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Take Photos Quotes By Henri Cartier-Bresson

It is the photo that takes you. One must not take photos. — Henri Cartier-Bresson

Take Photos Quotes By Nell Zink

I never take pictures. Skies are much larger in reminiscences and my friends are much better-looking. Photos crop reality into little squares; instead, I have very good binoculars. — Nell Zink

Take Photos Quotes By Christian Rudder

You take a picture of yourself in some exceptional situation - skydiving or whatever. People always post those photos because it works - you're saying something about yourself that begs a conversation and that's what the users are there for. — Christian Rudder

Take Photos Quotes By Kristin Hannah

Dear Tully
I know you won't be able to stand my fucking funeral. You're not the star. I hope you at least had the photos of me airbrushed. There are so many things I should say to you, but in our lifetime we've said them all.
Take care of Johnny and the kids for me, okay? Teach the boys how to be gentlemen and Marah how to be strong. When they're ready, give them my journal and tell them about me when they ask. The truth, too. I want them to know it all.
It's going to be hard on you, now. That's one of the things I regret the most. So, here's what I have to say in my beyond-the-grave letter (very dramatic, don't you think?):
I know you'll be thinking that I left you, but it's not true. All you have to do is remember Firefly Lane, and you'll find me.
There will always be a TullyandKate.
BFF <3
Kate — Kristin Hannah

Take Photos Quotes By Marianne Faithfull

I never like photos of myself in the beginning. I live with them for three months, put them in a drawer, take them out and look again. I hate the way I look, but of course it's really not that bad. — Marianne Faithfull

Take Photos Quotes By Jen Lancaster

If I may, I'd like to take a moment to praise Mark Zuckerberg's parents for not procreating sooner. Praise be to all that is holy that Facebook didn't exist when I was that age and the Internet then was but a Usenet group for Star Trek fans. I feel like the luckiest person in the world to have grown up when cameras used actual film because the only thing that stood between infamy and me was the clerk who developed photos at Walgreens. Thank God for him. — Jen Lancaster

Take Photos Quotes By Yuri Herrera

Rucksacks. What do people whose life stops here take with them? Makina could see their rucksacks crammed with time. Amulets, letters, sometimes a huapango violin, sometimes a jaranera harp. Jackets. People who left took jackets because they'd been told that if there was one thing they could be sure of over there, it was the freezing cold, even if it was desert all the way. They hid what little money they had in their underwear and stuck a knife in their back pocket. Photos, photos, photos. They carried photos like promises but by the time they came back they were in tatters. — Yuri Herrera

Take Photos Quotes By Meg Cabot

God, what if TMZ got hold of the truth about me? What a liar I am, I mean? What kind of role model am I? I make Vanessa Hudgens look like Mother Freaking Teresa. Minus the whole nudity thing. Because I'm not about to take naked photos of myself and send them to my boyfriend. — Meg Cabot

Take Photos Quotes By Michelle Richmond

I have a hunch that our obsession with photography arises from an unspoken pessimism; it is our nature to believe the good things will not last ... But photos provide a false sense of security> like our flawed memory, they are guaranteed to fade ... We take photographs in order to remember, but it is in the nature of a photograph to forget (pg 157) — Michelle Richmond

Take Photos Quotes By Horst Faas

I think the best war photos I have taken have always been made when a battle was actually taking place - when people were confused and scared and courageous and stupid and showed all these things. When you look at people right at the very moment of truth, everything is quite human. You take a picture at this moment with all the mistakes in it, with everything that might be confusing to the reader, but that's the right combat photo. — Horst Faas

Take Photos Quotes By Amy Tan

If you want to take pictures of Chinese food, you have to taste real Chinese food. The flavors soak into your tongue, go into your stomach. The stomach is where your true feelings are. And if you take photos, these true feelings from your stomach can come out, so that everyone can taste the food just by looking at your pictures. — Amy Tan

Take Photos Quotes By Jack Black

When you get to a certain level of recognizability, celebrity, you can't go out of the house without someone going, "Can I just have one photo?" I don't mind, by the way, if anyone wants one we can take some photos. But sometimes you just wanna stay in the house or in the hotel room with the shades closed. — Jack Black

