth and tie you up and then you'll miss the train and everything will fall apart!" Except there is no bad guy in this tale. The person who jumped through the door and grabbed me and tied me up was, unfortunately, me. My double image, the evil skinny chick who hisses, Don't eat. I'm not going to let you eat. I'll let you go as soon as you're thin, I swear I will. Everything will be okay when you're thin. — Marya Hornbacher

Tie Me Up Quotes By Nalini Singh

How do you know it'll be pleasurable?" He got on the bed and lay down.
Breath a whisper, she came closer and tied one wrist to the headboard. The cat growled but didn't try to make him wrench free.
"Because just looking at you gives me the most extreme pleasure I've ever felt."
"Christ, baby, tie me up before you start talking like that. — Nalini Singh

Tie Me Up Quotes By Olivia Cunning

Physically, emotionally, and spiritually I gave the ropes control, and then I understood what he meant. By giving up control, I became free. — Olivia Cunning

Tie Me Up Quotes By Ginnifer Goodwin

I know now that there are men out there who are, for me, the whole package, who are supportive of my successes because they know I will be just as supportive of theirs. I'm less tolerant of foolishness now; I know that it's important I not tie myself up with the wrong person, because then I will miss the right person coming along. — Ginnifer Goodwin

Tie Me Up Quotes By Sherrilyn Kenyon

Why didn't you come tell me he was heading out alone? (Kat) 'Cause he does it all the time. Didn't think anything about it. But now that you're here I'll make sure and keep you updated on everything he does. That way you can cut his meat up for dinner and help him tie his shoes and use the potty, too. (Damien) — Sherrilyn Kenyon

Tie Me Up Quotes By Mario Batali

I was at a party, and some squiggly looking dude with a bow tie came up and said, 'How'd you like to be on TV?' Turns out he was the programming guy at the Food Network. They had me come into the office, and I did a 'Ready, Set, Cook' with Emeril Lagasse, I believe. — Mario Batali

Tie Me Up Quotes By Ron Padgett

When I wake up earlier than you and you
are turned to face me, face
on the pillow and hair spread around,
I take a chance and stare at you,
amazed in love and afraid
that you might open your eyes and have
the daylights scared out of you.
But maybe with the daylights gone
you'd see how much my chest and head
implode for you, their voices trapped
inside like unborn children fearing
they will never see the light of day.
The opening in the wall now dimly glows
its rainy blue and gray. I tie my shoes
and go downstairs to put the coffee on. — Ron Padgett

Tie Me Up Quotes By Alec Baldwin

Well, actors get very frustrated with giving control to other people. They have their own ideas and wants for their characters. Warren Beatty once told me that he thought actors ended up directing out of frustration. If you have a strong sense of how to communicate a film, you should direct. The problem is that it is a huge commitment. I'd rather direct a play than a film due to the time. A movie can tie you up for a year or more. — Alec Baldwin

Tie Me Up Quotes By Sherrilyn Kenyon

You know, I keep having this really weird feeling that you're going to take me someplace later and tie me up so that your friends can come laugh at me. (Channon)
Does that happen to you often? (Sebastian)
No, never, but this night has the makings for a Twilight Zone episode. (Channon) — Sherrilyn Kenyon

Tie Me Up Quotes By Susan Elizabeth Phillips

The question is ... How did a girl like Annabelle manage to talk a man like you into joining our silly little family party?"
Annabelle smiled sweetly. "I promised he could tie me up afterward and spank me. — Susan Elizabeth Phillips

Tie Me Up Quotes By Jim Butcher

She looked up at me. She looked very young somehow.
"Remember what I said yesterday," I said. "You're hurt. But you'll get through it. You'll be okay."
She closed her eyes tightly. "I'm scared. So scared I'm sick."
"You'll get through it."
"What if I don't?"
I squeezed her fingers. "Then I will personally make fun of you every day for the rest of your life," I said. "I will call you a sissy girl in front of everyone you know, tie frilly aprons on your car, and lurk in the parking lot at CPD and whistle and tell you to shake it, baby. Every. Single. Day."
Murphy's breath escaped in something like a hiccup. She opened her eyes, a mix of anger and wary amusement easing into them in place of fear. "You do realize I'm holding a gun, right? — Jim Butcher

Tie Me Up Quotes By Sydney Croft

His gaze caught and held hers, bored into her with an intensity that stole the air from her lungs.

