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The Prophet Muhammad Pbuh Quotes & Sayings

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The Prophet Muhammad Pbuh Quotes By Anonymous

Do you know what is better than charity and fasting and prayer? It is keeping peace and good relations between people, as quarrels and bad feelings destroy mankind. — Anonymous

The Prophet Muhammad Pbuh Quotes By Adil Salahi

...What remains to be said is that no portrait of the Prophet's character will do him justice. He was superior to anything we can imagine. Perhaps the description that comes closest to the truth is that he was "the teacher of perfect goodness." May God reward him well for having taught that perfect goodness to humanity. — Adil Salahi

The Prophet Muhammad Pbuh Quotes By Michael Muhammad Knight

I'm a spiritual person, she said. I believe in Allah, you know, though I don't always call It 'Allah' and I pray the way I want to pray. Sometimes I just look out at the stars and this love-fear thing comes over me, you know? And sometimes I might sit in a Christian church listening to them talk about Isa with a book of Hafiz in my hands instead of the hymnal. And you know what, Yusef? Sometimes, every once in a while, I get out my old rug and I pray like Muhammad prayed. I never learned the shit in Arabic and my knees are uncovered, but if Allah has a problem with that then what kind of Allah do we believe in? — Michael Muhammad Knight

The Prophet Muhammad Pbuh Quotes By Anonymous

The best of the houses is the house where an orphan gets love and kindness. — Anonymous

The Prophet Muhammad Pbuh Quotes By George Bernard Shaw

I have very carefully studied Islam and the life of its Prophet (PBUH). I have done so both as a student of history and as a critic. And I have come to conclusion that Muhammad (PBUH) was indeed a great man and a deliverer and benefactor of mankind which was till then writhing under the most agonising Pain. — George Bernard Shaw

The Prophet Muhammad Pbuh Quotes By Anonymous

The ink of the scholar is more holy than the blood of the martyr. — Anonymous