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Top Team Captains Quotes

Team Captains Quotes By Fred Funk

That's my No. 1 goal. I want to be part of (captain) Tom Lehman 's team. — Fred Funk

Team Captains Quotes By Don Meyer

You can pick captains, but you can't pick leaders. Whoever controls the locker room controls the team — Don Meyer

Team Captains Quotes By Courtney Love

Don't date the captain of the football team; be the captain of the football team. — Courtney Love

Team Captains Quotes By Peter Moore

The doors had a peephole, and periodically an Iranian guard would look through and choose who he would let in. It was a bit like waiting to be picked for a sports team at school. You stand there trying to look as useful as possible to the two kids lucky enough to have been chosen as captains. If they were picking you for footy you tried to look as tough as possible. For basketball, you tried to look as tall as possible. For cricket, as long-suffering and patient as possible. That day, every time the guard looked through the peephole, I tried to look as un-Great Satan-like as I could. — Peter Moore

Team Captains Quotes By Rudolph Straeuli

I pick first my best team, and my captain from that team and I only pick players that are on form. — Rudolph Straeuli

Team Captains Quotes By Francesco Totti

Steven Gerrard would be the captain of my World XI dream team. — Francesco Totti

Team Captains Quotes By Lawrence Booth

The captains of England and Australia can barely exchange pleasantries these days without a body-language expert immediately declaiming on the angle of their handshakes. — Lawrence Booth

Team Captains Quotes By James A. Michener

I had learned volleyball in the Navy, where all the captains and admirals wanted to be spikers, and I found then that a man who can subdue his own desires and master the art of serving others can make himself invaluable. In choosing sides the team captain always chose the good spikers on the first and second choice, but then the spikers would grab his arm and whisper, 'Take Michener.' I was never chosen lower than third, because I was needed. I wasn't good, but I was faithful. — James A. Michener

Team Captains Quotes By Troy Polamalu

There's rule changes every year. I do wish, however, that the NFL did have a voice from the players' side, whether it's our players' union president, or team captains, or our executive committee on the players' side. Because we're the guys that realize the risk; we're the guys on the field. — Troy Polamalu

Team Captains Quotes By Beth Daniel

Everything a captain does in a team room is done to keep the team loose. — Beth Daniel

Team Captains Quotes By Richard Rodriguez

In the Sacramento of the 1950s, it was as though White simply hadn't had time enough to figure Brown out. It was a busy white time. Brown was like the skinny or fat kids left over after the team captains chose sides. You take the rest - my cue to wander away to the sidelines, to wander away. — Richard Rodriguez

Team Captains Quotes By Rodney Mullen

I fell in love with skateboarding because it was individual; there were no teams, there were no captains, there was nothing to perfect. No style that had to be measured. It was completely opposite of what I saw in so many sports. It was creative. And to this day, that's what I love, that's always kept me back to it because it's endless creation. — Rodney Mullen

Team Captains Quotes By Larry Edwards

The coin toss takes place at the center mark and involves not only the team captains, but also the referees. They all shake hands and smile like they're going to be getting along and they're all gentlemen. The reality is that this is a formality, and within a short span of time, the players will be yelling at the referees and each other. Most likely with some colorful language throw in. — Larry Edwards