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Super Fun Quotes By Suki Waterhouse

The Met Ball is great, but isn't the best thing to just have a super fun night out with your friends? — Suki Waterhouse

Super Fun Quotes By Khloe Kardashian

I can't work out and *not* be watching or listening to music or something. I also journal a lot. I think writing is super therapeutic. And then, hanging with my nieces and nephews. Just like baking or doing silly stuff like jumping on a trampoline, doing fun things with them, pretending I'm five with them, that makes my day. — Khloe Kardashian

Super Fun Quotes By Khloe Kardashian

I absolutely adore baking with my nieces and nephews. It's super fun, and I love baking by myself, so what I like to do is have a cabinet for my baking essentials. — Khloe Kardashian

Super Fun Quotes By Emily Ratajkowski

Pop music is great, but there's a lot of BS about the attitude of guys being super-gangster - that's why the whole thing is silly. It's making fun of itself. That self-awareness is why people enjoy it. It's refreshing. — Emily Ratajkowski

Super Fun Quotes By Lilly Singh

I'm actually not making fun of my real parents. I've taken stereotypical traits of my real parents, my aunts, my uncles and parents of every race and put them into these two characters, who are just over-the-top ridiculous and super-alpha parents about everything. — Lilly Singh

Super Fun Quotes By EpicGameGuides

Homer is a character in the Level pack for Lego Dimensions. He is a Wave 1 level pack character and is the first character who was confirmed as a help character ingame. Abilities Super Strength Big Transform Sonar Smash Bart Simpson (71211 Fun Pack) Bart is a character in the Fun pack for Lego Dimensions. He is one of the only characters that can't actually speak and one of his abilities is to point and confuse an enemy. Abilities Mini Access Target Krusty the Clown (71227 Fun Pack) Krusty the Clown is a character in the Fun pack for Lego Dimensions. He is one of only two characters who can grow plants to solve some puzzles ingame. Abilities Growth Water Spray Hazard Cleaner Portal — EpicGameGuides

Super Fun Quotes By Aimee Teegarden

I think dates considered super corny and cheesy - whether it's going bowling or miniature golf or something where you can be competitive and just have fun with each other - those always make the most memorable dates! — Aimee Teegarden

Super Fun Quotes By Paget Brewster

I'm not a super-actorly actor, my-body-is-an-instrument type of person, but I do want to do fun, exciting, interesting things. I have a 2001 PT Cruiser. I saved my money so I can take my time and choose something that I think is great, and that's what I'm waiting for. — Paget Brewster

Super Fun Quotes By David First

We [Notekillers] are in no way super-earnest about what we do and if you see us live, you see we are cracking up during songs and saying pretty ridiculous things in-between. We're having fun. — David First

Super Fun Quotes By Ray Bradbury

More sports for everyone, group spirit, fun and you don't have to think, eh? Organize and organize and superorganize super-super sports. More cartoons in books. More pictures. The mind drinks less and less. — Ray Bradbury

Super Fun Quotes By MaryJanice Davidson

Yeah, well, it's been a super fun week. And by 'super fun' I mean 'horrible and endless'. — MaryJanice Davidson

Super Fun Quotes By Laura Osnes

I was never like, 'Oh, I really want to play Cinderella.' That's not necessarily always been the dream. But it's super fun to play a princess. — Laura Osnes

Super Fun Quotes By Mac DeMarco

Usually when festivals are really huge it's kind of weird. It's totally fun for me and my band to play in front of a crowd that doesn't necessarily know who we are, but festivals get pretty impersonal when they get super large. — Mac DeMarco

Super Fun Quotes By Lorde

I've always listened to a lot of rap. It's all, 'Look at this car that cost me so much money, look at this Champagne.' It's super fun. — Lorde

Super Fun Quotes By Guy Branum

One of the nice things about being me is you show up in a town, you meet somebody interesting and entertaining, and for 48 hours, what a wonderful person to be around. You mess around, and all of that is super, super fun, and you don't have to deal with the long-term consequences of it. — Guy Branum

Super Fun Quotes By Miranda Kerr

I really love over-the-knee boots. I think they're super sexy and they're fun. And they're also very strong and empowering. — Miranda Kerr

