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Top The Seahawks Quotes

The Seahawks Quotes By Nate Burleson

These Seattle Seahawks wide receivers have been called pedestrian, they've been called no-namers, but they always come up with the big play. — Nate Burleson

The Seahawks Quotes By Jon Gruden

Mike, the best band to ever come out of Seattle was, of course, Pearl Jam. And that's what I expect the Seahawks to do - just jam it up the middle. — Jon Gruden

The Seahawks Quotes By Bret Stephens

If, in 2008, I could have not been in equities, I wouldn't have been in equities. If I could have not bet on the Seahawks in the Super Bowl, I wouldn't have bet on the Seahawks. Life and statesmanship are not lived with the benefit of hindsight. — Bret Stephens

The Seahawks Quotes By Charles Woodson

Andrew Luck, if he gets to his first Super Bowl and he wins that Super Bowl, that means he won on the road every game except for that first playoff game. He went and beat Peyton Manning ... Then that means he went and beat Tom Brady ... Then he would either have to beat Aaron Rodgers or the Seattle Seahawks. That's a pretty tough hill to climb. If he does that, he's just solidified himself in that conversation as an elite quarterback. — Charles Woodson

The Seahawks Quotes By Seattle Seahawks

Keep calm and EAT SKITTLES! — Seattle Seahawks

The Seahawks Quotes By Jon Gruden

The Seahawks defense has to go balls deep to win this game. — Jon Gruden

The Seahawks Quotes By Steve Largent

I don't think I was a year too late or a year too early in retiring. If the Seahawks had been in the playoffs a year later, I might have had some regrets. — Steve Largent

The Seahawks Quotes By Deion Sanders

Marshawn Lynch is the heart of this team. If he's not going, the Seahawks aren't going. — Deion Sanders

The Seahawks Quotes By Katy Perry

I love the Seahawks because of Russell [Wilson] and I think that I'm going to probably go for them! — Katy Perry

The Seahawks Quotes By Richard Sherman

The goal has always been to stay in Seattle and continue to play for the Seahawks. — Richard Sherman

The Seahawks Quotes By James Moser

You know, Scout. You never really understand a person until you climb in their skin and walk around in it for a while." Atticus Finch

"Television is good. It gives much, yet asks little." My little brother, Bobby Moser. One would never guess from that quote that he is a law school graduate & respected trial attorney. He sounds like a stoner.

"Touchdown, Seahawks!!!" Steve Raible, Seattle Sports Broadcaster. — James Moser

The Seahawks Quotes By Bill Belichick

Well this week's all about Seattle, so we've been doing our best to prepare for the Seahawks. I'm doing that, our team's doing that and we'll be ready to go Sunday. That's our focus. — Bill Belichick

The Seahawks Quotes By E.L. James

I tug my Seahawks cap low over my face and sprint on down Western Avenue. — E.L. James

The Seahawks Quotes By Matthew D. Heines

Special Super Bowl Wisdom of the Ages: "Marshawn Lynch" Not really shy. Still extremely embarrassed he believed you can't be charged for beating up on large groups of people-as long as you are carrying a football. — Matthew D. Heines

The Seahawks Quotes By Ross Mathews

What I love most about achieving whatever I've achieved is that the Seattle Seahawks follow me on Twitter! — Ross Mathews

The Seahawks Quotes By Angela Duckworth

No whining. No complaining. No excuses. — Angela Duckworth

The Seahawks Quotes By Matt Hasselbeck

The Seahawks have only been around since 1976, so our fan base is relatively young. You talk about the Patriots, or the Celtics or, obviously, Red Sox and Bruins. Your grandfather's father was a fan of that team. People have lived there their whole lives. — Matt Hasselbeck

The Seahawks Quotes By Norman Chad

If one official signals Falcons ball and Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson signals Seahawks ball, is it a jump ball? — Norman Chad

The Seahawks Quotes By Marshawn Lynch

The Seahawks, their front office gets in the media; they talk a lot. — Marshawn Lynch

The Seahawks Quotes By Norman Chad

Seahawks beat Cardinals, 58-0. If Patriots beat Texans, 58-0, it will be first time in NFL history there were two 58-0 games in same week. — Norman Chad

The Seahawks Quotes By Richard Sherman

Everybody can be who they are within the scheme of the Seahawks and what we want to do. — Richard Sherman

The Seahawks Quotes By Pete Carroll

Congrats to Clare Farnsworth on a legendary career! One of the all-time great Seahawks! We will miss you Clare! — Pete Carroll

The Seahawks Quotes By Shaun Alexander

The contract stuff just happens to be a coincidence to me. I always play every game as if my back is against the wall. That's always something that has been good to me since high school. A lot of people believe the grass is greener on the other side, but I'm not one of those people. It wouldn't be my choice to leave, but the Seahawks know that. — Shaun Alexander