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Taken Aback Quotes By A.G. Howard

"And in the process," Morpheus says from beside the fireplace, "you'll destroy some of her best qualities."
Mom and Ivory glance at him, as if taken aback to hear those words coming from his lips.
He sits hard on the chaise lounge, wings draped over the back, then slouches with elbows on knees. The silvery flames flicker across his bejeweled face. "What of her whimsy and curiosity, her compassion and loyalty? Her imagination, her dreams. These are all part of her humanness." — A.G. Howard

Taken Aback Quotes By Marie Rutkoski

He tried to go over the plan with the captain, who interrupted him with a dismissive flick of the hand. "That's not a plan. That's simple piracy. You needn't teach me that."
Arin was taken aback. "Before the war, the Herrani were the best at sea. We gained wealth through sea trade. We weren't pirates."
The captain laughed and laughed. — Marie Rutkoski

Taken Aback Quotes By Jane Harvey-Berrick

I cocked my head on one side. "Is that what we have? A relationship?"
Kes looked taken aback. "Well, yeah." Then he hesitated, "What would you call it?"
"Well, at the moment, I'd say it's two old friends catching a ride together to go see the carnival."
Kes nodded. "Okay," he said. "Works for me."
"Just so you know," I sniffed, "that's the wrong answer. We're totally in a relationship."
Kes grinned. "Good. So we're both clear on that. — Jane Harvey-Berrick

Taken Aback Quotes By James Curcio

Afterwards, over drinks, one of the barbarians asked me what I dreamt of. I, of course, was taken aback. They say barbarians don't dream. But I told him ... "I dream of tangible nothing," I said.
"So you mean nothing as something, then?" the barbarian replied over the rim of his gin-and-tonic.
"I mean unity, dissolving into non-self," I said, just to be confusing. — James Curcio

Taken Aback Quotes By Lisa Kleypas

Hardy Cates," I said, coming into the room, "you behave, or I'll step on your tube."
The nurse seemed taken aback by my unsympathetic bedside manner. But Hardy's gaze met mine in a moment of bright, hot voltage, and he relaxed, reassured in a way that cooing sympathy could never have done.
"That only works if it's a breathing tube," he told me. — Lisa Kleypas

Taken Aback Quotes By Billy Wood-Smith

Turn it off," she said, her voice cracking.
"It's still good music," Joe told her with an almost apologetic shrug.
"It's crap," she breathed, still totally taken aback by the music playing again.
He shook his head. "No, it's not crap!" he said patiently and started peeling out of his sweater, trying hard not to get his braced hand caught in the sleeve. He emerged, his hair a bit messy, and tossed the sweater back towards the sofa. — Billy Wood-Smith

Taken Aback Quotes By Malcolm Gladwell

Wolf was taken aback. This was the 1950s, years before the advent of cholesterol-lowering drugs and aggressive measures to prevent heart disease. Heart attacks were an epidemic in the United States. They were the leading cause of death in men under the age of sixty-five. It was impossible to be a doctor, common sense said, and not see heart disease. Wolf decided to investigate. He enlisted the support of some of his students and colleagues from Oklahoma. They gathered together the death certificates from residents of the — Malcolm Gladwell

Taken Aback Quotes By Nicholas Chong

She then turned to Poseidon & with a large smile, asked him to undress her.Taken aback by such an unusual request, the young man baulked.She then begged him to undress her saying that the customers were now waiting to see her show.[MMT] — Nicholas Chong

Taken Aback Quotes By LeeAnn Whitaker

Hello Miss," I said in a feverish manner. "I'm Jack, and of course I will muck out your horse for you." I grinned a huge dumb smile right at her. "I'm always happy to help."

She was taken aback, gazing at me confused. She wasn't sure if I was being sarcastic, or if I was just some village simpleton who always said too much. — LeeAnn Whitaker

Taken Aback Quotes By Sloane Crosley

The first thing to understand is that being a vegetarian is actually a private matter. I'm still taken aback by the question " then what do you eat?" and am embarrassed as I struggle to produce the weeks food diary. Its not that I'm ashamed of what I eat, but its none of anyone's business. I imagine I would have a similar feeling counting up how many pairs of underwear I went thru in a week. The only reason opening someone's fridge is more socially acceptable than opening someone's medicine cabinet is that people keep beer in their fridge. — Sloane Crosley

Taken Aback Quotes By Raymond E. Feist

As they walked he glanced sideways and at last asked, "You are the one they call Pug?"
If Pug hadn't already been surprised by what they had encountered, he was now openly taken aback. "Yes," he said.
"I'd thought you'd be taller," mused the Pantathian. — Raymond E. Feist

Taken Aback Quotes By Meg Cabot

Father Dom looked taken aback. "Normal?" he echoed. As in, who would ever want to be that? — Meg Cabot

Taken Aback Quotes By Neil Gaiman

We'll win, of course," he said.
"You don't want that," said the demon.
"Why not, pray?"
"Listen," said Crowley desperately, "how many musicians do you think your side have got, eh? First grade, I mean."
Aziraphale looked taken aback.
"Well, I should think-" he began.
"Two," said Crowley. "Elgar and Liszt. That's all. We've got the rest. Beethoven, Brahms, all the Bachs, Mozart, the lot. Can you imagine eternity with Elgar? — Neil Gaiman

Taken Aback Quotes By Daniel Woodrell

I was reading newspaper front pages from the 1930s, and I was taken aback. I'm not naive about American history, but I was a bit knocked off my feet by things that used to be on the front pages of newspapers. — Daniel Woodrell

