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Top Suicidal Thought Quotes

Suicidal Thought Quotes By Henry Miller

The great incestuous wish is to flow on, one with time, to merge the great image of the beyond with the here and now. A fatuous, suicidal wish that is constipated by words and paralyzed by thought. — Henry Miller

Suicidal Thought Quotes By Tony Hancock

He ended up on his own. I thought, he's got rid of everybody else, he's going to get rid of himself and he did." "Things just seemed to go too wrong too many times. — Tony Hancock

Suicidal Thought Quotes By Mari

I am sorry.

I'm sorry that I feel as if you don't trust me enough to confide me.
This is me being selfish even though this isn't about me, it's about you.
I'm sorry that it makes me upset that in those times you thought about ending your life, I feel like I didn't cross your mind.
I hate myself for thinking you didn't care enough to talk to me about those toxic thoughts that's trying to push you to end everything, because I know myself that's it is hard to share.
I hate myself for thinking you didn't care enough to think about how horrible it is going to be for me once I learn what you've done.

I'm sorry for feeling like this, it is selfish, I am selfish.
I'm sorry for feeling like I'm not a good friend, I know that's now how you think, I'm sorry.

I just love you and I'm hurt. — Mari

Suicidal Thought Quotes By Seanan McGuire

Didn't we talk about this?"
"That isn't an answer." I planted my hands on my hips. "Was there a reason for shoving the gummy bears off the counter? Did they tell you they were suicidal? On second thought," I raised a hand, palm out, "don't answer that. If the candy is talking, I don't want to know. — Seanan McGuire

Suicidal Thought Quotes By E.B. White

A candidate could easily commit political suicide if he were to come up with an unconventional thought during a presidential tour. — E.B. White

Suicidal Thought Quotes By Natalie Goldberg

I met a doctor the other night who told me he had always wanted to be a writer. I nodded. People always tell me that ... Then I thought to myself, 'You know, I've never met a writer who wanted to be anything else. They might bitch about something they're writing or about their poverty, but they never say they want to quit ... and if they do abandon it they become crazy, drunk or suicidal.' Writing is elemental. — Natalie Goldberg

Suicidal Thought Quotes By Soren Kierkegaard

Nowadays not even a suicide kills himself in desperation. Before taking the step he deliberates so long and so carefully that he literally chokes with thought. It is even questionable whether he ought to be called a suicide, since it is really thought which takes his life. He does not die with deliberation but from deliberation. — Soren Kierkegaard

Suicidal Thought Quotes By Lauren Kate

I thought love was supposed to make a person more alive," Eureka said. "Your love is ... like I used to be - suicidal. — Lauren Kate

Suicidal Thought Quotes By Wendy O. Williams

The act of taking my own life is not something that I do without a lot of thought. I don't believe that people should take their own lives without deep and thoughtful reflection over a considerable period of time. I do believe strongly, however, that the right to do so is one of the most fundamental rights anyone in a free society should have. For me much of the world makes no sense, but my feelings about what I am doing ring loud and clear to an inner ear and to a place where there is no self, only calm. Love always, Wendy. — Wendy O. Williams

Suicidal Thought Quotes By Julian Barnes

With a lover, a wife, when you find the worst - be it infidelity or lack of love, madness or the suicidal spark - you are almost relieved. Life is as I thought it was; shall we now celebrate this disappointment? — Julian Barnes

Suicidal Thought Quotes By Dave Navarro

There have been times when I felt suicidal and I would stop my head from going in that direction of negativity because I thought there'd be something I'd miss that was funny in the future. If there's a chance I'm going to laugh tomorrow then want to live to experience that. — Dave Navarro

Suicidal Thought Quotes By Natascha Kampusch

That day wasn't the first time I had attempted suicide. Simply disappearing into the distant nothingness where there was no pain and no more feelings - back then I thought it an act of empowerment. Otherwise I had very little power to make any decisions about my life, my body, my actions. Taking my own life seemed my last trump card. — Natascha Kampusch

