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There Are No Limits Quotes By Megyn Kelly

But of course, as with anything along those lines, there are limits to that refreshment. Someone can tell it like is and then drop the N-word on you, and suddenly you're not feeling refreshed any long; you're feeling offended. I'm no lover of being overly PC, but there is a limit on how far the overconnection to that can go. You can't justify everything that way. We still want to live within the bounds of decency with one another, so I hope--especially when choosing our leaders, whose behavior should inspire us and may be modeled by our children. They should be held to a higher standard. — Megyn Kelly

There Are No Limits Quotes By Anna Brooks

You don't need to thank me. I take care of the people I love. It's ingrained in me to be a protector, and I happen to love you very much, so my services are all yours."
He smiles again.
"Everything I have is yours, my heart, my home. I know I'm not a millionaire or anything, but I promise you, absolutely nobody will ever love you as much as I do. There is no object, no monetary amount, that signifies my love for you. There are no limits on the hell I'd walk through to make sure you were happy. — Anna Brooks

There Are No Limits Quotes By Leo Tolstoy

Being, by life itself, that man is created for happiness, that happiness is within him, in the satisfaction of simple human needs, and that all unhappiness arises not from privation but from superfluity. And now during these last three weeks of the march he had learned still another new, consolatory truth - that nothing in this world is terrible. He had learned that as there is no condition in which man can be happy and entirely free, so there is no condition in which he need be unhappy and lack freedom. He learned that suffering and freedom have their limits and that those limits are very near together; that the person in a bed of roses with one crumpled petal suffered as keenly as he now, sleeping on the bare damp earth with one side growing chilled while the — Leo Tolstoy

There Are No Limits Quotes By Barbara Jordan

I get from the soil and spirit of Texas the feeling that I, as an individual, can accomplish whatever I want to, and that there are no limits, that you can just keep going, just keep soaring. I like that spirit. — Barbara Jordan

There Are No Limits Quotes By Neil DeGrasse Tyson

There are no limits when you are surrounded by people who believe in you, or by people whose expectations are not set by the short-sighted attitudes of society, or by people who help to open doors of opportunity, not close them. — Neil DeGrasse Tyson

There Are No Limits Quotes By Peter Ackroyd

To watch King Lear is to approach the recognition that there is indeed no meaning in life, and that there are limits to human understanding. — Peter Ackroyd

There Are No Limits Quotes By J. Michael Straczynski

If there's any other message in this to readers, it's in these two characters as icons of hope, that it doesn't make any difference where you come from, or where you went to school, or who you are, there's hope. That a kid from Jersey with Superman as the icon that kept him alive for years would one day end up writing the character is as absoutely unlikely as it is utterly inevitable. And if that's true for me, it's true for you, if you follow your dreams and your passions in full flight.
Don't give up.
No Limits.
It's never too late to learn to fly. — J. Michael Straczynski

There Are No Limits Quotes By Brian Tracy

Our greatest enemies are always our own doubts and fears. But there are no limits to what you can do, be, or have except for the limits you place on yourself. — Brian Tracy

There Are No Limits Quotes By Terri Osburn

There are no limits on how many dreams we get to have. Not as long as we're willing to work for them when they come. — Terri Osburn

There Are No Limits Quotes By Emil Cioran

Here are experiences which one cannot survive, after which one feels that there is no meaning left in anything. Once you have reached the limits of life, having lived to extremity all that is offered at those dangerous borders, the everyday gesture and the usual aspiration lose their seductive charm. If you go on living, you do so only through your capacity for objectification, your ability to free yourself, in writing, from the infinite strain. Creativity is a temporary salvation from the claws of death — Emil Cioran

There Are No Limits Quotes By Jessica McEachern

There are alternative methods of discipline that are more effective such as implementing reward systems, utilizing point systems, time out, withholding privileges, grounding, modeling positive behaviors, praising good behavior, establishing rules, setting limits, saying no and talking to children about their behaviors" (McEachern 33). — Jessica McEachern

There Are No Limits Quotes By Ella Dominguez

You're going to experience the Dom I used to be; the real Dom. The Dom that likes things dirty and depraved. The Dom that now owns you completely. There are no safe words tonight, Isabel. You'll have to trust me to know what you can and cannot handle. I won't hurt you, but I'll push your limits beyond what you've experienced before. — Ella Dominguez

