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Taking A Few Steps Back Quotes By Leon Spinks

To experience the agony of defeat makes you stronger. It's like taking one step back and two steps forward. To experience the agony of defeat makes you appreciate the experience of winning. That's what makes a champion. — Leon Spinks

Taking A Few Steps Back Quotes By Dave Pelzer

If it doesn't do you any good, dump it. Take some action, push that lever, flush it away, and don't look back. Take small steps everyday of your life, and start taking control of what you say when you talk to yourself. — Dave Pelzer

Taking A Few Steps Back Quotes By Brian Celio

History, lie of our lives, mire of our loins. Our sins, our souls. Hiss-tih-ree: the tip of the pen taking a trip of three steps (with one glide) down the chronicle to trap a slick, sibilant character. Hiss. (Ss.) Tih. Ree.
He was a pig, a plain pig, in the morning, standing five feet ten on one hoof. He was a pig in slacks. He was a pig in school. He was a pig on the dotted line. But in my eyes it's always the ones signing dotted lines that become pigs.
Did this pig have a precursor? He did, indeed he did. In point of fact, dating all the way back to the Biblical Age. Oh where? About everywhere you look there's pigs giving that fancy ol' snake a chase. Yeah, yeah, yeah, you can always count on a fuckin' pretentious sarcastican for a fancy prose style. — Brian Celio

Taking A Few Steps Back Quotes By Woody Guthrie

My eyes has been my camera taking pictures of the world and my songs has been my messages that I tried to scatter across the back sides and along the steps of the fire escapes and on the window sills and through the dark halls ... — Woody Guthrie

Taking A Few Steps Back Quotes By Lydia Davis

One gains courage from the one in front of her and moves forward a few steps, passing her by just a little. Now the one farthest back gains courage from the one in front and moves forward until she, in turn, is the leader. And so in this way, taking courage from one another, they advance, as a group, towards the strange thing in front of them. — Lydia Davis

Taking A Few Steps Back Quotes By Maureen Johnson

It makes you very cool," he said, taking big, jumping steps to get in front of me. "CNN would interview you, for sure. Daughter of Flobie! But don't worry. I'll keep them back! — Maureen Johnson

Taking A Few Steps Back Quotes By Miley Cyrus

It's awkward and silent as I wait for you to say, what I need to hear now, your sincere apology. When you mean it, I'll believe it, if you text it I'll delete, let's be clear. Oh, I'm not coming back, you're taking 7 steps here ... — Miley Cyrus

Taking A Few Steps Back Quotes By Rainbow Rowell

It was a good weekend. Five thousand words of Carry On. Fish tacos with radish and shredded cabbage. Only two more conversations about Wren. And Sunday afternoon brought Levi back, taking her front steps two at a time. — Rainbow Rowell

Taking A Few Steps Back Quotes By April Mae Monterrosa

A few steps back is sometimes needed to find clarity in the confusion. — April Mae Monterrosa

Taking A Few Steps Back Quotes By Laurie David

The most disturbing part of working on all these issues is the amount of money spent by corporations to confuse, mislead and misinform the public. This is one of the reasons why we are always taking two steps forward and three steps back. — Laurie David

Taking A Few Steps Back Quotes By Clementa C. Pinckney

I'm glad they're taking a step back. A lot of this is happening so quickly that people can't keep up with it. — Clementa C. Pinckney

Taking A Few Steps Back Quotes By Merce Rodoreda

And when Quimet saw the doves flying above our roof and only above our roof, his face stopped looking so yellow and he said everything was okay. When the doves got sick of flying they started to come down, first one and then another. They went back in the dovecote like old ladies going to mass, taking little steps and jerking their heads like wind-up toys. — Merce Rodoreda

