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The One Who Makes You Laugh Quotes By Maddie Wade

Sometimes I think this is all a horrible nightmare and I'm going to wake up and she's gonna laugh at me. It's like I didn't know her and the thing that makes me the angriest is I can't confront her about it all, and then I feel like a bastard for feeling that way. — Maddie Wade

The One Who Makes You Laugh Quotes By Marcelo Figueras

If life was a movie and someone asked you what kind of a movie it was the best answer would be: it's a movie that makes you laugh and cry at the same time. Grandpa knew that. pg. 223 — Marcelo Figueras

The One Who Makes You Laugh Quotes By Paul Feig

Whatever makes you laugh is fine, and all we can do as comedy professionals is try to steer you towards something that we think is a little better - but not put you down or just perplex you in the process. — Paul Feig

The One Who Makes You Laugh Quotes By Paul Feig

Yeah, you know, I like to throw myself on the sword so that others may feel better about themselves. I tell the stories that you all want to forget, but when you remember it, it hopefully makes you laugh. — Paul Feig

The One Who Makes You Laugh Quotes By J.D. Robb

What the fuck was that? Is it like that vid, with the people and the pods and the dupes?"
"Oh, that's a scary one. It's sort of like that. He's in love."
"What with?"
"Who," Peabody said with a laugh. "Apparently he met somebody a few weeks ago, and he's in love. He's happy."
"He's fucking creepy, that's what he is. I think I like him better when he's a dick. He kept smiling."
"Happy makes you smile."
"It's unnatural. — J.D. Robb

The One Who Makes You Laugh Quotes By Anonymous

You meet a lot of people throughout your life. Most of which you will meet and forget. A few you will keep close to your heart. And one of which who challenges you. One that makes you laugh. Happy. One that makes your heart ache when they are not with you. The one that completes you. The one you love. I'd like to think I found the one that completes me. — Anonymous

The One Who Makes You Laugh Quotes By Nathan Fielder

I agree that someone falling down is really funny, and I can go on YouTube and watch people falling. It makes me laugh. — Nathan Fielder

The One Who Makes You Laugh Quotes By Carl Reiner

The absolute truth is the thing that makes people laugh. — Carl Reiner

The One Who Makes You Laugh Quotes By Hugo Hamilton

He said you have to be on the side of the losers, the people with bad lungs. You have to be with those who are homesick and can't breathe very well in Ireland. He said it makes no sense to hold a stone in your hand. A lot more people would be homeless if you speak the killer language. He said Ireland has more than one story. We are the German-Irish story. We are the English-Irish story, too. My father has one soft foot and one hard foot, one good ear and one bad ear, and we have one Irish foot and one German foot and a right arm in English. We are the brack children. Brack, homemade Irish bread with German raisins. We are the brack people and we don't have just one language and one history. We sleep in German and we dream in Irish. We laugh in Irish and we cry in German. We are silent in German and we speak in English. We are the speckled people. — Hugo Hamilton

The One Who Makes You Laugh Quotes By Susan Polis Schutz

I always want to be with you
more than with anyone else.
I always want to talk to you
before anyone else.
I always want to laugh with you
* walk with you ?
* read with you
* play with you
* be quiet with you
* be noisy with you
make plans with you
discuss the past and future with you
You will always be the person who makes me happy, content, excited and peaceful
No matter how much time passes our love will not only prevail but it will be stronger than ever .. — Susan Polis Schutz

The One Who Makes You Laugh Quotes By Bill Shapiro

So, you wanna know what I want? I want it all. I want to be in love so much it hurts. The frissons. The pin pricks. The mind-blowing sex. The connection. And I want to be married with kids I adore and a husband who makes me feel safe, sexy, smart, secure, silly, serious, salacious, sinful, serene, satisfied. I want someone who makes me laugh until milk comes out of my nose (only I don't drink milk). I want to finish someone's sentences. I want to believe in someone, in something, in a future that's not just about laundry and soccer practice and subdivisions and minivans and guilt-tripping grandparents. I want to make someone a better person. I want to be a good example. I want to love some kids into the world. I want someone who stimulates my brain as much as my body. I want to taste everything and go everywhere. I want to give and I want to get. I want too much and I want it all in one person. — Bill Shapiro

