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Those Who Help Themselves Quotes By Zoe Nicholson

When the world begins to overwhelm you, it is because you are looking too far from your own path. Do not grieve for those you do not know. Do not suffer for those you cannot help. Do not take into your heart the millions around the world. Compassion is learned in the context of your individual life. Respond fully and openly to those who present themselves to you. They are the guardians and guideposts of your unique lessons. — Zoe Nicholson

Those Who Help Themselves Quotes By Wilson Mizner

God help those who do not help themselves. — Wilson Mizner

Those Who Help Themselves Quotes By Preston Sprinkle

God rescues sinners, losers, victims - those who know they can't help themselves. — Preston Sprinkle

Those Who Help Themselves Quotes By C.J. Mahaney

It's not 'those who help themselves' whom God helps; it's those who humble themselves. — C.J. Mahaney

Those Who Help Themselves Quotes By Lori Foster

I think it's very important to support those who can't help themselves - children, animals - and especially to do so in your own neighborhood. — Lori Foster

Those Who Help Themselves Quotes By Leo Tolstoy

I saw that all who do not profess an identical faith with themselves are considered by the Orthodox to be heretics, just as the Catholics and others consider the Orthodox to be heretics. And i saw that the Orthodox (though they try to hide this) regard with hostility all who do not express their faith by the same external symbols and words as themselves; and this is naturally so; first, because the assertion that you are in falsehood and I am in truth, is the most cruel thing one man can say to another; and secondly, because a man loving his children and brothers cannot help being hostile to those who wish to pervert his children and brothers to a false belief. And that hostility is increased in proportion to one's greater knowledge of theology. And to me who considered that truth lay in union by love, it became self-evident that theology was itself destroying what it ought to produce. — Leo Tolstoy

Those Who Help Themselves Quotes By Adolf Hitler

For one cannot assume that God exists to help people who are too cowardly and too lazy to help themselves and think that God exists only to make up for the weakness of mankind. He does not exist for that purpose. He has always, at all times, blessed only those who were prepared to fight their own battles ... — Adolf Hitler

Those Who Help Themselves Quotes By Charles Bettelheim

Those who claim to be Marxists cannot confine themselves to condemning or deploring political acts; they have also to explain them. Regrets and wishes may help the people to endure their woes, but they do not help them either to perceive their causes or to struggle to get rid of them or to prevent their reemergence. By explaining the reasons for something that does indeed deserve condemnation from the standpoint of the interests of the working people, we can contribute, however, to causing political forces to evolve in such a way that the "regrettable" events do not recur. — Charles Bettelheim

Those Who Help Themselves Quotes By Zachary Karabell

The idea that the government - any government - had a responsibility to help support those of able body who couldn't support themselves was alien. That was charity, and charity was the province of churches or local associations and in no way the responsibility of government. — Zachary Karabell

Those Who Help Themselves Quotes By Timothy Pina

In all you do, speak up for the human rights of others. Become the voice for those who face oppression and can't speak for themselves. Each time you do ... you help humanity take steps to a brighter, peaceful world. — Timothy Pina

Those Who Help Themselves Quotes By Natalie Angier

The clitoris not only applauds when a women flaunts her mastery; it will give a standing ovation. In the multiple orgasm, we see the finest evidence that our lady Klitoris helps those who help themselves. It may take many minutes to reach the first summit, but once there the lusty mountaineer finds wings awaiting her. She does noy need to scramble back to the ground before scaling the next peak, but can glide like a raptor on currents of joy. — Natalie Angier

Those Who Help Themselves Quotes By Preston Sprinkle

God helps those who realize that they can't help themselves. — Preston Sprinkle

Those Who Help Themselves Quotes By Diego Maradona

The Lord helps those who help themselves. — Diego Maradona

Those Who Help Themselves Quotes By Malcolm Lowry

What I have absolutely no sympathy with is the legislator, the man who seeks, for his own profit, to exploit the weaknesses of those who are unable to help themselves and then to fasten some moral superscription upon it. This I loathe so much that I cannot conceivably explain how much it is. — Malcolm Lowry

Those Who Help Themselves Quotes By J.D. Vance

A young man was sitting at home when a terrible rainstorm began. Within hours, the man's house began to flood, and someone came to his door offering a ride to higher ground. The man declined, saying, 'God will take care of me.' A few hours later, as the waters engulfed the first floor of the man's home, a boat passed by, and the captain offered to take the man to safety. The man declined, saying, 'God will take care of me.' A few hours after that, as the man waited on his roof - his entire home flooded - a helicopter flew by, and the pilot offered transportation to dry land. Again the man declined, telling the pilot that God would care for him. Soon thereafter, the waters overcame the man, and as he stood before God in heaven, he protested his fate: 'You promised that you'd help me so long as I was faithful.' God replied, 'I sent you a car, a boat, and a helicopter. Your death is your own fault.' God helps those who help themselves. — J.D. Vance

