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Top Think Before Deciding Quotes

Think Before Deciding Quotes By Zach Condon

I write one step at a time, always finishing off the part I'm working on before even thinking about the next part. I need to hear it all together before deciding what goes next. I even mix before moving on ... in other words, I write by recording. — Zach Condon

Think Before Deciding Quotes By Erick Walk

Cut the habit of buying on impulse, especially with high ticket items. Think twice before making any major purchase. If possible, sleep on it overnight before deciding to make the purchase. — Erick Walk

Think Before Deciding Quotes By Sheryl Sandberg

Larry said he could understand the complaint, but what he did not understand was that all the people who quit - every single one - had unused vacation time. Up until the day they left, they did everything McKinsey asked of them before deciding that it was too much.
Larry implored us to exert more control over our careers. He said McKinsey would never stop making demands on our time, so it was up to us to decide what we were willing to do. It was our responsibility to draw the line. — Sheryl Sandberg

Think Before Deciding Quotes By Jim Rohn

When a new idea comes our way, we must put it on our mental scales and weigh it carefully before deciding its value. — Jim Rohn

Think Before Deciding Quotes By Marie Kondo

By handling each sentimental item and deciding what to discard, you process your past. If you just stow these things away in a drawer or cardboard box, before you realise it, your past will become a weight that holds you back and keeps you from living in the here and now. Pg.116-117 — Marie Kondo

Think Before Deciding Quotes By Michael Baumgartner

When you represent the state of Washington, we have a tradition of deciding social issues by vote. Washington State passed abortion rights before Roe v. Wade and affirmed it at the ballot box later. — Michael Baumgartner

Think Before Deciding Quotes By Patrick Lencioni

Putting together an agenda before a staff meeting is like a marriage counselor deciding what issues she's going to cover with a couple prior to meeting with them. — Patrick Lencioni

Think Before Deciding Quotes By Joanna Wylde

Well, let's look on the bright side," I said, deciding he needed a distraction. "Don't." "The good news is that we'll probably be either rescued or dead before we have to worry about serious hypothermia. There's always a silver lining, Hunter. — Joanna Wylde

Think Before Deciding Quotes By Ashwin Sanghi

The average buyer in bookshop spends 8 seconds on the front cover and 15 seconds on the back cover before deciding whether to purchase the book or not. On average, he does not get past page 18. See? The odds are stacked against us writers! — Ashwin Sanghi

Think Before Deciding Quotes By Gabrielle Zevin

Does it count for anything that I just told you I love you?" Gable asked.
I considered this briefly before deciding that it didn't. "Not really. Not when I know you don't mean it. — Gabrielle Zevin

Think Before Deciding Quotes By Greg Behrendt

Deciding to get back together with someone is a complicated and difficult decision. Just remember that the person you are getting back together with is the same person who, not long before, looked you in your beautiful face, took full stock of you and all your qualities, and told you that he was no longer in need of your company. — Greg Behrendt

Think Before Deciding Quotes By Donald Verrilli Jr.

The part that the public sees is the arguments up at the podium and the briefs that we file. But a significant part of the job - in fact, I'd say I spend more of my time on this part of the job, which is deciding what the position of the United States will be in the cases that we're going to be participating in before the court. — Donald Verrilli Jr.

Think Before Deciding Quotes By Frank Shorter

For the novice runner, I'd say to give yourself at least 2 months of consistently running several times a week at a conversational pace before deciding whether you want to stick with it. Consistency is the most important aspect of training at this point. — Frank Shorter

Think Before Deciding Quotes By Tammara Webber

But I'll say this, if what looks like the facts of the matter are conflicting with your feelings, then you need more information before deciding — Tammara Webber

Think Before Deciding Quotes By Charlie Kelly

No two situations are identical, but with years of experience you can usually find a comparison to something you did before, which shortens the process of deciding how to approach a job. — Charlie Kelly

Think Before Deciding Quotes By William Deresiewicz

Not every ten-percenter is an excellent sheep, but a sufficient number are for you to think very carefully before deciding to surround yourself with them. Kids at less prestigious schools are apt to be more interesting, more curious, more open, more appreciative of what they're getting, and far less entitled and competitive. They tend to act like peers instead of rivals. — William Deresiewicz

Think Before Deciding Quotes By Jose Bergamin

You can hesitate before deciding, but not once the decision is made. — Jose Bergamin

