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Top Taurus Quotes

Taurus Quotes By Malcolm Lowry

And the earth itself still turning on its axis and revolving around that sun, the sun revolving around the luminous wheel of this galaxy, the countless unmeasured jewelled wheels of countless unmeasured galaxies, turning, turning, majestically, into infinity, into eternity, through all of which all life ran on - all this, long after she herself was dead, men would still be reading in the night sky, and as the earth turned through those distant seasons, and they watched the constellations still rising, culminating, setting, to rise again - Aries, Taurus, Gemini, the Crab, Leo, Virgo, the Scales and the Scorpion, Capricorn the Sea-goat and Aquarius the Water Bearer, Pisces, and once more, triumphantly, Aries! - would they not, too, still be asking the hopeless eternal question: to what end? What force drives this sublime celestial machinery? — Malcolm Lowry

Taurus Quotes By Graeme Simsion

Professor Tillman. Most of us here are not scientists, so you may need to be a little less technical.' This sort of thing is incredibly annoying. People can tell you the supposed characteristics of a Gemini or a Taurus and will spend five days watching a cricket match, but cannot find the interest or the time to learn the basics of what they, as humans, are made up of. — Graeme Simsion

Taurus Quotes By T.J. Klune

Yes, Gus, because a Ford Taurus screams class," Casey said, sounding amused.
"It does," Gus insisted. "Did you know there are message boards on the Internet devoted to Ford Tauruses? I should know. I'm on one of them now. I have conversations with other Ford Taurus enthusiasts." Which, in hindsight, was something he wished he'd never admitted out loud.
Casey grinned. "Oh really. What's your username on this message board?"
Gus narrowed his eyes. "Something perfectly normal and not weird at all."
"Cool, man. What is it?"
"TauruSaurus Rex," Gus said. "And I really wish I'd thought of a different name now."
"Dude," Casey said in awe. "How the hell do you come up with these things? — T.J. Klune

Taurus Quotes By Gene Cernan

As I step off at the surface at Taurus-Littrow, I'd like to dedicate the first step of Apollo 17 to all those who made it possible. — Gene Cernan

Taurus Quotes By Elliot Perlman

I'm a Taurus, which sounds like the name of a pickup truck. I'd prefer to be born under the sign of the rock wallaby. If you're going to interpret your life pursuant to an utterly irrational dogma, why can't it have a cute mascot? Rock wallabies really are fabulous animals, and in any remotely just world, they would have their own star sign. — Elliot Perlman

Taurus Quotes By Alan Shepard

The last man on the moon, Gene Cernan, had paused for a final look at the black beauty of the world about him. He had a message to send home before departing. "As I take these last steps from the surface for some time in the future to come, I'd just like to record that America's challenge of today has forged man's destiny of tomorrow. And as we leave the moon and Taurus-Littrow, we leave as we came, and, God willing, we shall return, with peace and hope for all mankind." It's been nearly four decades since he spoke those words. No American, no earth being has yet returned to the moon. Sadly, no one will again for decades to come. — Alan Shepard

Taurus Quotes By Eugene Cernan

As we leave the Moon at Taurus-Littrow, we leave as we came, and God willing, as we shall return, with peace and hope for all mankind. — Eugene Cernan

Taurus Quotes By Bill Kreutzmann

Maybe because I'm a Taurus, I like to watch plants grow. — Bill Kreutzmann

Taurus Quotes By Michelle Pfeiffer

I'm a Taurus. To the bone. — Michelle Pfeiffer

Taurus Quotes By Walker Percy

Why it is possible to learn more in ten minutes about the Crab Nebula in Taurus, which is 6,000 light-years away, than you presently know about yourself, even though you've been stuck with yourself all your life or — Walker Percy

Taurus Quotes By M.C. Scott

So we left the spear in the wagon and I dressed and still was not sick and together we walked to the head of the century. Tears had been ready to lead them. Macer was there, holding his horn. I saw them both shrug and get ready to swap Tears' shield for the horn.
'No, stay as you are,' I said. 'It doesn't hurt to have someone else learning the signals. Tears can stay as Macer's shield-man. Taurus, stay with Horgias.'
'And you?' someone asked.
'Don't worry about me.' I grinned, careless of the listening gods. 'I'm indestructible. I'll outlive you all. — M.C. Scott