Those Who Help Themselves Quotes By Lionel Sosa

I've been a Republican all my life because I embrace the conservative values of hard work, personal freedom, less government and fewer taxes. But I also believe in compassion, inclusion, and helping those who want to help themselves. — Lionel Sosa

Those Who Help Themselves Quotes By Thich Nhat Hanh

To stop the drug traffic is not the best way to prevent people from using drugs. The best way is to practice the Fifth Precept and to help others practice. Consuming mindfully is the intelligent way to stop ingesting toxins into our consciousness and prevent the malaise from becoming overwhelming. Learning the art of touching and ingesting refreshing, nourishing, and healing elements is the way to restore our balance and transform the pain and loneliness that are already in us. To do this, we have to practice together. The practice of mindful consuming should become a national policy. It should be considered true peace education ... Those who are destroying themselves, their families, and their society by intoxicating themselves are not doing it intentionally. Their pain and loneliness are overwhelming, and they want to escape. They need to be helped, not punished. Only understanding and compassion on a collective level can liberate us (78-79). — Thich Nhat Hanh

Those Who Help Themselves Quotes By J. Michael Straczynski

I am Captain Iron and I will use my powers only for good, never for evil.
I will fight injustice wherever I find it.
I will help those who cannot help themselves.
I am a spirit of justice and I am a spirit of vengeance and I will kick the ass of the unrighteous.
I will be gentle, for the world is hard and I will be caring, for the world is harsh and I will be strong and I will endure pain and I will die bravely and I will make it all better again.
So that the children will never have to look up in pain and wonder why they lost so much.
Why so many had to die.
Why they are still even alive because ...
because no one should ever have to ask that question. — J. Michael Straczynski

Those Who Help Themselves Quotes By Richard G. Scott

But what about you? Have you prayed about your own ancestors' work? Set aside those things in your life that don't really matter. Decide to do something that will have eternal consequences. Perhaps you have been prompted to look for ancestors but feel you are not a genealogist. Can you see that you don't have to be anymore? It all begins with love and a sincere desire to help those beyond the veil who can't help themselves. Check around. There will be someone in your area who can help you have success. — Richard G. Scott

Those Who Help Themselves Quotes By Adolf Hitler

God helps only those who are prepared and determined to help themselves. — Adolf Hitler

Those Who Help Themselves Quotes By Matshona Dhliwayo

Fate helps those who help themselves;
God helps those who help others. — Matshona Dhliwayo

Those Who Help Themselves Quotes By Rutherford B. Hayes

A few ideas seem to be agreed upon. Help none but those who help themselves. Educate only at schools which provide in some form for industrial education. These two points should be insisted upon. Let the normal instruction be that men must earn their own living, and that by the labor of their hands as far as may be. This is the gospel of salvation for the colored man. Let the labor not be servile, but in manly occupations like that of the carpenter, the farmer, and the blacksmith. — Rutherford B. Hayes

Those Who Help Themselves Quotes By C.S. Pacat

Here in Aegina, they say Damianos takes the Prince every night, but that it's not seemly for a king to renounce his slaves and limit his appetites, denying himself all but one person.' 'I think it's romantic,' said Guilliame. 'Oh?' said Alexon. 'I heard Damianos disguised himself as a slave to uncover the secret of his brother's treachery, and the Prince of Vere fell in love with him not knowing who he was.' 'I heard that they allied themselves in secret months before,' said Alexon. 'And that the Prince hid Damianos from Kastor, pretending he was a slave, while they courted privately.' 'What do you think, Charls?' said Guilliame to the Prince. 'I think they had help,' said the Prince, 'along the way, from those who were loyal.' Charls — C.S. Pacat

Those Who Help Themselves Quotes By Bill McKibben

Here is a statistic that does matter: Three quarters of Americans believe the Bible teaches that "God helps those who help themselves." That is, three out of four Americans believe that this uber-American idea, a notion at the core of our current individualist politics and culture, which was in fact uttered by Ben Franklin, actually appears in Holy Scripture. The thing is, not only is Franklin's wisdom not biblical; it's counter-biblical. Few ideas could be further from the gospel message, with its radical summons to love of neighbor. On this essential matter, most Americans - most American Christians - are simply wrong, as if 75 percent of American scientists believed that Newton proved gravity causes apples to fly up. — Bill McKibben

