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The Booty Quotes By Kanye West

I'm not a corny-ass booty freak! I'm the greatest musician of all-time. — Kanye West

The Booty Quotes By Leah Marie Brown

I was grinding away to the climactic moan backtrack when I caught my reflection in the club's mirror, hips rotating, booty shaking. Years later, Grace described my smooth moves as a sad epileptic white girl's imitation of a twerk. Harsh. Could anyone look sexy dancing to lyrics that include "Sucky, sucky. Me sucky, sucky"? I don't think so. — Leah Marie Brown

The Booty Quotes By Colum McCann

When I was seventeen I had a body that Adam woulda dropped Eve for. Hot-potato time. It was prime, no lie. Nothing in the wrong place. I had legs a hundred miles long and a booty to die for. Adam woulda said to Eve, "Eve, I'm leaving you, honey," and Jesus himself woulda been in the background saying, "Adam, you're one lucky motherfucker. — Colum McCann

The Booty Quotes By Vic Chesnutt

Other people write about the bling and the booty. I write about the pus and the gnats. To me, that's beautiful. — Vic Chesnutt

The Booty Quotes By Christina Aguilera

Actually, the challenge I've always had is being too thin, so I love that now I have a booty, and obviously I love showing my cleavage. — Christina Aguilera

The Booty Quotes By Sappho

Girls, be good to these spirits of music and poetry
that breast your threshold with their scented gifts.
Lift the lyre, clear and sweet, they leave with you.
As for me, this body is now so arthritic
I cannot play, hardly even hold the instrument.
Can you believe my white hair was once black?
And oh, the soul grows heavy with the body.
Complaining knee-joints creak at every move.
To think I danced as delicate as a deer!
Some gloomy poems came from these thoughts:
useless: we are all born to lose life,
and what is worse, girls, to lose youth.
The legend of the goddess of the dawn
I'm sure you know: how rosy Eos
madly in love with gorgeous young Tithonus
swept him like booty to her hiding-place
but then forgot he would grow old and grey
while she in despair pursued her immortal way. — Sappho

The Booty Quotes By Scott Steiner

I don't have 30 days and 30 nights, to show you why all the hoochies say there's nothing finer than Scott Steiner, but all I need is one night to have your wife call me for the rest of her life, the big bad booty daddy, so this goes to all my freaks out there, Big Poppa Pump is your hook up, hollar if you hear me. — Scott Steiner

The Booty Quotes By Steven Gould

Back in the Aerie she popped her lips percussively as she examined her booty. 'P-ilfering P-adgett's P-ockets Pr-oduces P-ossible P-ath to ... to - ' Well, clues and shit. — Steven Gould

The Booty Quotes By Robert Fisk

The Americans may think they have 'liberated' Baghdad but the tens of thousands of thieves - they came in families and cruised the city in trucks and cars searching for booty - seem to have a different idea what liberation means. — Robert Fisk

The Booty Quotes By Bill Plotkin

Soul has been demoted to a new-age spiritual fantasy or a missionary's booty, and nature has been treated , at best, as a postcard or a vacation backdrop or, more commonly, as a hardware store or refuse heap. Too many of us lack intimacy with the natural world and with our souls, and consequently we are doing untold damage to both. — Bill Plotkin

The Booty Quotes By Angeline Kace

I preferred the booty shorts, but I thought you'd prefer these. ~Mirko — Angeline Kace

The Booty Quotes By Shaquille O'Neal

If you take a needle and stick her in the booty and take a needle and stick me in the booty, we're both going to say ouch. — Shaquille O'Neal

The Booty Quotes By Julie Ann Walker

Ugh!" She threw her hands in the air. "No? No? That's your favorite word, isn't it?
"It's a classic," he told her calmly, his composure only succeeding in making her more irate. "So much simpler than, say, 'ain't gonna happen' or 'not a chance in hell. — Julie Ann Walker

The Booty Quotes By Sarah Paulson

I'd love to be in the '70s. I'd love to have a big, long wig parted down the middle with flat-ironed hair and bell-bottoms. They're actually very flattering for my figure. The wider the leg, the better for a person with a booty. — Sarah Paulson

The Booty Quotes By Jarod Kintz

(Picture of a pirate standing on a treasure chest) It's not about the chest, it's all about the booty. — Jarod Kintz