"I want to break free of these bonds, bend you the fuck over and rail you so hard you scream."

He arched up as much as he could, forcing a breath of shock out of her in a rush.

"And when I'm done, I want to spank the hell out of you before I tie you down, make you suck my cock and swallow every last drop of my load. Now, will you please let me come?"

~Trance — Sydney Croft

Tie Me Up Quotes By Kiera Cass

I admired the thought of a common boy feeling brave enough to face the challenge of becoming prince. But no one was going to tie me down before I was ready, and I was going to make sure those poor suckers knew what they were signing up for. — Kiera Cass

Tie Me Up Quotes By Michael A. Stackpole

Corran: "I thought Commander Antilles was in that TIE. I mean it had to be someone as good as him to get you three"
Nawara: "Apparently he is that good"
Rhysati: "He flew circles around me"
Ooryl: "At least you saw him. He caught Ooryl as Ooryl fixed on his wingman. Ooryl is free hydrogen in simspace. That man is very good."
Corran: "Sure, but who is he?"
Rhysati: "What difference does it make who he is?"
Corran: "Rhys, he shot up three of our best pilots, had me dead in space, and he says he's a bit RUSTY! — Michael A. Stackpole

Tie Me Up Quotes By Agatha Christie

Nobody understands the art of living nowadays, ... Catching trains, making appointments, fixing times for everything - all nonsense. Get up with the sun I say, have your meals when you feel like it, and never tie yourself to a time or a date. I could teach people how to live if they would listen to me. — Agatha Christie

Tie Me Up Quotes By Mark Vonnegut

The Doc. Virginia and Simon had told me that Dr. Dale was my doctor. I have a fuzzy recollection of walking up to some doctor-looking person and being totally absorbed by his gold tie clip. I suspected it was the button to end the world so I didn't touch it. I'm pretty sure it was Dr. Dale. I don't know who else would be so tasteless as to walk around a mental hospital wearing the button to end the world. — Mark Vonnegut

Tie Me Up Quotes By Ellen Forney

'Marbles' really took so much and such a thorough effort from me that I was so happy to tie that up and have it feel satisfying. — Ellen Forney

Tie Me Up Quotes By P.G. Wodehouse

I'm not much of a ladies' man, but on this particular morning it seemed to me that what I really wanted was some charming girl to buzz up and ask me to save her from assassins or something. So that it was a bit of an anti-climax when I merely ran into young Bingo Little, looking perfectly foul in a crimson satin tie decorated with horseshoes. — P.G. Wodehouse

Tie Me Up Quotes By Bill Bryson

When at last a cab arrived and pulled up directly in front of me, I was astonished to discover that seventeen grown men and women believed they had a perfect right to try to get in ahead of me. A middle-aged man in a cashmere coat who was obviously wealthy and well-educated actually laid hands on me. I maintained possession by making a series of aggrieved Gallic honking noises - "Mais, non! Mais, non!" - and using my bulk to block the door. I leaped in, resisting the chance to catch the pushy man's tie in the door and let him trot along with us to the Gare du Nord, and told the driver to get me the hell out of there. He looked at me as if I were a large, imperfectly formed turd, and with a disgusted sigh engaged first gear. — Bill Bryson

Tie Me Up Quotes By Nalini Singh

I swear to God," she muttered, fighting a laugh, "if you've dusted me with blue, I'll tie your balls in a knot and hang you up by them on the nearest sharp object I see. — Nalini Singh