Taurus Quotes By Armistead Maupin

Taureans are stubborn as hell. They never want to tell you what sign they are ... But underneath that tough Taurus hide beats the heart of a hopeless romantic. — Armistead Maupin

Taurus Quotes By Ovid

Perhaps you think that there are sacred groves and cities of the gods along the way, temples displaying all the gifts of wealth? Not so: your path is full of lurking perils as well as images of savage beasts. And if you hold this course unswervingly, you'll find the horns of Taurus in your way, 110 the Archer and the gaping jaws of Leo, and Scorpio, whose long and curving arms sweep one way, while the curving arms of Cancer sweep broadly in the opposite direction. — Ovid

Taurus Quotes By Janet Evanovich

My father hired you to protect me," Ahmed said, "not to go off chasing men."
Grandma leaned forward, keeping her eye on the Taurus. "We think this guy killed Fred."
"Who's Fred?"
"My uncle," I told him. "He's married to Mabel."
"Ah so you're avenging a murder in the family. This is a good thing. — Janet Evanovich

Taurus Quotes By Diana Gabaldon

Betelgeuse. Sirius. Orion. Antares. The sky is very large, and you are very small. Let the words wash
through him, the voice and its memories pass over him, shivering his skin like the touch of a ghost,
vanishing into darkness.
The Pleiades. Cassiopeia. Taurus. Heaven is wide, and you are very small. Dead, but none the less
powerful for being dead. He spread his hands wide, gripping the fence - those were powerful, too.
Enough to beat a man to death, enough to choke out a life. But even death was not enough to loose the
bands of rage.
With great effort, he let go. Turned his hands palm upward, in gesture of surrender. He reached
beyond the stars, searching. The words formed themselves quietly in his mind, by habit, so quietly he
was not aware of them until he found them echoed in a whisper on his lips. — Diana Gabaldon

Taurus Quotes By Daniel Woodrell

I have a Ford Taurus, and I don't care who knows it. — Daniel Woodrell

Taurus Quotes By Rainbow Rowell

Impala when his dad bought her a new Taurus. ... He didn't ride the bus anymore, because he'd have the whole seat to himself. Not that the Impala — Rainbow Rowell

Taurus Quotes By Walker Percy

Lost in the Cosmos: The Last Self-Help Book
How you can survive in the Cosmos about which you know more and more while knowing less and less about yourself, this despite 10,000 self-help books, 100,000 psychotherapists, and 100 million fundamentalist Christians
Why is it that of all the billions and billions of strange objects in the Cosmos - novas, quasars, pulsars, black holes - you are beyond doubt the strangest
Why is it possible to learn more in ten minutes about the Crab Nebula in Taurus, which is 6,000 light-years away, than you presently know about yourself, even though you've been stuck with yourself all your life — Walker Percy

Taurus Quotes By Julius Erving

My mom is one of 14 children. She's a great lady. She's a Taurus. Has been a profound influence in my life, still is to this day. Born in meager surroundings in rural South Carolina. — Julius Erving

Taurus Quotes By Nostradamus

The great earthquake shall be in the month of May; Saturn, Capricorn, Jupiter, Mercury in Taurus; Venus, also Cancer, Mars in zero. — Nostradamus

Taurus Quotes By Mark Helprin

Columba, Lepus, Canis Major, Canis Minor, Procyon, Betelgeuse, Rigel, Orion, Taurus, Aldebaran, Gemini, Pollux, Castor, Auriga, Capella, the Pleiades, Perseus, Cassiopeia, Ursa Major, Ursa Minor, Polaris, Draco, Cepheus, Vega, the Northern Cross, Cygnus, Deneb, Delphinus, Andromeda, Triangulum, Aries, Cetus, Pisces, Aquarius, Pegasus, Fomalhaut. — Mark Helprin

Taurus Quotes By Orczy Emmuska Baroness

And among them all Taurus Antinor, praefect of Rome, with his ruddy hair and bronzed skin, his massive frame clad in gorgeously embroidered tunic. — Orczy Emmuska Baroness

Taurus Quotes By William Clay Ford Jr.

