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The Man Under The Hood Quotes By Roger Williams

It is infinitely better that the profane and loose be unmasked than to be muffled up under the veil and hood of traditional hypocrisy, which turns and dulls the very edge of all conscience either toward God or man. — Roger Williams

The Man Under The Hood Quotes By Friedrich Max Muller

Truthfulness is a luxury, perhaps the greatest, and let me assure you, the most expensive luxury in our life - and happy the man who has been able to enjoy it from his very child hood. — Friedrich Max Muller

The Man Under The Hood Quotes By Clive Barker

Perhaps the House had heard Harvey wishing for a full moon, because when he and Wendell traipsed upstairs and looked out the landing window, there
hanging between the bare branches of the trees
was a moon as wide and as white as a dead man's smile. — Clive Barker

The Man Under The Hood Quotes By Edwin Paxton Hood

The eyes of a man are of no use without the observing power. Telescopes and microscopes are cunning contrivances, but they cannot see of themselves. — Edwin Paxton Hood

The Man Under The Hood Quotes By Neal Shusterman

Man, Grandma, what big hair you have."
"The better to style with, my dear. — Neal Shusterman

The Man Under The Hood Quotes By Holly Hood

It was a little difficult to take him seriously when he sang along to a song about a woman taking another woman's man. — Holly Hood

The Man Under The Hood Quotes By Linda Weaver Clarke

By the way, I do enjoy fairytale endings, in case you misunderstood me." He glanced at her and smiled. "I like it when good wins over evil ... when the knight defeats the dragon and saves the fair maiden ... and when the woodsman saves Little Red Riding Hood. I like it when they say, 'And they lived happily ever after' ...
Just because I'm a man doesn't mean that I don't have a romantic bone in my body." Rick gave a curt nod. "Men can be romantic, too. — Linda Weaver Clarke

The Man Under The Hood Quotes By Stephen Richards

Lee Duffy was a man apart and someone who only comes around once in a lifetime, a total one off. There have been a lot of things written about him in the press and it's always been from the other side of the coin. There are always two sides to every story and Lee's family have never fully told us their side. They are very distrustful of the press after Lee was made out to be some kind of monster.
If Lee had been born and bred in London, he would have been an icon.
He was Robin Hood, Dick Turpin and Muhammad Ali rolled into one. — Stephen Richards

The Man Under The Hood Quotes By Clint Eastwood

Westerns. A period gone by, the pioneer, the loner operating by himself, without benefit of society. It usually has something to do with some sort of vengeance; he takes care of the vengeance himself, doesn't call the police. Like Robin Hood. It's the last masculine frontier. Romantic myth. I guess, though it's hard to think about anything romantic today. In a Western you can think, Jesus, there was a time when man was alone, on horseback, out there where man hasn't spoiled the land yet. — Clint Eastwood

The Man Under The Hood Quotes By Victor Hugo

It is in the name of Moses that Bellarmin thunderstrikes Galileo; and this great vulgarizer of the great seeker Copernicus, Galileo, the old man of truth, the magian of the heavens, was reduced to repeating on his knees word for word after the inquisitor this formula of shame: "Corde sincera et fide non ficta abjuro maledico et detestor supradictos errores et hereses." Falsehood put an ass's hood on science. — Victor Hugo

The Man Under The Hood Quotes By Dwight D. Eisenhower

Inflation is not a Robin Hood, taking from the rich to give to the poor. Rather, it deals most cruelly with those who can least protect themselves. It strikes hardest those millions of our citizens whose incomes do not quickly rise with the cost of living. When prices soar, the pensioner and the widow see their security undermined, the man of thrift sees his savings melt away; the white collar worker, the minister, and the teacher see their standards of living dragged down. — Dwight D. Eisenhower

The Man Under The Hood Quotes By Ryan Wickham

IN A WORLD WHERE THE WEAK ARE PREYED UPON... crime goes unpunished and evil runs rampant in the streets, who will stand up to chaos and fight for justice? There is only one: an outlaw biker with dead set principles and dangerous methods that get the job done. Asking nothing in return, he sets out for war in the name of the people, regardless of creed or colour. These are the stories of an outlaw about to douse the criminal world in gasoline and strike the match. He's a one man wrecking ball...today's Robin Hood, protector of the people. — Ryan Wickham

The Man Under The Hood Quotes By Wale

I'm just so happy and proud of everybody and what everybody's doing. From Curren$y doing decent numbers with the independent, digital release; from Asher selling 1.1 million-plus on iTunes with the single and almost at 200,000 [albums sold] now; Cudi got almost 4,000 BDS's a week; Mickey Factz doing the Rock The Bells tour; Blu signed a deal shortly after; Ace Hood had two very successful singles, another album getting ready to drop. Everybody's doing their thing, man. — Wale

