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Top Swimmeth Quotes

Swimmeth Quotes By Cheryl Strayed

How fabulous down was for those first minutes! Down, down, down I'd go until down too became impossible and punishing and so relentless that I'd pray for the trail to go back up. Going down, I realized was like taking hold of the loose strand of yarn on a sweater you'd just spent hours knitting and pulling it until the entire sweater unraveled into a pile of string. Hiking the PCT was the maddening effort of knitting that sweater and unraveling it over and over again. As if everything gained was inevitably lost. — Cheryl Strayed

Swimmeth Quotes By Pythagoras

As the sea-crab swimmeth always against the stream, so doth wit always against wisdom. — Pythagoras

Swimmeth Quotes By Gelett Burgess

Hurry not a woman's favor; neither forcer her hastily to surrender to thee. For she goeth into love as she goeth into the waters at the seashore; first a hand and then a lip goeth she in by littles. She diveth not, she leapeth not from the pier; but by gentle shocks and cries of protest she entereth slowly; yet when the waters of love encompass her, then she is supported. She swimmeth in her joy; she floateth on the tide of happiness. — Gelett Burgess

Swimmeth Quotes By Mark Twain

Moralists and philosophers have adjudged those who throw temptation in the way of the erring, equally guilty with those who are thereby led into evil — Mark Twain

Swimmeth Quotes By Doug Stanhope

The more business gets involved, the less fun it is. — Doug Stanhope

Swimmeth Quotes By Donna Karan

We've come a long way. Power dressing now is designed to let the woman inside us come through. — Donna Karan

Swimmeth Quotes By Anonymous

And he shall spread forth his hands in the midst of them, as he that swimmeth spreadeth forth his hands to swim: and he shall bring down their pride together with the spoils of their hands. — Anonymous

Swimmeth Quotes By James Fenton

My feeling is that poetry will wither on the vine if you don't regularly come back to the simplest fundamentals of the poem: rhythm, rhyme, simple subjects - love, death, war. — James Fenton

Swimmeth Quotes By Matthew Norman

You ever notice that like seventy-five percent of the dudes in America look like the bad guy in The Karate Kid?" I say. "Don't — Matthew Norman

Swimmeth Quotes By Charles Petzold

Just as Morse code provides a good introduction to the nature of codes, the telegraph provides a good introduction to the hardware of the computer. — Charles Petzold

Swimmeth Quotes By Bobby McFerrin

I played piano as a kid; I still play a little bit. — Bobby McFerrin

Swimmeth Quotes By Dan Simmons

If there is a true religion in the universe, it must include the truth of contact or be forever hollow. — Dan Simmons