Take Photos Quotes By Jim Gaffigan

I suppose this happens because we have cameras on our phones. Do we need that? It's not like ten years ago we were thinking, "I wish I could take a low-quality photo of my dessert and text it to someone who's not interested." Remember when photos were special? It was not that long ago. "It's school picture day! We better get Junior a haircut. We want him to look nice. Don't want to waste the time of that camera expert and that precious film. — Jim Gaffigan

Take Photos Quotes By Robert Pattinson

It's strange, somebody asked for my autograph the other day. Because I finished school and I'm not really doing anything at the moment, I was just kind of aimlessly wandering around London and these two guys who were about 30 came up and asked for my autograph. I was really quite proud at the time, and they wanted to take photos and stuff. And then they were sort of wandering around and I was kind of wandering around and I bumped into them about three times, and every single time their respect for me kept growing and growing and growing. — Robert Pattinson

Take Photos Quotes By Karl Ove Knausgard

It is the era that we take photos of, not the people in it, they can't be captured. — Karl Ove Knausgard

Take Photos Quotes By Robert Scoble

There's more noise that comes with wearable computing, things that let us take pictures every 30 seconds as we walk around living our lives, and a huge number more photos per person will exist. — Robert Scoble

Take Photos Quotes By Mark Klett

Photos always seem to exist as sort of stuffy, unnecessary antiques that we put in a drawer - unless we take them out, put them in current dialogue, and give them relevance. — Mark Klett

Take Photos Quotes By Sydney Salter

Sure, the Americans want to joke about sacrifice, but then they want to go back to their hotels and sip fancy drinks by the pool. They like to climb the pyramid, take their photos, but they never think about the people who built such amazing temples. They never want to learn about the culture behind the climb. — Sydney Salter

Take Photos Quotes By Jo Nesbo

But perhaps that's why we take snaps ... to provide false evidence to underpin the false claim that we were happy. Because the thought that we weren't happy at least for some time during our lives is unbearable. Adults order children to smile in the photos, involve them in the lie, so we smile, we feign happiness. — Jo Nesbo

Take Photos Quotes By Gretchen Rubin

One thing I wish I could tell my younger self: take photos of everyday life, not special occasions; later, that's what will be interesting to you. — Gretchen Rubin

Take Photos Quotes By Jim Rogers

We wanted to take Polaroids of her and all the kids, about eight of them, of all ages, several photos, so we could give some to the family. She grabbed her youngest and asked us to wait. And then like any mother, anywhere in the world - do not let anyone tell you that people are fundamentally different - she combed the child's hair and changed his shirt before letting him pose for the pictures. The second shirt was slightly less dirty than the first. She wanted him to look his best. That mother could have been in Greenwich, Connecticut, as easily as on the steppes of Mongolia. — Jim Rogers

Take Photos Quotes By Edward W. Said

In newsreels or news-photos, the Arab is always shown in large numbers. No individuality, no personal characteristics or experiences. Most of the pictures represent mass rage and misery, or irrational (hence hopelessly eccentric) gestures. Lurking behind all of these images is the menace of jihad. Consequence: a fear that the Muslims (or Arabs) will take over the world. — Edward W. Said

Take Photos Quotes By Nobuyoshi Araki

My photos are my diary. Every photo is no more than the representation of a single day. And each day contains the past and the projection into the future. That's why I feel compelled to indicate the date on every picture I take. — Nobuyoshi Araki

Take Photos Quotes By Hannah Harrington

You're nothing like your sister," he tells me. "She meant a lot to me, okay? It's true. But the things I like about you have nothing to do with her. You - you are so strong and stubborn it drives me crazy. You're the one going through all this and you still put Laney first every time, instead of throwing yourself the pity party we both know you deserve. You call me out on my shit, and I like that, because sometimes I need someone to call me out on my shit. And you get Johnny Cash, and you take these incredible photos, and everything about you makes me hurt, in a good way, and it blows my mind that someone can be so amazing and not even see it. — Hannah Harrington

Take Photos Quotes By Italo Calvino

It is only when they have the photos before their eyes that they seem to take tangible possession of the day they spent, only then that the mountain stream, the movement of the child with his pail, the glint of sun on the wife's legs take on the irrevocability of what has been and can no longer be doubted. — Italo Calvino

Take Photos Quotes By Mokokoma Mokhonoana

We sometimes take photos (or record a video) so that we can later see what was happening while we were busy taking photos (or recording a video). — Mokokoma Mokhonoana