Super Fun Quotes By Olivia Munn

I was a big fan of Super Troopers, so working with the Broken Lizard guys was so much fun. — Olivia Munn

Super Fun Quotes By Paul Reubens

I've been super lucky in that I've either been in or helped create situations where I do what I want. I'm super lucky. I get to do what I want and create art and make people laugh, and it's really fun. — Paul Reubens

Super Fun Quotes By Sarah Sutton

I'm not really a science-fiction fan, I quite like the idea of getting away from the science-fiction side of it, for two episodes. It was lovely, it was a super story and great fun. — Sarah Sutton

Super Fun Quotes By Busy Philipps

It gets super dark. I did a bunch of intense indie movies when I was starting out in my career and I was always in a bad mood because, when you're dealing with the subject matter of losing your baby, getting raped and all that stuff, it's not fun to go through. You really have to go there. — Busy Philipps

Super Fun Quotes By Ryan Lee

Being on the set of 'Super 8' was a very fun and relaxed environment. — Ryan Lee

Super Fun Quotes By Liam McIntyre

I can't tell people how much fun it is to be a super-villain. Being a villain is cool, but being a supervillain is a different level of exciting. — Liam McIntyre

Super Fun Quotes By Mimi Jean Pamfiloff

Hey, I've been alive for a very, very long time. Boring," she sang out. "Gotta do something for kicks, and a good apocalypse every now and then fills the cracks. It's like the Super Bowl for us gods ... but without the beer and everyone could die. Fun, right? — Mimi Jean Pamfiloff

Super Fun Quotes By Michelle Colston

It's simply about gratitude and honor. It's about finding the joy in each of life's little facets, even the ones that are otherwise considered mundane. It's all a matter of perspective, I guess. Each day can be as joyous as you want to make it. Every day can be Super Powerful Happy Goddess Fun Time Day. Kumbaya. — Michelle Colston

Super Fun Quotes By Ben Crenshaw

I enjoy Augusta. I enjoy its challenges. There's no other golf course like this anywhere. Its greens and its challenges on and around the greens are just super, super tough. So the greens are fun to play in sort of a morbid way. — Ben Crenshaw

Super Fun Quotes By Joe Posnanski

The fun of the Super Bowl is the week leading into it; once it's actually played, the story dies down very, very quickly. — Joe Posnanski

Super Fun Quotes By Vince Kehres

Preparing for another opponent isn't very glamorous. But it's Hollywood. You want to see the fun parts. The meeting rooms are not super fun. — Vince Kehres

Super Fun Quotes By Mary Pierce

Its super to play with Martina, and she has huge amounts of talent. We have a lot of fun. — Mary Pierce

Super Fun Quotes By Glynn Turman

'Super 8' was a lot of fun. It was a lot of fun working with J.J. Abrams, who I think is a kid in a grown man's body, which is a great ingredient for any artist in our business. You have to be a kid at heart to be able to make believe, and his imagination is phenomenal. — Glynn Turman

Super Fun Quotes By Dave Barry

I'm not saying our daughter shouldn't have a birthday party. I'm just saying I could organize one in an hour. I'd order some pizzas, get a cake at the supermarket, organize some fun party games for little girls - 'Run Around Shrieking,' 'Run Around Shrieking Some More,' etc. - and boom, there's your party. I'm not saying it would be the greatest birthday celebration ever. For one thing, it would be roughly a month after my daughter's actual birthday, because I am not good with dates. But it would get the job done. My wife, on the other hand, believes the party should be along the lines of the Super Bowl halftime show, only more elaborate. — Dave Barry

Super Fun Quotes By Caity Lotz

Working with Jon Hamm was super-fun because he's a brilliant actor and he's very kind. I would hang around sets for scenes that I wasn't even in because I wanted to watch how he worked. — Caity Lotz

Super Fun Quotes By Bill Watterson

People think it must be fun to be a super genius, but they don't realize how hard it is to put up with all the idiots in the world. — Bill Watterson

Super Fun Quotes By Tom Hiddleston

I had huge fun with Chris Evans, as Captain America, because super-soldier though he may be, he's still a man, up against a God who in his own mind is infinitely superior. Then, in the ring with The Hulk, we've got this silver tongued, lightening quick mind up against the embodiment of rage..Loki has this mercurial, transformative ability, not just physically but intellectually, so not all the fights are purely physical. Mind games? Maybe.. — Tom Hiddleston

