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Thinking Your Girlfriend Quotes By Christopher Titus

Fathers and sons are natural enemies. Look at any species. Shark, sees his father in the water, he's not thinking, Hey dad, wassup ? He's thinking, Back off, old man, this surfer carcass is mine. Of course, when his girlfriend swims up and she's like, Way, you know, there's enough surfer for everybody. You and your dad need to frenzy together more. Leave you father a thigh. — Christopher Titus

Thinking Your Girlfriend Quotes By Melissa Marr

I was thinking it was worth the risk if it meant forever with my faery girlfriend. — Melissa Marr

Thinking Your Girlfriend Quotes By Chetan Bhagat

There are things some people can never understand.there's no point to telling them. — Chetan Bhagat

Thinking Your Girlfriend Quotes By Lang Leav

Dead Butterflies
I sometimes think about the fragility of glass - of broken shards tearing against soft skin.When in truth, it is the transparency that kills you. The pain of seeing through to something you can never quite touch. For years I've kept you in secret, behind a glass screen. I've watched helplessly as day after day, your new girlfriend becomes your wife and then later, the mother of your children. Then realizing their only in thinking you were the one under glass when in fact it has been me - a pinned butterfly static and unmoving, watching while your other life unfolds. — Lang Leav

Thinking Your Girlfriend Quotes By Junot Diaz

They sounded a lot like me and my old girlfriend Loretta, but I swore to myself that I would stop thinking about her ass, even though every Cleopatra-looking Latina in the city made me stop and wish she would come back to me. — Junot Diaz

Thinking Your Girlfriend Quotes By Bill Murray

Just the very thought of someone my age going to visit old girlfriends had instant appeal.Even women think, 'That would be interesting.' Not comfortable, but interesting. It is not a comfortable film at any point. — Bill Murray

Thinking Your Girlfriend Quotes By Nora Roberts

"Nobody home but you and me," he said, nibbling at her jaw, her throat, her mouth as he guided
her out of the kitchen. "You know what I was thinking the other day?"
"No." How could she? She didn't know what she was thinking right now.
"That it's a complex business. My girlfriend lives with her mother."
She did laugh now, at the idea of being called anyone's girlfriend.
"And I live with my kids. No place to go to do all the things I've imagined doing with you. Do you
know the things I've imagined doing with you?"
"I'm getting the picture. David, it's the middle of the day."
"The middle of the day." He paused at the base of the steps. "And an opportunity. I hate wasted
opportunities, don't you? — Nora Roberts

Thinking Your Girlfriend Quotes By Ais

Good luck," Kassian said amiably, watching her walk away. When she was gone, he cast another look at Sin. "I hope they skip the sparring this time around."
"Afraid I'll beat up your girlfriend?" Sin asked dryly, hunching forward with a wince as he put his head in his hands. "Don't worry, I have no desire to kill a bunch of pathetic little trainees if that's what you're thinking."
Boyd raised an eyebrow. "You'd better not be including me in that statement."
Sin peeked at him through his fingers. "Oh. I forgot about you."
"I'm that easy to forget, am I?" Boyd asked dryly. "Especially when I've been right in front of you for the last hour? I'm flattered. — Ais

Thinking Your Girlfriend Quotes By Jennifer Echols

I know what you're thinking.Girlfriend has fallen out of the stoopid tree and bonked her head against every branch on the way down. — Jennifer Echols

Thinking Your Girlfriend Quotes By Stephenie Meyer

I think there are many feminists who would say that I am not a feminist. I love women, I have a lot of girlfriends, I admire them, they make so much more sense to me than men, and I feel like the world is a better place when women are in charge. So that kind of by default makes me a feminist. I love working in a female world. — Stephenie Meyer

Thinking Your Girlfriend Quotes By Kid Ink

In my position, I think the best thing I do is just keep girlfriend involved. — Kid Ink