Tie Me Up Quotes By Elli Everson

I am your master and this body belongs to me. I will use it, spank it, tie it up and fuck it anytime I please. Now go stand in the corner and stick those cheeks out for me to admire — Elli Everson

Tie Me Up Quotes By John Steinbeck

Adam thought he had me. When I was hurt, all broken up, he took me in and he waited on me, cooked for me. He tried to tie me down that way. Most people get tied down that way. They're grateful, they're in debt, and that's the worst kind of handcuffs. But nobody can hold me. I waited and waited until I was strong, and then I broke out. Nobody can trap me," she said. "I knew what he was doing. I waited."
"I don't hate you," he said. "But I'm glad you're afraid. — John Steinbeck

Tie Me Up Quotes By Ilona Andrews

Had I known you were going to pull a pretty ribbon out of your sleeve like some two-bit magician, tie me up with it, and indulge your mental torture fetish in your basement, I would've shot you. Many times."
"Two-bit magician?"
"Men like you enjoy being flattered. — Ilona Andrews

Tie Me Up Quotes By Joanna Wylde

I want all kinds of things. First I want to tie you up in my bed with my belt. Then I want to cut off your clothes and fuck you in every hole you have. I also want to come on you and rub it into your skin and lick your pussy until you scream at me to stop because if you come one more time you'll die. Then I want to do it again. I want to own you, Sophie. — Joanna Wylde

Tie Me Up Quotes By David Levithan

I told her about the time that I got so tired of you stealing the sheets that in my sleep-weary logic I decided that the thing to do was to tie them around my legs, knot and all, and how, when you attempted to steal them that night, you ended up yanking me into you, and I was so startled that I sprang up, tripped, and was nearly concussed. — David Levithan

Tie Me Up Quotes By J. Kenner

I want to hold you close, to cherish and protect you, to draw you in until we are so close that I am lost within you, I want to take you to bed to watch the way your skin tightens benneth my fingers the way your body awakens under my touch. I want to trail kisses over you until you are lost in so much pleasure that way you don't know where you end and I begin.I want to tie you up and fk you until there is no doubt that you are mine. I want to dress you up and take you out and show you off this beautiful, vibrant, brilliant woman. Everything I have built, all my companies, all my billions, they have no value compared to you. So no Nikki I will not take chances with your safety. I will not fight. I will not be defied. You do not want to move in with me thats fine. I will move in with you! — J. Kenner

Tie Me Up Quotes By Sarah MacLean

Gavin. Promise me you won't do anything rash about your uncle. Promise me you won't do anything by yourself. Promise me you'll ask for help." "I promise. If you promise not to get yourself any more involved in this than you already are, Alex. I will tie you up in a linen closet if I think I must to keep you safe." "All right." "Say the words." "I promise." They — Sarah MacLean

Tie Me Up Quotes By Magda Alexander

I'm so exhausted with worry, I go to bed early that day. But hours later, I'm still awake. I can't seem to fall asleep. Not without him by my side. When did I become so addicted to Jake? Why do I crave his company? Since forever, my conscience responds. After my father's death, I went off the deep end because he was not there. I sought the BDSM lifestyle, not because I yearned for it, but because I wanted the pain. If Jake had been there, somehow I could have muddled through the aftermath of my father's funeral without looking for someone to tie me up and administer punishment. I wanted to be beaten as an outlet for my agony. Not that it made any difference. Even after I flew to Brazil, the pain was still there. It still is. And I know why. Because he's not by my side. As much as I want him to be here with me, he never signed on to babysit me for life. — Magda Alexander

Tie Me Up Quotes By Sarah Dessen

We sat there, not talking, for a few minutes. He ate the Moon Pie; only skinny people can scarf down junk food like that. Finally, I said, "Norman?" "Yeah?" "Are you ever going to show me the painting?" "Man," he said. "You are, like, so impatient." "I am not," I said. "I've been waiting forever." "Okay, okay." He stood up and went over to the corner, picking up the painting and bringing it over to rest against the bright pink belly of one of the mannequins. Then, he handed me a bandana. "Tie that on. — Sarah Dessen