Suicidal Thought Quotes By Sarah Moore Fitzgerald

I steered by self as evenly as I could, and it was easier than I thought. My bike and I went shooting off the end, and together we well into the sea that's cold and huge and doesn't care whether living boys launch themselves into it or not. — Sarah Moore Fitzgerald

Suicidal Thought Quotes By Jay Asher

Suicide. It's something I've been thinking about. Not too seriously, but I have been thinking about it.
That's the note. Word for word. And I know it's word for word because I wrote it dozens of times before delivering it. I'd write it, throw it away, write it, crumple it up, throw it away.
But why was I writing it to begin with? I asked myself that question every time I printed the words onto a new sheet of paper. Why was I writing this note? It was a lie. I hadn't been thinking about it. Not really. Not in detail. The thought would come into my head and I'd push it away.
But I pushed it away a lot. — Jay Asher

Suicidal Thought Quotes By Richard Matheson

But are his needs any more shocking than the needs of any other animals and men? Are his deeds more outrageous than the deeds of the parent who drained the spirit from his child? The vampire may foster quickened heartbeats and levitated hair. But is he worse than the parent who gave to society a neurotic child who became a politician? Is he worse than the manufacturer who set up belated foundations with the money he made by handing bombs and guns to suicidal nationalists? Is he worse than the distiller who gave bastardized grain juice to stultify further the brains of those who, sober, were incapable of progressive thought? (Nay, I apologize for this calumny; I nip the brew that feeds me.) Is he worse, then, than the publisher who filled ubiquitous racks with lust and death wishes? Really, no, search your soul, lovie
is the vampire so bad? — Richard Matheson

Suicidal Thought Quotes By Trevor Noah

I shied away from any type of photograph ... because I thought I was hideous, because in my eyes I was. I had giant nodules on my face, around my neck, and the puss would ooze out of them. I had to go on medication repeatedly and the medication makes you suicidal and depressed and then you have to go off it because of your kidneys. It was just such a trying time.

In school that's your cache; how you look and what you can do determine everything in school. ... I was one of those kids who just stayed in a corner and watched the world pass them by. And I think, if anything, the biggest knock you experience in that world is - in terms of your identity - is you feel like you are less than you are, you feel like you don't have the right to belong. You're watching the world and the world exists without you. — Trevor Noah

Suicidal Thought Quotes By Stephen King

He realized now that a lot of the problem had been his own mind, which was usually moving at a speed ten or twenty times that of his classmates. They had thought him strange, weird, or even suicidal, depending on the escapade in question, but maybe it had been a simple case of mental overdrive-if anything about being in constant mental overdrive was simple. Anyway, it was the sort of thing you got under control after a while-you got it under control or you found outlets for it ... — Stephen King

Suicidal Thought Quotes By Shawn Kirsten Maravel

To be fair, you can tell me what you think of me," Max offered. "I didn't mean to offend you. I was just making a few observations."
"How could I possibly know enough about you to make a proper judgment?" His tone was harsher than he'd anticipated. "You've taken a stranger into your home without so much as a second thought and offered everything but your bed. Crazy comes to mind. Suicidal maybe."
Max leaned forward in her chair, readying her defenses. "Excuse me?"
"I don't mean to sound ungrateful here but please remember that you don't know me. I appreciate all that you've done but that doesn't entitle you to judge me."
"I wasn't judging you," she bit back. "But maybe you're right. I don't think I thought this through at all. — Shawn Kirsten Maravel

Suicidal Thought Quotes By Amy A. Bartol

Trey, I thought that the Znou was beautiful and I wanted to keep it," I say, explaining myself to him. "I wasn't trying to kill myself. If I get suicidal, you'll know 'cuz I'll be dead. The only thing I'm feeling right now is homicidal, so watch your back. — Amy A. Bartol

Suicidal Thought Quotes By Antonin Artaud

By suicide I introduce my design in nature, I shall for the first time give things the shape of my will ... now I choose the direction of my thought and the direction of my faculties, my tendencies, my reality. — Antonin Artaud