Think Before Deciding Quotes By David Levithan

I find my greatest strength in wanting to be strong. I find my greatest bravery in deciding to be brave. I don't know if I've ever realized it before,[ ... ] I think we both realize it now. If there's no feeling of fear, then there's no need for courage. — David Levithan

Think Before Deciding Quotes By Seth Gabel

Before my first child was born, I had nothing going on professionally really, and it's been a very blessed period of creativity for me since he arrived. It's very surreal. It's almost as if the babies are out there pulling strings somewhere, deciding what kind of life they want to be born into. — Seth Gabel

Think Before Deciding Quotes By Leo Tolstoy

Nekhludoff laughed as he compared himself to the ass in the fable who, while deciding which of the two bales of hay before him he should have his meal from, starved himself. — Leo Tolstoy

Think Before Deciding Quotes By Caitlin Moran

And - as a woman reconciled in her own body - I feel I can argue with anyone's god about my right to end a pregnancy. My first conception - wanted so badly - ended in miscarriage, three days before my wedding. A kind nurse removed my wedding manicure with nail-polish remover, in order to fit a finger-thermometer for the subsequent D&C operation. I wept as I went in to the operating theatre, and wept as I came out. In that instance, my body had decided that the baby was not to be and had ended it. This time, it was my mind that has decided that this baby was not to be. I don't believe one's decision is more valid than the other. They both know me. They are both equally capable of deciding what is right. — Caitlin Moran

Think Before Deciding Quotes By Nadeem Aslam

During the school holidays he would approach the bookcase in the pink room and stand before it, his hand alighting on this or that volume with the arbitrariness of a moth, half deciding on something before sliding it back in place and moving on, as though experimenting with the keys of a piano, all briefly opened books eager to engage his eye, each flickeringly glimpsed paragraph enticing him hurriedly with its secret, and having made his choice he would drift through the house in search of the coolest spot to read through the long summer afternoons that had a touch of eternity to them, altering the arrangement of his limbs as much for comfort as for fear that his undisturbed shadows would leave a stain on the wall. — Nadeem Aslam

Think Before Deciding Quotes By Bob Goodlatte

If businesses don't know from state to state what the requirements are for taxes, they have to waste a lot of money on accountants and lawyers before deciding to expand their business into the state next door. — Bob Goodlatte

Think Before Deciding Quotes By Richard Price

While before deciding to make the rounds of — Richard Price

Think Before Deciding Quotes By Philipp Meyer

At 16, I dropped out of school and spent five years working as a bicycle mechanic and volunteering in a Trauma Centre before ultimately deciding to go to university. — Philipp Meyer

Think Before Deciding Quotes By William Deresiewicz

I also spoke about the kid who can't be bothered to get A's in every class in high school because they're actually more interested in following their curiosity, so here's another rule of thumb. U.S. News supplies the percentage of freshmen at each college who finished in the highest 10 percent of their high school class. Among the top twenty universities, the number is usually above 90 percent, a threshold that is also reached at several of the top colleges. I'd be wary of schools like that (though I would make an exception for public universities, which draw from disadvantaged high schools from across their respective states). Not every ten-percenter is an excellent sheep, but a sufficient number are for you to think very carefully before deciding to surround yourself with them. — William Deresiewicz

Think Before Deciding Quotes By Marie Kondo

As we've seen, there are only two tasks involved - discarding and deciding where to keep things. Just two, but discarding must come first. Be sure to completely finish the first task before starting the next. Do not even think of putting your things away until you have finished the process of discarding. Failure to follow this order is one reason many people never make permanent progress. In the middle of discarding, they start thinking about where to put things. As soon as they think, "I wonder if it will fit in this drawer," the work of discarding comes to a halt. You can think about where to put things when you've finished getting rid of everything you don't need. — Marie Kondo

Think Before Deciding Quotes By Lena Dunham

Randy is my gynecologist. I have had a number of gynecologists over the years, all talented in their own ways, but Randy is the best. He is an older Jewish man who, before deciding to inspect ladies down there for a living, played for the Mets. He still has the can-do determination of a pitcher on an underdog team and, to my mind, that is exactly the kind of man you want delivering your babies or rooting around in your vagina. — Lena Dunham

Think Before Deciding Quotes By Pankaj Mishra

I started out as a novelist and wrote several novels before deciding to publish one, and I fully intend to go back to the form. — Pankaj Mishra