Those Who Help Themselves Quotes By Marcel Proust

But to return to my own case, I thought more modestly of my book and it would be inaccurate even to say that I thought of those who would read it as "my" readers. For it seemed to me that they would not be "my" readers but the readers of their own selves, my book being merely a sort of magnifying glass like those which the optician at Combray used to offer his customers - it would be my book, but with its help I would furnish them with the means of reading what lay inside themselves. So that I should not ask them to praise me or to censure me, but simply to tell me whether "it really is like that," I should ask them whether the words that they read within themselves are the same as those which I have written (though a discrepancy in this respect need not always be the consequence of an error on my part, since the explanation could also be that the reader had eyes for which my book was not a suitable instrument). — Marcel Proust

Those Who Help Themselves Quotes By Louis Cozolino

Therapists are never "done" with growth, they are simply people who should be dedicated to learning as much about themselves and others as they possibly can. The best therapists are fully human and engage in the struggles of life. Our own failures help us to remain open to the struggles of others; our personal victories give us the optimism and courage to inspire those struggling with their lives. — Louis Cozolino

Those Who Help Themselves Quotes By Shannon Hale

Gerti didn't ask for help." Miri swallowed and tried to calm her quavering voice. "It was my fault."
"So it was. Now you all have learned that those who speak out of turn choose punishment for themselves and anyone they speak to."
"So if I speak to you, Tutor Olana, will you get the lashes? — Shannon Hale

Those Who Help Themselves Quotes By Drew Karpyshyn

Don't count on others for help. In the end each of us is in this alone. The survivors are those who know how to look out for themselves. — Drew Karpyshyn

Those Who Help Themselves Quotes By P.T. Barnum

The best kind of charity is to help those who are willing to help themselves. — P.T. Barnum

Those Who Help Themselves Quotes By Eve Juurik

Our Heavenly Father did not form us and place us on this planet so that we would manage on our own. Neither does the popular saying, God helps those who help themselves, hold any water. The Truth is we all need help. Those who look strong and contained on the outside may not be so on the inside. — Eve Juurik

Those Who Help Themselves Quotes By King Arthur

This is the oath of a Knight of King Arther's Round Table and should be for all of us to take to heart. I will develop my life for the greater good. I will place character above riches, and concern for others above personal wealth, I will never boast, but cherish humility instead, I will speak the truth at all times, and forever keep my word, I will defend those who cannot defend themselves, I will honor and respect women, and refute sexism in all its guises, I will uphold justice by being fair to all, I will be faithful in love and loyal in friendship, I will abhor scandals and gossip-neither partake nor delight in them, I will be generous to the poor and to those who need help, I will forgive when asked, that my own mistakes will be forgiven, I will live my life with courtesy and honor from this day forward. — King Arthur

Those Who Help Themselves Quotes By Robin Sharma

Life helps those who help themselves. — Robin Sharma

Those Who Help Themselves Quotes By Thomas Jefferson

The poor who have neither property, friends, nor strength to labor are boarded in the houses of good farmers, to whom a stipulated sum is annually paid. To those who are able to help themselves a little or have friends from whom they derive some succor, inadequate however to their full maintenance, supplementary aids are given which enable them to live comfortably in their own houses or in the houses of their friends. Vagabonds without visible property or vocation, are placed in work houses, where they are well clothed, fed, lodged, and made to labor — Thomas Jefferson

Those Who Help Themselves Quotes By Neal A. Maxwell

He sees that only the gospel can really help us avoid the painful excesses in the tug-of-war between the need for liberty and the need for order. He knows, for instance, that true law enforcement depends on the policing of one's self. If the sentry of self fails, there are simply not enough other policemen to restrain those who will not restrain themselves, and beating the system will become the system. — Neal A. Maxwell

Those Who Help Themselves Quotes By Laozi

Some help others in order to receive blessings and admiration. This is simply meaningless. Some cultivate themselves in part to serve others, in part to serve their own pride. They will understand, at best, half of the truth. But those who improve themselves for the sake of the world - to these, the whole truth of the universe will be revealed. — Laozi

Those Who Help Themselves Quotes By Paul B. Rasor

This book aims, in part, to help reverse the lamentable public retreat of religious liberals in recent decades. Yet, religious liberalism on the whole in the United States is by no means diminishing. Recent studies indicate that approximately one in four Americans describe themselves as religious liberals, roughly the same number as those who describe themselves as religious conservatives - and some suggest that the number of religious liberals may be even higher. To make sense of the numbers, we need to define religious liberal. While there are many — Paul B. Rasor

