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The Good Old Days Best Quotes By John Grisham

You count the days and watch the years go by. You tell yourself, and you believe it, that you'd rather just die. You'd rather stare death boldly in the face and say you're ready because whatever is waiting on the other side has to be better than growing old in a six-by-ten cage with no one to talk to. You consider yourself half-dead at best. Please take the other half.
You've watched dozens leave and not return, and you accept the fact that one day they'll come for you. You're nothing but a rat in their lab, a disposable body to be used as proof that their experiment is working. An eye for an eye, each killing must be avenged. You kill enough and you're convinced that killing is good.
You count the days, and then there are none left. You ask yourself on your last morning if you are really ready. You search for courage, but the bravery is fading. When it's over, no one really wants to die. — John Grisham

The Good Old Days Best Quotes By Robyn Davidson

FOR THE NEXT TWO DAYS Eddie and I walked together, we played charades trying to communicate and fell into fits of hysteria at each other's antics. We stalked rabbits and missed, picked bush foods and generally had a good time. He was sheer pleasure to be with, exuding all those qualities typical of old Aboriginal people - strength, warmth, self-possession, wit, and a kind of rootedness, a substantiality that immediately commanded respect. — Robyn Davidson

The Good Old Days Best Quotes By Luther Vandross

The best part is still ahead of me - I haven't experienced my 'good old days' yet. — Luther Vandross

The Good Old Days Best Quotes By John Humphrys

The good television of today is probably better than the best television of the old days. The bad television of today is worse. It is not only bad, it is damaging, meretricious, seedy and cynical. — John Humphrys

The Good Old Days Best Quotes By Tony Curl

We believe in the good old days; we believe our best is in the past. Our past is our memories, our past is our learnings, our past should stay where it is. And we should let it. — Tony Curl

The Good Old Days Best Quotes By C. JoyBell C.

I think that the concept of "womanizer" is getting a little old these days. Back in the day, women used to sit at home and sob themselves to sleep while their husbands or boyfriends were out "womanizing." Today though, women won't hesitate to go for the best option that comes their way and will kick a womanizer to the curb, along with love and everything! Today is a good day to be woman. Now we choose whom we love. — C. JoyBell C.

The Good Old Days Best Quotes By Arlene Stafford-Wilson

We stepped a little quicker, laughed a little louder and chatted over the fences a little longer. We gathered bouquets of wildflowers, dined on fresh strawberries and began to ride our bikes up and down the Third Line again. We ran up grassy hills and rolled back down through the young clover, feeling light and giddy, free from our heavy boots and coats. There were trilliums to pick for Mother and tadpoles to catch and keep in a jar. Spring had come at last to Bathurst Township and was she ever worth the wait! — Arlene Stafford-Wilson

The Good Old Days Best Quotes By C.T. Phipps

What IS it about this town? I never thought I'd long for the good old days of Nazi robots and dragons. — C.T. Phipps

The Good Old Days Best Quotes By Nancy Friday

I think the thing I miss most in our age is our manners. It sounds so old-fashioned in a way. But even bad people had good manners in the old days, and manners hold a community together, and manners hold a family together; in a way, they hold the world together. — Nancy Friday

The Good Old Days Best Quotes By Jeff Kinney

See, that's the problem with putting too much stock in the old days. You remember all the GOOD stuff, but you forget about the time you got spanked by your best friend's mom. — Jeff Kinney

The Good Old Days Best Quotes By Kurt Vonnegut Jr.

I apologize now. I apologize because of the terrible mess the planet is in. But it has always been a mess. There have never been any "Good Old Days," there have just been days. And as I say to my grandchildren, "Don't look at me. I just got here myself." So you know what I'm going to do? I declare everybody here a member of Generation A. Tomorrow is another day for all of us. — Kurt Vonnegut Jr.

The Good Old Days Best Quotes By Craig Groeschel

I can promise you this: If you really, sincerely, genuinely want God back, He hasn't moved. He's still there, just like always, ready to bear-hug you again, just like in the old days. — Craig Groeschel

The Good Old Days Best Quotes By Bronwyn Angela White

On Christmas morning when the beach is calling and the family's gathering and the presents are a mystery (or definitely feels book-shaped anyway), and after the splendour and celebration of Christmas Eve, we don't want Christmas Day to be an anticlimax. We've gifted our Oxfam goats or geese and bought our CWS calendars, and what we'd like, on Christmas Day, what we really want, is for things to be - perfect. Just like the old days. Something new, but also something familiar.
And that's what's so wonderful about the Christmas story, and why preachers penning their reflections approach with trepidation but also with joy: at Christmas, the news is all good. — Bronwyn Angela White

The Good Old Days Best Quotes By Mario Andretti

The experts or the cynics say, "Oh, those were the good old days, that's when drivers were really drivers. They didn't have all these aids." You know what? What we had, we did the best with and when we got more we provided what was needed. — Mario Andretti

The Good Old Days Best Quotes By Rick Riordan

Wow. When he started looking back on the war with Kronos as the good old days - that was sad. — Rick Riordan

The Good Old Days Best Quotes By Anonymous

Don't long for "the good old days." This is not wise. — Anonymous

The Good Old Days Best Quotes By Mario Andretti

The day of parochialism in sports is over. The world is too small for what people like to call 'the good old days.' Fans want the best, wherever they come from. — Mario Andretti

The Good Old Days Best Quotes By Paulo Coelho

The good old days, when each idea had an owner, are gone forever. — Paulo Coelho

The Good Old Days Best Quotes By Arlene Stafford-Wilson

On harsh, frigid January days, when the winds are relentless and the snow piles up around us, I often think of our small feathered friends back on the Third Line. I wonder if the old feeder is still standing in the orchard and if anyone thinks to put out a few crumbs and some bacon drippings for our beautiful, hungry, winter birds. In the stark, white landscape they provided a welcome splash of colour and their songs gave us hope through the long, silent winter. — Arlene Stafford-Wilson