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Sunday Church Funny Quotes & Sayings

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Top Sunday Church Funny Quotes

Sunday Church Funny Quotes By Dannika Dark

Where did you meet?" he pressed on.
I shrugged and considered a little rephrasing. "I was out for a run."
"From who?"
I leaned back to take a long, very long, slow sip of that beer.
Knox leaned forward. "I think we're both bullsh*tting here, you ever play that card game?"
"With my grandma, every Sunday after church. — Dannika Dark

Sunday Church Funny Quotes By Steve Martin

I believe in eight of the ten commandments. I believe in going to church every Sunday ... unless there's a game on. — Steve Martin

Sunday Church Funny Quotes By Marty Pollio

I take my pet lion to church ever Sunday. He has to eat. — Marty Pollio

Sunday Church Funny Quotes By Billy Sunday

Going to church doesn't make you a Christian any more than going to a garage makes you an automobile. — Billy Sunday

Sunday Church Funny Quotes By George Lopez

Y'know, if those pews reclined, and the priests gave the Raiders scores I'd go to church every Sunday. — George Lopez

Sunday Church Funny Quotes By Lisa Rinna

I used to go to church when I was younger. My parents didn't go to church, but my friends all went to church and I loved going to church - I would go every Sunday with somebody. My parents used to think it was funny. — Lisa Rinna

Sunday Church Funny Quotes By A.C. Williams

Mrs. Panabaker is ten years older than God and probably smarter. She stops into the offices every other Thursday to tell my dad what she didn't like about his sermon the previous Sunday. She makes fudge-covered marshmallows at Christmas time and force feeds them to anyone too slow to escape. I've never seen her out of a suit dress and floral scarf, and on Sundays she always wears a matching hat. Last week was a salmon-colored number, and her hat was draped in fake fruit. I wanted to try to eat one of the grapes just to see what she'd do, but I value my life. — A.C. Williams