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Top Thank You For You Business Quotes

Thank You For You Business Quotes By David Weber

Well, thank the gods,' he sighed.
'Oh? And what would it be you're thanking them for?' Bahzell inquired, and Brandark grinned.
'For making roads and letting us find one. Not that I'm complaining, you understand, but this business of following you cross-country without the faintest idea where I am can worry a man. — David Weber

Thank You For You Business Quotes By Jay Woodman

Smile, ask, listen, provide, thank" then "take time out to have fun & renew yourself" but "always dream up more questions". - Julia Woodman — Jay Woodman

Thank You For You Business Quotes By Conan O'Brien

Don't thank your parents. If you were raised in a nurturing environment, you wouldn't be in show business. Don't say, 'Wow, this is heavy.' Of course it's heavy. It contains the shattered dreams of four other people. — Conan O'Brien

Thank You For You Business Quotes By Rob Paulsen

I'm getting paid to do what I got in trouble for in the 7th grade. I absolutely love what I do and thank my lucky stars for twenty-five years of full-time employment in this business. — Rob Paulsen

Thank You For You Business Quotes By Quincy Jones

Thank God, 50 years ago I learned that a great song, our entire business is all based on two things; a great song and a great story. Film, television, if you don't have that story, nothing else matters. You don't call anybody else or direct anybody. The same with a song. A great song can make the worst singer in the world a star. — Quincy Jones

Thank You For You Business Quotes By Sherwood Smith

In my generation, if a man washes the dishes, the older women still tend to cluster around and coo and thank him and praise him. But if a woman washes the dishes, it's business as usual, even if both man and woman have tough office jobs. — Sherwood Smith

Thank You For You Business Quotes By Russell M. Nelson

Unfinished business is our worst business. Perpetual procrastination must yield to perceptive preparation. Today we have a little more time to bless others-time to be kinder, more compassionate, quicker to thank and slower to scold, more generous in sharing, more gracious in caring. — Russell M. Nelson

Thank You For You Business Quotes By Douglas Conant

On a personal level, I send out about 20 thank-you notes a day to staffers, on all levels. And every six weeks I have lunch with a group of a dozen or so employees, to get their perspective on the business, to address problems and to get feedback. — Douglas Conant

Thank You For You Business Quotes By Richie Norton

Are you setting business goals? Try this:

Step 1: Add a "0" to your revenue goal.
Step 2: Take away a "0" from your expense goal.
Step 3: Let your mind go to work.

Thank me later. — Richie Norton

Thank You For You Business Quotes By Eve Hewson

Thank god, I can't sing because that would be a lot of pressure. But yeah, it's nice doing something different and that's something I really feel like is my own passion. It's also connected. Everything is connected in the entertainment business, so I have the support of my parents because they've been through it all before and they can give me advice. — Eve Hewson

Thank You For You Business Quotes By Andrew Murray

Can I always be thinking of Jesus? Thank God, you need not always be thinking of Him. You may be the manager of a bank, and your whole attention may be required to carry out the business that you have to do. But thank God, while I have to think of my business, Jesus will think of me, and He will come in and will take charge of me. That little child, three months old, as it sleeps in its mother's arms, lies helplessly there; it hardly knows its mother, it does not think of her, but the mother thinks of the child. And this is the blessed mystery of love, that Jesus the God-man waits to come in to me in the greatness of His love; and as He gets possession of my heart, He embraces me in those divine arms and tells me, "My child, I the Faithful One, I the Mighty One will abide with thee, will watch over thee and keep thee all the days. — Andrew Murray

Thank You For You Business Quotes By MaryLu Tyndall

Thank God, He is in the business of not only forgiveness but restoration. — MaryLu Tyndall

Thank You For You Business Quotes By Rawi Hage

Books were always important. I have to thank my father, he filled my life with books. He didn't write but he always read. He was a merchant, he filled the store with cigarette smoke and his friends, all talking about books and politics. It was bad for business. He dealt in women's clothing. — Rawi Hage

Thank You For You Business Quotes By Marie Force

No wonder you're so successful in your business. You're a scoundrel." "Why thank you, sweetheart. That's so nice of you to say." "Only you would take being called a scoundrel and a tempting devil as compliments." "Coming from you, they're the best compliments I've ever received. — Marie Force

Thank You For You Business Quotes By Martha Stewart

I have sometimes, probably, forgotten - and I know I have - to pat the back of someone or said thank you enough times or maybe even once sometimes I wish I were perfect. I wish I were just the nicest, nicest, nicest person on Earth. But I am a business person.If I were a man no one would ever say that I was arrogant. — Martha Stewart

Thank You For You Business Quotes By Gabrielle Zevin

Writing blurbs for books means you have to read the book, and it cuts into the business of bookselling. So every time I get a blurb from a bookseller, I try to write a thank you note. — Gabrielle Zevin

Thank You For You Business Quotes By Richard Branson

Please be polite. Nothing in life should erode the habit of saying thank you to people or praising them. — Richard Branson

Thank You For You Business Quotes By Thomas Watson Jr.