There Are No Limits Quotes By Farshad Asl

Whether you have experienced financial struggles, a challenging childhood, prejudice or criticism against your weight, sex, race, or faith, or even rejection, failure, and loss, you should never give up. Your experiences, challenges, and struggles are all the more reasons for you to succeed. So get up, get busy, and start building the future you deserve. There are no limits other than the ones we create for ourselves. Grow from your past to gain success in your future. — Farshad Asl

There Are No Limits Quotes By Bruce Lee

In Life There are No Limits, Only Plateaus. — Bruce Lee

There Are No Limits Quotes By Carol Hedges

There are limits to the dimension of fear. Until one meets the unknown. Then terror has no boundaries, no walls to keep it contained. — Carol Hedges

There Are No Limits Quotes By Sam Storms

There are no term limits on His reign. He has always been King and He always will be King. There is no death that threatens the perpetuity of His sovereign authority. There is no usurping of power by a lesser rival to His throne. There are no coups, no revolutions (at least, none that succeed). There is no threat of impeachment. He is a King who rules eternally. — Sam Storms

There Are No Limits Quotes By Joshua Foer

There are no limits. There are plateaus, but you must not stay there, you must go beyond them. If it kills you, it kills you. — Joshua Foer

There Are No Limits Quotes By Oswald Chambers

Beware of any work for God that causes or allows you to avoid concentrating on Him. A great number of Christian workers worship their work. The only concern of Christian workers should be their concentration on God. This will mean that all the other boundaries of life, whether they are mental, moral, or spiritual limits, are completely free with the freedom God gives His child; that is, a worshiping child, not a wayward one. A worker who lacks this serious controlling emphasis of concentration on God is apt to become overly burdened by his work. He is a slave to his own limits, having no freedom of his body, mind, or spirit. Consequently, he becomes burned out and defeated. There is no freedom and no delight in life at all. His nerves, mind, and heart are so overwhelmed that God's blessing cannot rest on him. — Oswald Chambers

There Are No Limits Quotes By Rei Kawakubo

There are no limits - I endeavor to make clothes that didn't exist before. — Rei Kawakubo

There Are No Limits Quotes By James Patrick Kelly

The walls are everywhere. Limits. You're not smart enough, not rich enough. You get tired. You die. Some people like to pretend they've broken out. That they're running free. But there's no escape. You have to find a way to live within the walls. And then, they don't matter. — James Patrick Kelly

There Are No Limits Quotes By Truman G. Madsen

There is no final solution to loneliness until you recognize that you need the resources which are in yourself to enpy, within limits, being alone being the kind of person that you like to be with, and reaching out to others, not in a grasping way, but in an attempt to be meaningful and loving and of service in their lives. — Truman G. Madsen

There Are No Limits Quotes By Diriye Osman

In those sticky summer nights in South London our windows stay open and our tiny apartment becomes our secret garden. The magic of the secret garden is that it exists in our imagination. There are no limits, no borderlines. The secret garden leads to the marigolds of Mogadishu and the magnolias of Kingston and when the heat turns us sticky and sweet and unwilling to be claimed by defeat we own the night. We own our bodies. We own our lives. — Diriye Osman

There Are No Limits Quotes By Mark Haddon

Appalling things can happen to children. And even a happy childhood is filled with sadnesses. Is there any other period in your life when you hate your best friend on Monday and love them again on Tuesday? But at eight, 10, 12, you don't realise you're going to die. There is always the possibility of escape. There is always somewhere else and far away, a fact I had never really appreciated until I read Gitta Sereny's profoundly unsettling Cries Unheard about child-killer Mary Bell.
At 20, 25, 30, we begin to realise that the possibilities of escape are getting fewer. We begin to picture a time when there will no longer be somewhere else and far away. We have jobs, children, partners, debts, responsibilities. And if many of these things enrich our lives immeasurably, those shrinking limits are something we all have to come to terms with.
This, I think, is the part of us to which literary fiction speaks. — Mark Haddon

There Are No Limits Quotes By Anthony D. Williams

There are no limits to the amount of love and wisdom one can take to heaven. — Anthony D. Williams

There Are No Limits Quotes By Nick Xenophon

In Australia there are not limits on what you can believe but there are limits on how you can behave. It's called the law, and no one is above it. — Nick Xenophon

There Are No Limits Quotes By Sheila Rowbotham

The oppressed without hope are mysteriously quiet. When the conception of change is beyond the limits of the possible, there are no words to articulate discontent so it is sometimes held not to exist. This mistaken belief arises because we can only grasp silence in the moment in which it is breaking. — Sheila Rowbotham