Those Who Help Themselves Quotes By Cyrus Hermann Kotzschmar Curtis

If you believe in the Lord, He will do half the work - but the last half. He helps those who help themselves. — Cyrus Hermann Kotzschmar Curtis

Those Who Help Themselves Quotes By Darren Shan

You can't hate those who are harming themselves. Instead you pity them and try to help them if you can. — Darren Shan

Those Who Help Themselves Quotes By MAD

Contemplating suicidal people - Why people are likable (edit)

by Mad Herondale
descriptionjust what it says. genrePoetry

stats Published on 2013-11-09

Why people are likable (edit)
Chapter 1 - Updated Nov 09, 2013 - 648 characters
I think there are two reasons people are drawn to other people: looks or personality.
Some are both pretty and nice, but those are far and few between and everyone flocks to them like flies to honey. Then there are those who are pretty and treat others like crap, but people still like them, because let's face it were all drawn to pretty things. There are also the plain or ugly, but kind people, those we come to when we need help or a laugh or a smile, and love them for it. Lastly there are those who somehow got left with neither looks nor charisma. Those are the people who live out their lives lonely and depressed or who go off themselves. — MAD

Those Who Help Themselves Quotes By Sophocles

Chance never helps those who do not help themselves. — Sophocles

Those Who Help Themselves Quotes By Sherrilyn Kenyon

I haven't fought with anyone else in over two thousand years. (Kyrian)
Well, you're never too old to learn. (Amanda)
You can't teach an old dog new tricks. (Kyrian)
There's no time like the present. (Amanda)
Time is of the essence. (Kyrian)
God helps those who help themselves. (Amanda)
You're not going to let me win this, are you? (Kyrian) — Sherrilyn Kenyon

Those Who Help Themselves Quotes By Ben Witherington III

Is the Lord's Supper only for Christians? Whenever I ask this question I immediately remember the character of those that partook of the Last Supper with Jesus. They were certainly Jews, some better Jews than others, but Jesus shared this meal knowingly even with Judas. Or again consider the Emmaus Road encounter. Jesus shares this meal with those who had given up on his being the One to redeem Israel, who were leaving Jerusalem downcast and disappointed, and who were oblivious to the fact that it was Jesus who was speaking and sharing with them! There has to be a balance in the liturgy to help the congregation make a decision if they themselves are ready to partake of this Meal in a worthy manner (hence the 'ye who do truly and earnestly repent' clause), while at the same time joyfully welcoming all who are willing and ready and able to do so. — Ben Witherington III

Those Who Help Themselves Quotes By Christopher Hitchens

Thus it is brought prominently before us, that superstition's chief victims are those persons who greedily covet temporal advantages; they it is, who (especially when they are in danger, and cannot help themselves) are wont with prayers and womanish tears to implore help from God: upbraiding Reason as blind, because she cannot show a sure path to the shadows they pursue, and rejecting human wisdom as vain; but believing the phantoms of imagination, dreams, and other childish absurdities, to be the very oracles of Heaven. As though God had turned away from the wise, and written His decrees, not in the mind of man but in the entrails of beasts, or left them to be proclaimed by the inspiration and instinct of fools, madmen, and birds. Such is the unreason to which terror can drive mankind! Superstition, then, is engendered, preserved, and fostered by fear. — Christopher Hitchens

Those Who Help Themselves Quotes By Mark Skousen

The fundamental flaw in Social Security and Medicare is that they violate the 'welfare principle' in economics. The welfare principle forms the fundamental basis of all charitable work in churches and other private organizations: assist those who need help, and equally important, don't assist individuals who can take care of themselves. — Mark Skousen

Those Who Help Themselves Quotes By Johann Georg Ritter Von Zimmermann

Egotism is more like an offense, than a crime; though it is allowable to speak of yourself, provided nothing is advanced in favor; but I cannot help suspecting that those who abuse themselves are, in reality, angling for approbation. — Johann Georg Ritter Von Zimmermann

Those Who Help Themselves Quotes By Carrie Fisher

Who do you want them to think you are? How do you think people see you? Or don't you let them near enough to see. You make up their minds for them. Do you think you succeed in convincing people that you are what you seem to be? You make people meet you on your own territory. You don't help them. You let them verbally hang themselves and then feel better about yourself, your power, your own sense of worth. You have the power to alienate them and if they allow it, you might even manage to make them feel awkward and foolish--foolish for letting you affect them at all. Do you want them to like you? Or are you one of those people who "don't care what people think." You're not living your life for them, so why should you give a fuck what people think? You make people come to you and, when they eventually do, you punish them with your smugness. Nothing ever out of character. — Carrie Fisher