The Booty Quotes By Miranda Lambert

I don't mind having a big butt - they're back in style. But I do a lot of squats to make sure my booty's not dragging on the ground. — Miranda Lambert

The Booty Quotes By Britney Spears

Lingerie has gotten really cute, with little booty underwear and the cute little bras. They've gotten really detailed. I saw one the other day with little baby pearls on the strap. I had to have it. — Britney Spears

The Booty Quotes By Michael Strahan

My brothers used to call me Bob. They'd laugh at me, and I didn't get it. I'm 13 years old at the time, and then one day my brother's friend says, 'You know what Bob stands for? 'Booty on back.' You're fat.' Like my butt was so big I could reach for my wallet over my shoulder. And I broke down. — Michael Strahan

The Booty Quotes By Amara Lakhous

So many people consider their work a daily punishment. Whereas I love my work as a translator. Translation is a journey over a sea from one shore to the other. Sometimes I think of myself as a smuggler: I cross the frontier of language with my booty of words, ideas, images, and metaphors. — Amara Lakhous

The Booty Quotes By Kristen Callihan

This message is brought to you by the BCBS [Booty Call Broadcasting System]. If you are back in town, get your wet ass over here. (The Hook Up, 42%) — Kristen Callihan

The Booty Quotes By Ilya Ehrenburg

Kill! Kill! In the German race there is nothing but evil; not one among the living, not one among the yet unborn but is evil! Follow the precepts of Comrade Stalin. Stamp out the fascist beast once and for all in its lair! Use force and break the racial pride of these German women. Take them as your lawful booty. Kill! As you storm onward, kill, you gallant soldiers of the Red Army. — Ilya Ehrenburg

The Booty Quotes By Rick Riordan

Hazel twirled her hair pensively. "I don't like the idea of you risking your life alone, but you're right. We saw what recovering the golden eagle standard did for the Roman legion. If this statue is the most powerful symbol of Athena ever created - " "It could kick some serious booty," Leo offered. Hazel frowned. "That wasn't the way I'd put it, but yes. — Rick Riordan

The Booty Quotes By Georgia Cates

The iPhone isn't a gift. It's a booty-call device - his means of communicating with me about hooking up while he holds all the control. This is one way he remains untraceable. — Georgia Cates

The Booty Quotes By Erin George

Ah, the boo. The boo is the most maligned, gossiped about, ridiculed figure in the pantheon of prison characters. Boo, which is short for the street term "booty call," is the casual girlfriend, the cheap feel in the sally port, the temporary object of someone's affections (although most boos don't realize the impermanence of their positions). — Erin George

The Booty Quotes By J. Lynn

So the next time I answer a late night booty call from Jimmie and I actually go over to his place, what will you do?"
... "Punch you in the vagina?"
"Exactly! — J. Lynn

The Booty Quotes By Sun Tzu

The art of using troops is this:
... When ten to the enemy's one, surround him;
... When five times his strength, attack him;
... If double his strength, divide him;
... If equally matched you may engage him;
... If weaker numerically, be capable of withdrawing;
... And if in all respects unequal, be capable of eluding him,
... for a small force is but booty for one more powerful. — Sun Tzu

The Booty Quotes By Edward Gibbon

His sumptuous tents, and those of his satraps, afforded an immense booty to the conqueror; and an incident is mentioned which proves the rustic but martial ignorance of the legions in the elegant superfluities of life. A bag of shining leather, filled with pearls, fell into the hands of a private soldier; he carefully preserved the bag, but he threw away its contents, judging that whatever was of no use could not possibly be of any value. — Edward Gibbon

The Booty Quotes By Jenna Elfman

I do not see how it's possible to have a "friends with benefits" lifestyle, because if the sex is great, it's going to naturally expand into a more meaningful relationship. Otherwise, it's just a booty call. — Jenna Elfman

The Booty Quotes By Alice Munro

These are not sentimental keepsakes. She never looks at them, and often forgets what she has there. They are not booty, they don't have ritualistic significance. She does not take something every time she goes to Gordon's house, or every time she stays over, or to mark what she might call memorable visits. She doesn't do it in a daze and she doesn't seem to be under a compulsion. She just takes something, every now and then, and puts it away in the dark of the old tobacco tin, and more or less forgets about it. — Alice Munro