Super Fun Quotes By Cat Deeley

I always try and mix High Street finds into my looks. It really doesn't matter how much something costs, it's the way you wear it! Fashion is about self expression, having fun, and occasionally being a little disposable. I really enjoy lots of stores that are found at local shopping malls. French Connection, Zara, and Topshop always interpret the fashions direct from the catwalk at affordable prices. This playsuit from Hoss Intropia is delicate, super sexy, and has a lingerie feel. I'd throw on a super soft, chunky cardigan and a pair of flat gladiator sandals. — Cat Deeley

Super Fun Quotes By Ricki-Lee Coulter

I'd been listening to some old '70s disco, soul stuff, and I thought, 'Let's go into the studio and do something different. Let's do something that's super unashamedly pop and fun and danceable.' 'Trouble' is what we did. It's something that wrote itself. — Ricki-Lee Coulter

Super Fun Quotes By Fran Drescher

The Super Bowl is really exciting. The parties are always fun. The whole thing is a big party. — Fran Drescher

Super Fun Quotes By Rebecca McNutt

More pathetic than the digital age is the people who love it. They buy right into the "newer is always better" ideology and they can't seem to grasp that the fun of VHS tapes, super 8 film, darkroom photography and vinyl records is far more worthwhile and human than the cold, high-tech atmosphere of everything being digitized. As the 21st century progresses, yeah, we'll have our Netflix and our cellular phones and our artificial intelligence and our implanted microchips - and future generations will have lost something valuable. Sadly, they won't even know what they've lost because we're taking it all away from them. — Rebecca McNutt

Super Fun Quotes By Laura Marano

Working on 'Austin and Ally' has been an absolute dream! We literally have fun every single day! Whether it's scaring each other or singing together or just hanging out in each other's dressing rooms, the cast and I are super close! I feel really lucky to be with everyone on our set! — Laura Marano

Super Fun Quotes By Alison Mosshart

It's fun and super exciting to see how other people work, how other people write music, and how other people put things together. To me, it's an endless learning process, and I love doing it because everybody works so completely differently. — Alison Mosshart

Super Fun Quotes By Elizabeth Banks

'Pitch Perfect 2,' those scenes are super fun. It's just me and John Michael Higgins, and we've been friends for so long, we just have the best time. Anything I do with him is some of my favorite stuff. — Elizabeth Banks

Super Fun Quotes By Tim Hecker

Sometimes it's a fraught, kind of laden world of performance that I think can be really dubious, but it's also super fun to almost desecrate an instrument that for 500 years has been associated with God. — Tim Hecker

Super Fun Quotes By Sting

The Super Bowl is Americana at its most kitsch and fun. — Sting

Super Fun Quotes By Seann William Scott

When I was in high school I was a super serious athlete. I wasn't fun at all. — Seann William Scott

Super Fun Quotes By Kristen Bell

Someone once told me it's more important what you turn down than what you take, and I think that rings true, especially when you're trying to make decisions about how you want to be viewed. It's hard, because I also want to have fun, and if there's a project that's super-small or low-budget or silly but it happens to have friends involved, I'll always take it, because my number-one priority is that I want to have fun with my career. — Kristen Bell

Super Fun Quotes By Katherine McNamara

I've had the opportunity to work on some really great indie features. One of them being 'Little Savages,' which is a super fun family film. — Katherine McNamara

Super Fun Quotes By Kelly Rutherford

There are so many fun charity festivals in the Hamptons. We enjoy so many fun events for kids such as Kidsfest. We also go to Super Saturday. We like to chill out and go out by the pool. We do things that are fun for kids and good for charity. — Kelly Rutherford

Super Fun Quotes By Toni Aleo

Why are you so nervous?" Tate looked up to see Lucas giving him a dirty look. "This is easier that the regular season, we go out and have fun."
"No, you get to have fun, I need t be super ninja goalie against every great forward in the league. — Toni Aleo