The One Who Makes You Laugh Quotes By Kiersten White

There! I can't fix the whole country, and it will only last a few days, but I present you with the sun, on behalf of my dreadfully boring magic.
He bows low, holding out his hand. I reach out tentatively, afraid of being burned, but the globe merely hovers above my hand where I slide it on top of Finn's. It's golden and deliciously warm and instantly makes me happier and more at ease than I've been in weeks.
I laugh, delighted, and by the look on Finn's face you'd think I was the one who had given him an absurd and wonderful gift. — Kiersten White

The One Who Makes You Laugh Quotes By Julian Clary

It's almost a way of life. I know what makes me laugh. — Julian Clary

The One Who Makes You Laugh Quotes By Lyra Parish

Love is kisses and touches and all the little things that make your body flood with emotions such as need, want, protectiveness, jealousy, hurt, and anger. It can take your breath away, or smother you at times, and make you feel like you can't go on. Your heart may race a thousand miles per minute, then slow down, and then race again, just with a simple look. Love is deadly and can kill you from the inside out if you let it. It makes you do stupid, ridiculous things, and say senseless sappy words, or listen to silly love songs, jazz, or dance in the streets, or laugh, or smile. Love is a weapon, or a drug, and can drive a person mad. I know what love is ... — Lyra Parish

The One Who Makes You Laugh Quotes By Adam DeVine

There's not one thing that inspires me the most. Me and my friends joke around with each other and hang out so much that whatever makes us laugh really hard makes it into 'Workaholics.' But the characters that I think are funny are guys that are confidently stupid. — Adam DeVine

The One Who Makes You Laugh Quotes By Blake Lively

I always love somebody who makes me laugh, who's fun to be with. — Blake Lively

The One Who Makes You Laugh Quotes By Brendan O'Carroll

You write what makes you laugh, and you hope that the audience agree, and so far they do. — Brendan O'Carroll

The One Who Makes You Laugh Quotes By Gillian Flynn

Brett: Husband! Father of my child! Dance partner, emergency grilled-cheese maker. The kind of fellow who knows how to pick the wine. The kind of fellow who looks great in a tux. Also a zombie-tux. The guy with the generous laugh and the glorious whistle. The guy who has the answer. The man who makes my child laugh till he falls down. The man who makes me laugh till I fall down. The guy who lets me ask all sorts of invasive, inappropriate, and intrusive questions about being a guy. The man who read and reread and reread and then reread, and not only gave advice, but gave me a bourbon app. You're it, baby. Thanks for marrying me. Two words, always. — Gillian Flynn

The One Who Makes You Laugh Quotes By Katie Holmes

He's the most incredible man. He's so generous and kind, and he helps so many people, and, um, he makes me laugh like I've never laughed, and he's a great friend. — Katie Holmes

The One Who Makes You Laugh Quotes By Pete Hamill

In my experience, growing up in Brooklyn and all that, the real tough guys didn't act tough. They didn't talk tough. They were tough, you know? I think about these politicians who try to pose as tough guys - it makes me laugh. — Pete Hamill

The One Who Makes You Laugh Quotes By Siobhan Fahey

Depression scares people off. It makes me laugh that it has that kind of effect. — Siobhan Fahey

The One Who Makes You Laugh Quotes By Jen Calonita

I want someone who builds people up, not tears them down. I need someone who makes me laugh and isn't afraid to rib me when I'm being a royal jerk.' She smiled a little. 'You're that girl. I want to be with you, and I want everyone to know it. — Jen Calonita

The One Who Makes You Laugh Quotes By L. H. Cosway

Stop looking at me like that," I say, frowning and rubbing at my chest. He has this habit of making my heart sore, making my lungs feel like there's not enough air.
He tilts his head attractively, which only makes matters worse. "Like what?"
"Like you're molesting me with your eyes," I blurt out.
His answering laugh is long and deep. I can barely handle the affection in his gaze. "Okay, I'll try to stop. But if it all gets to be too much for you, this apartment happens to have a very nice bathroom. You can go rub one out again to take the edge off. I'll come listen, too, if that will help."
There he goes again, pushing me.
I do a slow blink at him before coming out with a rather masterful comeback. And when I say "masterful," I mean shit. "Why don't you go and rub one out?"
He cocks an eyebrow. "I don't rub out, darlin'. I jack off. — L. H. Cosway

