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Technology And Human Interaction Quotes By Jaron Lanier

Style used to be an interaction between the human soul and tools that were limiting. In the digital era, it will have to come from the soul alone. — Jaron Lanier

Technology And Human Interaction Quotes By Atul Gawande

It is unsettling to find how little it takes to defeat success in medicine. You come as a professional equipped with expertise and technology. You do not imagine that a mere matter of etiquette could foil you. But the social dimension turns out to be as essential as the scientific
matters of how casual you should be, how formal, how reticent, how forthright. Also: how apologetic, how self-confident, how money-minded. In this work against sickness, we begin not with genetic or cellular interactions, but with human ones. They are what make medicine so complex and fascinating. How each interaction is negotiated can determine whether a doctor is trusted, whether a patient is heard, whether the right diagnosis is made, the right treatment given. But in this realm there are no perfect formulas. — Atul Gawande

Technology And Human Interaction Quotes By Robert G. Thompson

The simple truth is that technology is still a poor substitute for human interaction. — Robert G. Thompson

Technology And Human Interaction Quotes By Nick Bilton

The app saved three minutes of my time. But in the process, it cut a neighborhood business out of the economic equation. And, in a way, I had cut off myself from the inconvenient, maddening, but all-too-necessary messiness of human interaction. — Nick Bilton

Technology And Human Interaction Quotes By Albert Einstein

I fear the day that technology will surpass our human interaction. The world will have a generation of idiots. — Albert Einstein

Technology And Human Interaction Quotes By Peter Diamandis

Regardless of what the naysayers believe about human interaction and social media, the data show us that the abundance of technology is actually increasing the abundance of happiness all over the world. — Peter Diamandis

Technology And Human Interaction Quotes By Norbert Wiener

It is the thesis of this book that society can only be understood through a study of the messages and the communication facilities which belong to it; and that in the future development of these messages and communication facilities, messages between man and machines, between machines and man, and between machine and machine, are destined to play an ever-increasing part. — Norbert Wiener

Technology And Human Interaction Quotes By Terence McKenna

Now, through the catalytic interaction with technology, the human species is getting set to redefine itself. — Terence McKenna