When someone gives the hospital a gift of $5 and you know he can afford less than that, thank him profusely. When someone gives the hospital a gift of $5,000 and you know he could afford five times that, say "that will help." — Thomas Watson Jr.

Thank You For You Business Quotes By Stephenie Meyer

Are tou trying to be annoying?" I demanded. My patience was not waning, but entirely gone. "Because if you are, then be assured, you have succeeded."
Jared and Wes looked at me with shocked eyes.
"I am female," I complained. "That 'it' business is really getting on my nerves."
Jared blinked in surprise, then his face settled back into harder lines. "Because of the body you wear?"
Wes glared at him.
"Because of me," I hissed.
"By whose definition?"
"How about by yours? In my species, I am the one that bears young. Is that not female enough for you?"
That stopped him short. I felt almost smug.
'As you should', Melanie approved. 'He's wrong and he's being a pig about it'.
Thank you.
'We girls have to stick together'. — Stephenie Meyer

Thank You For You Business Quotes By Frances Hardinge

Thank you," she whispered. "I promise I will not interfere in Court business again."
"Oh yes, you will."
Zouelle looked up to see her uncle regarding her with a sad little smile.
"You decided that you were ready to start meddling in the great game. I really hope you were right, Zouelle, because once you start playing it you can never leave. You are in the game now, my dear. There is no going back. — Frances Hardinge

Thank You For You Business Quotes By G.K. Chesterton

Here I end (thank God) the first and dullest business of this book - the rough review of recent thought. — G.K. Chesterton

Thank You For You Business Quotes By Richard Chamberlain

'Handsome' means many things to many people. If people consider me handsome, I feel flattered - and have my parents to thank for it. Realistically, it doesn't hurt to be good-looking, especially in this business. — Richard Chamberlain

Thank You For You Business Quotes By Daymond John

Life is like business, 20% of what happens to you is 80% of how you react. — Daymond John

Thank You For You Business Quotes By Frederick Buechner

Some moment happens in your life that you say yes right up to the roots of your hair, that makes it worth having been born just to have happen. laughing with somebody till the tears run down your cheeks. waking up to the first snow. being in bed with somebody you love ... whether you thank god for such a moment or thank your lucky stars, it is a moment that is trying to open up your whole life. If you turn your back on such a moment and hurry along to business as usual, it may lose you the ball game. if you throw your arms around such a moment and hug it like crazy, it may save your soul. — Frederick Buechner

Thank You For You Business Quotes By Zadie Smith

Some of us are happy with our African hair, thank you very much. I don't want some poor Indian girl's hair. And I wish to God I could buy black hair products from black people for once. How we going to make it in this country if we don't make our own business? — Zadie Smith

Thank You For You Business Quotes By Douglas Adams

This is a recorded announcement," it said, "as I'm afraid we're all out at the moment. The commercial council of Magrathea thanks you for your esteemed visit ... " ("A voice from ancient Magrathea!" shouted Zaphod. "Okay, okay," said Ford.) " ... but regrets," continued the voice, "that the entire planet is temporarily closed for business. Thank you. If you would care to leave your name and the address of a planet where you can be contacted, kindly speak when you hear the tone. — Douglas Adams

Thank You For You Business Quotes By Harrison Ford

I think retirement's for old people. I'm still in the business, thank you. I have a young child of nine years old, and I want to live as long as I can to see him grow up. I'm enjoying my life and I want to stick around for as long as I can. — Harrison Ford

Thank You For You Business Quotes By Cathleen Falsani

Good morning, God. Another beautiful day. I'm still here, and so is the sun. Thank you. Right, now let's get down to business. — Cathleen Falsani

Thank You For You Business Quotes By Richard Nelson Bolles

Not for nothing is their motto TGIF - 'Thank God It's Friday.' They live for the weekends, when they can go do what they really want to do. — Richard Nelson Bolles

Thank You For You Business Quotes By Jill Duggar

Several years ago we added "my pleasure" to the manners chart after we read the book How Did You Do It, Truett? by S. Truett Cathy, founder of Chick-fil-A. In it, Mr. Cathy tells how he studied the methods of five-star hotels and found that workers are required to say "My pleasure" instead of "You're welcome" when being thanked for something. In essence, one is saying, "Thank you for giving me the pleasure of serving you," and not, "Yes, it was such a sacrifice on my part. You're welcome." He found a direct link between business success and employees learning to treat costumers with the utmost courtesy and respect, and that was one of the principles he adopted for all Chick-fil-A workers. — Jill Duggar