The One Who Makes You Laugh Quotes By Richard Simmons

I'll tell you who makes me laugh, in a good way, and I'd love to have a date with her: if I could just have a salad with Lady Gaga? This would be my - I would almost probably faint. — Richard Simmons

The One Who Makes You Laugh Quotes By Suzanne Wright

Look, I know this won't be easy, Imani. I won't be easy. I can be pushy, selfish, insensitive, aggressive, and I like my own way. I'll fuck up, but I will never purposely hurt you. I want to be the one who makes you smile, who makes you laugh, who makes you feel safe, and who makes you come every night. I'll do my damn best to make sure all of that happens. — Suzanne Wright

The One Who Makes You Laugh Quotes By Hope C. Tarr

You would fare far better with a lover who makes you laugh than one who makes you curse - and cry," he added, stepping to the cone of colored light.

Beyond mortified, Phoebe dashed a quick hand across her damp eyes, hoping he might at least miss that much of her shame. "Sir, you should have made your presence known."

One dark brow arched upward, "I believe I am doing just that. — Hope C. Tarr

The One Who Makes You Laugh Quotes By Cassandra Clare

I think about him all the time," she said. "It's awful. Nothing like this has ever happened to me before."
"You mean Simon?"
"Scrawny little mundane bastard," she said, and took her hands off Jordan's chest. "Except he isn't. Scrawny, anymore. Or a mundane. And I like spending time with him. He makes me laugh. And I like the way he smiles. You know, one side of his mouth goes up before the other one - Well, you live with him. You must have noticed."
"Not really," said Jordan.
"I miss him when he's not around," Isabelle confessed. — Cassandra Clare

The One Who Makes You Laugh Quotes By Megan Karasch

The other problem is that she hasn't arrived."
"Oh, yeah? And who is she?"
"Well, she is a remarkable, funny, classy woman who can say the word fuck without being trashy. She makes me laugh, is ambitious, loves me because I'm nice, not in spite of it, and is as nice in return. She is simply enchanting."
"Shooting for the stars there, aren't you, pal?"
"Shouldn't we all?"
I didn't know anymore, although I utterly envied his romanticism. — Megan Karasch

The One Who Makes You Laugh Quotes By Rachel E. Carter

All of sudden I cared what someone thought of me. Because we are friends. And making you miserable and angry makes me miserable and angry. I don't want to be the person to make you mad or cry, Ryiah. I want to make you laugh. I want you to make me laugh, because gods know you are the only one who can. So, yes, I am sorry, I am sorry because even if I was right, I was also wrong. And I'd rather lose a silly battle than your friendship. — Rachel E. Carter

The One Who Makes You Laugh Quotes By Deyth Banger

This two quotes make me laugh
"Andre Linoge: Born in lust, turn to dust. Born in sin, COME ON IN." (Stephen King on Storm of the Century)

"We are on location, not on vacation"
(Unnatural 2015 Film)

Everyday when I read it or I repeat it makes me laugh it's kind a joke. The first one is a killer joke, the second one is...(you guess from who is this joke!) — Deyth Banger

The One Who Makes You Laugh Quotes By Jennifer Donnelly

There were nights when I got nothing, [but] I still played. With no one to hear me and no one to pay me, and it did not matter.
On those nights, the words were for me alone. They came up unbidden from my heart. They slipped over my tongue and spilled from my mouth. And because of them I, who was nothing and nobody, was a prince of Denmark, a maid of Verona, a queen of Egypt. I was a sour misanthrope, a beetling hypocrite, a conjurer's daughter, a mad and murderous king.
It was dark and it was cold on those nights. The world was harsh and I was hungry. Yet I had such joy from the words. Such joy.
There were times when I lifted my face to the sky, stretched my arms wide to the winter night, and laughed out loud, so happy was I.
The memory of it makes me laugh now, but not from happiness.
Be careful what you show the world.
You never know when the wolf is watching. — Jennifer Donnelly

The One Who Makes You Laugh Quotes By Neel Burton

When you uncork a bottle of mature fine wine, what you are drinking is the product of a particular culture and tradition, a particular soil, a particular climate, the weather in that year, and the love and labour of people who may since have died. The wine is still changing, still evolving, so much so that no two bottles can ever be quite the same. By now, the stuff has become incredibly complex, almost ethereal. Without seeking to blaspheme, it has become something like the smell and taste of God. Do you drink it alone? Never. The better a bottle, the more you want to share it with others ... and that is the other incredible thing about wine, that it brings people together, makes them share with one another, laugh with one another, fall in love with one another and with the world around them. — Neel Burton