Think Before Deciding Quotes By Woodrow Wilson

Bagehot did what so many thousand of young graduates before him had done,
he studied for the bar; and then, having prepared himself to practise law, followed another large body of young men in deciding to abandon it. — Woodrow Wilson

Think Before Deciding Quotes By Steve Krug

When we're creating sites, we act as though people are going to pore over each page, reading all of our carefully crafted text, figuring out how we've organized things, and weighing their options before deciding which link to click. What — Steve Krug

Think Before Deciding Quotes By Sarah Connor

The hardest thing is deciding what I should tell you and what not to. Well, anyway, I've got a while yet before you're old enough to understand the tapes. They're more for me at this point ... to help get it all straight. Should I tell you about your father? That's a tough one. Will it change your decision to send him here ... knowing? But if you don't send Kyle, you could never be. God, you can go crazy thinking about all this ... I suppose I'll tell you ... I owe him that. And maybe it'll be enough if you know that in the few hours we had together we loved a lifetime's worth. — Sarah Connor

Think Before Deciding Quotes By Jen Sincero

Deciding means jumping in all the way, doing whatever it takes, and going after your dreams with the tenacity of a dateless cheerleader a week before prom night. — Jen Sincero

Think Before Deciding Quotes By Fernando Pessoa

My lack of initiative was the root cause of all my troubles - of my inability to want something before having thought about it, of my inability to commit myself, of my inability to decide in the only way one can decide: by deciding, not by thinking. I'm like Buridan's donkey, dying at the mathematical midpoint between the water of emotion and the hay of action; if I didn't think, I might still die, but it wouldn't be from thirst or hunger. — Fernando Pessoa

Think Before Deciding Quotes By Graeme Simsion

I spend almost two weeks with Dewhurst's Text book of Obstetrics and Gynecology (eight edition) and looking at videos available on the Internet before deciding that these materials needed to be supplemented with practical experience. It was like reading a book on karate - useful to a point, but not sufficient for combat preparation. — Graeme Simsion

Think Before Deciding Quotes By Peter Bellone

The end of our relationship with Satan is coming at you like a speeding locomotive, and before you know it, you will be in the time of the End, deciding whether to take the Mark of the Beast or not! Friends, its not that far away! — Peter Bellone

Think Before Deciding Quotes By Jerry Doyle

I was 35 years old and in a position to take a shot at whatever I wanted to try. The Air Force said I was too old to fly fighter jets. I thought about becoming a fishing boat captain, before deciding that acting seemed pretty cool. — Jerry Doyle

Think Before Deciding Quotes By Terry Pratchett

As the eye of narrative drew back from the coffin on its stand, two things happened. One happened comparatively slowly, and this was Vargo's realisation that he never recalled the coffin having a pillow before.
The other was Greebo deciding that he was as mad as hell and wasn't going to take it any more. — Terry Pratchett

Think Before Deciding Quotes By Tiffany Wood

Selecting garage doors is not same like choosing interior doors of the house. These are very different things. You will be glad to know that there are several choices available for garage doors. Before deciding on the best type of loans which you should buy you will have to know a lot about it first. Always try and have all the basic knowledge so that you can always have the ideal door for your garage.Know more about garage doors at atlanticoceangrp . — Tiffany Wood

Think Before Deciding Quotes By Chris Beckett

I did it because ... Well, I'd never really understood about those moments before and I reckon a lot of people never really do get to understand them, but what I realized then was that I wasn't just deciding what I wanted to do, I was deciding what kind of person I wanted to be. So I made my choice on that basis. And from now on, whenever I have a decision to make, I'm always going to make it in that same way. — Chris Beckett

Think Before Deciding Quotes By David Dark

We probably ought to be careful about deciding we're feeling offended; it can get old after a while. We become offended in all the ways God isn't. The seat of offendedness (like the seat of judgment) can be a real tricky spot to occupy. Before we know it, it can become a twenty-four-hour-a-day job. It becomes all we're known for, and when we're all caught up in all the things we're against, we forget the beauty of the things we're supposed to be for. We forget what the kingdom of God looks like and all the wonderfully odd characters taking up residence there. We forget to revel in dappled things. We forget we're dappled. — David Dark

Think Before Deciding Quotes By Andrew Smith

I do not know why, because that is not my job, but history shows that every time a teenage boy opens a permanent marker, he will first sniff it before deciding how to go about defacing the planet. — Andrew Smith