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Top Syrian Civil War Quotes

Syrian Civil War Quotes By Patrick Kingsley

For a start, people who traveled for so many miles through such horrific conditions in order to find work cannot accurately be portrayed as lazy benefit-scroungers — Patrick Kingsley

Syrian Civil War Quotes By Cal Sarwar

I was against the Iraq war I was against the Afghan war I was against bombing Libya and Syria but to be quite honest and with a heavy heart because more innocent people are gonna be killed....We have to step in and help wipeout ISIS! — Cal Sarwar

Syrian Civil War Quotes By Aysha Taryam

As politicians weigh courses of action against their political agendas the death toll weighs heavy on the conscience of the world. The once vibrant Syrian streets are now haunted by the souls of the innocent and the historic monuments that told of an unrivalled Arab civilisation no longer stand tall. — Aysha Taryam

Syrian Civil War Quotes By Richard Engel

the United States decided it was not going to intervene in Syria - at least for the time being. The Syrian opposition felt betrayed and abandoned. Worse, Syrians were now completely without hope, which is the most dangerous human condition. A man or woman with no hope is capable of anything. — Richard Engel

Syrian Civil War Quotes By Richard Engel

...if the United States never intended to help, it shouldn't have built up the expectation. The false promise of help was cruel and inexcusable and it would only get worse over time. If a man is drowning and a boat drives past in the distance, the man accepts his death and goes down quietly. If a man is drowning and a boat pulls up beside him, dangles a life jacket, tells the world he wants to help, but then doesn't throw the life jacket, the drowning man dies crying and his family might take a blood oath to take revenge on the boat's crew. This type of anger was already starting to build in Syria and al-Qaeda would capitalize on it. — Richard Engel

Syrian Civil War Quotes By Simran Keshwani

Of what I know of life, in any moment, you run three vital risks-the risk of being yourself, the risk of not being yourself and the risk
itself. I would stress most on the third kind. It is the game itself that draws its modest players inward. The "risk" to hide out in a world where masks are normative, the "risk" to play the oppressor, the
"risk" to risk your truth one more day in life, the "risk" to not risk your lie. — Simran Keshwani

Syrian Civil War Quotes By Aysha Taryam

If Syria is to rise from the ashes it needs a united Arab world which has one thing on its agenda, not the falling of a dictator for we have seen many of those fall, but the reemergence of a prosperous Arab nation, one that is not reliant on foreign aid but is self-sustained and set on its way to become powerful once again. — Aysha Taryam

Syrian Civil War Quotes By Janine Di Giovanni

And this is the worse part of it - when you realize that what separates you, someone who can leave, from someone who is trapped in Aleppo, or Homs or Douma or Darayya, is that you can walk away and go back to your home with electricity and sliced bread; then you begin to feel ashamed to be human. — Janine Di Giovanni

Syrian Civil War Quotes By Zack Love

That could also be because at one point during the film, our hands found each other. And when I felt Michael's middle finger caress the inside of my palm, it sent a tickle up my spine, and the fingers of my right hand were soon exploring his left hand, and we each took turns tracing the contours of the other's hands. — Zack Love

Syrian Civil War Quotes By Richard Engel

I kept seeing turning points. First the uprising. Then the creation of the Free Syrian Army, the FSA. Now a big assassination bombing in the heart of Assad's government. But the turn never came. It just got worse and worse. — Richard Engel

Syrian Civil War Quotes By Aberjhani

Freedom rings bells to wake us from the comfort of beautiful dreams and empower the efforts that turn them into reality. — Aberjhani

Syrian Civil War Quotes By Raj Nellooli

This is a story, not history. So the characters and incidents are not real. It is a story about different types of rulers who rule, protect, patronize, intimidate, terrorize, or kill their subjects and others. We call them presidents, sultans, ministers, and intelligence agencies. And many people end up as pawns to further their interests. — Raj Nellooli

Syrian Civil War Quotes By Michael D. Weiss

It's when the 'international community' expresses 'concern' about your 'situation' that your situation is well and truly fucked. — Michael D. Weiss

Syrian Civil War Quotes By Zack Love

It's not a bad thing, if you're responsible about it. Just don't start having boyfriends. Wait until you've found your husband."
"And how am I supposed to find a husband if I can't have a boyfriend until then?" I asked ironically. — Zack Love

Syrian Civil War Quotes By Ali Khamenei

The Syrian civil war is a "crime initiated by the United States and the Zionist regime, Israel." — Ali Khamenei

Syrian Civil War Quotes By Zack Love

It's bewildering to me how you can just start chatting with a complete stranger on Facebook, and - next thing you know - it seems as if there's some intense connection with the person - or at least you feel that closeness and hope it's mutual — Zack Love

Syrian Civil War Quotes By Zack Love

Paradoxically, the more Michael kept me at a distance, the more I trusted him - perhaps because he was always willing to help me with tips and introductions even though he wanted absolutely nothing from me (and never reciprocated my nosiness with personal questions of his own with me). — Zack Love

Syrian Civil War Quotes By Auliq Ice

With war, most people are heartless and less weighed as a ton of nothing. — Auliq Ice

Syrian Civil War Quotes By Zack Love

Every woman who has ever approached me about being in my circle of lovers knows that I'm a bachelor with no plans to get married. Thanks to New York's tabloids, it's practically common knowledge. And, to avoid any possibility of doubt or misunderstanding, I very clearly told her from the start what I tell every potential lover: I don't date anyone exclusively. Ever. — Zack Love

Syrian Civil War Quotes By Simran Keshwani

Don't know when my life came to visualising intense pain and tragedy to putting it down on paper, to putting across a message of love in times of abject hate. Thank you everybody and the conspiracy of the stars for showing me this day. To many, many more books, inshallah, and to many more launches. — Simran Keshwani