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Top Testifica Quotes

Testifica Quotes By Frederick Sommer

The smallest modification of tonality affects structure. Some things have to be rather large, but elegance is the presentation of things in their minimum dimensions. — Frederick Sommer

Testifica Quotes By Stephen King

Old habits died hard. Often, she thought, they don't die until we do. — Stephen King

Testifica Quotes By Tracee Ford

Dream big, because really ... what's stopping you? Envision the end result and then reach out and get it! — Tracee Ford

Testifica Quotes By Ralph Peters

Jihad expands Islam's domain by any means available. — Ralph Peters

Testifica Quotes By Stephen Jay Gould

I would rather label the whole enterprise of setting a biological value upon groups for what it is: irrelevant, intellectually unsound, and highly injurious. — Stephen Jay Gould

Testifica Quotes By Francoise Sagan

No one ever has time to examine himself honestly, and most people look no further than their neighbors' eyes, in which they may see their own reflection. — Francoise Sagan

Testifica Quotes By Bruce Schneier

Anyone, from the most clueless amateur to the best cryptographer, can create an algorithm that he himself can't break. — Bruce Schneier

Testifica Quotes By Benjamin Tucker

The makers of dictionaries are dependent upon specialists for their definitions. A specialist's definition may be true or it may be erroneous. But its truth cannot be increased or its error diminished by its acceptance by the lexicographer. Each definition must stand on its own merits. — Benjamin Tucker

Testifica Quotes By Recep Tayyip Erdogan

My own daughters weren't able to study in Turkey because of their headscarves, so they went to the United States. — Recep Tayyip Erdogan

Testifica Quotes By Moses Mendelssohn

Judaism was not a religion but a law. — Moses Mendelssohn

Testifica Quotes By Charles M. Schulz

Whenever the sun is shining, I feel obligated to play outside! — Charles M. Schulz

Testifica Quotes By Tim Wise

People never hurt others in moments of personal strength and bravery, when they are feeling good about themselves, when they are strong and confident. If we spent all of our waking moments in that place, then fighting for social justice would be redundant; we would simply have social justice and be done with it, and we could all go swimming, or fishing, or bowling, or dancing, or whatever people do. But it is because we spend so much of our time in that other place, that place of diminished capacity, of flagging energy, or wavering and somewhat flaccid commitment, that we have to be careful. — Tim Wise

Testifica Quotes By Friedrich Nietzsche

The people we have employed in an undertaking that has turned out badly should be doubly rewarded. — Friedrich Nietzsche

Testifica Quotes By Rosabeth Moss Kanter

Throughout human history, people have developed strong loyalties to traditions, rituals, and symbols. In the most effective organizations, they are not only respected but celebrated. It is no coincidence that the most highly admired corporations are also among the most profitable. — Rosabeth Moss Kanter