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Top Sunset Stroll Quotes

Sunset Stroll Quotes By Nick Robinson

I'm very lucky to be on 'Melissa and Joey' because it's a multi-cam sitcom, and it was a nice transition from theatre because it's taped in front of a live audience. — Nick Robinson

Sunset Stroll Quotes By Colleen Houck

Why, aren't you just about as sweet as syrup on a sundae? I sure would appreciate that, ma'am." He winked. "How'd you like ta stroll the deck of this fine ship with me and watch the sunset? I need a purty girl to put her arm around me and steady this bow-legged cowboy as he finds his sea legs." I raised an eyebrow and affected a southern accent. "Why, I think you're a pullin' my leg there, Texas. You've had your sea legs a lot longer than I have." He rubbed the stubble on his face. "You might be right at that. Well then, how about you taggin' along to keep me warm?" "It's about eighty degrees." "Shoot, you're a smart one, you are. Then how 'bout I jes say that a feller can get pretty lonesome by hisself in a strange country and he'd like to keep compn'y with you fer a while longer. — Colleen Houck

Sunset Stroll Quotes By Carrie Snodgress

I don't see myself being an actress forever. — Carrie Snodgress

Sunset Stroll Quotes By Adam Ruben

You read the most obscure, hyperspecific academic articles on the planet to the point where you develop actual burning ire over scholars you've never met. ("Can you believe that the interpretation of Patel et al. contradicts that of Chen et al.? Those sons of bitches!") — Adam Ruben

Sunset Stroll Quotes By James Edmeston

O hasten, Lord, these promised days, When Israel shall rejoice, And Jew and Gentile join in praise, With one united voice! — James Edmeston

Sunset Stroll Quotes By Jacques Yonnet

Sunset's the best time to take a stroll down Mouffetard, the ancient Via Mons Cetardus. The buildings along it are only two or three stories high. Many are crowned with conical dovecotes. Nowhere in Paris is the connection, the obscure kinship, between houses very close to each other more perceptible to the pedestrian than in this street.

Close in age, not location. If one of them should show signs of decrepitude, if its face should sag, or it should lose a tooth, as it were, a bit of cornicing, within hours its sibling a hundred metres away, but designed according to the same plans and built by the same men, will also feel it's on its last legs.

The houses vibrate in sympathy like the chords of a viola d'amore. Like cheddite charges giving each other the signal to explode simultaneously. — Jacques Yonnet

Sunset Stroll Quotes By Greg Behrendt

The time it takes to feel better about a breakup is directly proportional to the time it takes to feel better about yourself. — Greg Behrendt

Sunset Stroll Quotes By Dennis Vickers

Her mighty eyebrow rose like a kite catching the wind, flock of geese fleeing a shotgun blast, excursion balloon departing carnival grounds. — Dennis Vickers

Sunset Stroll Quotes By Mark Kurlansky

No one ever escapes Gloucester. Kids go off to college and settle somewhere else. But they always come back. If Gloucester is all you know, every place else seems a little phony. — Mark Kurlansky

Sunset Stroll Quotes By Haruki Murakami

And how was my time? Truth be told, not so great. At least, not as good as I'd been secretly hoping for. If possible, I was hoping to be able to wind up this book with a powerful statement like, "Thanks to all the hard training I did, I was able to post a great time at the New York City Marathon. When I finished I was really moved," and casually stroll off into the sunset with the theme song from Rocky blaring in the background. — Haruki Murakami

Sunset Stroll Quotes By Mal Peet

He used to say the uglier things are the longer they live, and the ugliest things live forever. — Mal Peet

Sunset Stroll Quotes By Mikhail Kuzmin

Where shall I find a style to catch a stroll,
Chablis on ice, a crisply toasted roll,
The agate succulence of cherries ripe?
The sunset's far, the ocean's splashing cool
Can offer solace to a sunburned nape. — Mikhail Kuzmin

Sunset Stroll Quotes By Charisma Carpenter

Today my son and I went for a stroll and saw the sea lions and watched the sunset and played ball in the park with our dog. — Charisma Carpenter