Thank You For You Business Quotes By Zeinab Alayan

And we saved your life, y'know," Andrew said, jerking his head in Oliver's direction. "I mean, the least you could do is thank us."
"Of course!" Oliver said hastily. "Thank you very much."
"It was really dangerous back there," Patricia said earnestly, as though wanting to make sure he understood the severity of the situation.
"Yes, beheading is a serious business, I suppose," Oliver said kindly. "I think it would have been difficult to keep on living once my head was chopped off. — Zeinab Alayan

Thank You For You Business Quotes By James Anthony Froude

In every department of life
in its business and in its pleasures, in its beliefs and in its theories, in its material developments and in its spiritual connections
we thank God that we are not like our fathers. — James Anthony Froude

Thank You For You Business Quotes By Robin Yount

My brother Larry. He taught me how hard work and dedication to the game was the only way to make it. He's taken care of all my business activities for me and my family for many years, and I thank him for that. — Robin Yount

Thank You For You Business Quotes By Prince Charles

Business is recognizing the role it can play in combatting climate change. Thank God, is all I can say, for there is a desperately urgent need for business to play that role. Your lobbying influence can be substantial, but together, united and in large enough numbers it could prove decisive in turning the tide. — Prince Charles

Thank You For You Business Quotes By Andy Romano

I will always recommend Goodwin & Thyne Properties to all my friends and business associates, thank you for going over and beyond the call of duty! — Andy Romano

Thank You For You Business Quotes By Marilyn Suttle

Thank your customer for complaining and mean it. Most will never bother to complain. They'll just walk away. — Marilyn Suttle

Thank You For You Business Quotes By Jasper Fforde

If you want your fridge-freezer and your car and a nice house and asphalt on the roads and a health service, then thank the weapons business. Thank the war economy that drives us to this. — Jasper Fforde

Thank You For You Business Quotes By Jennifer A. Nielsen

Fink had a full bowl and grinned at me as he sat back on the bench. "It would help if you used words like 'please' and 'thank you.'"
"Then I'll thank you to please stay out of my business. — Jennifer A. Nielsen

Thank You For You Business Quotes By Ernest Agyemang Yeboah

Not every gift must you stretch your hands to take! Sometimes, just put your hands by your side and humbly and courageously say thank you! — Ernest Agyemang Yeboah

Thank You For You Business Quotes By Joe Sakic

Here in Denver, we want to thank Jeremy Jacobs for the way he runs his business. Otherwise, we wouldn't have gotten Ray Bourque and won a Stanley Cup. — Joe Sakic

Thank You For You Business Quotes By Rob Kardashian

Thank God, I have the opportunity to do what I love, which is my family and work on a business and try and make it the best that it can be. — Rob Kardashian

Thank You For You Business Quotes By Harris Rosen

This guy! I plead the fifth. This guy is nuts."
- Eminem
"Dope questions, man. Very insightful, very thoughtful."
- Guru (Gang Starr)
"You like a Psychiatrist or some shit? This shit is just coming out but go ahead."
- Mary J. Blige
"Definitely a real interview! Digging deep up in there, man. Not afraid to ask questions!"
- K-Ci Hailey (Jodeci)
"The Wizard asked me for a copy of your magazine."
- Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo (Daft Punk)
"You didn't wear your glasses and you haven't carried your hearing aid. What else is wrong with you?"
- Bushwick Bill
"Peace and blessing, Brother Harris. Thank you for inspiring my words. Keep 'yo balance."
- Erykah Badu
"Can I see that pen?"
- Bobby Brown
"What else do you want to know? Talk to me."
- Aaliyah — Harris Rosen

Thank You For You Business Quotes By Kiersten White

Jack laughed at my attempts to avoid being felt up by a mythical beast. "Apparently you're a virgin."
"Shut up!Like that's any of your business!"
He shrugged,the motion less effective upside down."Unicorns love maidens. Haven't you done any research at all?"
"What,you have?"
He flipped off the branch,startling the unicorn so badly it bolted from the meadow. Thank heavens. — Kiersten White

Thank You For You Business Quotes By Barbara Corcoran

My husband had a very strong identity and was successful in his life. Thank God for that. There's no way I can control him. I wouldn't stay married to him if I felt I could. I can readily take my business personality into the home. But he forces me to be a partner rather than the boss. — Barbara Corcoran