There Are No Limits Quotes By Emma Chase

I should have known better. Arguing with Drew is like dealing with a terrorist. He has no boundaries; nothing's off limits. There are no depths he won't sink to to win. Then he looks thoughtful. — Emma Chase

There Are No Limits Quotes By Jessica Zafra

There are limits to self-improvement. Inevitably you hit the point where what you are is, well, what you are, and all the teach-yourself videos and easy-to-use equipment on those creatinous home TV shopping things can no longer ward off you confrontation with your self. — Jessica Zafra

There Are No Limits Quotes By Brandon Mull

Indulgence is emptiness. I have proved the limits of food and frivolity. There is no real fulfillment in meaningless rushes of pleasure. You try to conceal the emptiness with more extravagance, only to find the thrills becoming less satisfying and more fleeting. Most pleasures are best as a seasoning, not the main course. However you try to disguise it, you end up feeding without being nourished. — Brandon Mull

There Are No Limits Quotes By Ernest Solvay

There are no limits to what science can explore. — Ernest Solvay

There Are No Limits Quotes By David LaChapelle

It's much harder to work for yourself, by yourself, than to create work for a gallery, because there are no limits and you can do anything you want. It's always easier when you have a parameter, when you have a limit. You can work within the limit and push it and walk the line, but when you're given absolutely no limits, it's harder. You must really think. It's more challenging. — David LaChapelle

There Are No Limits Quotes By Richard Dawkins

I am thrilled to be alive at time when humanity is pushing against the limits of understanding. Even better, we may eventually discover that there are no limits. — Richard Dawkins

There Are No Limits Quotes By Ian McEwan

How can a novelist achieve atonement when, with her absolute power of deciding outcomes, she is also God? There is no one, no entity or higher form that she can appeal to, or be reconciled with, or that can forgive her. There is nothing outside her. In her imagination she has set the limits and the terms. No atonement for God, or novelists, even if they are atheists. It was always an impossible task, and that was precisely the point. The attempt was all. — Ian McEwan

There Are No Limits Quotes By Senta Holland

When people say, 'But what is acceptable in erotica?' I sometimes answer them by saying: there are certain taboos and limits in writing about sex as a positive, enjoyable, blissful, exciting activity. There are no taboos and limits whatsoever to describing the same sexual activities if they are traumatic, horrible, full of suffering and disgust. You can describe anything. — Senta Holland

There Are No Limits Quotes By Suzy Kassem

Do not take anything to heart when people measure your art. Art has no boundaries, no limitations, no form, no standards and there is no right or wrong way to manifest the language of your soul. Those who set limits and standards are not true artists and have no business being a voice in the art world. Form is burden. Form is confined art. Eliminate the form and release the burden. THAT is true art. — Suzy Kassem

There Are No Limits Quotes By Blaise Pascal

Our soul is cast into a body, where it finds number, time, dimension. Thereupon it reasons, and calls this nature, necessity, and can believe nothing else.
If there is a God, He is infinitely incomprehensible, since, having neither parts nor limits, He has no affinity to us. We are then incapable of knowing either what He is or if He is. This being so, who will dare to undertake the decision of the question? Not we, who have no affinity to Him. — Blaise Pascal

There Are No Limits Quotes By Alexis Carrel

It seems that the increased number of scientific workers, their being split up into groups whose studies are limited to a small subject, and over-specialization have brought about a shrinking of intelligence. There is no doubt that the quality of any human group decreases when the number of the individuals composing this group increases beyond certain limits ... The best way to increase the intelligence of scientists would be to decrease their number. — Alexis Carrel

There Are No Limits Quotes By Henry Blackaby

When we hear His call and respond accordingly, there will be no limit to what God can and will do through His people. But if we do not even recognize when He is speaking, we are in trouble at the very heart of our relationship to Him. — Henry Blackaby

There Are No Limits Quotes By Brian Tracy

The great breakthrough in your life comes when you realize that you can learn anything you need to learn to accomplish any goal that you set for yourself. This means there are no limits on what you can be, have or do. — Brian Tracy

There Are No Limits Quotes By Marianne Williamson

You are emerging from the cocoon of your former self. There are no limits to the extent of the transformation that's possible for you. — Marianne Williamson