The Booty Quotes By Randal Marlin

Party politics in modern democratic society means pandering to a wide variety of different groups and sympathizing with their often quite base motives, such as revenge, power, booty, and spoils, to maintain the necessary level of support. — Randal Marlin

The Booty Quotes By Jeffrey Fry

Being an entrepreneur is like being a pirate. Go for the booty and discover new, uncharted lands — Jeffrey Fry

The Booty Quotes By Loria Dionne Hubbard

The booty call Commandments:" Thou shall get out before the sun rises. Thou shalt not ask "can we can go out to eat?" Thou shalt never ask, "can we see each other from now on?!" Thou shalt not kiss and hold hands. Thou shall refrain from using the terms "make love, in love and I love." Thou shalt not ever cuddle. Thou shall never come over unexpected. Thou shall scream my name. Thou shalt not ask to walk thee to thy car. If someone cometh over whilst thou art there, thou art my cousin from out of town. — Loria Dionne Hubbard

The Booty Quotes By Nostradamus

For the demise of the Latin monarch, he who will reign with help and support will burn a brilliant fire. The Republic's booty divided and its bold dream disappeared. — Nostradamus

The Booty Quotes By Robert Spencer

Allah warns the Muslims not to consider booty won at Badr to belong to anyone but Muhammad: — Robert Spencer

The Booty Quotes By Samantha Chase

That's fine until Ethan's sitting in his room waiting for his nightly booty call. When you're a no-show, and he thinks that we're out on the town, he's going to think something happened to us and get everyone all freaked out. — Samantha Chase

The Booty Quotes By Sanjaya Malakar

I learned the hula, so now I know how to shake my booty Hawaiian style. — Sanjaya Malakar

The Booty Quotes By Adrienne Bailon

Everybody knows I have the ratchetest booty tattoo of an ex-boyfriend. — Adrienne Bailon

The Booty Quotes By Coco Austin

I've always had a booty even when I was a baby, and when I was in high school and was skinny, I still had the booty. In Hollywood's eyes, the perfect women has to be a stick figure, tall, blonde hair, with big boobs. — Coco Austin

The Booty Quotes By Giorge Leedy

"YEAH." I ask him if he's seen Tiger.
"That sweet delicious young thing you brought in tonight with the nice round booty? Yeah I SAW him. Said that he had NO IDEA where you were."
"I'm in my room. Where is he?"
"He left. You know that he's Sebastian Wolfe's lover?"
"I know. How long ago did he leave?"
"Two minutes.. three tops. Did you know-"
"No I DIDN'T." I hang up, put my shoes on, and run out the door. — Giorge Leedy

The Booty Quotes By Eloisa James

He'd racketed around the world, collecting pirate's booty and investing it. Rather surprisingly, money made money. — Eloisa James

The Booty Quotes By Ellie Goulding

I feel like my figure is a challenge because I'm quite flat chested but I've got a booty so I've got to look for the right things. — Ellie Goulding

The Booty Quotes By Paul Bowles

Scene VI (1940)
It is our fault we love only the skull of Beauty
Without knowing who she was, of what she died.
We have the thief's guilt, but not his booty,
The liar's spasm without ever having lied.
The sick locust scrapes his injured song,
His thorax only partially destroyed.
Retching is prohibited. It's wrong.
The murderer feels no hate he can avoid.
Now flies bite worst where the skin is broken.
Illness triumphs. Lesions. Soon tumors sprout.
The bloated plants quiver, the seeds will be shaken.
'Your head's bashed in, darling. Look out. — Paul Bowles

The Booty Quotes By Nicholas Chong

The natural mates of men were the Meliads[Ash Nymphs], who were Demi-Goddesses, & the Goddesses.Whilst it was believed that women could mate with animals & produce offspring, as Pasiphae did with a bull & begot the Minotaur & Theophane did with Poseidon in the form of a ram, & begot the Ram with the Golden Fleece. And thus, women were part-animals,further proven by the fact that Helen, considered the most beautiful of them all,was hatched from an egg.
And since women were playthings,daughters were given away as gifts, prizes & bribes. And it was considered good form to take women by force, as plunder or booty, or as spoils of war & to sell them as slaves for profit.[INTRO] — Nicholas Chong