Tie Me Up Quotes By Karen Hesse

I have a hunger,
for more than food.
I have a hunger
bigger than Joyce City.
I want tongues to tie, and
eyes to shine at me
like they do at Mad Dog Craddock.
Course they never will,
not with my hands all scarred up,
looking like the earth itself,
all parched and rough and cracking,
but if I played right enough,
maybe they would see past my hands.
Maybe they could feel at ease with me again,
and maybe then,
I could feel at east with myself. — Karen Hesse

Tie Me Up Quotes By Pippa DaCosta

So fuck off, netherworld. The demons can't have me. Akil can't have me. Nobody gets to tie me up and chain me down. Not anymore. — Pippa DaCosta

Tie Me Up Quotes By Mary E. Pearson

I limped forward, sidestepping Rafe's efforts to stop me. I kept a safe distance but looked sternly at Griz. "Put your hands behind your back. Now."
He eyed me uncertainly, but then slowly did as I instructed. "Good," I said. "Now, after they tie you up, you must give me your word you won't try to escape, and if Kaden should try, you must promise that you'll strike him down."
"How would I do that with my hands tied?" he asked.
"I don't care how you do it. Fall on him. That should stop him. Do I have your word?"
He nodded. — Mary E. Pearson

Tie Me Up Quotes By Nate Robinson

I had to, ... Tie my suit up, tie my tie and just get downstairs to my car as fast as I could, so nobody could see me. — Nate Robinson

Tie Me Up Quotes By Nicole Richie

We always need to have a smart black blazer in our closets. It's just a nice clean way to dress up even something as simple as jeans and a t-shirt. And something I always have in my closet, I always have a vintage headscarf with me, to tie around my bag or protect my hair from the sun, it depends but I always find a use for it. — Nicole Richie

Tie Me Up Quotes By Nobuyoshi Araki

Women? Well, they are gods. They will always fascinate me. As for rope, I always have it with me. Even when I forget my film, the rope is always in my bag. Since I can't tie their hearts up, I tie their bodies up instead. — Nobuyoshi Araki

Tie Me Up Quotes By Anne Bronte

I tried to cheer her up, and apparently succeeded in some degree, before the walk was over; but in the very act my conscience reproved me, knowing, as I did, that, sooner or later, the tie must be broken, and this was only nourishing false hopes and putting off the evil day. — Anne Bronte

Tie Me Up Quotes By Daniel Ames

she said, when I wear these boots no one fucks with me
when I tie my past like a scarf around my throat
I can freeze the blood
of every naive and unabashed up-and-comer
when I slide on my desire like glowing black stockings
I can make the uninitiated beg
for the feel of raw and stinging wood
and when I slip my angry black leather belt
from its rusty hook
the ambitious and guileless cower
like a thousand condemned souls
when I close my fist, my rings golden
with a youth well spent
the warriors of Gilead surrender
with a breathless whimper
and when my shoulders
feel the rough comfort of my serape woven with the fibers
of a fierce and relentless vengeance
you will soon realize
these are not my clothes after all, she says,
they are warning signs — Daniel Ames

Tie Me Up Quotes By Janet Jackson

Tie me up, tie me down, make me moan real loud. — Janet Jackson

Tie Me Up Quotes By Jennifer L. Armentrout

And if you don't agree, I'll tie you up - and not in the fun way - and lock you in your bedroom."
My mouth dropped open.
"Okay, maybe in the fun way. Like later, after everything is done, I'll come back and - "
I cut him off. "I'd like to see you try to tie me up."
His eyebrow arched. "I bet you would."
"Shut up," I growled. "I'm being serious."
"So am I. You're wearing the opal."
I scowled. "This makes no sense."
"It makes perfect sense. — Jennifer L. Armentrout