Take Photos Quotes By Bill Maher

New Rule: The White House doesn't have to release the dead Bin Laden photos, but don't pretend we can't take it. We've seen pictures of Britney Spears's vagina getting out of a car. Television has desensitizes us to violence, and porn has desensitized us to people getting shot in the eye. — Bill Maher

Take Photos Quotes By Rick Riordan

Once they got there, it wasn't a pretty landing. With the oars damaged and the foresail torn, Leo could barely manage a controlled descent. The others strapped themselves in below - except for Coach Hedge, who insisted on clinging to the forward rail, yelling, "YEAH! Bring it on, lake!" Leo stood astern, alone at the helm, and aimed as best he could. Festus creaked and whirred warning signals, which were relayed through the intercom to the quarterdeck. "I know, I know," Leo said, gritting his teeth. He didn't have much time to take in the scenery. To the southeast, a city was nestled in the foothills of a mountain range, blue and purple in the afternoon shadows. A flat desert landscape spread to the south. Directly beneath them the Great Salt Lake glittered like aluminum foil, the shoreline etched with white salt marshes that reminded Leo of aerial photos of Mars. "Hang on, Coach!" he shouted. "This is going to hurt." "I was born for hurt! — Rick Riordan

Take Photos Quotes By Sarah Gadon

It's particularly important for a young woman to be in control of her image - to a certain extent. I mean, there's only so much you can do, because people take photos with you and then all of a sudden they pop up all over the place, they're completely out of context and you have no control over how they're used. — Sarah Gadon

Take Photos Quotes By Bill Apter

I didn't want Vince McMahon to be upset if the shots looked too good and take it out on Hogan! Hulk thanked me for "thinking in the right direction"... I took about 35 photos, and then Linda took one of Hulk and me together that I have never used in any magazine. — Bill Apter

Take Photos Quotes By Brene Brown

I love to take, process and share photos - it fills me up. — Brene Brown

Take Photos Quotes By Dianna Agron

Sometimes there are paparazzi that take photos and you don't know they're there. So you're laughing, kicking up your heels and doing silly things. You don't even realize it. And then there's other times where they're two feet away from your face and it's invasive and it feels threatening, so you don't want to be smiling. — Dianna Agron

Take Photos Quotes By Molly Crabapple

My technique of working is I go around with my iPhone and with my sketchbook. I take thousands and thousands and thousands of iPhone photos. I also draw from life. I can draw really, really, really fast. It's a way that I build a rapport with people. — Molly Crabapple

Take Photos Quotes By Subcomandante Marcos

The photographer discovers himself/herself being photographed and we can guess he is uncomfortable. Unsuccessfully he/she tries to recompose his posture and to look like a photographer taking photos. But no, he is and continues to be a spectator. The momentous fact of being photographed leads him to becoming an actor. And, as always, actors must assume a role, which is only an elegant way of avoiding to say they must choose sides, choose a faction, take an option. — Subcomandante Marcos

Take Photos Quotes By Manuel Neuer

The people on the streets just say 'hi' and let me walk on. They take relatively few photos, and those that do are tourists. Munich natives are relatively relaxed. They pretty much leave me in peace and I think that's very good. The Bavarian mentality fits very well to me. — Manuel Neuer

Take Photos Quotes By Albert Tucher

Photos are just another thing they can take away from you — Albert Tucher

Take Photos Quotes By James Michael Tyler

I live in the area where the Hollywood sign is. Every afternoon, I'll take a daily walk, and there are loads of tourists always on the street taking photos of the Hollywood sign. Occasionally, I'll still get recognized as 'Gunther,' which is okay with me. — James Michael Tyler

Take Photos Quotes By Nick Zinner

It definitely helps if I can wear a jacket, because I can have a camera in my pocket. When we're on tour or if I go travel somewhere by myself, that's when I take the most photos. — Nick Zinner

Take Photos Quotes By Gerhard Richter

They are specific places I have discovered here and there when I am on the road to take photos. I go especially to take photos. — Gerhard Richter

Take Photos Quotes By Jamie Bell

I don't take any photographs. I travel a lot by myself, and I feel weird taking photos on my own. — Jamie Bell