Those Who Help Themselves Quotes By Meg Jay

Sometimes Danielle fantasized about "waiting tables or working in some easy job where [she] didn't have to think or didn't make mistakes." But twentysomethings who hide out in underemployment, especially those who are hiding out because of a lack of confidence, are not serving themselves. For work success to lead to confidence, the job has to be challenging and it must require effort. It has to be done without too much help. And it cannot go well every single day. A long run of easy successes creates a sort of fragile confidence, the kind that is shattered when the first failure comes along. A more resilient confidence comes from succeeding - and from surviving some failures. — Meg Jay

Those Who Help Themselves Quotes By Quentin R. Bufogle

Stop praying. Get off your knees and do something. There's only one particular need that can be effectively addressed while in the kneeling position. If yours pertains to anything else, then please, seek help elsewhere. 'God helps those who help themselves' is just the Church's way of telling you that it's all a sham. You're really on your own. — Quentin R. Bufogle

Those Who Help Themselves Quotes By Charles Dickens

Much of my unassisted self, and more by the help of Biddy than of Mr. Wopsle's great-aunt, I struggled through the alphabet as if it had been a bramble-bush; getting considerably worried and scratched by every letter. After that, I fell among those thieves, the nine figures, who seemed every evening to do something new to disguise themselves and baffle recognition. But, at last I began, in a purblind groping way, to read, write, and cipher, on the very smallest scale — Charles Dickens

Those Who Help Themselves Quotes By Malcolm X

Only those who have already experienced a revolution within themselves can reach out effectively to help others. — Malcolm X

Those Who Help Themselves Quotes By Casey Lute

Some say "God helps those who help themselves," but the Bible says the exact opposite: God helps the helpless. God helps those who, left to themselves, would die in their sins. He even helps those who hate him and who, by nature, continually oppose him. He does this because he is not like us. By nature, he is "merciful and gracious, slow to anger, and abounding in steadfast love and faithfulness" (Exodus 34:6). — Casey Lute

Those Who Help Themselves Quotes By Sandra Staas

God help those who have the wit to quote themselves, that they may reap the harvest of their ideas. — Sandra Staas

Those Who Help Themselves Quotes By Max Weber

In practice this means that God helps those who help themselves . Thus — Max Weber

Those Who Help Themselves Quotes By Joseph E. Stiglitz

In some circumstances, a focus on extrinsic rewards (money) can actually diminish effort. Most (or at least many) teachers enter their profession not because of the money but because of their love for children and their dedication to teaching. The best teachers could have earned far higher incomes if they had gone to banking. It is almost insulting to assume that they are not doing what they can to help their students learn, and that by paying them an extra $500 or $1,500, they would exert greater effort. Indeed, incentive pay can be corrosive: it reminds teachers of how bad their pay is, and those who are led thereby to focus on money may be induced to find a better paying job, leaving behind only those for whom teaching is the only alternative. (Of course, if teachers perceive themselves to be badly paid, that will undermine morale, and that will have adverse incentive effects) — Joseph E. Stiglitz

Those Who Help Themselves Quotes By Sean Covey

About a third of the way through the course, one of the runners fell. The crowd gasped. But, amazingly, with utter spontaneity, the rest of the runners stopped in their tracks. They stopped and looked back at the one who had fallen. One by one they turned around and slowly made their way back to help the fallen runner. They pulled him to his feet and the race continued with everyone running arm in arm to the finish line. They all finished the race together. All of those runners could see themselves in the one who fell. — Sean Covey

Those Who Help Themselves Quotes By Jane D. Hull

We're helping those children who cannot help themselves and giving a push to those who can. We've done it by working together for a common purpose. I see no reason to stop now. — Jane D. Hull

Those Who Help Themselves Quotes By Rabindranath Tagore

Let moral ideals remain merely for those poor anaemic creatures of starved desire whose grasp is weak. Those who can desire with all their soul and enjoy with all their heart, those who have no hesitation or scruple, it is they who are the anointed of Providence. Nature spreads out her riches and loveliest treasures for their benefit. They swim across streams, leap over walls, kick open doors, to help themselves to whatever is worth taking. In such a getting one can rejoice; such wresting as this gives value to the thing taken. Nature — Rabindranath Tagore

Those Who Help Themselves Quotes By Spencer W. Kimball

One of the most important and rewarding ways in which we can serve our fellowmen is by living and sharing the principles of the gospel. We need to help those whom we seek to serve to know for themselves that God not only loves them but he is ever mindful of them and their needs. To teach our neighbors of the divinity of the gospel is a command reiterated by the Lord: 'It becometh every man who hath been warned to warn his neighbor' (D&C 88:81). — Spencer W. Kimball