The One Who Makes You Laugh Quotes By Steven Rowley

Most of all, I am thankful for Lily, who, since she entered my life, has taught me everything I know about patience and kindness and meeting adversity with quiet dignity and grace. No one makes me laugh harder, or want to hug them tighter. You have truly lived up to the promise of man's best friend. — Steven Rowley

The One Who Makes You Laugh Quotes By Jessica Love

His laugh always sounds like he's having a much better time than anyone else in the room, and it makes me want to join in. — Jessica Love

The One Who Makes You Laugh Quotes By N.D. Wilson

If God gives you (or makes you) a joke, what are you meant to do in response? (Receive it. Laugh.)
If God gives you an obstacle, what are you meant to do in response? (Receive it. Climb it. Then laugh.)
If God gives you more profound hardship, what are you meant to do in response? (Receive it. Climb it. Then laugh. Exhibit A: His Son.) — N.D. Wilson

The One Who Makes You Laugh Quotes By Jenna Fischer

It makes it really hard to just go to a dinner party because, in my work life, I'm surrounded by the funniest people, ever. I'm really spoiled. I laugh a lot, in my day. — Jenna Fischer

The One Who Makes You Laugh Quotes By Diego Luna

Someone who surprises me, someone who makes me laugh, and someone who has her own life and wants to share that with me. I hate those relationships where someone is just following the other person around, you know? — Diego Luna

The One Who Makes You Laugh Quotes By Ron Currie Jr.

Jay Wexler is my kind of writer
a weird one, and a wry one, and one who isnt afraid to act silly in a sort of bait-and-switch that, to the readers surprise, moves him as much as it makes him laugh. Like all the best comedians, Wexler is clearly nursing a heart that the world broke a long time ago. Ed Tuttle is a book that cant decide what it wants to be when it grows up, but as with most cases of arrested development, theres something very serious going on behind all the antics. Plus, there are pictures. — Ron Currie Jr.

The One Who Makes You Laugh Quotes By Eva Green

I think British men build up the idea of us French girls having some magic extra sex appeal so much, they lose their heads. I can't really understand the whole thing - but it makes me laugh. It's such a cliche to think all French girls are well dressed, elegant, sophisticated and sexy. Some are utter slobs, I promise you that. — Eva Green

The One Who Makes You Laugh Quotes By David Mandel

I think that's part of being a comedy writer. You have to be confident. If you're sitting around worrying about, like, oh my God, what are people going to think, then you're not writing comedy. You have to write what makes you laugh, and then the world hopefully laughs as well. — David Mandel

The One Who Makes You Laugh Quotes By Noah Hawley

'Fargo' is a tragedy with a happy ending. So you need to have that tragic underpinning, that all of this could be avoidable, and that's what makes it tragic. It's about the use of violence, and the fact that the tension in anticipation of violence and the tension in anticipation of a laugh are sort of the same. — Noah Hawley

The One Who Makes You Laugh Quotes By Robert Jordan

Do you believe a man must be hard?" she asked. She was taking a chance. "Or strong?" By her tone, she left no doubt she saw a difference.
Again Sorilea touched the tray; the smallest of smiles might have quirked her lips for an instant. Or not. "Most men see the two as one and the same, Cadsuane Melaidhrin. Strong endures; hard shatters."
Cadsuane drew breath. A chance she would have scoured anyone else for taking. But she was not anyone else, and sometimes chances had to be taken. "The boy confuses them," she said. "He needs to be strong, and makes himself harder. Too hard, already, and he will not stop until he is stopped. He has forgotten how to laugh except in bitterness; there are no tears left in him. Unless he finds laughter and tears again, the world faces disaster. He must learn that even the Dragon Reborn is flesh. If he goes to Tarmon Gai'don as he is, even his victory may be as dark as his defeat. — Robert Jordan

The One Who Makes You Laugh Quotes By Claudia Gray

Dad peers around the corner, his face barely visible above Mom's exuberant philodendron. "Have both of you gone mad simultaneously?" "Yeah," Theo says, "it saves time." That makes Dad laugh; — Claudia Gray