There Are No Limits Quotes By Tom Peters

Be guided by the axiom: There are no limits to the ability to contribute on the part of a properly selected, well-trained, appropriately supported, and, above all, committed person. — Tom Peters

There Are No Limits Quotes By Gary Westfal

Live as though today is your last, love as though tomorrow will never come, and dream as if there are no limits. — Gary Westfal

There Are No Limits Quotes By Eleanor Roosevelt

There is no more precious experience in life than friendship. And I am not forgetting love and marriage as I write this; the lovers, or the man and wife, who are not friends are but weakly joined together. One enlarges his circle of friends through contact with many people. One who limits those contacts narrows the circle and frequently his own point of view as well. — Eleanor Roosevelt

There Are No Limits Quotes By Barack Obama

Today, about 40 percent of America's carbon pollution comes from our power plants. There are no federal limits to the amount those plants can pump into the air. None. We limit the amount of toxic chemicals like mercury, and sulfur, and arsenic in our air and water, but power plants can dump as much carbon pollution into our atmosphere as they want. It's not smart, it's not right, it's not safe, and I determined it needs to stop. — Barack Obama

There Are No Limits Quotes By Edith Hamilton

The fundamental facts about the Greek was that he had to use his mind. The ancient priest had said, "Thus far and no farther. We set the limits of thought." The Greeks said, All things are to be examined and called into question. There are no limits set on thought. — Edith Hamilton

There Are No Limits Quotes By Ayn Rand

The power of the sky can be made to do men's bidding. There are no limits to its secrets and its might, and it can be made to grant us anything if we but choose to ask. — Ayn Rand

There Are No Limits Quotes By Evie Hunter

Tonight is different. There are no limits. We are going to do what I want. You chose to come here. You will take the consequences... — Evie Hunter

There Are No Limits Quotes By Claudia Gray

Oh, no, Nadia. There are plenty of limits, and trust me, the world will smack you down and teach you where they are. But make the world do that. Don't do it to yourself. — Claudia Gray

There Are No Limits Quotes By Jacque Fresco

When education and resources are available to all without a price tag, there will be no limit to the human potential. — Jacque Fresco

There Are No Limits Quotes By Al Roker

We already had an adopted daughter, 10-year-old Courtney, from my previous marriage. To me, there is no difference between 'natural' and 'adopted.' My own childhood showed me that when it comes to loving your kids, concepts like that don't apply. I was the oldest of six, and three of my siblings were adopted. Mom and Dad even took in foster children. 'There are no limits to how much you can love,' Dad always said. — Al Roker

There Are No Limits Quotes By Carlos Wallace

You should always be your greatest motivator. Never leave that power in someone else's hands. Once you learn to love the person you are, there are no limits to the person you can become. — Carlos Wallace

There Are No Limits Quotes By Bruce Lee

Good technique includes quick changes, great variety and speed. It may be a system of reversals much like a concept of God and the Devil. In the speed of events, which one is really in charge? ... to put the heart of martial arts inyour own heart and have it be a part of you means total comprehension and the use of a free style. When you have that you will know that there are no limits. — Bruce Lee

There Are No Limits Quotes By Michel De Montaigne

I felt compassion for the poor people who were taken in by [supernatural] follies. And now I think that I was at least as much to be pitied myself. Not that experience has since shown me anything surpassing my first beliefs, and that through no fault of my curiosity; but reason has taught me to condemn a thing thus, dogmatically, as false and impossible, is to assume the distinction of knowing the bounds and limits of God's will and of the power of our mother Nature; and that there is no more notable folly in the world than to measure these things by our capacity and competence. If we call prodigies or miracles whatever our reason cannot reach, how many of these appear continually before our eyes! Let us consider through what clouds and how gropingly we are led to the knowledge of most of the things that are right in our hands; assuredly we shall find that it is rather familiarity than knowledge that takes away their strangeness. — Michel De Montaigne

There Are No Limits Quotes By Malcolm Gladwell

We have trouble estimating dramatic, exponential change. We cannot conceive that a piece of paper folded over 50 times could reach the sun. There are abrupt limits to the number of cognitive categories we can make and the number of people we can truly love and the number of acquaintances we can truly know. We throw up our hands at a problem phrased in an abstract way, but have no difficulty at all solving the same problem rephrased as a social dilemma. All of these things are expressions of the peculiarities of the human mind and heart, a refutation of the notion that the way we function and communicate and process information is straightforward and transparent. It is not. It is messy and opaque. — Malcolm Gladwell