The Booty Quotes By Charles Dickens

What a fine thing capital punishment is! Dead men never repent; dead men never bring awkward stories to light. The prospect of the gallows, too, makes them hardy and bold. Ah, it's a fine thing for the trade! Five of them strung up in a row, and none left to play booty or turn white-livered! — Charles Dickens

The Booty Quotes By Christopher Moore

but even with the gift of tongues, I'm having trouble learning to speak hip-hop. Why is it that one can busta rhyme or busta move anywhere but you must busta cap in someone's ass? Is "ho" always feminine, and "muthafucka" always masculine, while "bitch" can be either? How many peeps in a posse, how much booty before baby got back, do you have to be all that to get all up in that, and do I need to be dope and phat to be da bomb or can I just be "stupid"? I'll not be singing over any dead mothers until I understand. The — Christopher Moore

The Booty Quotes By Wendy Higgins

A loud song with a thumping beat rang from Jay's pocket. He gave me a goofy grin and began to bop his head back and forth to the rhythm. Oh, no-not the crazy booty dance.
"Please don't," I begged.
Jay broke into his funky ringtone dance, shoulders bouncing and hips moving from side to side. People around us stepped away, surprised, then began to laugh and cheer him on. I pressed my fingers against my lips to hide an embarrassed smile. Just as the ringtone was about to end, he gave a little bow, straightened up, and answered the call. — Wendy Higgins

The Booty Quotes By Christopher Moore

So I'm all, "Owned! Bee-yatch! Dog fucking owned you!" Doing a minor booty dance of ownage, perhaps, in retrospect, a bit prematurely. (I believe hip-hop to be the apprpriate language for taunting, at least until I learn French.) — Christopher Moore

The Booty Quotes By Victoria Laurie

My sister the booty police. — Victoria Laurie

The Booty Quotes By Kristan Higgins

Book club meets every other month or so. Besides marriage counseling and the very occasional night out with my sister, I'm home twenty-nine nights out of thirty, and still the girls resent me. Not once have they ever complained about Adam's late meetings - which may or may not have been booty calls for amazing porno sex. Me, I go out to my stupid book club, and I'm punished for it. — Kristan Higgins

The Booty Quotes By Carl Jung

At the moment I am looking into astrology, which seems indispensable for a proper understanding of mythology. There are strange and wondrous things in these lands of darkness. Please, don't worry about my wanderings in these infinitudes. I shall return laden with rich booty for our knowledge of the human psyche. — Carl Jung

The Booty Quotes By Steven Erikson

Bright were the memories of his childhood at these docks, to which he had been ever drawn by the allure of the stranger traders as they swung into their berths like weary and weathered heroes returned from some elemental war. In those days it was uncommon to see the galleys of the Freemen Privateers ease into the bay, sleek and riding low with booty. They hailed from such mysterious ports as Filman Orras, Fort By a Half, Dead Man's Story, and exile; names that rang of adventure in the ears of a lad who had never seen his home city from outside its walls.
The man slowed as he reached the foot of the stone pier. The years between him and that lad marched through his mind, a possession of martial images growing ever grimmer. If he searched out the many crossroads he had come to in the past, he saw their skies storm-warped, the lands ragged and wind-torn. The forces of age and experience worked on them now, and whatever choices he had made then seemed fated and almost desperate. — Steven Erikson

The Booty Quotes By Jensen Karp

Nowadays, it's good to eat the booty like groceries, but back then, going down on a woman was sort of "Ew." — Jensen Karp

The Booty Quotes By Vladimir Ilyich Lenin

Capitalism has grown into a world system of colonial oppression and of the financial strangulation of the overwhelming majority of the population of the world by a handful of "advanced" countries. And this "booty" is shared between two or — Vladimir Ilyich Lenin

The Booty Quotes By Vladimir Lenin

The majority of the so-called great powers have long been exploiting and enslaving a whole series of small and weak peoples. And the imperialist war is nothing other than a war for the division and redivision of this kind of booty. — Vladimir Lenin

The Booty Quotes By Ernest Hemingway,

Now a writer can make himself a nice career while he is alive by espousing a political cause, working for it, making a profession of believing in it, and if it wins he will be very well placed. All politics is a matter of working hard without reward, or with a living wage for a time, in the hope of booty later. A man can be a Fascist or a Communist and if his outfit gets in he can get to be an ambassador or have a million copies of his books printed by the Government or any of the other rewards the boys dream about. — Ernest Hemingway,