Tie Me Up Quotes By Paul Weller

The first thing I bought that was really stylish was in 1969 when I was eleven. I saved up for a black, grey and white tie-dye grandad vest. It was too big - they weren't catering for kids my age - and hung off me, but I loved it. — Paul Weller

Tie Me Up Quotes By Katy Evans

You tie me up in knots. I want to play you a thousand different songs so you can get a clue of what ... I feel inside me ... — Katy Evans

Tie Me Up Quotes By Debra Anastasia

As they left, Eve watched him slide the coffee sleeve off the drink and put it in his pocket.
After they'd walked a few blocks, she questioned him. "Why'd you keep the sleeve?"
Blake pulled out the cardboard and looked down at it. "Just to remember I could do it."
Eve grabbed it from him quickly, ripped it in half, and threw it in a trashcan on the sidewalk. Blake held his hands up and gave her a What the hell? look.
"Don't tie your success to anything other than what's inside you." She stepped up to him and gently patted his heart. "You did this, Blake. You. Not the coffee, not me, not Livia. You did this. — Debra Anastasia

Tie Me Up Quotes By Neil Gaiman

Whatever happened to me in my life, happened to me as a writer of plays. I'd fall in love, or fall in lust. And at the height of my passion, I would think, 'So this is how it feels,' and I would tie it up in pretty words. I watched my life as if it were happening to someone else. My son died. And I was hurt, but I watched my hurt, and even relished it, a little, for now I could write a real death, a true loss. My heart was broken by my dark lady, and I wept, in my room, alone; but while I wept, somewhere inside I smiled. For I knew I could take my broken heart and place it on the stage of The Globe, and make the pit cry tears of their own. — Neil Gaiman

Tie Me Up Quotes By Gemma Arterton

I'm kind of a chatty person and the props guys would have to handcuff me and tie me up and sometimes I'd just be chatting and they'd just pop it back in ... like: "OK now, shut up!" — Gemma Arterton

Tie Me Up Quotes By Jake Gyllenhaal

I know exactly what that movie's [Brokeback mountain] about. I can't define it; it doesn't tie up in a perfect bow. But it's about adolescence. It's about what it feels like - this isn't meant as a criticism, but like things I didn't relate to, which were high school movies. Where I'd watch it and I'd be like, "Well, am I like the kid that nobody likes? Or am I like the person who everybody [likes]?" I couldn't [tell]. I was like quantifying, putting me in a box. "This is my personality at that age" and "I'm this kind of person" just felt like bullshit to me. — Jake Gyllenhaal

Tie Me Up Quotes By R.K. Lilley

Give us privacy," James told him, his voice sharp. The man beat a hasty retreat. James shut and locked the door behind him. Handy that, a lock. He started loosening his tie. When it was untied, he hooked a finger into the hoop at my neck. He pushed my back to the wall. Or rather, the door. He reached above my head and I looked up. There was a coat hanger above me, hooked over the top of the tall door. James was tying his tie to it with swift, sure motions. He pulled my arms up and together, wrapping the tie around them, tying more swift knots around my wrists. This took longer, and I watched those skillful hands with rapt attention. "This is going to get loud, Bianca. I'm going to fuck you so hard that you scream my name. And you are going to scream so loudly that nobody will doubt just why you're screaming. Would you like to tell me what you and Roger were talking about before I'm inside of you? Or will this be a mid-fuck confession? — R.K. Lilley

Tie Me Up Quotes By Lisa Renee Jones

I blink and Kayden is squatting in front of me, and I'm somehow on my knees, his hands under my hair, warm on the skin of my neck. His jacket is gone, his tie loose, his hair is a sexy rumpled mess, and he is beautiful. He is right in ways that other man is wrong, and a calmness fills me that wasn't there moments before. I reach up and grab his wrists. "I'm glad you're here, and I'm glad I'm here. Even if it meant I had to go through him to get to you. — Lisa Renee Jones