There Are No Limits Quotes By Mike Shanahan

Limits are self-imposed. But there are no limits to human energy nor the goals you can achieve. — Mike Shanahan

There Are No Limits Quotes By Franz Bardon

There are no limits, and that applies to everyone on earth. — Franz Bardon

There Are No Limits Quotes By Ronald Reagan

There are no limits to growth and human progress
when men and women are free to follow their dreams. — Ronald Reagan

There Are No Limits Quotes By Buddy Ebsen

Writing fiction, there are no limits to what you write as long as it increases the value of the paper you are writing on. — Buddy Ebsen

There Are No Limits Quotes By Philip Zimbardo

There are no limits to what I would do to make my classes exciting, interesting, unpredictable. — Philip Zimbardo

There Are No Limits Quotes By Priscilla Koranteng

Alas! Alas!
When in the skies there are no limits
only the forceful perseverance of the mind stripping through clouds
and creating the ever so beautiful shades of abundant success. — Priscilla Koranteng

There Are No Limits Quotes By Tina M. Randolph

Inside the maze there are no limits, no boundaries, where you could go anywhere your creative thoughts could take you. — Tina M. Randolph

There Are No Limits Quotes By M.F. Moonzajer

I can't blame you!
You really have no idea, how important you are
How elegant you look and how sweet is your smile
Everyone can smell you, from thousands kilometers away
They can feel like the hungry wolves
How delicious you are
And they can see you from far planets
Mars and Jupiter
Like the owls with big eyes
They know you are not human
Because no one have seen a creature
With such beauty and prettiness
I haven't seen angels
But I am sure they are not as beautiful as you are
Even beauty by nature has its limits
But I have to confess there is no limit in yours. — M.F. Moonzajer

There Are No Limits Quotes By Douglas Adams

But while nature has considerable resilience, there is a limit to how far that resilience can be stretched. No one knows how close to the limit we are getting. The darker it gets, the faster we're driving — Douglas Adams

There Are No Limits Quotes By Kevin Dutton

It's easy to forget that anything is possible with these guys. That there really are no limits. — Kevin Dutton

There Are No Limits Quotes By Leslie Stephen

The Agnostic is one who asserts 'what no one denies' that there are limits to the sphere of human intelligence. — Leslie Stephen

There Are No Limits Quotes By Rhonda Byrne

There are no limits to what you can create for you, because your ability to think is unlimited! But you cannot create other people's lives for them. You cannot think for them, and if you try to force your opinions on others you will only attract like forces to you. So let all others create the life they want. — Rhonda Byrne

There Are No Limits Quotes By Brian Tracy

There are no limits on what you can achieve with your life, except the limits you accept in your mind — Brian Tracy

There Are No Limits Quotes By Justin Buzzard

A pine cone cannot fall from a tree unless God is involved. A bumblebee cannot pollenate a flower or sting your arm apart from the will of God. Money cannot enter or exit your bank account apart from the sovereignty of God. Little Ernest cannot be born or be buried in that grave just a half-mile from my house apart from God's will. Legislation cannot be passed in this country or in any other apart from God's sovereignty. You hold this book in your hands because God sovereignly allows you to hold this book in your hands. Everything is under His sovereign rule. Some of us believe that God is a bit like the president. He has a lot of power and authority, but there are checks and balances to limit Him. He is limited by our human choices, the events of the future, the wrongs of the past, or by those who do not believe in Him. Some of His legislations could be vetoed. His popularity can ebb and flow. But God is not like that at all. There are no limits to His rule and power. — Justin Buzzard

There Are No Limits Quotes By David Brooks

I think there are two basic approaches you can use for campaign finance. One is complete openness, everybody knows absolutely everything, but no limits. But you let people decide.The other is just have a national public system. — David Brooks

There Are No Limits Quotes By M. L. Stedman - The Light Between Oceans

There are times when the ocean is not the ocean - not blue, not even water, but some violent explosion of energy and danger: ferocity on a scale only gods can summon. It hurls itself at the island, sending spray right over the top of the lighthouse, biting pieces off the cliff. And the sound is a roaring of a beast whose anger knows no limits. Those are the nights the light is needed most. — M. L. Stedman - The Light Between Oceans

There Are No Limits Quotes By John Lydon

There are no limits to where our brains can take us. We are, if there be a God, God's gracious creation. — John Lydon