Those Who Help Themselves Quotes By Douglas Hofstadter

Since, as is well know, God helps those who help themselves, presumably the Devil helps all those, and only those, who don't help themselves. Does the Devil help himself? — Douglas Hofstadter

Those Who Help Themselves Quotes By Sheri Fink

Life and death in the critical first hours of a calamity typically hinged on the preparedness, resources, and abilities of those in the affected community with the power to help themselves and others in their vicinity. Those who did better were those who didn't wait idly for help to arrive. In the end, with systems crashing and failing, what mattered most and had the greatest immediate effects were the actions and decisions made in the midst of a crisis by individuals. — Sheri Fink

Those Who Help Themselves Quotes By Charles Caleb Colton

Fortune has been considered the guardian divinity of fools; and, on this score, she has been accused of blindness; but it should rather be adduced as a proof of her sagacity, when she helps those who cannot help themselves. — Charles Caleb Colton

Those Who Help Themselves Quotes By Taylor Caldwell

It is a waste of money to help those who show no desire to help themselves. — Taylor Caldwell

Those Who Help Themselves Quotes By A.J. Muste

Those who can bring themselves to renounce wealth, position and power accruing from a social system based on violence and putting a premium on acquisitiveness, and to identify themselves in some real fashion with the struggle of the masses toward the light, may help in a measure - more, doubtless, by life than by words - to devise a more excellent way, a technique of social progress less crude, brutal, costly and slow than mankind has yet evolved. — A.J. Muste

Those Who Help Themselves Quotes By John F. Kennedy

To those peoples in the huts and villages of half the globe struggling to break the bonds of mass misery, we pledge our best efforts to help them help themselves, for whatever period is required - not because the Communists may be doing it, not because we seek their votes, but because it is right. If a free society cannot help the many who are poor, it cannot save the few who are rich. — John F. Kennedy

Those Who Help Themselves Quotes By George W. Bush

Take the life issue. This issue requires a president and an administration leading our nation to understand the importance of life. This whole faith-based initiative really ties into a larger cultural issue that we're working on. It begins to affect the life issue, as well as the human dignity issue, because when you're talking about welcoming people of faith to help people who are disadvantaged and are unable to defend themselves, the logical step is also those babies. — George W. Bush

Those Who Help Themselves Quotes By Evan Osnos

I had come to expect that Chinese friends would make financial decisions that I found uncomfortably risky: launching businesses with their savings, moving across the country without the assurance of a job. One explanation, which Weber and Hsee call "the cushion hypothesis," is that traditionally large Chinese family networks afford people confidence that they can turn to others for help if their risk-taking does not succeed. Another theory is more specific to the boom years. "The economic reforms undertaken by Deng Xiaoping were a gamble in themselves," Ricardo Siu, a business professor at the University of Macau, told me. "So people got the idea that taking a risk is not just okay; it has utility." For those who have come from poverty to the middle class, he added, "the thinking may be, If I lose half my money, well, I've lived through that. I won't be poor again. And in several years I can earn it back. But if I win? I'm a millionaire! — Evan Osnos

Those Who Help Themselves Quotes By Julian Barnes

I certainly believe we all suffer damage, one way or another. How could we not,except in a world of perfect parents, siblings, neighbours, companions? And then there is the question on which so much depends, of how we react to the damage: whether we admit it or repress it,and how this affects our dealings with others.Some admit the damage, and try to mitigate it;some spend their lives trying to help others who are damaged; and there are those whose main concern is to avoid further damage to themselves, at whatever cost. And those are the ones who are ruthless, and the ones to be careful of. — Julian Barnes

Those Who Help Themselves Quotes By Terry Pratchett

The gods help those who help themselves, and my word, didn't I help myself. — Terry Pratchett

Those Who Help Themselves Quotes By John Locke

It is reported of that prodigy of parts, Monsieur Pascal, that till the decay of his health had impaired his memory, he forgot nothing of what he had done, read, or thought, in any part of his rational age. This is a privilege so little known to most men, that it seems almost incredible to those who, after the ordinary way, measure all others by themselves; but yet, when considered, may help us to enlarge our thoughts towards greater perfections of it, in superior ranks of spirits. — John Locke