Suicidal Thought Quotes By Stephen Fry

I used to think it utterly normal that I suffered from "suicidal ideation" on an almost daily basis. In other words, for as long as I can remember, the thought of ending my life came to me frequently and obsessively. — Stephen Fry

Suicidal Thought Quotes By Jonathan Ames

I felt myself falling asleep; my eyes were closing, and then I thought, Maybe I should just kill myself. Suicidal thoughts always sneak up on me like that. But I don't mind them. They're like aspirin. They calm me down. — Jonathan Ames

Suicidal Thought Quotes By James S.A. Corey

I've watched too many Kurosawa movies, she thought, but couldn't quite abandon the idea. The imagery was a lovely way of turning angst and suicidal ideation into honor and noble sacrifice. — James S.A. Corey

Suicidal Thought Quotes By Rae Mariz

Oh Google, she thought I was suicidal. — Rae Mariz

Suicidal Thought Quotes By Woody Allen

There have been times when I've thought about it - but with my luck it would probably turn out to be only a temporary solution. — Woody Allen

Suicidal Thought Quotes By Nick Hornby

Most people get suicide, I guess; most people, even if it's hidden deep down inside somewhere, can remember a time in their lives when they thought about whether they really wanted to wake up the next day. Wanting to die seems like it might be a part of being alive. — Nick Hornby

Suicidal Thought Quotes By Anonymous

People think of suicide in this linear way, as if you get more and more depressed and go on to create a more specific plan, Ms. Barber said. In fact, suicide is often a convergence of factors leading to a sudden, tragic event. In one study of people who survived a suicide attempt, almost half reported that the whole process, from the first suicidal thought to the final act, took 10 minutes or less. — Anonymous

Suicidal Thought Quotes By Unknown Author 1

i dreamt that i died. for an instant, all the voices in my head stood calm, and for a moment, my heart stopped panicking, and for once in my whole life, my cheeks dried from all the tears that were falling every night ... i thought to my self: how nice it is to be finally dead, i wish i did it sooner.
my brother once told me that people who commit suicide are mostly doing it for attention. that's so wrong. i'm not asking for attention, nor sympathy. when i put that blade on my shaking skin alone in my room at 3 am, you should be sure that i'm not thinking of anyone and i'm not asking for anyone's attention. all i'm doing is pushing my self to stop the pain. you see, i don't want to die too, all i want is for the pain to stop and for me to smile like everyone else.

yasuko amaya - the day i decided to be God - — Unknown Author 1

Suicidal Thought Quotes By Carrie Fisher

I mean, clearly no one would vote for volts until everything else had failed. It's reserved for those languishing in the suicidal ideation lounge, and I had never been truly suicidal. Not that I haven't, on occasion, thought it might be an improvement over the all-too-painful present if I could be deadish for maybe just a teeny little bit of it. You know, like a really good sleep, after which I'd wake refreshed and equal to whatever the problem had been, that problem would have now vanished. — Carrie Fisher

Suicidal Thought Quotes By Courtney Love

Kurt had this dumb suicidal ideation - that's what I called it. I thought if we could live through this, we could live through anything. — Courtney Love

Suicidal Thought Quotes By Glenn Beck

By the time I was 30, nobody would work with me. I was friendless, I was hopeless, I was suicidal, lost my family - I mean, it was bad. Bottomed out, didn't know what I was going to do. I actually thought I was going to be a chef - go to work in a kitchen someplace. — Glenn Beck

Suicidal Thought Quotes By Tracy Thompson

I don't know when the idea of suicide first occurred to me. In some ways, it had been in the back of my mind for years. Yet, oddly, I would never have thought of it as an option. It was the perceived lack of options-the final, unacceptable solution to a grave and insoluble dilemma. I had always thought of it in the same way: If all else fails, if I have nowhere else to turn, I can do this. — Tracy Thompson

Suicidal Thought Quotes By Friedrich Nietzsche

The thought of suicide is a great source of comfort: with it a calm passage is to be made across many a bad night. — Friedrich Nietzsche