There Are No Limits Quotes By Miguel De Cervantes

Believe there are no limits but the sky. — Miguel De Cervantes

There Are No Limits Quotes By Mother Jones

I know that there are no limits to which the powers of privilege will not go to keep the workers in slavery — Mother Jones

There Are No Limits Quotes By Sam A. Patel

There are no limits, only plateaus. — Sam A. Patel

There Are No Limits Quotes By Hal Elrod

From that point on, having also added the belief that affirmations really work, not only did my memory continue to improve, but I created affirmations for every area of my life that I wanted to advance I began using affirmations to improve my health, finances, relationships, overall happiness, confidence, as well as any and all beliefs, mindsets and habits that needed an upgrade. Nothing was off limits. There are no limits! — Hal Elrod

There Are No Limits Quotes By Ellen Meloy

There are people who have no engaged conversation with the land whatsoever, no sense of its beauty or extremes or limits and therefore no reason to question their actions in a place that is merely backdrop. — Ellen Meloy

There Are No Limits Quotes By Michael Josephson

Don't let others define you. Don't let the past confine you. Take charge of your life with confidence and determination and there are no limits on what you can do or be. — Michael Josephson

There Are No Limits Quotes By Ronald Reagan

There are no great limits to growth because there are no limits of human intelligence, imagination, and wonder. — Ronald Reagan

There Are No Limits Quotes By Anne Rice

And this time as the lashes come, try to think about the pain, instead of against it, because there is not one single aspect of life, past, present, or future, that does not tear your reason from you, to think on it. So think about the pain. This pain after all has its limits. You can chart its passage through your body. It has a beginning, middle, end. Imagine if it had a color. The first cut of the lash is what, red? Red, spreading into a brilliant yellow. And this one again, red, red, no yellow, and then white, white, white, white ... Why have you incarcerated yourself in this palazzo of torture chambers, why do you not leave this place? Because you are a monster and this is a school for monsters, and if you leave here, then you will be completely, completely alone! Alone with this!
Don't weep in front of these strangers. Swallow it down. Don't weep in front of these strangers! Cry to heaven, cry to heaven, cry to heaven. — Anne Rice

There Are No Limits Quotes By Michael Phelps

There will be obstacles. There will be doubters. There will be mistakes. But with hard work ... THERE ARE NO LIMITS. — Michael Phelps

There Are No Limits Quotes By William Donaldson

I read recently that 60% of all drugs on the black-market had been put there by the police. No sooner are drugs seized, it seems, than they are recycled onto the streets by the arresting officers! I know our Leader, Mrs Thatcher, is in favour of private enterprise, but this is the free market gone mad! ... Yours for the Market Economy Within Reasonable Limits! — William Donaldson

There Are No Limits Quotes By Renata Adler

A rowboat, without oars. An outboard motor. As you can sit there for years, forever, with that outboard motor, pulling again, and yet again, that rope, or cord, or wire, or whatever it is, and winding yet again, and each time, every single time, the motor, though it may give a cough or two, will fail to start, though if it starts, and when it starts, you are, at whatever speed you choose, within the engine's limits and the hazards of the course, well on your way, until it starts you are no nearer where you were going on the fifteenth try than on the first; the enterprise may last forever, and never yet quite begin. The fact seems to be, however, that unless some apparently unrelated event should intervene
a bullet, a heart attack, a cry from shore that dinner's ready, or company has come, or junior's run away
the engine will eventually start. In the meantime, though, while you have been intensely busy, it is difficult to account for how the time is spent. — Renata Adler

There Are No Limits Quotes By Jack Kemp

There are no limits to our future if we don't put limits on our people. — Jack Kemp

There Are No Limits Quotes By Bruce Lee

If you always put limits on what you can do, physical or anything else, it'll spread over into the rest of your life. It'll spread into your work, into your morality, into your entire being. There are no limits. There are plateaus, but you must not stay there, you must go beyond them. If it kills you, it kills you. A man must constantly exceed his level. — Bruce Lee

There Are No Limits Quotes By Leisel Jones

I can't control what everyone else swims but if all goes well I know there are no limits. — Leisel Jones

There Are No Limits Quotes By Roger McDonald

There are no limits to your possibilities! Your successes will multiply and increase in proportion to your mastery of the law. — Roger McDonald

There Are No Limits Quotes By Michelle Horst

Your mind is the most powerful wonder. It can be your greatest enemy or your closest ally.
There are no limits to what you can achieve if only you believe. — Michelle Horst