Those Who Help Themselves Quotes By Gertrude Stein

In tender hearted natures, those that mostly never feel strong passion, suffering often comes to make them harder. When these do not know in themselves what it is to suffer, suffering is then very awful to them and they badly want to help everyone who has to suffer, and they have a deep reverence for anybody who knows really how to always suffer. But when it comes to them to really suffer, they soon begin to lose their fear and tenderness and wonder. Why it isn't so very much to suffer, when even I can bear to do it. It isn't very pleasant to be having all the time, to stand it, but they are not so much wiser after all, all the others just because they know too how to bear it. — Gertrude Stein

Those Who Help Themselves Quotes By Neil Strauss

Those who ask for help are often those who have failed to do something for themselves. — Neil Strauss

Those Who Help Themselves Quotes By N. T. Wright

As with Isaiah's vision in the Temple, and many other scenes both biblical and modern, Peter's change from fisherman to shepherd comes through his facing of his own sin and his receiving of forgiveness, as Jesus with his three-times-repeated question goes back to Peter's triple denial and then offers him forgiveness precisely in the form of a transformed and newly commissioned life. Those who don't want to face that searching question and answer may remain content to help the world with its fishing. Those who find the risen Jesus going to the roots of their rebellion, denial, and sin and offering them love and forgiveness may well also find themselves sent off to be shepherds instead. Let those with ears listen. — N. T. Wright

Those Who Help Themselves Quotes By Warren Buffett

We need a moderately-priced stock market ... The market, like the Lord, helps those who help themselves. But, unlike the Lord, the market does not forgive those who know not what they do. For the investor, a too-high purchase price for the stock of an excellent company can undo the effects of a subsequent decade of favorable business developments. — Warren Buffett

Those Who Help Themselves Quotes By Matt Taibbi

I believe now that there's real fear of what happens once The Narrative blows up - because once we've ripped the rich to shreds, what we're left with is a whole bunch of broke people wondering where the hell their money went, without even a soothing fairy tale to help them get to sleep at night.
People in the financial community who actually worked in that world, the traders and the bankers themselves who joked with me about "those motherfuckers," did not have these illusions. You're not going to be good at making money if you need there to be a halo around the moneymaking process. The only people who really clung to those illusions were the financial commentators, right up to the point where those illusions became completely unsustainable. — Matt Taibbi

Those Who Help Themselves Quotes By Joyce Meyer

God doesn't help those who help themselves; He helps those who can't help themselves! — Joyce Meyer

Those Who Help Themselves Quotes By Henry B. Eyring

The Lord's way to help those in temporal need requires people who out of love have consecrated themselves and what they have to God and to His work. — Henry B. Eyring

Those Who Help Themselves Quotes By Audrey Bell

What? It's ridiculous. Control your emotions. Can you imagine if criminals went around saying they fell into hatred or jealousy and that's why they killed four people or robbed the bank? We act like love is this uncontrollable thing. But when it comes to anger and all of that ugly stuff, we're expected to control it. We're supposed to handle those emotions without hurting anyone. But throw out the word 'love' and everyone thinks all of the rules should go right out the window and who can help it if someone gets hurt? It's absurd and it's degrading, honestly, that we expect people to control themselves except for when it comes to wanting to sleep with someone. — Audrey Bell

Those Who Help Themselves Quotes By Jeanne Safer

Even though it inspires some of the world's greatest literature, music, and art, obsessive love is one of the most potent and compelling of tortures and one of the most difficult to overcome -- especially because it feels beyond conscious control. Tormented lovers try the patience even of those who truly love them, because they sufferers do not desire help extricating themselves though they claim to be seeking it; this is an illness from which no one wants to be cured. — Jeanne Safer

Those Who Help Themselves Quotes By Joseph P. Shapiro

disabilities. In colonial America, the settlement of a vast new rural society meant that early colonists put a premium on physical stamina. The early colonies tried to prevent the immigration of those who could not support themselves and would have to rely on state help. People with physical or mental disabilities who were potentially dependent could be deported, forced to return to England. — Joseph P. Shapiro

Those Who Help Themselves Quotes By Justin Allen

Whenever I come across someone speaking negatively about escapism or looking down on those who seek a temporary escape from this world, I can't help but look at them as absolute fools. To deny someone the right to find temporary peace in escapism is to deny human nature itself as well as all the benefits of such a beautiful concept. Often times, these instances show them saying that "it'll only make things worse" or "it's not gonna change anything", except, a lot of times, that's not the case at all. How many times has someone shut themselves away from the world by listening to a song they hold dear only to return more ready to face the world than before, how many times has someone learned something about themselves through the fictional events of a novel that they wouldn't have other wise, how many times has society experienced great change through people who dreamed of making the world a better place, only to eventually make those dreams into a reality. — Justin Allen