Taken Aback Quotes By J.K. Rowling

Oh, are you doing magic? Let's see it, then."
She sat down. Ron looked taken aback.
"Er - all right."
He cleared his throat.
"Sunshine, daisies, butter mellow,
Turn this stupid, fat rat yellow."
He waved his wand, but nothing happened. Scabbers stayed gray and fast asleep.
"Are you sure that's a real spell?" said the girl. "Well, it's not very good, is it? I've tried a few simple spells just for practice and it's all worked for me. I've learned all our course books by heart, of course. — J.K. Rowling

Taken Aback Quotes By Aishah Madadiy

Ah, today is not really a good day, but my afterthought suggests it is, since I have had the chance to learn that life cannot be exemplary all the time. It is good to be taken aback once in a while because only then, would I value the state of being nonchalant. — Aishah Madadiy

Taken Aback Quotes By Suzanne Wright

Your brother's going to tell you that I'm not good for you."
Taken aback by the comment, she blinked him. He discreetly nodded toward Nick. If that scowl was anything to go by ... "Yep."
"He thinks I'm a slut."
"He's going to confront me about it at some point, order me to stay away from you."
"But I won't." Marcus held her gaze, not wanting her to miss the determination in his eyes. "Just thought you should know. — Suzanne Wright

Taken Aback Quotes By Diana Gabaldon

Of course I can." He stuck out a rolled tongue and wiggled it, demonstrating, then pulled it back. "Everyone can do that, surely? Ian?"
"Oh, aye, of course." Ian obligingly demonstrated. "Anyone can."
"I can't," said Brianna. Jamie stared at her, taken aback. "What d'ye mean ye can't?"
"Bleah." She stuck out a flat tongue and waggled it from side to side. "I can't."
"Of course ye can." Jamie frowned. "Here, it's simple, lass - anyone can do it!" He stuck out his own tongue again, rolling and unrolling it like a paternal anteater, anxiously encouraging its offspring toward an appetizing mass of insects. He glanced at Roger, brows lifted. — Diana Gabaldon

Taken Aback Quotes By Ilya Ilf

Vorobyaninov, I've got a pressing artistic task for you,' he whispered. 'Go over to the exit from the first-class hallway and stand there. If somebody approaches, start singing, loudly.'
The old man was taken aback. 'But what should I sing?'
'Not "God Save the Tsar," that's for sure! — Ilya Ilf

Taken Aback Quotes By Anthony Marra

When I visited Chechnya, I was taken aback at first because people would regularly make jokes about kidnapping me. — Anthony Marra

Taken Aback Quotes By Anonymous

You're not going to hurt my daddy, are you?" the little girl asked Tanin, glaring at him with dark eyes. "N-no," stuttered Tanin, taken aback. He lowered his sword. "We're just"-he shrugged, flushing scarlet-"talking. You know, man talk — Anonymous

Taken Aback Quotes By Deborah Harkness

I turned to leave, then whirled around and flung my arms around Philippe's massive shoulders. How could such a man ever be broken? "What is it?" Philippe murmured, taken aback. "You will not be alone either, Philippe de Clermont," I whispered fiercely. "I'll find a way to be with you in the darkness, I promise. And when you think the whole world has abandoned you, I'll be there, holding your hand." "How could it be otherwise," Philippe said gently, "when you are in my heart? — Deborah Harkness

Taken Aback Quotes By Patrick Rothfuss

Bast brightened at the opportunity. Straightening up in his chair he looked thoughtful for a moment then said. "She had perfect ears." He made a delicate gesture with his hands. "Perfect little ears, like they were carved out of ... something." Chronicler laughed, then looked slightly taken aback, as if he'd surprised himself. "Her ears?" he asked as if he couldn't be sure if he had heard correctly. "You know how hard it is to find a pretty girl with the right sort of ears," Bast said matter-of-factly. Chronicler laughed again, seeming to find it easier the second time. "No," he said. "No, I'm sure I don't." Bast gave the story collector a deeply pitying look. "Well then, you'll just have to take my word for it. They were exceptionally fine. — Patrick Rothfuss

Taken Aback Quotes By Bill O'Reilly

Mr. Obama is proud of his belief that government knows best. When he told the world that individuals were not totally responsible for their personal success, that government has a major role in it, many Americans were taken aback. But Barack Obama sincerely believes that. — Bill O'Reilly

Taken Aback Quotes By Taraka Larson

I had writers block for months afterwards because I was just so taken aback by all of the sounds I was hearing. It's almost like hearing the most beautiful music you've ever heard, so you're like, "What's the point of me making anything?" It was this living sonic organism so the idea of recording something just seemed like taking this living thing and mummifying it. — Taraka Larson

Taken Aback Quotes By Rebecca Manley Pippert

We tend to be taken aback by the thought that God could be angry. how can a deity who is perfect and loving ever be angry? ... We take pride in our tolerance of the excesses of others. So what is God's problem? ... But love detests what destroys the beloved. Real love stands against the deception, the lie, the sin that destroys. Nearly a century ago the theologian E.H. Glifford wrote: 'Human love here offers a true analogy: the more a father loves his son, the more he hates in him the drunkard, the liar, the traitor.' ... Anger isn't the opposite of love. Hate is, and the final form of hate is indifference ... How can a good God forgive bad people without compromising himself? Does he just play fast and loose with the facts? 'Oh, never mind ... boys will be boys'. Try telling that to a survivor of the Cambodian 'killing fields' or to someone who lost an entire family in the Holocaust. No. To be truly good one has to be outraged by evil and implacably hostile to injustice. — Rebecca Manley Pippert