The One Who Makes You Laugh Quotes By Dennis Miller

Laughter is one of the great beacons in life because we don't refract it by gunning it through our intellectual prism. What makes us laugh is a mystery - an involuntary response. — Dennis Miller

The One Who Makes You Laugh Quotes By Andre Gide

The itch is a mean, unconfessable, ridiculous malady; one can pity someone who is suffering ; someone who wants to scratch himself makes one laugh. — Andre Gide

The One Who Makes You Laugh Quotes By Ricky Gervais

Someone trying to be funny probably isn't as funny as someone who doesn't want to be funny but is and can't help it. Someone being serious or angry might be funny. If you get angry, the first thing I want to do is laugh because I don't know why you're getting that angry. Pathos makes me laugh, funerals make me laugh. — Ricky Gervais

The One Who Makes You Laugh Quotes By Joe Rogan

The audience changes every night. You're the same person. You have to speak your mind and do the stuff that you think is funny and makes you laugh. — Joe Rogan

The One Who Makes You Laugh Quotes By George Herbert

Knowledge makes one laugh, but wealth makes one dance. — George Herbert

The One Who Makes You Laugh Quotes By Lynne Truss

Old radio comedy makes me laugh, as well as 'I'm Sorry I Haven't a Clue' and comedians like Paul Merton. — Lynne Truss

The One Who Makes You Laugh Quotes By Anthony Liccione

People usually will remember people most, for the stupid things they did, than the impressionable ones. This somehow strangely, makes them feel better. — Anthony Liccione

The One Who Makes You Laugh Quotes By Himmilicious

Anything that makes you laugh, giggle or smile.. Do it again.. — Himmilicious

The One Who Makes You Laugh Quotes By Katie Flynn

They don't think much o'laughter, the rich,' Clarrie observed.
'Nor the powerful, for that matter. When did a teacher ever encourage her class to laugh?
When a maid giggles, chances are she'll get give the order of the boot.
And do you know why? Laughter puts folk down, that's why.
It makes the pompous look foolish and the proud trip and fall. — Katie Flynn

The One Who Makes You Laugh Quotes By Amy A. Bartol

Would you mind telling Xavier that if
he doesn't want to become an albatross,
he should stop laughing, Evie mutters,
which only makes him laugh harder. — Amy A. Bartol

The One Who Makes You Laugh Quotes By Alexander Wang

I usually go for anything that makes me laugh endlessly. that's very important criteria. — Alexander Wang

The One Who Makes You Laugh Quotes By Deyth Banger

Laugh as much as possible. Because this makes your life better! — Deyth Banger

The One Who Makes You Laugh Quotes By Lang Leav

What if I told you that one day you will meet a girl who is unlike anyone else you've known. She will know all the right things to say, what makes you laugh, what turns you on, what drives you wild and best of all, you will do for her exactly what she does for you.
"When will I meet her?"
Well let's put it this way, she doesn't even exist yet. — Lang Leav

The One Who Makes You Laugh Quotes By Richard Dreyfuss

We didn't get along, me and Bill Murray. But I've got to give it to him: I don't like him, but he makes me laugh even now. I'm also jealous that he's a better golfer than I am. — Richard Dreyfuss

The One Who Makes You Laugh Quotes By Rachel Van Dyken

The type of love that makes you want to laugh out loud - scream a bit - run in circles - and then repeat? Yeah that's how I felt about Wes. Totally. Out. Of. Control. Giddiness — Rachel Van Dyken

The One Who Makes You Laugh Quotes By David Mitchell

Contrary to popular wisdom, bullies are rarely cowards.
Bullies come in various shapes and sizes. Observe yours. Gather intelligence.
Shunning one hopeless battle is not an act of cowardice.
Hankering for security or popularity makes you weak and vulnerable.
Which is worse: Scorn earned by informers? Misery endured by victims?
The brutal May have been molded by a brutality you cannot exceed.
Let guile be your ally.
Respect earned by integrity cannot be lost without your consent.
Don't laugh at what you don't find funny.
Don't support an opinion you don't hold.
The independent befriend the independent.
Adolescence dies in its fourth year. You live to be eighty. — David Mitchell

The One Who Makes You Laugh Quotes By Christopher Barzak

In Japan, people have something called their charm point. A coy smile, a twinkle in the eye, a faultless sense of humour, or a laugh no one has heard in the history of laughs before. The thing that makes others love you. — Christopher Barzak