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The Dh Quotes By George Brett

If I was going to make one rule change, I would bring the DH in the National League. — George Brett

The Dh Quotes By Pamela Clare

He'd given her all the love he could give tonight without taking her maidenhead, undressing her, carrying her to his bed, kissing away her tears, caressing her, bringing her to her peak with his hands again and again, until she lay, weak and utterly spent, in his arms. Then he'd held her through the watches of the night, wishing dawn would never come.
"Tha moran ghradh agam ort, dh'Amaliedh," he whispered. My love lies upon you, Amalie.
He lifted the rosary from around his neck and placed the wooden beads in her palm. Then he took the tartan sash from his French uniform and draped it across the pillow beside her, branding her with Clan MacKinnon's colors. Would she know what that meant? — Pamela Clare

The Dh Quotes By Micheline Aharonian Marcom

As DH Lawrence said, the Protestant societies do dirt on sex, it is their dirty mind which aligns sex and a woman's genitals with the debased and soiled. This is something terrible, I think, and to be contended with head-on in art. — Micheline Aharonian Marcom

The Dh Quotes By Sasha Bristol

It felt forbidden. As though he was a boy when I met him and not a man of 26. — Sasha Bristol

The Dh Quotes By Sherrilyn Kenyon

Even if I were lying on the sun itself, I would be freezing there without you. (Zarek) — Sherrilyn Kenyon

The Dh Quotes By Andy Van Slyke

It seems like Satan has thrown the DH into our game. — Andy Van Slyke

The Dh Quotes By Ira Finch

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The Dh Quotes By D.H. Lawrence

I have a very great fear of love. It is so personal. Let each bird fly with its own wings, and each fish swim its own course. - Morning brings more than love. And I want to be true to the morning. — D.H. Lawrence

The Dh Quotes By Germaine Greer

Above all, for his merciless, contemptuous treatment of Clifford Chatterley, blown to bits in Flanders in 1918, Lawrence can be damned to hell. Damned but not banned. — Germaine Greer

The Dh Quotes By Rachel Cusk

I would like to be a D.H. Lawrence character, living in one of his novels. The people I meet don't even seem to have characters. And life seems so rich, when I look at it through his eyes, yet my own life very often appears sterile, like a bad patch of earth, as if nothing will grow there however hard I try. — Rachel Cusk

The Dh Quotes By D.H. Lawrence

The only justice is to follow the sincere intuition of the soul, angry or gentle. Anger is just, and pity is just, but judgement is never just. — D.H. Lawrence

The Dh Quotes By Mickey Rivers

I might have to commute. You know, left field, DH, wherever. — Mickey Rivers

The Dh Quotes By Sparky Anderson

I've changed my mind about it (DH) - instead of being bad, it stinks. — Sparky Anderson

The Dh Quotes By D.H. Lawrence

You love me so much, you want to put me in your pocket. And there I will die smothered. — D.H. Lawrence

The Dh Quotes By Stella Gibbons

By god, DH Lawrence was right when he said there must be a dumb, dark, dull, bitter belly-tension between a man and a woman, and how else could this be achieved save in the long monotony of marriage? — Stella Gibbons

The Dh Quotes By Frances O'Roark Dowell

My dad, who my mom always refers to as DH for Darling Husband, was protrayed as a 'let's look on the bright side of things' kind of guy, the pillar my everbumbling mother leans on in times of distress. — Frances O'Roark Dowell

The Dh Quotes By Sebastian Faulks

If I hadn't read all of Jane Austen and DH Lawrence, Tolstoy and Proust, as well as the more fun stuff, I wouldn't know how to break bad news, how to sympathise, how to be a friend or a lover, because I wouldn't have any idea what was going on in anybody else's mind. — Sebastian Faulks