Taken Aback Quotes By Neil Peart

At first I would be taken aback by that observation, then I would think of them seeing other drummers on television, often faking it or playing less physically demanding music, and understood why they had that impression. I guess drumming wasn't hard work for every drummer, but it certainly was for me, the way I liked to play - as hard as I could, as fast as I could, as long as I could, and as well as I could. Playing a Rush concert was the hardest job I knew, and took everything I had, mentally and physically. I once compared it to running a marathon while solving equations, and that was a good enough analogy. — Neil Peart

Taken Aback Quotes By Mila Kunis

People have interpretations of what you're supposed to be like. If you're unattractive and overweight, you must have a great personality. If you're attractive, then you must not be the nicest person. People are always taken aback that I'm easygoing but not necessarily stupid. — Mila Kunis

Taken Aback Quotes By Louisa May Alcott

They would have been still more amazed if they had seen what Beth did afterward. If you will believe me, she went and knocked at the study door before she gave herself time to think, and when a gruff voice called out, "come in!" she did go in, right up to Mr. Laurence, who looked quite taken aback, and held out her hand, saying, with only a small quaver in her voice, "I came to thank you, sir, for ... " But she didn't finish, for he looked so friendly that she forgot her speech and, only remembering that he had lost the little girl he loved, she put both arms round his neck and kissed him. — Louisa May Alcott

Taken Aback Quotes By Santino Hassell

There was a beat of silence before Sin said blandly, "I have occasional nightmares about us having a threesome with that meat-head. I'm far from being easily shocked."
"What?" Boyd looked completely taken aback, his eyebrows shooting up. "That's the last thing I thought I'd ever hear from you."
"It isn't exactly a voluntary thing. It's quite horrifying. I usually wake up before he can put his dick in me though." Sin made a revolted expression, his lips twisting in a scowl of disgust.
"So I shouldn't expect to be propositioned for this threesome too in the near future?" Boyd asked jokingly.
Sin stared at Boyd and didn't bother to reply. — Santino Hassell

Taken Aback Quotes By Julie Klassen

Do you recall the last time you and I danced? I am afraid I was rude to you." She ducked her head, embarrassed. "You didn't like being forced to dance with me then any more than now, I imagine." It was his turn to be taken aback. "Miss Smallwood, you are mistaken. I am very much enjoying dancing with you. I only hesitated because I thought you would prefer to dance with Phillip. — Julie Klassen

Taken Aback Quotes By Robert Fulghum

I am sometimes amazed at what we did not fully grasp in kindergarten. In the years I was a parish minister I was always taken aback when someone came to me and said. 'I've just come from the doctor and he told me I have only a limited time to live'. I was always tempted to shout 'WHAT? You didn't know? You had to pay a doctor to tell you - at your age? Where were you the week in kingergarten when you got the little cup with the cotton and water and seed? Life happened - remember? A plant grew up and the roots grew down. A miracle. And then a few days later the plant was dead. DEAD. Life is short. Were you asleep that week or home sick or what? — Robert Fulghum

Taken Aback Quotes By Sabrina Jeffries

I didn't choose to be the Angel of Death, blast it!" He practically spat the words. When she blinked, taken aback by his vehemence, he added, "That was some fool's idea of a joke"
She kept staring at him, speechless. A joke? Her brother's death was a joke to someone?
Seeing her reaction, he went on in a low, tortured voice, "After Roger's accident, I wore black to mourn him. Since Roger wasn't my family, Chetwin commented on it, saying that I dressed in black because Death was my constant companion. He pointed out that everyone I touched died
my parents, my best friend ... everyone."
He began to pace the clearing, pain etched in his features. "Chetwin was right, of course. Death was my constant companion. So it was no great surprise when other people started calling me the Angel of Death." His voice grew choked. "I fit the part, after all."
-Gabriel to Virginia — Sabrina Jeffries

Taken Aback Quotes By George R R Martin

Lady Brienne is a warrior maid," confided Septon Meribald, "hunting for the Hound." "Aye?" Narbert seemed taken aback. "To what end?" Brienne touched Oathkeeper's hilt. "His," she said. — George R R Martin

Taken Aback Quotes By Julie Garwood

Carter was so taken aback by her attack he dropped his knife. "You knocked him stupid," he bellowed.
"No," Emily corrected in what she believed was a reasonable tone of voice. "He was already stupid. I knocked him out. — Julie Garwood

Taken Aback Quotes By Georgette Heyer

That *does* relieve my mind!'
'It might well - except that I fancy you don't care a straw how we may appear.'
'On the contrary! Think how much my credit would suffer!'
She laughed, but shook her head. 'You don't care for that either. Or - or for anything, perhaps.'
He was momentarily taken aback by this, but he replied without perceptible hesitation: 'Not profoundly.'
She frowned, turning it over in her mind. 'Well, I can understand that that must be very comfortable, for if you don't care for anybody or anything you can't be cast into dejection, or become sick with apprehension, or even get into high fidgets. On the other hand, I shouldn't think you could ever be *aux anges* either. It wouldn't do for me: it would be too flat! — Georgette Heyer