The Man Under The Hood Quotes By Chris Kelly

Did they like being maids & butlers? Before you answer this consider everything you've ever read about English history after Robin Hood and before he Who. Your choices were: serving, being served, being killed by Jack the Ripper. So, the employee class made the best of it and got with the program. It was indoor work, after all. And as a wise man once observed, "You're gonna hafta serve somebody." (Bob Dylan, C. 1497-1580). And it beat mining. — Chris Kelly

The Man Under The Hood Quotes By Swami Vivekananda

We have not faith, we have not patience to see this. We trust the man in the street; but there is one being in the universe we never trust and that is God. We trust Him when He works just our way. But the time will come when, getting blow after blow, the self - sufficient mind will die. In everything we do, the serpent ego is rising up. We are glad that there are so many thorns on the path. They strike the hood of the cobra. — Swami Vivekananda

The Man Under The Hood Quotes By Michael Behe

A man from a primitive culture who sees an automobile might guess that it was powered by the wind or by an antelope hidden under the car, but when he opens up the hood and sees the engine he immediately realizes that it was designed. — Michael Behe

The Man Under The Hood Quotes By Howard Pyle

It doth make a man better,' quoth Robin Hood, 'to bear of those noble men so long ago. When one doth list to such tales, his soul doth say, 'put by thy poor little likings and seek to do likewise.' Truly, one may not do as nobly one's self, but in the striving one is better ... — Howard Pyle

The Man Under The Hood Quotes By Peter Carey

And here is the thing about them men they was Australians they knew full well the terror of the unyielding law the historic memory of UNFAIRNESS were in their blood and a man might be a bank clerk or an overseer he might never have been lagged for nothing but still he knew in his heart what it were to be forced to wear the white hood in prison he knew what it were to be lashed for looking a warder in the eye and even a posh fellow like the Moth had breathed that air so the knowledge of unfairness were deep in his bone and marrow. — Peter Carey

The Man Under The Hood Quotes By Holly Hood

Ok look man, you clearly are not hard up for money, you're driving a range rover, so call whoever has your jaguar or benz and ask them to help you out. I got things to do. — Holly Hood

The Man Under The Hood Quotes By H.P. Oliver

Excerpted From Chapter Eighteen
Pacific Coast Highway ends with a sharp right turn onto Sepulveda. Approaching that intersection, I saw several cars pulled to the shoulder of the road and two fresh, black skid marks leading straight to the edge of the beach beyond Sepulveda. Halfway between the road and the water, a big red Caddy convertible lay upside down on the sand.
I parked and jogged to the wreckage. The windshield and the cloth top had collapsed, so the car was resting on its hood and trunk lid. A young man in swimming trunks and an older fellow in a suit were pulling at the driver's side door, trying to get it open. The twisted metal was resisting their efforts, but the door finally came loose just as I got there. Through the opening I could see Diana Dean sprawled across the shredded remains of her convertible top. From where I stood, she looked to be in about the same shape as her mangled red Caddy. Maybe worse. — H.P. Oliver

The Man Under The Hood Quotes By John Flanagan

Once, she came face-to-face with a heavyset man wearing a hooded short cloak. They came level with each other under one of the infrequent lanterns and she could make out only the lower half of his face. The upper half was shaded by the hood. She had an impression of a dark, full beard. In the shadow of his hood, his eyes were unblinking, staring at her. — John Flanagan

The Man Under The Hood Quotes By Madison Thorne Grey

I should take off this ridiculous hood so they can see my face and catch a glimpse at real perfection." (Vincent)
"Then you'd just be an enormous man with a hump and a beautiful face," Breccan said.
Vincent hissed. "And the fact remains ... you do think I'm beautiful," he said as he started to leave. — Madison Thorne Grey

The Man Under The Hood Quotes By Mr. T

I was mischievous. I wasn't bad. I stole food so we could eat. My mother didn't know. I used to tell her some man gave me $10 to sweep out the yard. I was like Robin Hood. I took from the rich and gave to the poor. Me. — Mr. T

The Man Under The Hood Quotes By Holly Hood

I grabbed a robe and a fireplace poker and headed down the stairs at a snail's pace. I was sure I loved him, but I wasn't prepared to be brutally murdered to save a man of his size. He was on his own. Unless of course, it was a mob of uncompromising zombies. Then I might have attempted to fight beside him. I shook my head, nearly laughing at this point. — Holly Hood

The Man Under The Hood Quotes By Rudyard Kipling

The big man had been wakened by the noise, and had fired both barrels of a shotgun into Nag just behind the hood. — Rudyard Kipling