The Booty Quotes By Nancy Jo Sales

Prugo gazes at his image onscreen, cocking his head this was and that, making "sexy" faces, checking himself out. Inspired, he gets up and lifts up his shirt, showing off his bare midriff. Then he turns around and does a booty dance for the camera. — Nancy Jo Sales

The Booty Quotes By Richard Castle

You remember how he used to be girl on either arm? You really don't see that guy too much anymore. Why do you think that is? He's waiting for you. I know you're dealing with stuff but you cannot ask him to wait forever! Unless of course, you're okay with him pulling away."
"What if it doesn't work out? What if it ends up like you and Javier?"
"Well at least we gave it a shot. And so it didn't work out, so what? Now, we can move on give or take the occasional booty call."
"I just don't wanna lose what we have, you know?"
"Girl please! What exactly do you have, really?"
"A friendship."
"No. What you and I have is a friendship. What you and castle have is a holding pattern. How long can you circle before the fuel runs out? — Richard Castle

The Booty Quotes By Coco Austin

I was told I was fat in the modeling world, and a director on a shoot told me I needed to lose weight. The J-Lo booty wasn't popular then, and I wanted to be the perfect Hollywood girl - tall, blonde and skinny. I couldn't do the 'tall' because I was 5'2, and I couldn't do the skinny, either. — Coco Austin

The Booty Quotes By Ari Gold

Happiness is a booty call: available and satisfying, but after a few hours, you're ready to call an Uber and get back to your real commitments. — Ari Gold

The Booty Quotes By Amy Andrews

Dexter Blake liked a woman with some junk in her trunk. And the tall, curvy chick on the sidelines was packing a whole lot of booty.

She had one of those itty-bitty waists, too. And her cups floweth'd over.

Staring at her chest was practically a religious experience. — Amy Andrews

The Booty Quotes By Tyrese Gibson

It's about giving the people what they want. So many people have told me that they've made love to my records so what I've delivered this time is an album about sex. Pretty much every song has that theme. Straight no chasers, it's booty music! — Tyrese Gibson

The Booty Quotes By Robert Kroese

Declaring war on Skaal increased patriotism among the people, made them forget about all their other problems, killed off some of the excess population, often resulted in the acquisition of some valuable booty, and - most importantly - relieved Boric's crushing boredom. It was too bad about the killing, of course, but most of the peasants were probably going to die of plague or starvation anyway. — Robert Kroese

The Booty Quotes By Christopher Moore

I've tried to get the angel to watch MTV so I can learn the vocabulary of your music, but even with the gift of tongues, I'm having trouble learning to speak hip-hop. Why is it that one can busta rhyme or busta move anywhere but you must busta cap in someone's ass? Is "ho" always feminine, and "muthafucka" always masculine, while "bitch" can be either? How many peeps in a posse, how much booty before baby got back, do you have to be all that to get all up in that, and do I need to be dope and phat to be da bomb or can I just be "stupid"? I'll not be singing over any dead mothers until I understand. — Christopher Moore

The Booty Quotes By Santigold

Pop stars are sending the message that their sexuality is the strongest thing they have to offer, and that's confusing and misleading to girls and women, especially since there's not enough of a counterbalance from those who rely on their other assets, like their music. Also, with the new obsession with all things "booty," it's important that women - and it's often women of color - aren't turned into mere caricatures. Right now it's: "Bend over." That's all people want to see. That's crazy. It's so far from where we should be. — Santigold

The Booty Quotes By Taylor Jenkins Reid

There are, of course, many songs dedicated to the glory of a backside, and if my thirties have taught me anything so far, it's that I'm ready to try to be myself with no apologies. — Taylor Jenkins Reid

The Booty Quotes By Cardeno C.

Like what you see?" Asher asked him, that deep voice sounding scratchy and sexy as hell. "'Cause, you know, the angle of the dangle is in direct proportion to the booty of the cutie. — Cardeno C.