Those Who Help Themselves Quotes By Sogyal Rinpoche

Even if they don't know that you are practicing for them, you are helping them and in turn they are helping you. They are actively helping you to develop your compassion, and so to purify and heal yourself. For me, all dying people are teachers, giving to all those who help them a chance to transform themselves through developing their compassion. — Sogyal Rinpoche

Those Who Help Themselves Quotes By Benjamin Carson

Occasionally I talk with people who see doctors as people who do nothing but give of themselves and never receive from anyone else - especially not from their patients. That is totally
false. The longer I remain in my profession, the more I realize how much I receive from those who come to me for help. — Benjamin Carson

Those Who Help Themselves Quotes By Milla Jovovich

I think that's one of the only reasons God created celebrities. To help those who can't help themselves. — Milla Jovovich

Those Who Help Themselves Quotes By Harry Browne

The seeds of today's runaway government were planted when it was decided that government should help those who can't help themselves. From that modest, compassionate beginning to today's out-of-control mega-state, there's a straight, unbroken line. Once the door was open, once it was settled that the government should help some people at the expense of others, there was no stopping it. — Harry Browne

Those Who Help Themselves Quotes By Chris Marlow

I discovered that compassion fatigue is a real thing. Emotions, so strong at first, can easily shift into apathy. The subsequent guilt is paralyzing; it can prevent us from ever doing anything and freeze us into inaction. No wonder some people live for themselves, unaware of or unengaged with those who desperately need help. When global problems overwhelm, the human tendency is to do nothing. — Chris Marlow

Those Who Help Themselves Quotes By James Fenton

Those who actually set out to see the fall of a city or those who choose to go to a front line, are obviously asking themselves to what extent they are cowards. But the tests they set themselves - there is a dead body, can you bear to look at it? - are nothing in comparison with the tests that are sprung on them. It is not the obvious tests that matter (do you go to pieces in a mortar attack?) but the unexpected ones (here is a man on the run, seeking your help - can you face him honestly?). — James Fenton

Those Who Help Themselves Quotes By L. Ron Hubbard

I know no man who has any monopoly upon the wisdom of this universe. It belongs to those who can use it to help themselves and others. — L. Ron Hubbard

Those Who Help Themselves Quotes By Muso Soseki

Those who seek liberation for themselves alone cannot become fully enlightened. Though it may be said that one who is not already liberated cannot liberate others, the very process of forgetting oneself to help others is in itself liberating — Muso Soseki

Those Who Help Themselves Quotes By Marc Thomas

Give people the chance to interact, from small to big. Some people just want to click a 'like' button, say 'yes' or sign a petition. Others want to help you build the community themselves and be heavily involved. Make sure your community caters for a spectrum of engagement - with as many different entry points as possible for those who are busy but want to stay connected and for those who have more time to get involved with the hard graft. — Marc Thomas

Those Who Help Themselves Quotes By Fredrik Backman

It's hard to help those who don't want to help themselves."
"Someone who wants to help himself is possibly not the one who most needs help from others," Elsa objects. — Fredrik Backman

Those Who Help Themselves Quotes By Warren Buffett

The [stock] market,like the Lord, helps those who help themselves. But, unlike the Lord, the market does not forgive those who know not what they do. — Warren Buffett

Those Who Help Themselves Quotes By Andrew Carnegie

I choose free libraries as the best agencies for improving the masses of the people, because they give nothing for nothing. They only help those who help themselves. — Andrew Carnegie

Those Who Help Themselves Quotes By Agatha Christie

I help those who can help themselves. — Agatha Christie

Those Who Help Themselves Quotes By Manju Kapur

As immigrants fly across oceans they shed their old clothing because clothes maketh the man and new ones help ease the transition. Men's clothing has less international variations; the change is not so drastic. But those women who are not used to wearing western clothes find themselves in a dilemma. If they focus on integration, convenience and conformity they have to sacrifice habit, style and self-perception. — Manju Kapur

Those Who Help Themselves Quotes By Joe Carnahan

There's a duality of a guy calling on God: 'Where are you when I need you?' and then, at the same time, 'God helps those who help themselves.' I think that contradiction does exist in all of us, those of faith and those who profess to have no faith. — Joe Carnahan

Those Who Help Themselves Quotes By James Cook

Government charity gives the most to those who refuse to help themselves; private charity gives less. — James Cook

Those Who Help Themselves Quotes By Stephen Dobyns

Adolescence is a dreadful period. We tend to notice those youngsters who misbehave and call attention to themselves, but there are others, equally miserable, who receive no help simply because they are silent. (41) — Stephen Dobyns