There Are No Limits Quotes By Calvin W. Allison

The narrow path of the righteous is an extremely difficult path to travel. The rough road to victory is a very challenging endeavor that pushes the limits of endurance. Enormous mountains of hardship, boisterous storms of adversity, and several other elements of confrontation are there in their various forms of operation to test our faith. So it's very important for us to apply the word of our God to our lives, and believe it with unwavering faith. Then no form of adversity can keep us back from a successful advancement into a deeper progression where greater achievements are obtained. — Calvin W. Allison

There Are No Limits Quotes By Dr. Walter Bishop

There are no limits, except for those we impose upon ourselves. — Dr. Walter Bishop

There Are No Limits Quotes By Walter Lippmann

The predominant teachings of this age are that there are no limits to man's capacity to govern others and that, therefore, no limitations ought to be imposed upon government. The older faith, born of long ages of suffering under man's dominion over man, was that the exercise of unlimited power by men with limited minds and self-regarding prejudices is soon oppressive, reactionary, and corrupt. The older faith taught that the very condition of progress was the limitation of power to the capacity and the virtue of rulers. — Walter Lippmann

There Are No Limits Quotes By Edith Hamilton

The ancient priests had said, "Thus far and no farther. We set the limits to thought." The Greeks said, "All things are to be examined and called into question. There are no limits set to thought." It is an extraordinary fact that by the time we have actual, documentary knowledge of the Greeks there is not a trace to be found of that domination over the mind by the priests which played such a decisive part in the ancient world. The priest plays no real part in either the history or the literature of Greece. — Edith Hamilton

There Are No Limits Quotes By Max Anders

There is no limit to what God's people can expect their God to do if they are rightly related to Him. — Max Anders

There Are No Limits Quotes By Karen White

There are no limits to starting over. That's why the sun rises every day. Unless you're running in circles and then the outcome never changes. — Karen White

There Are No Limits Quotes By Cressida Cowell

There's no such thing as im-POSSIBLE, Hiccup, only im-PROBABLE. The only thing that limits us are the limits to our imagination — Cressida Cowell

There Are No Limits Quotes By Suzy Kassem

My father taught me that learning is an endless process, and that there is no limit to the amount of knowledge a person can contain. You are never too old to learn something new, or too young to learn too much. — Suzy Kassem

There Are No Limits Quotes By Edmund Burke

No contrivance can prevent the effect of this distance in weakening government. Seas roll, and months pass, between the order and the execution, and the want of a speedy explanation of a single point is enough to defeat a whole system. You have, indeed, winged ministers of vengeance, 27 who carry your bolts in their pounces to the remotest verge of the sea. But there a power steps in that limits the arrogance of raging passions and furious elements, and says, SO FAR SHALL THOU GO, AND NO FARTHER. Who are you, that you should fret and rage, and bite the chains of nature? Nothing worse happens to you than does to all nations who have extensive empire; and it happens in all the forms into which empire can be thrown. In large bodies the circulation of power must be less vigorous at the extremities. Nature has said it. — Edmund Burke

There Are No Limits Quotes By Hans Haacke

An artist is not an isolated system. In order to survive he has to interact continuously with the world around him ... Theoretically there are no limits to his involvement. — Hans Haacke

There Are No Limits Quotes By Milton Friedman

There are severe limits to the good that the government can do for the economy, but there are almost no limits to the harm it can do. — Milton Friedman

There Are No Limits Quotes By Andrzej Sapkowski

every myth, every fable must have some roots. Something lies among those roots.'
'It does. ... Most often a dream, a wish, a desire, a yearning. Faith that there are no limits to possibility. And occasionally chance. — Andrzej Sapkowski

There Are No Limits Quotes By Edgar Rice Burroughs

The luminosity below me seemed confined directly to the area to be lighted; there was no diffusion of light upward or beyond the limits the lamps were designed to light. This was effected, I was told, by lamps designed upon principles resulting from ages of investigation of the properties of light waves and the laws governing them which permit Barsoomian scientists to confine and control light as we confine and control matter. The light waves leave the lamp, pass along a prescribed circuit and return to the lamp. There is no waste nor, strange this seemed to me, are there any dense shadows when lights are properly installed and adjusted, for the waves in passing around objects to return to the lamp, illuminate all sides of them. The — Edgar Rice Burroughs