Thinking Your Girlfriend Quotes By Josh Shipp

If you've treated your girlfriend without respect, taken advantage of her, or cheated on her, your actions have taught her that she has no value. Needless to say, this is a serious, serious injury. If you don't try to make it right, she might start to believe the lie you've told her and spend the rest of her life thinking she deserves poor treatment. — Josh Shipp

Thinking Your Girlfriend Quotes By Andy Murray

My girlfriend thinks I look like a reptile - it's not the best. — Andy Murray

Thinking Your Girlfriend Quotes By Rosamund Pike

I always think that the people who have the hardest time in the spotlight are the people who have unearned fame, like the girlfriends of people who are famous or people who become figures of attention, not through their own merit. — Rosamund Pike

Thinking Your Girlfriend Quotes By Louis C.K.

God is like a shitty girlfriend. — Louis C.K.

Thinking Your Girlfriend Quotes By Jennifer Lane

Her recoil confirmed the disgust Grant felt inside. Who was he kidding, trying to put Vladimir and Andrei behind bars? He was no different from his father. Then he remembered Sophie's words.
"You're not like them. You're my McSailor."
A soft touch made him smile, thinking of Bonnie, before he realized it was Innochka's hand stroking his face. The touch of a mobster's girlfriend. He leaped back, still crouched on his feet. — Jennifer Lane

Thinking Your Girlfriend Quotes By Kody Keplinger

I was thinking about how much I wanted to reenact that part in the shower with my hot, sexy, gorgeous girlfriend. And how she wouldn't need a butt double because she's perfect already."
"You smooth talker, you."
"I was also thinking how much sexier I am than that guy she was screwing in the shower. — Kody Keplinger

Thinking Your Girlfriend Quotes By Rosemarie DeWitt

Actors are always weird about acting with their spouse or their boyfriend or girlfriend, but more because they think audiences will find it boring. — Rosemarie DeWitt

Thinking Your Girlfriend Quotes By Meg Cabot

Didn't you," he asked, "have me
"Me?" My own voice rocketed up about ten octaves. "Me? Jesse, of course not. I would never do that. I mean, you know I would never do something like that. That kid Jack did it. Your girlfriend Maria made him do it. She was trying to get rid of you. She told Jack you were bothering me, and he didn't know any better, so he exorcised you, and then Felix Diego threw me off the porch roof, and Jesse, they found your body, I mean your bones, and I saw them and I threw up all over the side of the house, and Spike really misses you and I was just thinking, you know, if you wanted to come back, you could, because that's why I've got this rope, so we can find our way back. — Meg Cabot

Thinking Your Girlfriend Quotes By Gabriel Iglesias

And I don't want you thinking that my girlfriend is a bad person. She is an amazing woman, the fact that I only have seven stories about her in eight years, says a lot. You know, don't get me wrong, five of them happened this year, but that's still way below the bar, you know what I am saying. — Gabriel Iglesias

Thinking Your Girlfriend Quotes By Robert Pattinson

I remember when I was a teenager thinking my girlfriend was cheating on me, and going around riling myself up. Pretending to cry. It was totally illegitimate-I actually didn't feel anything. I went to some pub and then went crying all the way home. And I got into my dog's bed. I was crying and holding on to the dog. I woke up in the morning, and the dog was looking at me like, 'You're a fake.' — Robert Pattinson

Thinking Your Girlfriend Quotes By Elizabeth Wein

It's awful, telling it like this, isn't it? As though we didn't know the ending. As though it could have another ending. It's like watching Romeo drink poison. Every time you see it you get fooled into thinking his girlfriend might wake up and stop him. Every single time you see it you want to shout, 'You stupid ass, just wait a minute,' and she'll open her eyes! 'Oi, you, you twat, open your eyes, wake up! Don't die this time!' But they always do. — Elizabeth Wein

Thinking Your Girlfriend Quotes By Robert Galbraith

All desire to laugh fled. How exactly did Strike think that it would cheer Robin up, to know that his girlfriend was thinking of buying a ludicrously expensive flat? Or was he about to announce (Robin's fragile mood began to collapse in on itself) that he and Elin were moving in together? Like a film flickering rapidly before her eyes she saw the upstairs flat empty, Strike living in luxury, herself in a tiny box room on the edge of London, whispering into her mobile so that her vegan landlady did not hear her. — Robert Galbraith

