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The Drama Triangle Quotes By Christopher Dines

The Karpman drama triangle is a classic model of codependent behaviour. First of all, a codependent will rescue someone. Then, when their 'brave and charitable' work hasn't been acknowledged, they become very angry at the person they have attempted to rescue. And finally, they start to feel like a victim. They feel sorry for themselves and complain how the person they rescued never appreciated them. The important thing to learn here is that if a person wants to change, it's because they have made a decision to do so. — Christopher Dines

The Drama Triangle Quotes By Heather O'Brien

You never loved me, Farin. You never even said you liked me very much. — Heather O'Brien

The Drama Triangle Quotes By Ellen Bass

Survivors are often good at both resolving and generating crisis. While this capacity to handle crisis can make you a good emergency room worker or ambulance driver, it can also be a way for you to keep yourself from feeling. If you are addicted to intensity and drama ... you may be running from yourself. — Ellen Bass

The Drama Triangle Quotes By Doreen Virtue

At first, like a lot of trauma survivors, I was impatient and wanted immediate results. Once I caught myself in this behavior, I realized that it takes consistent commitment to heal patterns. After three or four months, I noticed a huge positive shift within myself. I felt a new level of happiness and contentment that I hadn't even known existed. I finally understood how my old trauma patterns had attracted drama in my present life. once I saw this dynamic, I made a conscious decision to "Drama Detox," and the patterns faded away. — Doreen Virtue

The Drama Triangle Quotes By Imraan Coovadia

So this is our drama. He's in love with her. She's in love with me. I am in love with myself. We have a merry triangle going. — Imraan Coovadia

The Drama Triangle Quotes By Christina Enevoldsen

In the minds of my parents, they are the victims; I am the abuser. — Christina Enevoldsen