Take Photos Quotes By Haruki Murakami

The photographer from the magazine, Masao Kageyama, would ride along in the van that accompanied me. He'd take pictures as they drove along. It wasn't a real race, and there weren't any water stations, so I'd occasionally stop to get water from the van. The Greek summer is truly brutal, and I knew I'd have to be careful not to get dehydrated.
"Mr. Murakami," Mr. Kageyama said, surprised as he saw me getting ready to run, "you're not really thinking of running the whole route, are you?"
"Of course I am. That's why I came here."
"Really? But when we do these kinds of projects most people don't go all the way. We just take some photos, and most of them don't finish the whole route. So you really are going to run the
entire thing?"
Sometimes the world baffles me. I can't believe that people would really do things like that. — Haruki Murakami

Take Photos Quotes By Leroy Chiao

One of my challenges was to try to photograph the Great Wall of China. And I did actually take some photos, but it was hard to discern the wall with the naked eye. — Leroy Chiao

Take Photos Quotes By Dianna Agron

I was on the yearbook staff, so I would take out film cameras and Nikons and take photos around school and at sporting events and things like that. We had a darkroom as well. I just loved it. I also saved up for a video camera to video my friends and cut and paste the videos together and I gave them to all of my friends for graduation. — Dianna Agron

Take Photos Quotes By Moon Unit Zappa

I should just drive around this city and take photos of all the buildings I've been humiliated in. — Moon Unit Zappa

Take Photos Quotes By Marilyn Johnson

You can tell the archaeologists, of course, by their photos. The tourists' photos feature people in front of mountains, terraces, stone structures, sundials. The archaeologists wait until the people move away to take theirs: they want the terrace, the stone wall, the lintel, the human-made thing, all sans humans. — Marilyn Johnson

Take Photos Quotes By Lynn Coady

We live in a society that celebrates familial connection above any other kind of relationship. We are shown photos of our great-grandparents and encouraged to marvel over facial similarities. We are told to take pride in our bloodlines, celebrate our ancestry. — Lynn Coady

Take Photos Quotes By Jennifer Streaks

In a year, this book should be well-worn, written in, pages dog-eared, photos and post-it notes inside. This is your personal financial journey. That is why this book is "personal use size," because you can toss this book in your bag and take it with you wherever you go. Sit with friends and discuss chapters of the book, if you need an accountability partner, get one and work on the "to do" lists together. — Jennifer Streaks

Take Photos Quotes By Carine Roitfeld

Imitation always stinks. When I take photos, I don't go back. I don't look at the past. I'm always original. — Carine Roitfeld

Take Photos Quotes By Anonymous

Though he was not legally required to do so, Svenson removed photos of the Fosters from his website and agreed not to take any new pictures or print, exhibit, or publish any of the Fosters' photos in the future. In September 2013, the Fosters — Anonymous

Take Photos Quotes By Josef Koudelka

It never seemed important to me that my photos be published. It's important that I take them. There were periods where I didn't have money, and I would imagine that someone would come to me and say: 'Here is money, you can go do your photography, but you must not show it.' I would have accepted right away. On the other hand, if someone had come to me saying: 'Here is money to do your photography, but after your death it must be destroyed,' I would have refused. — Josef Koudelka

Take Photos Quotes By M.F. Moonzajer

When I go to the bathrooms, I cannot take off my pants as before; because there is a light continuously blinking like a camera, everyone says it is just an environmental friendly lighting. Well, I cannot really trust it and I am not taking the risk of circulating my naked photos around. — M.F. Moonzajer

Take Photos Quotes By Timothy Ferriss

Rather than spend my life on data entry and typing, I also take photos on my iPhone of business cards, wine labels, menus, or anything I want to have searchable on-the-run. — Timothy Ferriss

Take Photos Quotes By C. J. Wilson

I take my camera pretty much everywhere and try to get the most diverse photos possible, since I get to travel to all the greatest cities in the country and see iconic architecture and things like that. I also like racing photos - like motorcycles, cars, stuff like that. — C. J. Wilson

Take Photos Quotes By Jen Lancaster

I've always wanted to take a swim wherever it is they snap those screensaver photos - Fiji? Bora Bora? The Maldives? - and sleep in a hotel room that's more of a hut built on a dock over the water. After reading The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency, I'm dying to see the sun set in Botswana. I want to visit Indian temples and volunteer at an elephant sanctuary. — Jen Lancaster

Take Photos Quotes By Austin Kleon

Strike all the adjectives from your bio. If you take photos, you're not an 'aspiring' photographer, you're not an 'amazing' photographer either. You're a photographer. Don't get cute. Don't brag. Just state the facts. — Austin Kleon