Thinking Your Girlfriend Quotes By Sarah Dessen

So," he said as we turned onto the main road, the muffler rattling, "I've been thinking."
He nodded. "You really need to go out with me."
I blinked. "I'm sorry?"
"You know. You, me. A restaurant or movie. Together." He glanced over, shifting gears. "Maybe it's a new concept for you? If so, I'll be happy to walk you through it."
"You want to take me to a movie?" I asked.
"Well, not really," he said. "What I really want is for you to be my girlfriend. But I though saying that might scare you off. — Sarah Dessen

Thinking Your Girlfriend Quotes By Alex Jones

The average person is either a weakling, or just a happy person who wants to get along, or thinks being tough is having big muscles and strutting around town and having a good-looking girlfriend. — Alex Jones

Thinking Your Girlfriend Quotes By Ashley Graham

I think that the work that's left to be done - and I see the end in sight at this point - is to just let go and stop talking about it. It's definitely 'stop talking about the whole size thing.' I don't go to my girlfriend's house and say, 'Hey, I'm your big friend, let's talk about big things.' It's not a topic of conversation within my friend group - I'm ready for society, Hollywood, the press, magazines, everyone, to just catch up and say, 'These women are just like the women we've been using for so long. Let's just throw them into the mix and stop talking about it.' — Ashley Graham

Thinking Your Girlfriend Quotes By Jeff Lindsay

She stared at me "You have a message," she said. "On you machine."
I looked over at my answering machine. Sure enough, the light was blinking. The woman really was a detective.
"It's some girl," La Guerta said. "She sounds kind of sleepy and happy. You got a girlfriend, Dexter?" there was a strange hint of a challenge in her voice.
"You know how it is," I said. "Women today are so forward, and when you are as handsome as I am they absolutely fling themselves at your head." Perhaps an unfortunate choice of words; as I said it I couldn't help thinking of the woman's head flung at me not so long ago.
"Watch out," La Guerta said. "Sooner or later one of them will stick." I had no idea what she thought that meant, but it was a very unsettling image.
"I'm sure you're right," I said. "Until then, carpe diem."
"It's Latin," I said. "It means, complain in the daylight. — Jeff Lindsay

Thinking Your Girlfriend Quotes By John Green

I've stopped thinking about it. I don't have time to have a girlfriend. I have like a full-time job Learning How to Be Blind. — John Green

Thinking Your Girlfriend Quotes By Jens Lekman

I really think I need to find a home. I don't know if that includes a girlfriend or not, but first I need to find a home, definitely. — Jens Lekman

Thinking Your Girlfriend Quotes By Eugene Ormandy

Think of your girlfriend or boyfriend or whomever you want to. — Eugene Ormandy

Thinking Your Girlfriend Quotes By Bertolt Brecht

The thinking man often rebuked his girlfriend because of her extravagance. Once he discovered four pairs of shoes in her room. "I also have four different kinds of feet," she excused herself.
The thinking man laughed and asked: "So what do you do, when one pair is worn out?" At that, she realized he was not yet quite in the picture and said, "I made a mistake, I have five different kinds of feet." With that the thinking man was finally in the picture. — Bertolt Brecht

Thinking Your Girlfriend Quotes By Philippe Falardeau

It's a romantic view of Canada. It's like Michael Moore saying we don't lock our doors in Canada. I lock my door mainly because my girlfriend wants me to lock the door, but mind you we lock our doors. It is a little simplistic to say that we blend easily back home with other cultures. It's difficult, but I think it's mainly a big city phenomenon. — Philippe Falardeau

Thinking Your Girlfriend Quotes By Sibylla Matilde

Where's Melanie, asshole? Does she know you're up here?"