The Man Under The Hood Quotes By Casey Odell

brooch caught her eye. It was in the shape of a snake and its eyes sparkled with rubies, just like her mother's bracelet. She picked it up to examine it closer. How odd it was to find something so similar. "Psst." Claire jumped at the sudden sound, and dropped the brooch on the table, her heart racing. A man stood in an alleyway behind the booth, his face cloaked in shadow under a gray hood. He took a step — Casey Odell

The Man Under The Hood Quotes By J.K. Rowling

Harry felt winded, as though he had just walked into something heavy. He had last seen those cool gray eyes through slits in a Death Eater's hood, and last heard that man's voice jeering in a dark graveyard while Lord Voldemort tortured him. He could not believe that Lucius Malfoy dared look him in the face; he could not believe that he was here, in the Ministry of Magic, or that Cornelius Fudge was talking to him, when Harry had told Fudge mere weeks ago that Malfoy was a Death Eater. — J.K. Rowling

The Man Under The Hood Quotes By Drake

It take a certain type of man to teach, to be far from hood but to understand the streets. — Drake

The Man Under The Hood Quotes By S.E. Hinton

I am a greaser. I am a JD and a hood. I blacken the name of our fair city. I beat up people. I rob gas stations. I am a menace to society. Man do I have fun! — S.E. Hinton

The Man Under The Hood Quotes By Thomas Hood

For man may pious texts repeat, And yet religion have no inward seat — Thomas Hood

The Man Under The Hood Quotes By William Wordsworth

A famous man is Robin Hood, The English ballad-singer's joy. — William Wordsworth

The Man Under The Hood Quotes By Thomas Hood

When he is forsaken, Withered and shaken, What can an old man do but die? — Thomas Hood

The Man Under The Hood Quotes By Ace Hood

I wanted people to feel me as a person. I do this music for the people, man, so at the end of the day I feel like, [given] our state of mind and the state our economy is in, I felt like we needed motivation for the type of situation we're in nowadays. — Ace Hood

The Man Under The Hood Quotes By Thomas Hood

A man that's fond precociously of stirring , :;:; Must be a spoon. — Thomas Hood

The Man Under The Hood Quotes By Marissa Meyer

A man barreled around a corner, heading straight for the princess. Winter tensed half a second before he reached her. Grabbing Winter's elbow, he yanked back the red hood. Scarlet gasped. Her knees weakened. The man stared at Winter with a mixture of confusion and disappointment and maybe even anger, all locked up in eyes so vividly green Scarlet could see them glowing from here. She — Marissa Meyer

The Man Under The Hood Quotes By Marqua'lla

So, deep in the hood, there was a girl named "Cinderkeisha", and her mom had just married this man with two daughters named "Hoodfina" and "Ghettoesha". Cinderkeisha didn't like her stepsister Hoodfina and Ghettoesha, because they were mean to her and always wanted her to clean up their shit, but Cinderkeisha said "hell nawl; I don't do nothing for free." I left out of the room when he said the last part in a high pitch girly voice, as he rolled his neck making — Marqua'lla

The Man Under The Hood Quotes By Dorothy Dunnett

He was a second too late. Ducking, the felt-capped man, muscles hard, dragged himself out of that grasp and, flinging off to one side, got his balance, glanced once at Jerott, and then darted off into the darkness. After the first step, breathing hard, Jerott stayed where he was, swearing. But he could hardly leave Lymond. He looked up. 'Bravo,' said Francis Crawford, sitting crosslegged on top of the wall, his hood shaken free on his shoulders. 'You're a credit to the bloody Order, aren't you? You know you've got a knife in your hand? — Dorothy Dunnett

The Man Under The Hood Quotes By Thomas Hood

THERE is a silence where hath been no sound,
There is a silence where no sound may be,
In the cold grave - under the deep, deep sea,
Or in wide desert where no life is found,
Which hath been mute, and still must sleep profound;
No voice is hush'd - no life treads silently,
But clouds and cloudy shadows wander free,
That never spoke, over the idle ground:
But in green ruins, in the desolate walls
Of antique palaces, where Man hath been,
Though the dun fox or wild hyaena calls,
And owls, that flit continually between,
Shriek to the echo, and the low winds moan -
There the true Silence is, self-conscious and alone. — Thomas Hood

The Man Under The Hood Quotes By Jaron Lee Knuth

Deep within the web of pavement and steel, a young boy and girl scurried past an old man, his outdated mechanical limbs shaking and twitching like an addict without a fix. He scowled at the hoodlums, scratching the hole in his face where his nose used to be, sold long ago as a cheap replacement part for someone slightly richer than he was. — Jaron Lee Knuth

The Man Under The Hood Quotes By William Goldman

Why do you wear a mask and hood?"
I think everybody will in the near future," was the man in black's reply. "They're terribly comfortable. — William Goldman