The Booty Quotes By Leo Tolstoy

Even philanthropy did not have the desired effect. The genuine as well as the false paper money which flooded Moscow lost its value. The French, collecting booty, cared only for gold. Not only was the paper money valueless which Napoleon so graciously distributed to the unfortunate, but even silver lost its value in relation to gold. — Leo Tolstoy

The Booty Quotes By John Layfield

I see no women out here, and you're chanting about a male organ, now tell me who's the fruit booty? — John Layfield

The Booty Quotes By Colum McCann

I had enough electricity in my booty to jump-start the whole of New York City. — Colum McCann

The Booty Quotes By Niecy Nash

I was in a very fancy, high-end boutique where the sales associates stand around like mannequins. I walked in and the first thing they said was, "Ooh it smells like booty in here" because they knew me from Scream Queens. — Niecy Nash

The Booty Quotes By Sherry Argov

Crystal said, "Okay, sweetie. I'm on my way. Give me five minutes to put on a garter belt under my raincoat. I'll be there in forty minutes." She also asked Brett to wait downstairs for her in the rain with an umbrella, so she wouldn't get drenched walking to the front of his apartment complex. He waited and waited and waited. Three hours later, it occurred to him like a stunning revelation: No booty cometh. — Sherry Argov

The Booty Quotes By Meghan Trainor

Every inch of you is perfect from the bottom to the top. My mama, she told me don't worry about your size. She says boys like a little more booty to hold at night. Yeah I won't be no stick figure silicone Barbie doll, so if that's what you're into then go ahead and move along. — Meghan Trainor

The Booty Quotes By Lionel Shriver

For women, marriages foreclosed often resulted in an
accumulation of booty; for men, these failed projects of implausible optimism
were more likely to manifest themselves in material lack. It was
hard to resist the metaphorical impression that women got to keep the
past itself, whereas men were simply robbed of it. — Lionel Shriver

The Booty Quotes By Sheri S. Tepper

Man constantly prayed to God for peace, but peace never happened, so he decided that his god must really want war because the other side was sinful. Man invented and extolled virtues which could only be exemplified under conditions of war, like heroism and gallantry and honor, and he gave himself laurel wreaths or booty or medals for such things, thus rewarding himself for behaving well while sinning. He did it when he was a primitive, and he went on with it after he thought he was civilized. — Sheri S. Tepper

The Booty Quotes By Kevin Hearne

Your gift for euphemism continues to thrive. But I think I have heard of such modern relationships. There is a colloquialism for them, yes? They are boogie calls." "Boogie? Oh! Nice try. You were very close. They're known as booty calls." "That's what I said. Booty calls." "You said boogie - " The Morrigan's eyes flashed red for the briefest moment, and I cleared my throat. "Pardon me. I must have misheard you. Quite right. — Kevin Hearne

The Booty Quotes By Kirk Franklin

Soul ties. The thing that can make you hear an old-school slow jam and think of somebody you haven't seen in years. Soul ties. The thing that makes old people who've been together for years finish each other's sentences. Don't you wish mama had told you when you were young that, when you lie with someone, you lie not just with her body but also with her soul? And whatever condition the other person's soul is in, you are guaranteed to take a piece with you - whether you want to or not. Instead of being amazed at her booty, you should have focused on her mind. — Kirk Franklin

The Booty Quotes By Amelia C. Gormley

Well, look at it this way," Robin reasoned as I sat with him and Geoff at their kitchen table that night, half-plastered from the pitcher of margarita they'd blended up. Was I going to have a tequila hangover in the morning? Oh, honey, you bet your sweet ass I was. And how many fucks did I give?
Not a one.
"Even if you were overreacting to read what you read into this guy's offer - which I don't think you were, though I doubt he actually thought it through enough to intend it to be read that way - you still have to ask yourself: What's in it for you, hanging around some motel room waiting for a married man to make a booty call? What benefit would you get out of that situation, or out of prolonging your relationship with him? He might not have meant it to be an insulting offer, but it was absolutely a one hundred percent selfish offer. There was no upside for you whatsoever, unless the sex really was just that amazing. — Amelia C. Gormley

The Booty Quotes By Christopher Moore

Regardless of its purpose, the humpback-whale song is the most complex piece of nonhuman composition on earth. Whether it's art, prayer, or booty call, the humpback song is an amazing thing to experience firsthand, and I suspect that even once the science of it is put to bed, it will remain, as long as they sing, magic. — Christopher Moore

The Booty Quotes By Dres

Move over just a bit to the right of me,
For I cannot see
Where the booty is. — Dres