Jake's expression flitted between anger at Ronin's crude address and fear of the bigger man's obvious anger with him. "She's in the backyard, with some friends."

Ronin's jaw clenched. "I suggest you go find your girlfriend, then."

"Devin's in there. She's upset," Jake said without thinking.

"I know that, fucker. Why the hell do you think that is? GET. THE. FUCK. AWAY. — Sibylla Matilde

Thinking Your Girlfriend Quotes By Tim Tharp

Besides, I'm not looking to get saved. I'm only going with her because it's what you do when you're in a relationship. You know? You slide into the third pew from the front and sit there thinking about how desperate all these people are to feel like something loves them. They'll believe all kinds of hocus-pocus. But your girlfriend likes it, and you like her, so you do it. It's called compromise. The only way you're going to get something to last in this world is to work at it. — Tim Tharp

Thinking Your Girlfriend Quotes By Tom DeLonge

I'm not gay, a lotta people think I'm gay. I have a girlfriend. She thinks I'm gay. — Tom DeLonge

Thinking Your Girlfriend Quotes By Frederick Lenz

I went through times of self-hate, thinking how undeveloped spiritual I was. Everyone else in the ashram, a thousand people, nobody had a girlfriend or boyfriend. I did. — Frederick Lenz

Thinking Your Girlfriend Quotes By Laura Marling

I sound awful saying it but I think it can be like that. I see a lot of people in unstimulating relationships. And not just boyfriend-girlfriend relationships. They find themselves in stagnant friendships. If people were a little less scared [of ending things] they'd get more out of life ... You meet the right person at the right time and they fulfil a certain something in your life. You fulfil something in theirs. But there's a time limit to that. Unless you choose to be bloody good company for the rest of your life, do you know what I mean? — Laura Marling

Thinking Your Girlfriend Quotes By Frederick Lenz

You see a very advanced master who's got a girlfriend, who listens to rock and roll, who thinks about things that are very earthly. The advanced course has to with coming back to everything that you had to reject in the beginning and seeing it as a far greater infiniteness than everything that you've attained. — Frederick Lenz

Thinking Your Girlfriend Quotes By Henry Cavill

When I first met my girlfriend, I was super intimidated. I wanted to impress her. I was thinking, Don't mess this up, man. You've gotta play your cards exactly right. — Henry Cavill

Thinking Your Girlfriend Quotes By Sophia Amoruso

Naturally, every boyfriend comes with an ex-girlfriend, every business comes with competitors, but it is entirely up to you to decide how much time you spend thinking about them. — Sophia Amoruso

Thinking Your Girlfriend Quotes By Lauren Oliver

So how's Cupid Day treating you?" He pops a mint in his mouth and leans closer. It grosses me out, like he thinks he can seduce me with fresh breath. "Any big romantic plans tonight? Got someone special to cozy up next to?" He raises his eyebrows at me.
[ ... ]
"We'll see," I say, smiling. "What about you? Are you going to be all by your lonesome? Table for one?"
He leans forward even more, and I stay perfectly still, willing myself not to pull away.
"Now why would you assume that?" He winks at me, obviously thinking that this is my version of flirting
like I'm going to offer to keep this company or something.
I smile even wider. "Because if you had a real girlfriend," I say, quietly but clearly, so he can hear every word perfectly, "you wouldn't be hitting on high school girls. — Lauren Oliver

Thinking Your Girlfriend Quotes By Nick Antosca

Yeah, most guys don't like to think about going to a bar with a girlfriend and watching her leave with someone else. — Nick Antosca

Thinking Your Girlfriend Quotes By P.C. Cast

Adam's gaze quickly shifted from the full tattoo on my face, to the V-neck of my T-shirt and the glimpse of tattooing across my collarbone, down to my palm, which was also covered in the same filigree tattoo. "I didn't know vampyres were getting additional tattooing done. Is your artist here in Tulsa?"
I grinned. "Yeah, sometimes. But mostly she's in the Otherworld." I could see he was trying to process what I'd said, so I took the opportunity to blurt, "Hey, you said you don't have a girlfriend, but how about a boyfriend?"
"Um, no, I don't have a boyfriend, either. At least not currently." Adam glanced at Damien, who met his gaze.
/Success!/ was what I was thinking. — P.C. Cast