Take Photos Quotes By Svetlana Alexievich

People ask me: "Why don't you take photos in color? In color!" But Chernobyl: literally it means black event. There are no other colors there. — Svetlana Alexievich

Take Photos Quotes By Haruki Murakami

Everything would fit neatly into one carry-on shoulder bag. He didn't even take a camera. What good were photos? What he was seeking was an actual person, and actual words. — Haruki Murakami

Take Photos Quotes By Charles Hazlewood

I want people to hear really exciting music played by the best, but in a context where they can clap when they want to, chase their toddlers, drink beer, take photos, get lost in the music and generally be themselves. And because a field has no rules, it's the perfect place to create unlikely combinations of musical genres. — Charles Hazlewood

Take Photos Quotes By Graeme Base

Some people can sit and enjoy the view ... some people like to take photos to feel complete. I need to somehow possess it in some other way. I just have to somehow grasp it and take it home in a more fulsome way. It's where ideas come from. — Graeme Base

Take Photos Quotes By Teju Cole

If you see a theme that you might want to take a photo of, you sort of stand there for an hour waiting for it to resolve, waiting for the geometry of a theme to be exactly what you want them to be. That was my process to get photos. — Teju Cole

Take Photos Quotes By R.L. Stine

I think it's broken," Greg said, holding on to the camera. "The photos just don't come out right. It's hard to explain."
"Maybe it's not the photos. Maybe it's the photographer," Shari teased.
"Maybe I'll take a photo of you getting a knuckle sandwich," Greg threatened. He raised the camera to his eye and pointed it at her.
"Snap that, and I'll take a picture of you eating the camera," Shari threatened playfully. — R.L. Stine

Take Photos Quotes By Halsey

I had a crazy life for a teenager. I lived in New Jersey, but I'd go to Vermont for three weeks, join a commune, take pictures with the guy I was dating, come back home, and post photos. — Halsey

Take Photos Quotes By Drake

Take photos with hater n-ggas and crop them. I am not them. I photoshop them out 'cause they don't understand what I'm about. — Drake

Take Photos Quotes By Kim Kardashian

I'm a really nostalgic person. I love taking photos and video and having memories. I remember all my childhood videos that my dad used to take. I think that's really what life is about - especially when you start a family of your own. — Kim Kardashian

Take Photos Quotes By Katie Kacvinsky

Let's celebrate your sister tomorrow. Take me to all her favourite places. Where she hang out, where she went shopping, where she went out to eat. Let's honor her for the day. I want to see photos. I want to hear stories. What do you think?
I stare back at her. "Why?"
"Because you loved her. And because you need to spread her legacy". — Katie Kacvinsky

Take Photos Quotes By Amy Webb

Photos should focus on your waist up, unless you have amazing legs. Then it's okay to include one or two full-body shots in your gallery. The majority of your photos should be closer up, highlighting your face. Don't stage a smile. Instead, try to laugh just before the shot is taken. Flirty smiles that don't look cheesy also work. Make eye contact with the camera. Aim to take most of your photos outdoors. — Amy Webb

Take Photos Quotes By Scaachi Koul

If Indian weddings for Indian people are the furthest from "fun," trips to India for Indian people are the furthest from "vacation." When I told my friends about the upcoming trip, everyone purred about what a great time I'd have, told me to take a lot of photos, told me to eat everything. But if you're going to India to see your family, you're not going to relax, you're not going to have a nice time. No, you're going so you can touch the very last of your bloodline, to say hello to the new ones and goodbye to the older ones, since who knows when you'll visit again. You are working. — Scaachi Koul

Take Photos Quotes By Warren Ellis

The ECTs are moving the guns in small batches," Bat said. "We're making them take so many photos that one of them asked if she was being trained to shoot porno. — Warren Ellis

Take Photos Quotes By Saul Leiter

I think I've said this before many times - that photography allows you to learn to look and see. You begin to see things you had never paid any attention to. And as you photograph, one of the benefits is that the world becomes a much richer, juicier, visual place. Sometimes it is almost unbearable - it is too interesting. And it isn't always just the photos you take that matters. It is looking at the world and seeing things that you never photograph that could be photographs if you had the energy to keep taking pictures every second of your life. — Saul Leiter