Tie Me Up Quotes By Mercy Cortez

I pulled him in and kissed back, and he threw his hands through my hair, his tongue licking hard over mine, picked me up by my thighs and wrapped them around him, he had a leather couch in his office and he threw me onto it, he quickly yanked his tie off and ripped his shirt off. I lay on the sofa looking over his sculpted chest, his deep pecks his hard abs, he came at me and grabbed my hair, he pulled it back exposing my throat, he kissed from my jaw down to my collarbone. — Mercy Cortez

Tie Me Up Quotes By Morris L. West

Look at yourself! You're a priest. You know damn well that if I were setting out to make a girl at this moment instead of young Paolo, you'd take an entirely different view. You'd disapprove, sure! You'd read me a lecture on fornication and all the rest. But you wouldn't be too unhappy. I'd be normal ... according to nature! But I am not made like that. God didn't make me like that. But do I need love the less? Do I need satisfaction less? Have I less right to live in contentment because somewhere along the line the Almighty slipped a cog in creation? ... What's your answer to that Meredith? What's your answer for me? Tie a knot in myself and take up badminton and wait till they make me an angel in heaven, where they don't need this sort of thing any more? I'm lonely! I need love like the next man! My sort of love! — Morris L. West

Tie Me Up Quotes By Lisa Henry

(Erin) 'What do you think gave you this interest?' Yep. There it was. 'I'm not saying anything bad about it. I just wonder what makes one person want to hit another. Did I not give you enough contact when you were young? Should I have breast-fed?'
(Derek)'I'm pretty sure it started when you left me in the bread aisle when I was two. I started thinking the only way to get people to notice me was to tie them up and whip them. — Lisa Henry

Tie Me Up Quotes By Caroline Kepnes

I tell you to slow down and you don't listen and I almost love what a cunt you can be because one of these days you're gonna tie me to a bed and slap me and lord over me the way you lord over all people who get in your way. You're so revved up and I want to play with you and I do. — Caroline Kepnes

Tie Me Up Quotes By Jordan Sonnenblick

Since when do you wear cologne to learn math? Oh, my son is growing up right in front of my very eyes. Maybe I should get out the video camera.

Maybe you should tie me to a stake, douse me in kerosene, and torch me right on our front lawn.

I won't need any kerosene, Steven - I'm sure the cologne will go up pretty fast!

Ha-ha, Mom. — Jordan Sonnenblick

Tie Me Up Quotes By Alexander McCall Smith

...it made me think of everything I had done. It made me weigh up my life. And it made me want to tie things up, so that next time - and I hope there will not be a next time - the next time I faced death like that, I could think: I have set me life in order. — Alexander McCall Smith

Tie Me Up Quotes By Jennifer Donnelly

The Beast slowly minced his way out onto the ice. Once clear of the verge, he stopped - or tried to. His feet swept him swiftly forwards and upwards, and his body slammed down, right onto his backside. He got up, then fell again. And then again.
"Perhaps you should let me help you!" Belle called from across the pond, where she was cutting a graceful arc on the ice.
"Master, perhaps we should tie a pillow to your backside!" Cogsworth shouted fretfully from the shore.
The Beast turned and glared at him. — Jennifer Donnelly

Tie Me Up Quotes By Beth Fantaskey

Someday, Jessica, he says quietly, you will stand before me in this very room, as we prepare for some function which
we both dread, for we have been to so many in our years together, and you will smile and reach up to adjust my crooked tie, as you always do. And one of our children - perhaps our first son - will tug at your dress, demanding our attention. Then I will kiss you, and reach down to lift our child, thinking, How did I come to be so happy? — Beth Fantaskey

Tie Me Up Quotes By Jess C. Scott

Tie me up, please ... Chantal said. They looked above at some vines and roots hanging down from the grassy area above the depression in the canal they were standing in. She was in his hands-he had to comply. A little bit of kink was one of the most delicious of erotic pleasures. Catholic school girls were often the horniest-Brett could hardly contain his elation. — Jess C. Scott