Super Fun Quotes By Phillip Andrew Bennett Low

And it started out fun. We were chattering enthusiastically, flipping between CNN, MSNBC, and FOX News. But as the evening wore on, and the numbers rolled in, it got quieter, and I found myself becoming intensely depressed. Why was I putting myself through this? The issues I've devoted my life to have become so marginalized by the coverage that they have no possible relevance to me. I can't even blame the media - people simply don't care about alternate-party politics. And why should they? I'm so far in the minority that my activism is a joke, a punchline that stopped being funny years ago. It goes beyond rooting for the underdog. It's not rooting for the Giants: it's more like, say, rooting for the Twins. But during the Super Bowl. — Phillip Andrew Bennett Low

Super Fun Quotes By Bonnie McKee

Ke$ha is super talented and super fun and always down to party - I love that girl. — Bonnie McKee

Super Fun Quotes By Patrick Ness

Everybody was hoping for something, talking about our new life to come and all that they hoped from it. Fresh air, whatever that's supposed to mean. Real gravity, instead of the fake kind that broke every now and then (even though no one over fifteen would admit that it was actually really fun when it did). All the wide open spaces we'd have, all the new people we'd meet when we woke them up, ignoring completely what happened to the original settlers, super- confident that we were so much better equipped that nothing bad could possibly happen to us.
All this hope, and here I was, right at the very edge of it, looking out into the darkness, the first to see it coming, the first to greet it when we found out what it really looked like. — Patrick Ness

Super Fun Quotes By E.G. Daily

The voice stuff is super fun and I get to be anyone, but on-camera, I get to go in with wardrobe and sets and stuff and be in an environment that's not normal, and I love that. — E.G. Daily

Super Fun Quotes By Faiza Guene

be blond. I know, they're shitty prejudices. There must be Russian brunettes out there with names that are super simple to pronounce, so simple you'd shout them out for no other reason than the fun of saying such an easy name. I guess there even could be some Russian girls who have never laced up a pair of skates in their life. — Faiza Guene

Super Fun Quotes By Ryan Adams

It would be really nice to make a record that would be super-fun to play live - a record that would be funny, with a little bit of heart. — Ryan Adams

Super Fun Quotes By Greg Rucka

A fantastic, gleeful, chrome-plated-slick debut of a novel. In Jonathan Chase, Markham has created the perfect cliche-shattering super spy while honoring the progenitors. Dangerously sharp, and genuinely fun-and very, very, very smart. I want more books like this. I want more books from the mind of Mr. Markham! — Greg Rucka

Super Fun Quotes By Kate Scelsa

Wow," Mira said, looking around, "super fun."
"When do they bring out the pig's blood and dump it on the head of the awkward girl with telekinetic powers?" Sebby asked.
"Not until ten, I think."
"Well, what are we supposed to do until then? This was not well planned. — Kate Scelsa

Super Fun Quotes By Jay Roach

I was very interested in politics in college and was heading to be a lawyer. I have a degree in economics and I was interested in it. I hadn't really gotten super serious about it and I'd done a lot of student politics in high school. I really think it would be interesting and fun and challenging to go into politics. — Jay Roach

Super Fun Quotes By Heather Graham

Yeah, 'Feed the Dog' is just a really fun, teenage movie with Nat Wolff and Selena Gomez and all these other great people. It's just so silly-funny, and my character's super-fun. — Heather Graham

Super Fun Quotes By Will Forte

I am a huge sports fan and spend a lot of my time away from work watching sports, going to sporting events, stuff like that. So it is a big thrill to see these people who I have so much respect for and to find out that they're all really fun, super-nice people. It's very exciting. — Will Forte

Super Fun Quotes By Marisa Miller

I box a lot, I spin and I surf. I try to mix it up. I obviously have to be in shape 24 hours and the gym can be super monotonous, so I just get outside and try to make it fun so my body doesn't get bored. — Marisa Miller

Super Fun Quotes By Sergio Leone

The best photographers are super nice people and that its not a coincidence. Great photographers genuinely like people, and people can feel that. That's what makes people feel comfortable. It is important to appear confident with clients, but it is more important to not be afraid to act like a fool, have fun, laugh and shake your hips to get people comfortable. — Sergio Leone

Super Fun Quotes By Rayne Hall

Time spent chatting with other people on Twitter is one of the best investments you can make in your publishing business. It's free, it's fun, and it's super-effective. — Rayne Hall