Taking A Few Steps Back Quotes By Mary Oliver

The poet dreams of the mountain
Sometimes I grow weary of the days, with all their fits and starts.
I want to climb some old gray mountains, slowly, taking
The rest of my lifetime to do it, resting often, sleeping
Under the pines or, above them, on the unclothed rocks.
I want to see how many stars are still in the sky
That we have smothered for years now, a century at least.
I want to look back at everything, forgiving it all,
And peaceful, knowing the last thing there is to know.
All that urgency! Not what the earth is about!
How silent the trees, their poetry being of themselves only.
I want to take slow steps, and think appropriate thoughts.
In ten thousand years, maybe, a piece of the mountain will fall. — Mary Oliver

Taking A Few Steps Back Quotes By Joseph Epstein

Meanwhile, things continue to slide: standards slip, curricula are politicized and watered down, and, despite all the emphasis on schooling at every level of society, the dance of education remains locked into the dreary choreography of one step forward, two steps back. Education remains education, which is to say a fairly private affair. No matter how much more widespread so-called higher education has become, only a small - one is inclined to say an infinitesimal - minority seems capable of taking serious advantage of it, at any rate during the standard years of schooling. — Joseph Epstein

Taking A Few Steps Back Quotes By Marie Lu

He spins around. Before I can say anything else, he steps forward and takes my face in his hands. Then he's kissing me one last time, overwhelming me with his warmth, breathing life and love and aching sorrow into me. I throw my arms around his neck as he wraps his around my waist. My lips part for him and his mouth moves desperately against mine, devouring me, taking every breath that I have. Don't go, I plead wordlessly. But I can taste the good-bye on his lips, and now I can no longer hold back my tears. He's trembling. His face is wet. I hang on to him like he'll disappear if I let go, like I'll be left alone in this dark room, standing in the empty air. Day, the boy from the streets with nothing except the clothes on his back and the earnestness in his eyes, owns my heart. — Marie Lu

Taking A Few Steps Back Quotes By Timothy Pina

Show someone malice and hate and it will come back to bite you ... show them mercy and love and you're taking giant steps towards building a better humanity. — Timothy Pina

Taking A Few Steps Back Quotes By Nichelle Nichols

Some people view Gene as a man with a wild futuristic utopian fantasy, but that's too simple. Star Trek did not promise that people would magically become inherently "better," but that they would progress, always reaching for their highest potential and noblest goals, even if it took centuries of taking two steps forward and one step back. Ideally, humankind would be guided in its quest by reason and justice. The ultimate futility of armed conflict, terrorism, dictatorial rule, prejudice, disregard for the environment, and exercising power for its own sake was demonstrated time and again — Nichelle Nichols

Taking A Few Steps Back Quotes By Wayne Dyer

A resolution to exercise or eat more nutritious foods is a step taking you back to the well-being from which you originated. — Wayne Dyer

Taking A Few Steps Back Quotes By Emily Maroutian

Progression is part regression. Moving forward sometimes involves taking a few steps back during the process. Nothing has gone wrong. This is how we all move forward. Every project has setbacks. Every plan runs into a wall every once in a while. Every relationship has miscommunications and conflicts. Some days you will wake up feeling good; other days you will feel off. You will lose some money; you will gain some money. You will lose some weight; you will gain some weight. All of life is a process of expansion and contraction. This is how life breathes. — Emily Maroutian

Taking A Few Steps Back Quotes By Jonas Lee

As I hold them in place, I can faintly hear Mo trying to reason with me. She sees the fire I have inside, the raw, poisonous hatred for what happened. I'm taking steps down a road and there is no turning back. — Jonas Lee

Taking A Few Steps Back Quotes By Robyn

So don't stop moving forward. For a while, you may feel as though you're taking two steps forward, one step back. And there may be some personal heartache along the way. But when you look your little ones in the eye, you will find your voice and take a stand for them. We are their voices. And we must have the courage to stand up for them, whatever the odds or however powerful the opposition might be. — Robyn

Taking A Few Steps Back Quotes By Cobi Jones

I think the Commissioner is taking the steps necessary to give the game back to the players and the fans and hopefully take the league to the next level. — Cobi Jones