Taken Aback Quotes By Peter Matthiessen

A far cicada rings high and clear over the river's heavy wash. Morning glory, a lone dandelion, cassia, orchids. So far from the nearest sea, I am taken aback by the sight of a purple land crab, like a relict of the ancient days when the Indian subcontinent, adrift on the earth's mantle, moved northward to collide with the Asian landmass, driving these marine rocks, inch by inch, five miles into the skies. The rise of the Himalaya, begun in the Eocene, some fifty million years ago, is still continuing: an earthquake in 1959 caused mountains to fall into the rivers and changed the course of the great Brahmaputra, which comes down out of Tibet through northeastern India to join the Ganges near its delta at the Bay of Bengal. — Peter Matthiessen

Taken Aback Quotes By Kelly Creagh

Whoa," Danny said, taken aback, "You broke up with Meathead? — Kelly Creagh

Taken Aback Quotes By Simone Elkeles

When I get to Club Mystique at nine, Alex sneaks up behind me outside. I turn around and wrap my arms around his neck.
"Whoa, girl," he says, taken aback. "I thought we were keepin' this thing between us a secret. I hate to tell you, but a bunch of north siders from Fairfield are right over there. And they're starin' at us."
"I don't care. Not anymore."
"You only live once."
He seems to like my answer, because he takes my hand in his and leads me to the back of the line. It's cold outside, so he opens his leather jacket and envelopes me in his warmth while we wait to get in.
I look up at him, our bodies pressed together. "Are you going to dance with me tonight?" I ask.
"Hell, yeah."
"Colin never wanted to dance with me."
"I'm not Colin, querida, and never will be."
"Good. I've got you, Alex. I realize it's all I need and I'm ready to share it with the world. — Simone Elkeles

Taken Aback Quotes By Kevin Spacey

I'm always taken aback by things that are successful that I think are just crap, and then I'm completely surprised when things I do end up being successful because you walk into things and you never know ... It's just really remarkable. — Kevin Spacey

Taken Aback Quotes By Becca Fitzpatrick

Since we're keeping it primal, you smell good," he observed.
"It's called a shower ... ," I began automatically, then trailed off. My memory snagged, taken aback by a compelling and forceful sense of undue familiarity. "Soap, shampoo, hot water," I added, almost as an afterthought.
"Naked. I know the drill," Jev said, something unreadeble passing over his eyes. — Becca Fitzpatrick

Taken Aback Quotes By Kerstin Gier

Yes, right, and the earth is flat," I replied. Stupidly, I said it out loud. Everyone else at the table looked at me, taken aback.
"No, Gwenny, the earth is a globe," Caroline kindly told me. "I couldn't believe it at first, either. But apparently it flies through the universe at lightning speed. — Kerstin Gier

Taken Aback Quotes By Henning Mankell

You have a good father." She was taken aback. — Henning Mankell

Taken Aback Quotes By Brandon Sanderson

He put the fork, knife, and spoon back in his pocket and tucked the flower behind his ear, then walked to the door, reaching it right before that butler did. He gave the man a glare - it was only a matter of time before he cracked and tried to kill them all - then pulled open the door.
( ... )
"Nice flower," the kandra said. "Can I have your skeleton when you're dead?"
"My ... " Wayne felt at his head.
"You're a Bloodmaker, correct? Can heal yourself? Bloodmaker bones tend to be particularly interesting, as your time spent weak and sickly creates oddities in your joints and bones that can be quite distinctive. I'd love to have your skeleton. If you don't mind."
Taken aback by this request, Wayne stopped in place. Then he ran past him, pushing into the room where Wax and Steris were talking. "Wax," he complained, pointing, "the immortal bloke is being creepy again. — Brandon Sanderson

Taken Aback Quotes By Laura Childs

I didn't tell you because you're my girlfriend, not the police commissioner. And because it really isn't any of your business."
Carmela was taken aback for a moment. By his abruptness and his choice of words. "Your girlfriend? Is that what I am?"
"I guess so," said Babcock. He let loose a warm, throaty chuckle, then added, "Face it, we weren't exactly playing tiddlywinks last night."
"Well, no," said Carmela. "But girlfriend just sounds so formal."
"Friend?" suggested Babcock.
"No, no," said Carmela. "I really do prefer the former. — Laura Childs

Taken Aback Quotes By Arthur Conan Doyle

His name," said the cabman, "was Mr. Sherlock Holmes."
Never have I seen my friend more completely taken aback than by the cabman's reply. For an instant he sat in silent amazement. Then he burst into a hearty laugh. — Arthur Conan Doyle

Taken Aback Quotes By Nikolaj Arcel

If a Danish politician would go up and say he believes in God, people would be a little bit taken aback by that because it's slightly different there than in the U.S. Most of Europe is not that faith based, especially in terms of the politics, and politicians don't use that there. — Nikolaj Arcel

Taken Aback Quotes By Cassandra Clare

Jace was looking at her incredulously. "Let me get this straight," he said. "You came here to apologize to me?" She was taken aback. "Of course I did." "Clary," he said. "You saved my life." "I stabbed you. With a massive sword. You caught on fire. — Cassandra Clare

Taken Aback Quotes By Piers Anthony

The man glanced up. "Hello. Tweeter tells me you're Kody, a fellow Mundanian, newly arrived, and you want to compare notes." "Uh, yes, in essence," Kody agreed, taken aback. All that from one tweet? Well, maybe it did fit within 140 characters. — Piers Anthony

Taken Aback Quotes By Eliezer Yudkowsky

If our extinction proceeds slowly enough to allow a moment of horrified realization, the doers of the deed will likely be quite taken aback on realizing that they have actually destroyed the world. Therefore I suggest that if the Earth is destroyed, it will probably be by mistake. — Eliezer Yudkowsky

Taken Aback Quotes By Heather Killough-Walden

You called me 'Fluttershy.' As in the My Little Pony, 'Fluttershy?'"

