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Top Sun Yixian Quotes

Sun Yixian Quotes By Miranda July

In the weeks that followed, we amazed ourselves. Our habits slid apart easily ... And our very few intimacies were simply discontinued. Where did they go, those things we did? Were they recycled? Did some new couple in China do them? Were a Swedish man and woman foot to foot at this very moment? — Miranda July

Sun Yixian Quotes By John Darnielle

I do have a romantic interest in outlasting everybody else. There's a sort of sad machismo to singer-songwriters, I think. — John Darnielle

Sun Yixian Quotes By Woody Allen

If it turns out that there is a God ... the worst that you can say about him is that basically he's an underachiever. — Woody Allen

Sun Yixian Quotes By Yangsze Choo

The problem with the dead was that they all wanted someone to listen to them. — Yangsze Choo

Sun Yixian Quotes By Evelyn Waugh

There were thermal springs, and at the end of the preceding century the town had been laid out modestly as a spa. Hot water still ran in the bath house. Two old gardeners still kept some order in the ornamental grounds. The graded paths, each with a "view-point," the ruins of a seat and of a kiosk, where once invalids had taken their — Evelyn Waugh

Sun Yixian Quotes By Michael Scheuer

There is no way to avoid the reality that the American government in the past years has been the most spectacularly hypocrisy-driven government in the world. We rival the Soviet Union in some stages, in some ways, in hypocrisy. — Michael Scheuer

Sun Yixian Quotes By Will Thomas

To a bibliophile, there is but one thing better than a box of new books, and that is a box of old ones. — Will Thomas

Sun Yixian Quotes By Colum McCann

It's interesting if you can talk about the large moments and also the small moments to understand the deepest complexities of a man by trying to imagine who they are. — Colum McCann

Sun Yixian Quotes By Dorothy Dunnett

It was the only field, so far, in which the Pearl of Fortune had shown any precocity, other than the feat of keeping her head, her reason and her sense of the ridiculous amid conditions of civilized lunacy. — Dorothy Dunnett

Sun Yixian Quotes By Charles R. Swindoll

People who inspire others are those who see invisible bridges at the end of dead-end streets — Charles R. Swindoll

Sun Yixian Quotes By Lili St. Crow

No problem. First one's free. — Lili St. Crow

Sun Yixian Quotes By Al Michaels

I've always felt that I'm in a spontaneous business and if you script something, if you plan something, it will sound that way. — Al Michaels

Sun Yixian Quotes By Oliver Goldsmith

Logicians have but ill defined As rational the human mind; Reason, they say, belongs to man, But let them prove it if they can. — Oliver Goldsmith

Sun Yixian Quotes By Amelia Barr

But what do we know of the heart nearest to our own? What do we know of our own heart? — Amelia Barr