Tie Me Up Quotes By Nancy E. Turner

We move on like stone statues. I feel like my legs are made of wooden branches and my heart is a hard rock inside. For days I do not even tie up my hair and it flows around me like an Indian's. I can't find my bonnet and my traveling clothes are ragged and so is my soul. — Nancy E. Turner

Tie Me Up Quotes By Arthur Ransome

He ain't a Coot not really," said Bill. "He ain't got a head on him no better'n a squashed frog. I see him all right but he don't know nothing. Fishing he were on the gravel reach."
"Catching anything?" asked Pete, who, detective or no detective, was still a fisherman.
"Perch," said Bill.
"Oh, never mind the fish," said Dorothea. "Had any boats been cast off?"
"He tell me to keep my shadow off the water," said Bill. "So I creep up and give him one of my sandwiches and when I ask if any boats been cast off, why Tommy he say 'How do you know?' "
"Go on. Go on," said Dorothea, reaching out for one of the little black paper flags all ready on its pin.
"I say I don't know but I want to know and Tommy he say it weren't his fault and I say when were it and what boat and Tommy he said it were his Dad's row-boat and he give it Tommy to tie up and Tommy he tie it to a stick what broke and he have to go in swimming to catch it. — Arthur Ransome

Tie Me Up Quotes By Princess Kali

Have you ever noticed that negotiation forms are nearly always activity-based? Maybe you've already covered the basics. "Oh, I want to be spanked" or "I want you to tie me up." But have you explained what emotional state you are trying to cultivate here? Is the dominant looking to feel a sense of absolute power? Control? A level of sadism? Is the submissive looking to feel controlled? Ashamed? Humiliated? Degraded? — Princess Kali

Tie Me Up Quotes By Jane Harvey-Berrick

I was thinking about eating you, Chief, but as you're such a stubborn, annoying man, who makes me pissed with everything other sentence he utters from between his beautiful, badly-behaved likps, I thought I'd better tie you up first. What do you say? — Jane Harvey-Berrick

Tie Me Up Quotes By Julian Morris

Acting for me is finding those things that, finding the strings of humanity that tie us all together. And you only find that by living life and loving and breaking up. — Julian Morris

Tie Me Up Quotes By J.L. Merrow

So come on, tell me all the dirt about your date. Did he tie you up with his black belt? Show off his mystic knowledge of Eastern sex practices? What?" I let my head slump into my hands. "He gave me a kiss and said good night." "He didn't! The bastard. — J.L. Merrow

Tie Me Up Quotes By Non Pratt

Of the seminal moments in my life, Careers Day in the autumn of Year 5 is my favorite. Everyone had to dress as whatever they wanted to be once they grew up. I had gone in a tweed jacket and a bow tie, and when Miss Weston asked me what I wanted to be, I told her that I wanted to be the Doctor.

'Shouldn't you be wearing a lab coat and stethoscope like Paul?' She pointed to Paul Black, who was trying to strangle everyone with the stethoscope in question.

Before I could answer, a boy I didn't know from the other class spoke up.

'Paul's *a* doctor,' he explained, giving me a look of approval. 'He wants to be *the* Doctor.'


'Exactly,' we said at the same time, relieved that she understood.

She didn't. We were sent to the quiet table to reflect on why cheeking teachers was wrong. — Non Pratt

Tie Me Up Quotes By Mary Stewart

Oh, hell." He landed beside me, soft-footed on the pine needles. "This is beginning to have all the elements of a farce, isn't it? Too many villains, and nothing to tie them up with. — Mary Stewart

Tie Me Up Quotes By Pepper Winters

But you don't want me to ask, do you, Hailey? You want me to hurt you, to make you, to use you. That's why you haven't touched those keys jangling in the bottom of your purse, why you keep coming back for more. I don't have to tie you up; you're already bound to me. You're mine." Because I do need you. — Pepper Winters