"Oh." He looked a little taken aback for a second. "Yeah." He sucked in his lips, pinched them between his teeth, and then shrugged. "What can I say? You're just like her. You care more about animals than you do your own safety. I'm gonna have to kidnap a rabbit and threaten you with bunnicide unless you come quietly back to the castle with me."

"What?" Diana felt her eyes go wide.

"You heard me," he said before he took another long swig and swallowing hard. He lowered the bottle and leaned up against the kitchen counter. "And you know I'm right."

"About kidnapping a bunny?" She felt bewildered. — Heather Killough-Walden

Taken Aback Quotes By Timothy J. Keller

There is an old story of a king who went into the village streets to greet his subjects. A beggar sitting by the roadside eagerly held up his alms bowl, sure that the king would give handsomely. Instead the king asked the beggar to give him something. Taken aback, the beggar fished three grains of rice from his bowl and dropped them into the king's outstretched hand. When at the end of the day the beggar poured out what he had received, he found to his astonishment three grains of pure gold in the bottom of his bowl. O, that I had given him all!3 One — Timothy J. Keller

Taken Aback Quotes By John Flanagan

Will had been taken aback in his confrontation with Arisaka to discover that his name- Chocho- meant "Butterfly" ... He was puzzled to know why they had selected it. His friends, of course, delighted in helping him guess the reason.
'I assume it's because you're such a snazzy dresser,' Evanlyn said. 'You Rangers are a riot of color, after all.' ...
'I think it might be more to do with the way he raced around the training ground, darting here and there to correct the way a man might be holding his shield, then dashing off to show someone how to put their body weight into their javelin cast,' said Horace, a little more sympathetically. Then he ruined the effect by adding thoughtlessly, 'I must say, your cloak did flutter around like a butterfly's wings. — John Flanagan

Taken Aback Quotes By Kate Atkinson

Good news?' Gloria queried. She wondered if Emily was pregnant again (was that good news?), so she was taken aback when Emily said, 'I've found Jesus.' 'Oh,' Gloria said. 'Where was he? — Kate Atkinson

Taken Aback Quotes By Priscilla Glenn

Hey, Lauren?" he called, and she stopped so abruptly her bag slid off her shoulder. She caught it at the last second and turned, her expression taken aback.
Del smirked. "Don't be so surprised that I know your name. You're not as invisible as you think you are."
She closed her mouth, looking at him.
"I'm not gonna stop calling you Red, though" he added casually. — Priscilla Glenn

Taken Aback Quotes By Sarah Rees Brennan

My aunt made me an offer I had to refuse," said Jared. He looked forbidding.
Kami knew that expression, and remembered the feeling that used to go with it: he was unhappy. "So you ran away from home," she said. "To become a tavern wench."
"I'm not a tavern wench," said Jared. "That's not a job." His voice was slightly less stern than before, as if he was taken aback.
"It sounds like you're a tavern wench," Kami told him. "Fleeing persecution, you have to take up a menial occupation to keep your body and soul together. But at least its honest work, though as you labor, many predatory customers make advances and offer indignities."
"One can only hope," Jared responded. — Sarah Rees Brennan

Taken Aback Quotes By Alan Kinross

She emerged from the shadows like an apparition, and he was taken aback by her beauty. Never in his wildest dreams had he expected to chance upon such a vision of loveliness in those harsh and unforgiving mountains. Her beautiful face, long black hair, and slender figure enchanted him. — Alan Kinross

Taken Aback Quotes By Bill Bryson

Person says to you, "How do you do?" he will be taken aback if you reply, with impeccable logic, "How do I do what?" The complexities of the English language are — Bill Bryson

Taken Aback Quotes By Dolly Parton

I flapped open the lid of my cardboard guitar case and whipped out my old Martin. Mr. Killen seemed a little taken aback. I think he wasn't sure whether I was going to play the guitar or brain him with it. He breathed a sigh of relief when I went into a song. Bill hustled his guitar out as fast as he could and joined in. I sang loud and strong with the security that comes with knowing that one way or another, it'll be over soon. — Dolly Parton

Taken Aback Quotes By Shirley Manson

I get female groupies, but I don't get male groupies. I have women who offer to sleep with me all the time. But not men. They're all talk and nay action
as we'd say in Scotland. If I go anywhere near most of our male following, they are freaked. Absolutely freaked. I think my height has got a lot to do with it. I'm really tall. I'm five-eight, and with heels, I'm six foot, so people are like. 'Whoa, Amazon!' People are a wee taken aback by that 'cause I think people expect me to be small. — Shirley Manson

Taken Aback Quotes By Patrick Rothfuss

Are you expecting someone to poison you?" he said, somewhat taken aback.
"Not really. But it seems to me that if you wait around until you know you need an antidote, it's probably too late to pick one up. — Patrick Rothfuss