Whenever I'm at a party, people are always telling me either to get a new quarterback or make the Taurus back seat bigger. — William Clay Ford Jr.

Taurus Quotes By Matt Roper

I'm a Taurus, you know. A bull. I belong in a field. — Matt Roper

Taurus Quotes By Janette Rallison

Neither of them noticed Jane for a moment, which was for the best, as Jane looked like parts of her had been ripped up and flung into the wind.
While Hunter smiled at Savannah, little pieces of Jane fluttered down to the parking lot ...
She waded through the litter of her old self and climbed into the battered Taurus. — Janette Rallison

Taurus Quotes By T-Pain

My first car was an '84 Ford Taurus. It caught on fire from me trying to change the fuel pump, so that wasn't good at all. Dried leaves on the ground while I was trying to change the fuel pump. Don't do that. Do it on concrete. — T-Pain

Taurus Quotes By Mia Rose

A Taurus, however, will meticulously plan out all the steps required to put pretty much any plan into action. They also have the commitment and stamina to see it through to the end, ensuring a successful outcome. — Mia Rose

Taurus Quotes By Livia Lang

Taurus (April 20th-May 20th) This sign is ruled by Venus, making you value the sensual side of life. When you feel the pull of attraction you can't help but give in. Just be sure that your conquest is worthy of your passionate, possessive love. — Livia Lang

Taurus Quotes By Sue Grafton

I'm an organism of the earth, a Taurus. I was never born of air, of water, or of fire. I'm a creature of gravity and I could feel the ground whisper. The same thing happens to me in old hotels when I'm staying on the twenty-second floor. I open a window and want to fling myself out. — Sue Grafton

Taurus Quotes By Elsa Peretti

I am a bull. I am Taurus. My will is awful. If I like something, there is nothing else. I was a pain in the neck. I still am a pain in the neck. — Elsa Peretti

Taurus Quotes By Alessandra Torre

- What is it called when one person make a huge mistake? - he called out, opening the driver's door to the Taurus.
- Easy - she said, pushing off the post and stepping to the front door. - That's called life. — Alessandra Torre

Taurus Quotes By Stan Goff

American culture is a sheep culture - long on talk about individualism, but even longer on absolute conformity. Most still believe that individuality is based on which model car you like best - commodity identity, a selection of personalities on a shelf full of products approved by the Federal Identity Administration. I'm a Taurus aspiring to be a Lexus. — Stan Goff

Taurus Quotes By Ada Adams

Who are you?" I demanded when I was certain he couldn't escape my grip.
"I'm a twenty-four-year-old Taurus who enjoys long walks on the beach." Even though I couldn't see his face, I could feel his arrogant grin.
"You have ten seconds to explain yourself," I ordered. "Or I'm really going to hurt you."
"Oh, come on! Can't we get back to the kissing? You can't tease a guy like that. — Ada Adams

Taurus Quotes By Alice Bailey

The clue to one's next step toward the door of initiation may be revealed at the Full Moon during the sign of Taurus. — Alice Bailey

Taurus Quotes By Ovid

In time the bull is brought to wear the yoke.
[Lat., Tempore ruricolae patiens fit taurus aratri.] — Ovid

Taurus Quotes By Barbra Streisand

I can't stand to see red in my profit-or-loss column. I'm Taurus the bull, so I react to red. If I see it, I sell my stocks quickly. — Barbra Streisand

Taurus Quotes By Ally Carter

We wear a lot of labels in our lives, and it's so very easy to be defined by them. We have grown somehow accustomed to thinking of ourselves as a size eight or a size fourteen, as a capricorn or a taurus, as single or in love. — Ally Carter

Taurus Quotes By Steve Kluger

What do you mean Taurus? he frowns. I'm not a Taurus.

You were born on the cusp, I remind him. Jason merely shrugs.

Shows what you know, Scotty, I was born in Ohio.

I can take him anywhere but out. — Steve Kluger