Thinking Your Girlfriend Quotes By Jerry Bruckheimer

I think the best thing you can do when you go and see a movie is to bring somebody along who really enjoys the film with you. I think this is one of those movies ... it wouldn't be their first choice. But once they're in there and they see the enjoyment that not only they're getting, but also their wife or their girlfriend then it makes for a much more pleasant evening after the movie! — Jerry Bruckheimer

Thinking Your Girlfriend Quotes By Charlotte Rampling

Close girlfriends I don't have necessarily, as an actress. Perhaps there is a thing of competition there, you know, when you're doing the same things, and you're the same age. I could be with younger actors, but woman of my age probably - there is and there isn't, one doesn't like to think of it, but I think there is a sense of competition. Which is good, also. — Charlotte Rampling

Thinking Your Girlfriend Quotes By Ted Haggard

Today's biggest headlines are stories about people who thought they were doing something that was secret: Jesse Jackson's secret girlfriend and child, Monica Lewinski's private meetings with the president and confidential girl talk with Linda Tripp. Just think of the news stories we've watched on television ... — Ted Haggard

Thinking Your Girlfriend Quotes By Miranda July

I was wondering if my life, the life in which I had a son and a beautiful, young girlfriend, could exist outside of the hospital. Or was the hospital its container? Was I like honey thinking it's a small bear, not realizing the bear is just the shape of its bottle? — Miranda July

Thinking Your Girlfriend Quotes By Kevin Nealon

I played a security guard, and I think it was in the State Department. This was my first acting role, really, and I remember rehearsing it on the couch with my girlfriend at the time. I had a real problem with saying the word "incendiary." Most of my rehearsal was spent on pronouncing the word "incendiary." — Kevin Nealon

Thinking Your Girlfriend Quotes By L. Todd Rose

Growing up in rural Utah had a lot of benefits, but in an environment that prized conformity, fit wasn't one of them. I ended up in my senior year with a 0.9 GPA, which I think you actually have to work pretty hard to get. In the exact same month they kicked me out of school, my girlfriend - still my wife today - told me she was pregnant. So, it was an interesting start to life: working 10 or 12 minimum-wage jobs; getting bored really quickly and quitting; having my in-laws - rightly - in full panic mode and thinking I had some kind of character flaw. — L. Todd Rose

Thinking Your Girlfriend Quotes By Demetri Martin

I think it's cool when an ex-girlfriend becomes an XL girlfriend. — Demetri Martin

Thinking Your Girlfriend Quotes By John Ashbery


How funny your name would be
if you could follow it back to where
the first person thought of saying it,
naming himself that, or maybe
some other persons thought of it
and named that person. It would
be like following a river to its source,
which would be impossible. Rivers have no source.
They just automatically appear at a place
where they get wider, and soon a real
river comes along, with fish and debris,
regal as you please, and someone
has already given it a name: St. Benno
(saints are popular for this purpose) or, or
some other name, the name of his
long-lost girlfriend, who comes
at long last to impersonate that river,
on a stage, her voice clanking
like its bed, her clothing of sand
and pasted paper, a piece of real technology,
while all along she is thinking, I can
do what I want to do. But I want to stay here. — John Ashbery

Thinking Your Girlfriend Quotes By T. Torrest

Trip? Could you do me a favor and try not to look so damn pleased with yourself?"
That made him chuckle. "I can't help it. I'm about to bang my old girlfriend in my old room. You know how many times I jerked off right there just thinking about it? And now you're here. And I totally get to nail your ass."
"Yeah, um, you go anywhere near my ass and you'll be whacking off alone again. — T. Torrest