Taken Aback Quotes By Lisa Kleypas

Mystified by the change in their formerly awkward relationship, Christopher asked Bennett what had happened to alter it.
"I told her I was impotent from old war wounds," Bennett said. "That calmed her nerves considerably."
Taken aback, Christopher had brought himself to ask gingerly, "Are you?"
"Hell no," came Bennett's indignant reply. "I only said it because she was so skittish around me. And it worked."
Christopher had given him a sardonic glance. "Are you ever going to tell Audrey the truth?"
A mischievous smile had played at the corners of Bennett's lips. "I may let her cure me soon," he admitted. — Lisa Kleypas

Taken Aback Quotes By Jennifer Donnelly

I have a surprise for you," the Beast had said, in his usual brusque tone.
Belle had just come in from feeding her horse, Philippe, and was standing by the kitchen's back door, shaking snow from her cloak. She'd taken one look at him - at the scowl on his face, at his clenched paws, at his awkward stance - and said, "No, thank you."
The Beast had blinked, taken aback by her refusal. His scowl had deepened. "I said, I have a surprise for you!"
"And I heard you," Belle had replied, "but I've had enough surprises to last me a lifetime. Including cold, dark cells, packs of wolves, and tantrums."
"Tantrums? Tantrums?" the Beast had sputtered. "I can't believe ... How can you say ... That wasn't a tantrum! And it wasn't my fault! I told you not to go to the West Wing. I told you -"
Belle had given him a sidelong look. "You're right. What was I thinking? You'd never throw a tantrum. Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to hang up my cloak. — Jennifer Donnelly

Taken Aback Quotes By Zachary Levi

I hope there's always at least a small part of me that's always surprised, always taken aback, always childlike or innocent. — Zachary Levi

Taken Aback Quotes By Steven Bannister

jumped out of her way. She burst into her office's reception area and found Margaret Daly. 'Margaret, do you know what Jacinta found out about Gobber magazine, by any chance?' Daly was taken aback by Allie's brusqueness. 'No, no, sorry, she didn't say. But she was on the phone about it, I know — Steven Bannister

Taken Aback Quotes By Lawrence Martin

Earlier in [2007] the [Prime Minister's Office] had also drawn criticism for trying to muzzle the judiciary. The reproach came from Antonio Lamer, the former chief justice of the Supreme Court ... 'I must say I was taken aback,' said Lamer, who sat on the Supreme Court for twenty years. 'The prime minister is going the wrong route as regards the independence of the judiciary. He's trying to interfere with the sentencing process. — Lawrence Martin

Taken Aback Quotes By Elizabeth Goudge

The man opposite, divided between anger and relief at the stripping away of his defenses, his nerves jangling, was taken utterly aback by the extraordinary beauty of Hilary's eyes without their glasses, by their keen, straight glance, by the enveloping warmth of his utterly happy yet rather deprecating smile. The immense power of his goodwill, together with his personal humility, made a sudden unexpected appeal that got right under Malony's guard before he knew where he was. He wasn't out to do you good, this chap - he didn't think enough of himself for that - he was simply out to jog along beside you for a little, and pass the time of day, knowing you were down on your luck, and thinking a bit of companionship might not come amiss. — Elizabeth Goudge

Taken Aback Quotes By J.K. Rowling

A curly-haired third-year Hufflepuff girl to whom Harry had never spoken in his life asked him to go to the ball with her the very next day. Harry was so taken aback he said no before he'd even stopped to consider the matter. The girl walked off looking rather hurt, — J.K. Rowling

Taken Aback Quotes By Jennifer Echols

Nick was giving me the same look. And this time,instead of being taken aback or feeling squicky about it,my heart raced and my face grew hot. My body's response to the call of Nick. — Jennifer Echols

Taken Aback Quotes By Nicholas Chong

I would rather you wait till next Sunday" Phyllis politely told her boss, & added with a grin,If you had enjoyed the meal, why don't you introduce me to some of your friends?I am sure they will like it too."
She was putting all her cards on the table.Eros was taken aback but replied "Sure! Sure!" knowing very well he was lying to her.[MMT] — Nicholas Chong

Taken Aback Quotes By Jeaniene Frost

Tammy looked at the knife again. "I don't know ... " Bones let out an exasperated noise. "Justina, come here and show her how it's done." My mother looked more surprised than Tammy had when the whole conversation began. I was taken aback, too. "You want me to stab you?" my mother asked in disbelief. Bones gave her an impish grin. "Come on, Mum. How many times have you dreamed about that? — Jeaniene Frost

Taken Aback Quotes By Jacqueline Rayner

He saw the statue - she shrank back as he hurried forward. And then he realized it wasn't her. Rose was taken aback. She hadn't known - how could she know - what her disappearence had done to him. This Doctor had a look of such despair in his eyes that her heart almost stopped in pity. She wanted more than anything else to go to him, tell him that everything was going to be alright. But ... what with possibly ripping time and space apart, that was probably a bad idea. — Jacqueline Rayner

Taken Aback Quotes By Rachel Caine

Amelie said, "I won't be your servant in Morganville. Nor should you be mine. Equals." She offered her hand to him, and he looked down at it, clearly taken aback. But he took it. "Now defend what is ours, my partner."
He grinned ... grinned! ... and whirled to meet Myrnin in midleap as Myrnin attacked. — Rachel Caine

Taken Aback Quotes By Angie Sage

Septimus had no need to untie Spit Fyre as the dragon had already chewed his way through the rope. They followed Aunt Zelda and Jenna out the side door at the foot of the turret and down to the Palace Gate. Aunt Zelda kept up a brisk pace. Showing a surprising knowledge of the Castle's narrow alleyways and sideslips, she hurtled along. Oncoming pedestrians were taken aback at the sight of the large patchwork tent approaching them at full speed. They flattened themselves against the walls, and, as the tent passed by with the Princess, the ExtraOrdinary Apprentice and a feral-looking boy with bandaged hands - not to mention a dragon - in its wake, people rubbed their eyes in disbelief. — Angie Sage

