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Top Take Pride In Your Job Quotes

Take Pride In Your Job Quotes By Steven Pressfield

We do not overidentify with our jobs. We may take pride in our work, we may stay late and come in on weekends, but we recognize that we are not our job descriptions. The amateur, on the other hand, overidentifies with his avocation, his artistic aspiration. He defines himself by it. He is a musician, a painter, a playwright. Resistance loves this. Resistance knows that the amateur composer will never write his symphony because he is overly invested in its success and overterrified of its failure. The amateur takes it so seriously it paralyzes him. — Steven Pressfield

Take Pride In Your Job Quotes By Antonella Gambotto-Burke

What's required of me in the field is to feel,' Stirton says with emphasis. 'And trying to take that feeling and put it in a form that communicates a particular set of emotions or circumstances - whether that involves depicting masculine pride, or a particular kind of suffering, or love, or closeness - my primary job is to feel and to try to put that feeling into some kind of visual form. My goal is to get to the heart of each story, you know? I'm trying to evolve in my work. — Antonella Gambotto-Burke

Take Pride In Your Job Quotes By Jorge Posada

I come out here every day, and my job is important when it comes to being there
every day and being there for my pitchers. I really want to be known more as a
defensive guy, and take my pitchers to the next level. Every time I go out on
the field, I take a lot of pride in what I do at the plate, but I take a lot
more pride in what I do behind the plate. — Jorge Posada

Take Pride In Your Job Quotes By Jason McCarty

but if your job site looks like a disaster zone, your visitors will not think twice about making judgments about you and your abilities. Subconscious or not, these judgment will have a negative affect on how you are perceived. On the other hand, if your visitors "catch you" with your prints, your trailer, your tools, your material, and even your crew organized and neat, they will be sure to go away feeling that you take pride in your work and that you have high standards. They will leave confident that you are doing your best to turn out a quality product. — Jason McCarty

Take Pride In Your Job Quotes By Gene Baur

The size and shape of the birds have also made it impossible for commercial turkeys to mount and breed naturally. This means that workers at breeding facilities have to masturbate male turkeys, called toms, to collect their semen. Then, in rapid succession, the females are turned upside down and their legs secured by a clamp. The semen is put in straws and inserted into the hen. She's then released from the clamp, making way for the next in line. Not a pleasant process for the bird, nor a job one can take much pride in. — Gene Baur

Take Pride In Your Job Quotes By Linda Sue Park

[W]hat people truly desire is access to the knowledge and information that ultimately lead to a better life
the collected wisdom of the ages found only in one place: a well-stocked library.
To the teachers and librarians and everyone on the frontlines of bringing literature to young people: I know you have days when your work seems humdrum, or unappreciated, or embattled, and I hope on those days you will take a few moments to reflect with pride on the importance of the work you do. For it is indeed of enormous importance
the job of safeguarding and sharing the world's wisdom.
All of you are engaged in the vital task of providing the next generation with the tools they will need to save the world. The ability to read and access information isn't just a power
it's a superpower. Which means that you aren't just heroes
you're superheroes. I believe that with all my heart. — Linda Sue Park

Take Pride In Your Job Quotes By Jack Gilbert

Being alive is so extraordinary I don't know why people limit it to riches, pride, security - all of those things life is built on. People miss so much because they want money and comfort and pride, a house and a job to pay for the house. And they have to get a car. You can't see anything from a car. It's moving too fast. People take vacations. That's their reward - the vacation. Why not the life? — Jack Gilbert

Take Pride In Your Job Quotes By M. Fethullah Gulen

Finally, let me share a feeling of mine, I hope it will not be misinterpreted as pride. I am seventy four now. But still, if they give me a duty in the wooden hut where I used to stay when I was a mentor long years ago, I will gladly run there and try to fulfill that duty. Perhaps, some of our friends can see that task as a simple and trivial one. But I have not underestimated this duty and would never do so. Even today, some people may consider our having lessons with the small circle of young scholars here as a simple and trivial job. However, in my opinion, this is the most important occupation that can take human to the highest levels. — M. Fethullah Gulen

Take Pride In Your Job Quotes By Amy Mowafi

Find what you love to do, what you're good at and passionate about and then dedicate your entire life to working hard at it. I wil say it again. Work hard. I mean that. Even if you're not sure where that work will lead, even if it is underappreciated or undervalued. Do it because the satisfaction, pride, and sense of self that comes from a job well done; from being the very best at what you do; from knowing that you did this, will be your ulltimate weapon and our greatest shield in a life that will often test you. One day destiny may conspire to take everything away from you, but it can never take away the abilities you have cultivated. As I am sure your grandfather will tell you, your winning lottery ticket is your mind. — Amy Mowafi

Take Pride In Your Job Quotes By Gina Barreca

We should learn to take genuine pride in a job well done and not expect praise for one simply carried out. — Gina Barreca

Take Pride In Your Job Quotes By Sandra Lee

At this point in my life I am just about enjoying my free time and my downtime and that's what is about for us. My job is about making your job easier. I take a lot of pride in the quality of what I present, especially in 'Money Saving Meals.' — Sandra Lee

Take Pride In Your Job Quotes By Dedy Budiman

If you don't take professional pride in your work, you're probably in the wrong job. — Dedy Budiman

Take Pride In Your Job Quotes By Troy Andrews

Bourbon Street is like playing, a tourist, you know? It's just a tourist attraction ... those musicians on Bourbon Street, they play all day. They might start at 12 noon and end at 3 in the morning, like, it's like sets, like a job. You go play, take a break, play again, take a break, then later on that night, the club gets busier, then you play some more. There's pride. They're a group of great musicians- and they're holding it down. — Troy Andrews

Take Pride In Your Job Quotes By Gucci Mane

I value my core fans I got from the hood. I think a lot of things might hit home with them, like problems with the law or how I talk about partying - all the different topics I cover when I do rap. But I also value my suburban fans who take a liking to my music and like the way I change cadences. I appreciate all of them cause both types of fans push me to record all the time, both push me to give my best when I do a show. Both push me to be the best rapper and not just do it as a hobby, but do it as a job and take it seriously and put pride in it. — Gucci Mane

Take Pride In Your Job Quotes By Drew Carey

But sports photography isn't something you just pick up overnight. You can't do it once a year for fun and expect to do a good job. And I take pride in what I do. — Drew Carey

Take Pride In Your Job Quotes By Anonymous

This job is all about appearances, Sage. We only hire individuals who take pride in themselves, who can present themselves in a certain manner, while at the same time representing us in such a way that reflects class and allure ... a certain degree of unattainability. — Anonymous

Take Pride In Your Job Quotes By Nora Sakavic

I can take care of myself," Neil said. "Watch me beam with pride. It's not your job to take care of yourself anymore. It's your job to play, and mine and Abby's job to look after you. Get your priorities straight. — Nora Sakavic