The Booty Quotes By Kristen Callihan

sight of the name on the screen. Anna. It grows when I read the text. This message is brought to you by the BCBS [Booty Call Broadcasting System]. If you are back in town, get your wet ass over here. — Kristen Callihan

The Booty Quotes By Kerra Pridgen

Mia wants no trouble, so she stands up from off the stool. One of the guys hit her on her booty. The beer bottle still in hand, she drags it across the bar top towards her; when it reaches the edge it drops, sliding down. Mia grips a hold of the neck of the bottle and her arm swings backwards, busting it over the freckled face boy head. Taking the bar stool and smashing it over the other guy's head. She leaves out leaving those guys passed out on the floor. — Kerra Pridgen

The Booty Quotes By Joanna Wylde

You want the freedom to sleep around. I'm not willing to give you that. I want more. Sounds like we have a fundamental difference of opinion here, and I'm not going to try and change you. But I'll tell you one thing, Ruger- I deserve to be with someone who gives a shit about me, as a person. Someone who values me enough not to fuck other women. I'd rather be alone the rest of my life than settle for what you're offering. Consider yourself a hell of a booty call, but that's it. We clear? — Joanna Wylde

The Booty Quotes By Niccolo Machiavelli

[As to the second case] ,that of being drawn into one [a trap or ambush] ... you must be shrewd about not believing easily things not in accord with reason. For example, if the enemy puts some booty before you, you ought to believe that within it there is a hook and that it conceals some trick. If many of the enemy are put to flight by your few, if a few of the enemy assail your many, if the enemy turn in sudden flight, ... you ought to fear a trick. And you should never believe that the enemy does not know how to carry on his affairs; rather, if you hope to be less deceived ... and ... run less risk, in proportion as your enemy is weaker, in proportion as he is less cautious, you should the more respect him. — Niccolo Machiavelli

The Booty Quotes By Amelia C. Gormley

What is it? What is it?!" I began dumping clothes out of the dresser drawers, snatching them on as quickly as I could before hauling my suitcase and large duffel out of the closet. I would not cry. I would not cry! "Brendan, what was the only fucking thing I asked from you that first night? Do you remember?"
He blinked, scrubbing a hand through his tousled hair. "You ... you asked me to respect you. Which I do, I'm just trying to - "
"Oh, really?" I gave him a derisive sneer as I threw wadded clothes into my bags and began slamming about, looking for odds and ends I might have missed. "That's what you call this? You offer to put me up like your personal rent-boy in some no-tell motel and promise to drop by every few days for a booty call while your wife's in town, and you think that's not demeaning? Well, fuck you. — Amelia C. Gormley

The Booty Quotes By Kylie Scott

Outside, with the exception of the occasional horny bug sending out its booty call, — Kylie Scott

The Booty Quotes By Evangeline Anderson

Do you have a message for Master Corbin before you go?" the little vamp asked. "No," I said shortly. "Wait - yes. Tell him if he thinks giving me his private number will inspire me to make a booty call, he's sadly mistaken." The androgynous vamp gave me a puzzled look. "A booty call? You will call his buttocks on the telephone? I do not understand." I stifled a snicker. "You don't have to. Basically it means I'm not interested in fucking a vampire. — Evangeline Anderson

The Booty Quotes By Betty White

If the guy's a cutie, you've gotta tap that booty. — Betty White

The Booty Quotes By Miguel De Cervantes Saavedra

Destiny guides our fortunes more favorably than we could have expected. Look there, Sancho Panza, my friend, and see those thirty or so wild giants, with whom I intend to do battle and kill each and all of them, so with their stolen booty we can begin to enrich ourselves. This is nobel, righteous warfare, for it is wonderfully useful to God to have such an evil race wiped from the face of the earth."
"What giants?" Asked Sancho Panza.
"The ones you can see over there," answered his master, "with the huge arms, some of which are very nearly two leagues long."
"Now look, your grace," said Sancho, "what you see over there aren't giants, but windmills, and what seems to be arms are just their sails, that go around in the wind and turn the millstone."
"Obviously," replied Don Quijote, "you don't know much about adventures. — Miguel De Cervantes Saavedra

The Booty Quotes By Laurell K. Hamilton

My least favorite thing was a man who had severe white-man's ass, where the jeans just bagged over the butt. I wanted something to hold on to, something to sink my teeth into. When I said I liked meat on my men I didn't just mean one thing. — Laurell K. Hamilton