Taken Aback Quotes By Kim Vogel Sawyer

Mrs. Steadman, do you have a first name?" The question had taken her aback, and she had stammered out, "Well, of course I do. It's Summer." The boy's eyes had widened. "Summer? I like that name." She had shared the reason for her unusual name, watching his eyebrows rise. When she was finished, he had exclaimed, "You're like me, then. You don't have a ma, either." She had shaken her head. "No, I don't." Abruptly, he had turned the conversation back to her name. "May I call you Summer? When it's just us, I mean? Not in front of Rupert. — Kim Vogel Sawyer

Taken Aback Quotes By Elizabeth Camden

Listen, Mollie, I need to get home and let my parents know I'm alive. Then I am coming back for you. If my home is still standing, I'll provide a place for you and Frank as long as you need." "Why would you do that?" She looked a little taken aback, which surprised him. Because he loved her. Because they had just experienced the worst two days imaginable, and the bond that had been forged between them was not something to be tossed away. If Louis Hartman didn't like it, he would quit. The fire had just taught Zack what was most important in this world, and she was looking straight at him. — Elizabeth Camden

Taken Aback Quotes By Jen Turano

I do miss the days of living in our boardinghouse when I could practice my lines while experiencing the freedom of trousers without anyone thinking a thing about it." "The only time I saw you wearing trousers was when you were impersonating a coachman," Bram said slowly. "Have you seen her when her hair looks like a rat's nest because she's braided it at least a thousand times while she's distracted with her lines or . . . investments?" Millie asked. To Lucetta's surprise, instead of seeming taken aback by the idea she wasn't always very concerned about her appearance, Bram was watching her now with what looked like clear delight in his eyes. "I'll see what I can do to find you and Millie some trousers, if you really think that will help you mend fences with Geoffrey. — Jen Turano

Taken Aback Quotes By Michael Harney

Even when I do roles that are really profoundly abusive, like, I would say, in 'Deadwood' - there's a guy who's a breeding ground for ignorance and hurtful behavior - the fact that people are so taken aback by that is a good thing because they're looking at themselves, and there's a part of me in there, too. — Michael Harney

Taken Aback Quotes By Elizabeth Hoyt

Maude was still scowling. "What's wrong with him? Can't he talk?" "No, he can't," Indio said simply, saving Apollo from having to do his dumb show. "Oh." Maude blinked, obviously taken aback. "Has he had his tongue cut out?" "Maude!" Miss Stump cried. "What a horrible thought. He has a tongue." Her brows knit as if from sudden doubt and she peered worriedly at Apollo. "Don't you?" He didn't even bother resisting the urge. He stuck out his tongue at her. Indio laughed and Daffodil began barking again - obviously her first reaction to nearly everything. Miss Stump stared at Apollo for a long second and he was aware that his body was heating. Carefully he withdrew his tongue and snapped his mouth shut, giving her his most uncomprehending face. — Elizabeth Hoyt

Taken Aback Quotes By Summer Altice

People are taken aback by a confident, pretty girl who knows what she wants in life and isn't going to let anyone get in her way. And you know what it's all about? Jealousy. — Summer Altice

Taken Aback Quotes By Meg Cabot

Yeah," Bryce said, "but I mean, I drove her to it, you know? That's the thing. If I just hadn't broken up with her - " "You have a pretty high opinion of yourself, don't you?" He looked taken aback. "What?" "Well, your assumption that she killed herself because you broke up with her. I don't think that's why she killed herself at all. She killed herself because she was sick. You had nothing to do with making her that way. Your breaking up with her may have acted as a sort of catalyst for her final breakdown, but it could just have easily been some other crisis in her life - her parents getting divorced, her not making the cheerleader squad, her cat dying. Anything. So try not to be so hard on yourself. — Meg Cabot

Taken Aback Quotes By Orlando Figes

With the Russian Empire teetering on the brink of collapse, the tsarist regime responded to the crises with its usual incompetence and obstinacy. The basic problem was that Nicholas himself remained totally oblivious to the extremity of the situation. While the country sank deeper into chaos he continued to fill his diary with terse and trivial notes on the weather, the company at tea and the number of birds he had shot that day. When Bulygin suggested that political concessions might be needed to calm the country, Nicholas was taken aback and told the Minister: 'One would think you are afraid a revolution will break out.' 'Your majesty,' came the reply, 'the revolution has already begun. — Orlando Figes

Taken Aback Quotes By Simone Elkeles

I turn around and wrap my arms around his neck.
"Whoa, girl," he says taken aback. "I thought we were keepin' this thing between us a secret. I hate to tell you, but a bunch of north siders from Fairfield are right over there. And they're starin' at us"
"I don't care. Not anymore"
"You only live once — Simone Elkeles

Taken Aback Quotes By Cassandra Clare

I should have guessed you were Jace's sister," he said. "You both have the same artistic talent."
Clary paused, her foot on the lowest stair. She was taken aback. "Jace can draw?"
Nah." When Alec smiled, his eyes lit like blue lamps and Clary could see what Magnus had found so captivating about him. "I was just kidding. He can't draw a straight line. — Cassandra Clare