Take Photos Quotes By Mordechai Vanunu

And I also take photos of hydrogen bomb, from another part of the building. It was not part of my job, but I succeeded to go and take photos of the hydrogen bomb. — Mordechai Vanunu

Take Photos Quotes By Wendy Webb

Before I lost my father, I never understood the rituals surrounding funerals: the wake, the service itself, the reception afterward,the dinners prepared by well-meaning friends and delivered in plastic containers, even the popular habit of making poster boards filled with photos of the dear departed. But now I know why we do those things. It's busywork, all of it. I had so much to take care of, so many arrangements to make, so many people to inform, I didn't have a moment to be engulfed by the ocean of grief that was lapping at my heels. Instead, I waded through the shallows, performing task after task, grateful to have duties to propel me forward. — Wendy Webb

Take Photos Quotes By Robert Doisneau

If you take photos, don't speak, don't write, don't analyze yourself, and don't answer any questions. — Robert Doisneau

Take Photos Quotes By Astro Teller

Glass is the world's worst spy camera. If you want to surreptitiously take photos, I would not use Glass. — Astro Teller

Take Photos Quotes By Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

Obinze imagined him, dutiful and determined, visiting the places he was supposed to visit, thinking, as he did so, not of the things he was seeing but of the photos he would take of them and of the people who would see those photos. — Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

Take Photos Quotes By Jeff Vespa

We were little children, four or five years old, but they were all around the house and they made us look epic, like we were part of some story being told. My mom would have this woman come to our house and take photos of us. She did a photo book of us as well when I was one. I still have it. — Jeff Vespa

Take Photos Quotes By Karen Duffy

My father managed shopping malls when I was a kid, and my high school job was to dress up in an elf costume and take photos of kids sitting on Santa Claus's lap. — Karen Duffy

Take Photos Quotes By Jim Gaffigan

It's not as if ten years ago, we were like, 'I wish I could take low quality photos of my dessert.' — Jim Gaffigan

Take Photos Quotes By Sophie Kinsella

What is it about shoes? I mean, I like most kind of clothes, but a fabulous pair of shoes can just reduce me to jelly. Sometimes, when no-one else is at home, I open my wardrobe and just stare at all my pairs of shoes, like some mad collector. And once I lined them all up on my bed and took a photograph of them. Which might seem a bit weird, but I thought, I've got loads of photos of people I don't really like, so why not take one of something I love? — Sophie Kinsella

Take Photos Quotes By Abbi Glines

He opened the back. "Well, at leas let me carry them to the door." "Okay." I walked with him to the doorway and took the bags from him, and then I reached in and took out the gum. I didn't know what to say, so I handed it to him and his face lit up. A smile I remembered from the photos of him as a little boy appeared on his face. It wasn't a smile the world ever caught a glimpse of in magazines. "I take it I was good. — Abbi Glines

Take Photos Quotes By Matthew Knisely

Let's not only take great photos, but let's make great photos with our lives. — Matthew Knisely

Take Photos Quotes By Robert Barry

I shoot in black and white, sometimes color, sometimes if it looks good I shoot out the window of the airplanes or whatever, anything that - sometimes I secretly take secret photos, shoot video of people on the plane if it's not too crowded. I don't know, whatever comes up. — Robert Barry

Take Photos Quotes By Wolfgang Beltracchi

I went to the flea market in the morning and charged tourists money to take pictures of me. I looked pretty wild, with hair down to my waist, Indian robes, a floor-length fur coat. There must be lots of photos of me out there. — Wolfgang Beltracchi

Take Photos Quotes By Brandon Kelly

Take down your baby bump photos from Facebook, take down pictures of your kids too. It is your job to protect your children and not parade them around like little circus freaks or glorified mini-you's. — Brandon Kelly

Take Photos Quotes By Daido Moriyama

I want to take a lot of Nasty photos. — Daido Moriyama

Take Photos Quotes By Sylvain Tesson

Two German kayakers arrive from the north at nightfall. They set up camp on the cape beach, about a third of a mile from the cabin, and come up to recharge their equipment on my solar batteries. We have to look at their photos, their films, exchange e-mail addresses. When you meet someone nowadays, right after the handshake and a quick glance you write down the website and blog information. Conversation has given way to a session in front of the screen. Afterwards, you won't remember faces or tones of voice, but you'll have cards with scribbled numbers. Human society's dream has come true: we rub our antennae together like ants. One day we'll just take a sniff. — Sylvain Tesson