Thinking Your Girlfriend Quotes By Donald Trump

When you had the World Trade Center go, people were put into planes that were friends, family, girlfriends, and they were put into planes and they were sent back, for the most part, to Saudi Arabia. I would be very, very firm with families. Frankly, that will make people think because they may not care much about their lives, but they do care, believe it or not, about their families' lives. — Donald Trump

Thinking Your Girlfriend Quotes By Emo Philips

I think my ex-girlfriend has weekly lessons with the devil on how to be more evil. I don't know what she charges him. — Emo Philips

Thinking Your Girlfriend Quotes By Kirsten Gillibrand

I have since talked to some of my girlfriends sexual assault and found out that they had their own experiences that they never shared at the time. It was never talked about it. And I think it's because of that normal response - you feel badly, you feel responsible, you feel guilty, you feel like you did something wrong, you feel ashamed. — Kirsten Gillibrand

Thinking Your Girlfriend Quotes By Tinie Tempah

When I was about 14 I remember thinking when it came to proposing to my future girlfriend, I'd make a CD with all her favourite songs and a message that said, 'Will you marry me?' Shows you what a romantic I was. No one listens to CDs any more. It's all about iTunes. — Tinie Tempah

Thinking Your Girlfriend Quotes By Thom Yorke

Us on hard drugs? That would be horrible. We'd probably end up sounding like Bryan Adams.My girlfriend has this quote in her sketchbook: Remain orderly in your life so you can be free and chaotic in your work. I think basically you lose it when you destroy your brain or destroy yourself emotionally or burn yourself up. — Thom Yorke

Thinking Your Girlfriend Quotes By Theo James

I don't think I believe in ghosts, per se. But, my nearest experience was when I went on a weekend away and was in a bar in England, years ago, with an ex-girlfriend. I heard this scratching. I was about to go to bed and I was thinking, 'It's an old ghost.' I could hear this noise, but I couldn't work out where it was coming from. — Theo James

Thinking Your Girlfriend Quotes By Yoko Ono

If I was a Jewish girl in Hitler's day, I would become his girlfriend. After ten days in bed, he would come to my way of thinking. — Yoko Ono

Thinking Your Girlfriend Quotes By Rachel Maddow

I care a lot about what my girlfriend thinks, and my friends, but ultimately it's me in the mirror. I just want to be proud of what I do. — Rachel Maddow

Thinking Your Girlfriend Quotes By Pittacus Lore

Sarah begins telling me about her history with Mark. They dated for two years, but the longer they were together, the more she drifted from her parents and her friends. She was Mark's girlfriend, nothing else. She knew she had started to change, to adopt some of his attitudes towards people: being mean and judgmental, thinking she was better than them. She also started drinking and her grades slipped. At the end of the last school year, her parents sent her to live with her aunt in Colorado for the summer. — Pittacus Lore

Thinking Your Girlfriend Quotes By Heiko Julien

when i was little i used to save my baths for later. id come back to them before bed and sit in the old cold bathwater and run cool water out of the shower and pretend i was hiding in vietnam and it was raining. i was young when i did this and am not sure why i was thinking about vietnam or what i knew about it. i did this when i was older too. im thinking about doing it again tonight.

you are running out of time to get everything you want exactly the way you want it. (this is a joke.) most things are going to be left unsaid. (this is not a joke.) a few weeks ago my mom sent me an email with pictures of eagles that said "how about these eagles." she visits my cousin in jail once a month. that seems like a lot for an aunt. he is in jail because he shot his girlfriend in the face but they are still together. she told me once that she knew in her heart that he is guilty but now she claims she never said that. — Heiko Julien

Thinking Your Girlfriend Quotes By Hugh Hefner

One of the things I've tried to do with my life is redefine the boundaries that I think are very limiting. I'm not suggesting that everybody should have three girlfriends, or necessarily have girlfriends living with them. I think there are many, many options to living your life. — Hugh Hefner

Thinking Your Girlfriend Quotes By Jackie Mason

Ladies and gentlemen, you can't please everyone. Take my girlfriend - I think she's the most remarkable woman in the world ... That's me ... But to my wife ... — Jackie Mason