Taken Aback Quotes By Richard Fleeshman

I've never really been star struck. I was a little bit taken aback when I was doing a chat show recently and I was sat in the make-up chair chatting to a guy say next to me but I couldn't look round and see who it was, it was only when I got up I realised it had been Bryan Adams I'd been talking to! — Richard Fleeshman

Taken Aback Quotes By J.K. Rowling

Who're you going with, then?" said Ron.
"Angelina," said Fred promptly, without a trace of embarrassment.
"What?" said Ron, taken aback. "You've already asked her?"
"Good point," said Fred. He turned his head and called across the common room, "Oi! Angelina!"
Angelina, who had been chatting with Alicia Spinnet near the fire, looked over at him.
"What?" She called back.
"Want to come to the ball with me?"
Angelina gave Fred a sort of appraising look.
"All right, then," she said, and she turned back to Alicia and carried on chatting with a bit of a grin on her face.
"There you go," said Fred to Harry and Ron, "piece of cake. — J.K. Rowling

Taken Aback Quotes By Debra Holland

As they reached the steps to the house, the door opened. A woman in a gray dress and white apron glared at them.
Taken aback, Delia faltered.
Mr. Livingston leaned over. "Don't mind Mrs. Graves, my housekeeper," he said in a low voice full of humor, obviously meant to reassure her. "That's her normal expression. She only smiles once a year on Christmas. — Debra Holland

Taken Aback Quotes By Mike Daisey

The Steve Jobs who founded Apple as an anarchic company promoting the message of freedom, whose first projects with Stephen Wozniak were pirate boxes and computers with open schematics, would be taken aback by the future that Apple is forging. Today there is no tech company that looks more like the Big Brother from Apple's iconic 1984 commercial than Apple itself, a testament to how quickly power can corrupt. — Mike Daisey

Taken Aback Quotes By Thomas Lewis

Modern amorists are sometimes taken aback at the prospect of investing in a relationship with no guarantee of reward. It is precisely that absence, however, that separates gift from shrewdness. Love cannot be extracted, commanded, demanded, or wheedled. It can only be given. (208) — Thomas Lewis

Taken Aback Quotes By Lois McMaster Bujold

I was just a little taken aback. That - that wasn't the proposition I was expecting, is all. Excuse me. I fear I am become incurably low-minded." "You can't help that, I'm sure," Ethan said tolerantly. "Being female, and all that." She — Lois McMaster Bujold

Taken Aback Quotes By Stuart Hill

Thirrin's fighting spirit still roared within her though, and as the creature lowered its jaws towards her throat she punched it hard on the nose. The werewolf shook its head and sneezed, taken completely aback. — Stuart Hill

Taken Aback Quotes By Richelle Mead

I've come to ask you where Seth is." "Funny," said Andrea. "We were going to ask you the same thing." I was taken aback. "How would I know?" They both just stared. "I don't! — Richelle Mead

Taken Aback Quotes By Alexandra Adornetto

When's your birthday?"
I was taken aback by the question. "I don't like presents,"I said quickly, in case he got any ideas. "Who said anything about presents? I'm just asking for your date of birth."
"Thirtieth of February," I said, throwing out the first date that came to mind.
Xavier raised an eyebrow.
"Are you sure about that?"
I panicked. What had I said wrong? I ran through the months in my head and realised my mistake. OOPS
there were only twenty-eight days in February! "I mean thirtieth of April," I corrected and grinned sheepishly.
Xavier laughed. "You're the first person I've ever known to forget her own birthday. — Alexandra Adornetto

Taken Aback Quotes By Robert Rauschenberg

I'm quite taken aback when I get something that appears to be technically a good photograph, because it's not necessarily my intention. — Robert Rauschenberg

Taken Aback Quotes By Joe Teti

I'm normally not at a loss of words but I am a little taken aback by what you're wearing; it's a little different. — Joe Teti

Taken Aback Quotes By Peter Watts

You said it was colorful. What changed?"
"I don't know. Maybe nothing. I just - I don't actually remember the dreams when I wake up any more."
"So how do you know you still have them?" Pag asked.
Fuck it I thought, and tipped back the last of my pint in a single gulp. "I know."
I frowned, taken aback. I had to think for a few moments before I remembered.
"I wake up smiling," I said. — Peter Watts

Taken Aback Quotes By Terry Pratchett

I believe you vere an alcoholic, Sir Samuel."
"No," said Vimes, completely taken aback, "I was a drunk. You have to be richer than I was to
be an alcoholic. — Terry Pratchett

Taken Aback Quotes By Rachel Hawkins

I'm not sure how I feel about you 'handling my life energy,' Cal."
He grinned, and I was taken aback by how different it made him look. Cal spent so much time being stoic and solemn that it was easy to forget he even had teeth. "I'll buy you dinner first next time, I promise."
Okay, the grin was one thing, but that had definitely been flirting. — Rachel Hawkins

Taken Aback Quotes By Craig D. Lounsbrough

To embrace the message of Christmas is to throw off my hedonistic rebellion and bow before the chafing reality that I can't save myself, and in that very act to be suddenly taken aback in that I've stumbled upon the very freedom I've longed for in the very place I'd least expected it. — Craig D. Lounsbrough

Taken Aback Quotes By Arthur Conan Doyle

Now, Watson, confess yourself utterly taken aback," said he. "I am." "I ought to make you sign a paper to that effect." "Why?" "Because in five minutes you will say that it is all so absurdly simple. — Arthur Conan Doyle